I am Kez Unprepared. I have a ridiculous sense of humour (I have been accused of being a dad joke enthusiast), a propensity for overthinking and the need to write about all of the little adventures life takes me on. I feel perpetually unprepared for the things life can throw my way but I endeavour to handle it all as awesomely as I can…with mixed results!

I am a married mum of a kid who was born in 2011 (do NOT call me a ‘mummy blogger’) and I am currently dealing with secondary infertility (it’s a bitch). I live in WA – it’s a bit of a hike from anywhere, but I love it.

Follow my blog to find out all about that journey and if you’d like to know where else to find me or how you can work with me, check out my ‘contact me’ and ‘work with me’ tabs (they’re right next to this one)!