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To my special Little Mister,

Today you are TWO! I have been excited about this for weeks! Maybe even months ( I might have been a bit enthusiastic at the annual mid year toy sales)! I cannot wait to wake you up, so we can give you your presents and do everything we can to make your day special. We’re going to have morning tea with your great grandparents, Granny and Gramps (followed by an obligatory visit to the park). This is so special, because not everyone gets to meet their great grandparents during their lifetimes and you are very lucky. I really hope you’ll be able to remember them when you are much older 🙂

I must say, I have really, truly enjoyed this past year with you. Toddlerhood has been trying at times (for both of us), but so much fun! You have new ways to communicate, new ways to move and your sense of humour has not gone anywhere (which makes me so happy)!

Now that you’re running around, we can do so many more things and it makes me happy when you don’t have to be trapped in a stroller all the time. You hold your own in the backyard with the dogs, ride in your much loved bubble car and when it’s not too busy at the shops, you love strutting (yes STRUTTING) in while holding my hand. When there are two adults with you, you love to make sure you’re holding the hands of both. Occasionally, you’ll think it’s time to have a swing between us, but you never let us know in advance so you end up flopped on the floor a bit haha.

You love the park. You call slides ‘hee-hee’s’ and I think that speaks to your sense of fun! You get the cutest enchanted smile on your face when you’re on the swings and you’re starting to learn how to climb up ladders with confidence, which is a little scary for me, but makes me proud. You love bike rides with your dad (you in the snazzy red trailer bossing him about and pointing out passing cars) and you get so excited when you know it’s going to happen. I’ve fended off many a meltdown when you had to come home from a ride or when your dad has taken a little longer than usual to get ready for one.

You have become really bossy of late. It both greatly amuses and annoys me! You’ll nod your head frantically if someone asks you a question, “Do you want me to sit down here?”
It’s like you’re just so pleased that people understand what you want. That makes me happy for you, but it’s tough saying no to you (I still do it though – Mum’s the boss)!

Whether it’s, “PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY”,  “SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT”, or “UP UP UP UP UP UP”, you’re always telling me what you want. Sometimes rather loudly. In public. You don’t have much of a concept of time – everything’s NOW (a word you thankfully have not learnt yet). I try to tell you what order we’re going to do things in, to make it easier.

My heart used to melt every time you asked for a “cug” (cuddle/hug), but now I think you’re using your powers for evil haha. When I hear the command (as opposed to request) HUG, I know that you just want to look at something high up or grab something you shouldn’t have!! Yep, you’re learning how to manipulate your loving captors. You keep me on my toes, but I’m secretly loving it – it’s a sign that you’re getting smarter and growing up! I just think, “You little bugger…” and we move forward with our day. Sometimes I’m pretty worn out by the time your dad gets home from work!!

And that thing where you somehow become boneless and impossible to scoop up from the floor? Genius.

Nothing makes me more excited than when you listen to me the first time, don’t spill your milk or when you have a successful nap! It’s awesome. The little things are still the things that make me happiest as your stay at home mummy!

I must mention that you are OBSESSED with cars. Obsessed! We have to acknowledge every car as we walk past it at the shops, you’ll let me know you’ve seen a car on the TV (every single time), and you love toy cars. You’ll clutch one in each hand and still try to carry out your daily activities somehow. I was so proud of myself when I snaffled a pack of racing car toys past you at the supermarket yesterday (to wrap up and present to you for your birthday) – hope you’re enjoying them today!

You’re doing really well at swimming lessons and you’re in the 3rd class up – advanced toddler. I almost had a heart attack the first time you swam by yourself to your dad. Mostly submerged but kicking and splashing nonetheless. So cool, little man!  I am so glad you’ve been visiting the pool since you were 4 months old –  you’re so much more confident now than I was at your age.

You’ve started chatting to your dad on the phone. You babble on for aaaaages when he’s calling from work and has no time, but he always listens to you. We have no idea what you’re talking about but seeing the pride on your face as you tell him something at length, just melts me. You know you’re doing something “grown up” and you just love being a part of that. It’s really quite cute.

While there are things I will enjoy about you growing up, I do wish I could keep you this age a little longer. You still have a nap during the day (although you go down later and sleep for a shorter time), you’re grown up enough to be a little independent, but still little enough to be my “baby” who needs me. Each time you learn something new, it’s just so exciting (for both of us) and I love seeing the world from your eyes and teaching you something whenever I see an opportunity.

You laugh like a dirty old man who smokes two packs a day. You love singing and dancing. You insist on picking out which shoes to wear each day. You love your fedora hat. Yoghurt makes your world go round. Your favourite colour (this week) is green (even though you don’t seem to understand the concept of colours yet). Your favourite number is 8 (you think every number you see written down is an 8). Grapes and sultanas are your two favourite fruits (yes they are the same thing haha), followed closely by banana. You love reading. You love people watching just like your mummy. For a little while you enjoyed carrying a potato around for no particular reason (“Toto!”). You pop up everywhere with a cheeky grin.


I love your toddler quirks and your sense of adventure (except for when you see a little step and you shuffle down it on your bottom reeeeally slowly). Don’t ever lose that mischievous grin or that sparkle in your eyes. I could watch you pull ridiculous faces forever. I could not have asked for a more happy, sociable and sweet little boy. Of course I’m terribly biased, but really. You’re a gift.

I love you. Happy birthday, Little Mister.

I really hope you enjoy 2.


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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday little mister!! Hope you have a fabulous day and I can’t wait to hear all about it when your mummy blogs it soon 🙂 xx

  2. This is the most beautiful, heart-warming post. I feel all mushy on the inside. Happy birthday Little Mister & Happy 2 year Mummi-versary! You’re phenomenal & he is so lucky to have you xxx


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