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The Happy List #41

Oh, hey! It’s me! It’s been a big week. Action packed! Filled with good things. Much needed. It’s a bit hard to slow down, because I think I’ve been trying to avoid reality (the start of a new school term and my upcoming surgery), but I’m hoping that this long weekend will give me some time to ease back into it without having a total mental breakdown!

So here is my happy list…

My Sydney getaway

Last weekend was GLORIOUS. I was starting to come good from a rough bout with my endometriosis. I was healthy. I was ready! I slept like I hadn’t slept in years (no joke – my fitbit’s sleep tracker proves it). I shopped until I dropped. I saw good friends. Had plenty of laughs with my parents. I ate ridiculously good food. COCKTAILS. OMG. I didn’t have many responsibilities. So yeah, that’s it in a nutshell.

I’d been a frustrated, sad hermit for weeks on end. It was really getting me down. This trip ended that awful feeling for me. I came back more ‘me’.

Hashtag grateful etc.

My new obsession with make-up

I have always been pretty low maintenance (read: crap) when it comes to cosmetics, but realising that my skin is getting older (with the rest of me) and needs more attention, means I’ve had to make more of an effort to age gracefully (I know – I’m positively ancient at 32 haha). It started with the need for better moisturisers, some more face masks and the search for a good primer (yet to find The One), but now it’s blown out into a full on obsession with make up brushes, eye liners, trying to look like I actually have eyebrows, and wanting matte lips.

I took a trip to Sephora in Sydney and it was CRAZY. Hats off to the girls who work there! Gotta love the adrenaline rush, though haha. I ticked everything off my wish list and I have honestly never spent that much on make up in one go before. Ever. I made great use of my birthday money! I splurged on good quality products (nothing crazy but more than your average supermarket find) that I would never have treated myself with before. It felt good. Let’s just say that I earned my black membership card straight off the bat that day…

I’ve been enjoying playing around with my look and the difference is immense. I needed that boost. I love feeling like I’ve put in an effort with my appearance. It sounds shallow, but it makes me feel less frumpy and more ‘on’. A feeling I’ve needed a lot more of these days!

My birthday

I turned 32 a few days ago. I realised that 31 wasn’t as kind to me as I might have hoped. In fact, it was pretty darn shit (sprinkled with a few nice moments). So I’m trying to close that chapter and move forward with an open heart and an optimistic outlook. I don’t mind getting older. I’ve never understood that fear of ageing thing that people have. I feel more comfortable in who I am than I ever have and I wouldn’t trade that feeling for all the flawless skin and super fast metabolism/pre baby bodies in the world! I mean, I’d consider it for a hot second, but I wouldn’t.

I really appreciated the gifts from my family, the messages from all my friends and obviously my trip away. 32. I’ve got this! Right? Check in with me when I turn 33 haha.

The Little Mister

I swear he grew up so much while I was away (for all of 3 days haha). I loved getting home and being able to appreciate him more. It’s that whole thing about needing a break so you can come back better. I’ve really felt that this week.

We took an awesome day trip to the zoo and I liked making his dreams come true – he still thinks public transport is magical and awe inspiring, so you can imagine how he felt about everything else!

He’s still driving me crazy (because he’s 4 and it’s the school holidays), but I don’t feel like I’m ready to skip the country with nothing but my clothes on my back and start a new life anymore ???

Which is nice. And I love him so much.

Brunch with a couple of good people

My awesome Tassie mate and her Freo boyf (also known as guy I went to high school with) took time out of their weekend together to come and see me for brunch. It was so nice of them and I had fun. It blows me away that they know each other (I’ve known them completely separately for years), let alone that they’re together now (sorry guys – you’re Blog Official now)! I’ll be counting down until we can hang out together again!

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Cuddles on the couch with Mr Unprepared.
  • My renewed obsession with leopard print.
  • The fact that my new manicure saved me from getting a badly bruised or broken finger while I was away. I should probably try harder to not slam car doors on my hands.
  • That time I accidentally stole a fork from a cafe in Dee Why (Sydney), because it fell into my handbag, and then went on a snapchat rampage about my whole new life as a fugitive on the run with it. It really seemed so hilarious at the time. Guess you had to be there ? PS. We can never return. Ever… unless it’s to collect the whole set.
  • My latest shopping spree in Kmart. I couldn’t help it, but it felt so good.

So what’s been making you happy this week?

The Happy List #22 – Little Mister’s 4th birthday edition.

Wow, I almost forgot to write a happy list for this week! It’s been a big one as we’ve celebrated the Little Mister’s fourth birthday! He didn’t have a birthday party this year and as family and friends have been all over the place, we’ve simply decided to celebrate his birthday over and over in smaller ways, the lucky thing.

Here are the things that made me happy this week (in no particular order)…

Surprising the Little Mister with a trip to AQWA (the Aquarium of WA)

We wanted to do something special with the Little Mister (in lieu of a birthday party) that he would remember, so the day after his birthday, we decided to surprise him with a trip to the aquarium. It’s a bit of a trek from our place and something different. We didn’t tell him that his uncle, aunty and cousin were coming – he knew nothing! He asked where we were going a few times on the drive there, but he just seemed happy to be along for the ride.

When we got there, he was so happy he was wriggling with joy to see his uncle and aunty. Then we got in the doors to pay to get in and he was all, “WOW! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!” with so much wonder and joy in his voice. He has been to an aquarium before (in Korea) but he had never been to AQWA and we knew it would be the last thing he’d be expecting.

He loved the experience (almost as much as he loved the conveyor belt thingy that takes you around underwater) and he forgot his indoor voice a few times!

Afterwards, we went for burgers and ice cream. It was honestly the most lovely day and I was so glad we got to give it to him.

He slept all the way home in the car!

The love everyone has shown the Little Mister for his birthday

We are so appreciative of all the messages, Face Time sessions (from those who can’t be close by), gifts and hugs that the Little Mister has received this year. He’s a very lucky and loved little guy.

He got to see his grandparents (my inlaws) for Friday Fajitas (our little tradition) and cupcakes on his birthday and he got to spend quality time with his great grandparents too. Not to mention AQWA. He’ll see my parents next weekend when they are home from one of my dad’s work trips. Um hello – birthday WEEK!

Barbecued corn – seriously. Makes me happy.



I’m not kidding. I live for it. Even when it’s cold in the fridge the next day, I do not care. YUM.

Trying to get two massive bunches of helium balloons from the shops into the car

I was prepping to surprise the Little Mister on his birthday morning with a bunch of green/dinosaur themed balloons. He had asked for balloons for his birthday a little while back. I kind of went all out because I knew he wasn’t getting his gifts until later in the day when Mr Unprepared got home from work. Turns out, it’s more embarrassing than you think to get helium balloons from the inside of a busy shopping centre to the car. I had them in a trolley and I couldn’t see where I was going and little kids everywhere were enchanted and it was bloody hilarious. I looked like a freakin’ idiot. Even better when the breeze kicked in just as I got to the car! I’ve never laughed at myself so much (actually I probably have – have you met me?).

Betty Crocker (not sponsored haha)


I do love baking a cake (or 12) from scratch, but sometimes it just needs to be easy and no-one ever notices the difference anyway. I just used some dinosaur sprinkles, some green food colouring for the pre-made Betty Crocker tub of frosting, my own patty cases, a piping bag (you can get these awesome disposable ones) and Bob’s your uncle! The Little Mister was quite pleased 🙂

Betty has been saving my arse for a while – she’s my secret weapon!

Other stuff that’s made me happy this week…

  • Having visitors meant I had to kick myself up the bum and clean everything. My house is nice… for now haha.
  • The fact that I am sitting down to write this. So nice to take a breath!
  • Reading about Bruce’s (of Big Family Little Income) wife Tracey having a fart in hospital (I know that sounds really out of context if you haven’t been following but trust me it’s wonderful news). This isn’t just good news for their gorgeous family, but for me because I can now tell my husband he should not take it for granted (and in fact should be grateful) when I let it rip while we watch TV in the evening 😉
  • The Little Mister putting me to bed when I said I was tired. I had to lie down, have a blanket put over me and I was given a cuddle toy. He then ran out of the room. Which then worried me and I thought I’d better find him haha. But still, it was quite sweet I think!
  • Knowing there are some fun things ahead this month AND THEN IT’S DECEMBER WHEN I LET MYSELF GET EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

What’s on your happy list this week? 



Dear Little Mister,

I can’t believe you’re four today. FOUR. That’s such a big number. I’ve always thought of FOUR as a pretty big deal. I mean, that’s pretty grown up. You’re like a fully fledged KID now. Not a baby. Not a toddler. A KID.

A kid who loves the colour green and is starting to become interested in dinosaurs. A kid who is incredibly caring, bossy, affectionate, creative, inquisitive and NOISY.

Right now, you swear that you do not like chicken. At all. You think chicken is just so not an option. Unless you’re eating chicken nuggets. I mean, duh.

When my mum is on holiday, you ask Siri to search for Nanna (like you literally want to find her). You think everyone can see you when you’re talking on the phone so you try to show people things around the house and they have no idea what’s going on. You still call my iPad an OurPad because I share it with you when you’re being good. It makes sense to you, I guess! Nice try, buddy haha.

You’re the biggest dibber dobber on the planet. You call Daddy out when he’s sneaking chocolate from the top shelf of the fridge (where we keep the good stuff). Nothing gets by you. NOTHING. I think I only JUST got by with hiding your birthday presents this year. Santa is going to have to be really really clever this time around, I think.

You’re always singing. Whether it’s a song you learnt at school, something that’s popular at the moment, or something you’ve made up. You literally wake up singing some days. I hope that’s a sign of a really happy kid. Some of my own happiest moments are the times you burst out into song when we are least expecting it. It’s still freakin’ adorable when you mix the lyrics up. I COULD JUST EAT YOU. Well, figuratively speaking.

Can I just say that I am very proud of the toilet training progress you’ve made in the past year? It was a big milestone (for me) when you started to go to the toilet on your own. So much of my day is freed up now (no joke) and I love how grown up you feel when you can take care of it all! We still have to remind you to work on your aim sometimes, but hey, things are going pretty well! I remember being so scared before you started toilet training. I think almost every parent gets worried their kid might still be in nappies by high school at some point. It’s so awesome to see how far you’ve come. I love that you can dress yourself and that you pick your own outfits. Yesterday’s Hawaiian shirt was something to behold.

You’re cheeky and you have the best sense of humour. Your comedic timing is spot on. You’re such a natural performer. I can see we’re going to have to find ways to channel that energy as you get older!

You start 4 year old kindy at the ‘big’ school in a few months. I can’t believe it. It’s so bittersweet for me! You’re growing up so fast! I want you to know that I don’t just love you but I really really like you. Even when you’re losing the plot and the house is a ball of noise and everybody is tired, we get by and we learn some lessons together. There are always some more laughs to be had, soon enough. I hope I’m a good teacher, because I’ll tell you this – I’m learning all the time too.

I hope that the year ahead is full of brand new, wonderful memories.

Lots of love,


The Happy List #11

The Happy List #11


I am using what energy I can to write my happy list before I come crashing down after a 4:30am wake up this morning! On a Sunday, no less! Ah, the things we do for love (I will explain it in a moment)! So, here’s what has made me happy in the past week or so…

Watching the sun rise

Today is Mr Unprepared’s birthday. It is also the day he needs to do a 140km training ride with his cycling team for a charity trip he is doing in a couple of weeks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me (a sudden burst of love?), but I decided that I would wake up at 4:30am with him, bundle the Little Mister into the car and go on a little early morning adventure to the city, where the ride started. You know, in the spirit of it being his birthday and all. While I dreaded the early morning wake up (and had trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour to compensate), I am so glad we did it. The Little Mister was enthralled with the novelty of getting up at ‘night time’ and despite my fatigue, the drive home as the sun rose was just lovely. The colours in the sky. The quiet on the roads. That whole “it’s a new day” feeling. I love it. Not too often, but I do love it when I have to haha.

Busting through a mental block

I’ve mentioned it quite a bit (sorry!), but I’ve been trying to declutter our study so I can turn it into a gorgeous lady blogging cave worthy of Pinterest. I was getting all excited as I shredded old documents and threw out weird useless trinkets, but then I reached a bit of a mental block. I didn’t know where to go next. I felt a bit overwhelmed. I thought that everything would have to stop, because I had no idea what to do next. Then, a visit to my parents’ and suddenly it just seemed so easy. I took inspiration from my brother who is leaving to live in Melbourne soon – waaaaah (happy for him but going to miss him terribly). He had some great stuff to sell me and observing how he was going about the decluttering process really sparked something in me. It was a lightbulb moment! I mean, some of the stuff he’s doing seems so obvious but like I said, I had a total mental block. I came home feeling ready to take the next steps (because I finally knew what they were). It was like a weird chain reaction. Suddenly inspiration returned to me and I’m excited again. I got this!

Being able to talk (or tweet) openly about my anxiety


Earlier this week, anxiety (I named her Patrice because “NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE!”) was really trying to beat me down. She was being such a bitch. Telling me I was lonely and sad, when so many things in my life were actually looking pretty good (or were things I could normally find the positives about). Telling me that the things I should have been looking forward to were all going to end in dismal failure and the implosion of my very soul. Making me think I wasn’t strong enough to bounce back even if that was the case (which we all know it probably wasn’t going to be). I was really getting sick of Patrice’s shit.

I decided to tweet about it, because a couple of years ago (when it was at its worst), I decided I wouldn’t hide it anymore. I would stop buying into the stigma of it. I would help myself and others by being honest and open. Within minutes, I had wonderful responses from kind friends who hilariously got into the spirit by telling Patrice to eff off and I knew I wasn’t alone (like Patrice was trying to make me feel). While external validation wasn’t really my motivation (I was just venting and trying to put the thoughts outside of my head – a bonus if me keeping it real helped somebody else to feel less alone), I was so grateful. I started to feel better almost immediately. No joke. Being able to speak up and say you’re not feeling great does wonders. I thank everyone (online or IRL) who makes me feel safe to do so.

When the dogs greet the Little Mister at his bedroom window

It’s a silly story, but the Little Mister went through a phase where he kept turning on his bedroom lights in the middle of the night (therefore keeping himself awake). We confiscated the light bulb from his overhead light and we now unplug his bedside lamp when we’re done reading stories for the night. Meanest parents ever haha. In the mornings (especially when it’s dark and cloudy), I have to open his blind immediately so we can see what we’re doing. Our dogs have gotten used to this and have adjusted their morning routine to listen out for us and come running to the window to ‘say’ good morning every day. It’s so sweet and the Little Mister loves it.

Learning new insults

I visited our local major shopping centre on a Tuesday morning at 9am. As soon as I got inside the automatic doors, I heard a beautiful bogan specimen loudly telling a tale about her life to another gorgeous bogan specimen. It involved a moment that she was very proud of in which she had told another (I’m assuming) bogan that she was a “cheesecake c**t!” over and over. The joy on her face was just exquisite. She was almost glowing as she recounted her moment of triumph.

While it’s not a side of my hometown that I’m especially proud of, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about it all day (and laughing is good for us). I mean, what exactly is a cheesecake c**t and what do you have to do to be qualified as one? It goes on the happy list because it did weirdly make me happy. It’s like we can make fun of it because we live here.

Where would we be without bogans, hey? (don’t answer that – it’s tongue-in-cheek rhetorical haha)


So that’s it for this week! What would you put on your happy list?

The Happy List #9

The Happy List#9


The time has come to think about the stuff that made me happy in the past week. Things are getting slightly better around here. I had a week where I fought off my old frenemy anxiety (haaaave you met Patrice?), but I think I’m starting to come out the other side. The Little Mister hasn’t been sick all week (probably jinxing it yet again but what the hell). It’s August. I’m starting to see light at the end of this wintery tunnel.

A Saturday sleep in

This never happens. In fact, I technically didn’t sleep in, but I love having the ability to get up on my own terms while Mr Unprepared tends to the Little Mister. This has hardly ever happened in the past few months because of his full on cycling habit (and training for an upcoming charity ride). It’s nice and it’s peaceful. And I’m using it to blog haha.

My mum’s birthday

On Thursday, my mum turned *cough probably shouldn’t tell you cough*. It was lovely to go to lunch with her, my brother and dad even popped in on his lunch break from work. It was like old times! I had the yummiest Japanese style tempura and panko crumbed prawns. Still not the authentic ramen I’ve been missing since we went away last year, but pretty great!

We’re going to my parents’ today. My grandparents and uncle will be there. I love extended family catch ups. There’s not many of us but it’s a lovely close knit group. I made my mum a lemon meringue pie for sweets (my first ever attempt) and I cannot wait to cut into that bad boy and see if I got it right! My mum doesn’t know what I made yet and has been very clear about wanting it to be a surprise. I’m hoping she doesn’t read my blog until afterwards haha.

Sneak peek (it’s not as pretty as I thought it would be – bit too brown – but nothing seemed to go horribly wrong so that’s a win!)…


Rain on the tin roof at night While I am completely and utterly over winter, there’s one thing I can still enjoy about it. I love the sound of it on our tin roof. When we first moved in, I thought it was SO LOUD because I’d always lived in houses with tiled roofs (I totally googled the plural of roof and I am told the modern version is roofs so glad I cleared that up). Now I love it. Must be like a peaceful white noise type thing. As long as I am inside, all voluntarily snuggled up when it happens, it is just lovely.

The Little Mister falling asleep on the couch You don’t understand. All his life, he’s never been the ‘spontaneous fall asleep anywhere’ kind of baby/kid. It would only ever happen if I’d rocked him or he’d been in the car or something. I’d seen all those pictures on Facebook of children falling asleep into their dinner or in the middle of doing something cute and thought, nawwww – that’s so adorable! Why doesn’t the Little Mister do that? Where’s the off switch? Well, this week I got my wish. Sure, it was 4pm but it was just beautiful. He was snoring like a tractor, with a drool puddle on the couch cushion the size of his head, but it made me so happy. Also, he’d been reeeeally annoying just moments earlier, so the quiet was nice haha.


Running 1km without stopping While I admit that I haven’t really been on the treadmill as much as I could have this week, I was pretty excited to reach a new little milestone a few days ago. I can now run 1km without stopping (at 8km an hour for those playing at home). That’s like 1/5 of my goal to run 5km by the end of the year! Yay! I just hope I can keep it up! Still counting down until I can get out and about – I think it wouldn’t seem like such a slog if I was in the real world, looking at real scenery.

Other happy stuff…

  • The Little Mister sassing me when I was prepping the ingredients for the lemon meringue pie. I was taking a while and he looked at me and said, “You’re not making Nanna a cake – you’re just mucking around!” I couldn’t keep a straight face. Smart arse.
  • Cuddles on the couch with the Little Mister last night. We watched Marley and Me (until the sad part when the DVR conveniently cut out).
  • The Little Mister being well enough to attend day care 2 times out of 2 this week! A winter miracle! I even got to go to work!
  • Getting my little pay packet right when things were getting squeezy – what a relief.
  • Watching the Little Mister achieve new things in swimming lessons last night. What a little star.
  • My nail polish took over a week to chip.
  • I ordered Mr Unprepared’s birthday present 🙂
  • A few days of sunshine – much needed!

What would you put on your happy list right now?

The Happy List #5


Here’s what’s been making me happy in the past week, as I look towards a brand new week filled with potential! x

Magic Mike XXL…well, mostly Channing Tatum

I know I am not alone in the fact that I find Channing Tatum to be verrrrry attractive. My crush is at the awfully embarrassing level and Mr Unprepared has had to come to terms with the fact that Mr Tatum is my bit on the side. I have not exactly NOT been enjoying the recent whirlwind of publicity interviews he has been doing. Or the fact that free to air TV has been capitalising on the recent release of the Magic Mike sequel by playing every movie with Channing Tatum in it ever. My DVR is now stocked up full to the brim with films to watch at any time the urge should strike!

On Friday night I had a leave pass to watch Magic Mike XXL with some girlfriends. We had gold class tickets and it was wonderful. WONDERFUL. Was the acting Oscar worthy? Was the plot intricate and sophisticated? *ahem* I think we know the answer. But the movie had a ‘feel good’ energy to it (so to speak ha ha ha) and hello, I was perving my little eye balls out from start to finish.

I am such a creep.

It was so nice to leave home after a week of being pretty much housebound. The company was fantastic and it was nice to do something somewhat quiet on a Friday night. Dance floors and yelling over music is totally awesome, but sometimes sitting in a really comfy chair and eating stupid desserts with your friends while watching a giant TV screen is even nicer.

Family birthdays

Today we celebrated my dad’s birthday, with a belated nod to my uncle’s birthday too. I love when the whole family gets together. There’s always good, hearty food and a nice feeling of togetherness. I made a baked cheesecake for the occasion and when Mr Unprepared carried it into my parents’ house, my dad said (rather innocently), “Oh you made us a quiche!”

Sigh. Look, it wasn’t shop-bought attractive. A little rustic. But it was pretty funny. I didn’t mind it becoming a running joke.

“Ooooh. Can’t wait to have our dessert quiche. It’s a good thing, because I’ve been cutting down on sugar lately! HA HA HA.”

Gotta love lame dad/uncle jokes.

Luckily it was delicious and I felt pretty proud. Phew.

It was also touching to see my grandfather (who is in his 90s) stand up, a little emotional, and toast my dad.

Hoodies and heaters

It’s been cold lately, hasn’t it? I think there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a hoodie. I am also so grateful for reverse cycle air conditioning. SO GRATEFUL. It’s bliss curling up on the couch under a comfy blanket. I’m not a lover of winter, but I do love a good snuggle – something that’s not always as pleasant in the heat of summer!

Binge watching HIMYM on Netflix

This is totally related to the cold weather. I have been rediscovering How I Met Your Mother. I don’t think I fully appreciated it when it was still on the TV. The characters, the running jokes. It’s fun and it’s light and I’m not even bored re-watching the episodes. Great to watch before I fall asleep at night. It’s not scary. It’s not hard to follow. The episodes aren’t too long. It’s funny.

Oh god I love Netflix. Probably as much as I love Channing Tatum. Maybe even more.

Other things that have made me happy…

  • winter sunshine.
  • when the Little Mister dances and sings – the words might be wrong and his moves might be a little crazy but it’s a beautiful thing, a child’s ability to just show their joy.
  • finding a spare phone charger for Mr Unprepared to use after he left his at a friend’s house over a week ago. Sharing my charger was getting so annoying!
  • laughing at myself while trying out the Periscope app for the first time. Probably more on that later!
  • my brother gifting me a beautiful Spanish cook book he found me in Melbourne. I shall be taking particular notice of the recipes at the back for Churros, drinking chocolate and sangria. Um, hello!
  • cuddles with my little family.

What is on your happy list this week? x






Today is my 31st birthday. I am officially 31. It sounds like a strange age. It’s not the round number that 30 was. It’s like both feet are now firmly planted in my 30s and time is not slowing down! I’m OK with that, but I do admit that 31 is going to have to really pull out all of the stops to beat 30. 30 has been an amazing year. I really feel like I grew in the last 12 months. I loved. I learned things. I felt joy – simple pleasures. There was a rhythm. A routine. Something I often feel is lacking from my life. I felt more accepting of myself.

No year is perfect – there were ups and downs. Life would be pretty boring and we’d learn nothing without the occasional roller coaster of emotions, but I look back and I feel glad. 30 was pretty good to me.

I’ve watched the Little Mister grow. I’ve watched myself grow as a parent. As a person. As a blogger. I’ve achieved a lot of little milestones.

I saw out my last days of 30 with a little getaway to Sydney (perhaps more on that later). To see some family friends, meet some family for the first time and to spend quality time shopping with my mum (winter wardrobe – I love you)! Sure, I got a rotten chest infection before I left, so I spent the whole time away trying to recover, valiantly trying to stay awake (it was quite draining), but I made the best of it. Of course that’s how life works! The one time – the ONE time – I want to go and leave my cub and do something just for me that is special and out of the ordinary, I get struck down! OF COURSE! Oh, Universe. You slay me. It’s the sickest I’d been in YEARS too. Can you believe it?! I’m still feeling the aftermath! Goodness me!

Still, it was a perfectly imperfect end to a perfectly imperfect year. My sense of humour is still intact 😉

I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I am so lucky to have my Little Mister and my bigger Mister – Mr Unprepared. My family. My friends – near and far, online and offline. I will be spending the day in with my little man – some rest and some quality time. I am thankful. Even hashtag grateful and hashtag blessed. Sorry not sorry!

Happy 31st to me.



Dear Little Mister,

Today you are 3. You are also the best little buddy I could ask for. I read somewhere that you should never call your son ‘buddy’ or ‘mate’, because then you are not setting the boundaries between parent and child firmly enough. Well, that’s crap. I know that you know I’m mum. I’m very clear about that!

BUT…you are my little buddy too. You make boring things interesting. You come with me everywhere I go (OK so it’s not ALWAYS ideal but I love ya). You keep me company, while I wait. For anything. You make me laugh. I love love love that you’re young enough to think of me as your best friend too. I shall cherish this for as long as it lasts (which I am sure is not long enough).

You’re a threenager now. That’s for sure. For the first time in your whole life, I’m finding my patience pushed, stretched and tested. You will scream ‘no’ fifty times to a lovely snack I’ve provided for you, then a few minutes later I’ll find you munching on that same thing when you think I’m not looking. What tantrum, Mum? You’ll boss me about, interrupt my adult conversations, look me straight in the eye as you do something I’ve just told you not to do…because you want to see what happens. Each growth spurt, each new development, you will spend days extra tired and…hangry. Really hangry. You’ll wake in the night all worried and bothered.

But damn it, you’re cute. This is a cute age. You’re definitely your own little person now! We have conversations. We walk alongside each other. We disagree on things, because you have your own opinions. Sure, they’re rarely based on fact or logic, but we’ll get to that. I assure you, little man, that Granny really is Nanna’s Mummy just as much as I am Nanna’s daughter…but for now we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

I love the way you snuggle in close to my neck when we hug. I love the way you are always looking out for everybody. I love that you are so friendly. I want to jump up and down with happiness when I see you saying please, thank you and sorry. You say each word with such sincerity. You really mean your manners. It means so much to me. I’d love to take all the credit but really, you are just one good little guy.

You’re sensitive. You take things to heart. You can be quite dramatic (gee I don’t know where you get it from). But you rarely hit out. I once witnessed you walking up to another toddler who had smacked you in the arm, saying firmly, “Ow. You hurt me.” with such impressive (for a 2 year old) articulation of your feelings. Sure, he hit you again for your troubles (intervention was necessary), but in that moment I have never been prouder of you. You stood up for yourself and you were not mean. I love you so much. Your communication skills impress me.

I love how you dance. I love how you sing. I love watching you play when you think I’m not watching. I love your wicked sense of humour. I love the unintentionally cute things you say every single day – you’ve never let me down with the hilarity. I love the way you laugh and the way you try to communicate with me with silly made up sounds. I love how observant you are (although it keeps me on my toes). You always know when I’ve done something with my hair, painted my nails a different colour or bought a new pair of shoes (the ladies like that). I melt when you think I’m beautiful and I laugh when you say my face is yucky because you don’t like my make up. Your honesty is fantastic (it’s lucky you’re cute)!

You’re always trying out something new. Lately you’ve been telling people to have a nice day. You sound like you work on the check outs at the supermarket, but at least you mean it haha.

For a while you wouldn’t let anyone call you anything but your first and last name. Your full name at all times. You’re slowly softening your stance and I secretly fist pump when I can sneak in a cute nickname. I totally called you ‘sweetie’ like five times yesterday and you didn’t even correct me. You’re slipping in your old age!

You like things a certain way and you are always trying to rearrange chairs or cushions or something. One day our couch is a boat in crocodile infested waters, another day you’ve built a barn filled with imaginary farm animals. You’re amazing with your Duplo now. So creative. I know because you show me every single creation you’ve ever made and I’m always being told (not asked) to fish around for all the stray pieces that have ended up under the couch.

You love playing outside. Any chance and you’re barrelling out of the sliding door, big red bubble car at the ready. You especially love time with your dad. You have taken to calling him ‘my daddy’ and it melts my heart. He’s not just any daddy, he’s your daddy.

You love to pretend to be a dog. That’s pretty funny. You call yourself Heidi-dog because that’s the name of our dog. You love her so much. I have photos of you pretending to be one of the dogs, waiting for your dad to throw a stick at the beach. Just letting you know in advance, before they come out at your 21st birthday.

Yesterday we were lined up at the council offices to pay a couple of bills. The queue was kind of long and you looked at me, confused. You asked me where everybody’s suitcases were. I had to explain that even though everyone was lined up, it wasn’t an airport (to the amusement of the lady in front of us). I could have eaten you right up at that moment. So freakin’ adorable. It’s those little moments that just make my day. If anyone ever asks if parenthood is worth the trouble, I say yes. Just for the silly little moments like that. They are priceless.

I love how well travelled you are. You have so many stamps in your passport and you’re only 3! Japan, Korea, Singapore. Even a couple of trips to Tasmania – that’s technically overseas, right? You’ve experienced stuff that some people take a lifetime to ever have a go at. Dude, you’ve sat in a genuine Japanese restaurant and have eaten real, honest to goodness gyoza dumplings and sushi. MADE BY JAPANESE PEOPLE IN JAPAN. You’ve napped at the Shibuya crossing like it’s no big deal. You’ve walked the streets of Korea. That is just so f*cking cool. Sorry for the swear words, but I figure by the time you read this, you’ll be old enough to handle it.

For all that cultural experience, I secretly love that you think poo is a hilarious word. That when you fart, it sends you into so many giggles (the kind where you’ve lost control of your laughter). Toilet humour starts early, folks. Once you announced to complete strangers that you ‘done a wee’. So there’s that.

We’re working on toilet training. We’ve had some setbacks but I know you’ll let me know when you’re ready to go all the way with it. You’re a bright kid. I have faith. Eep! Next year is day care once a week, buddy. As much as I am ready for this stage, don’t think I’m not a little irrationally nervous!

I can’t wait to see what the year of 3 brings. As much as it can be bittersweet at times, I love watching you grow. Each new milestone is genuinely exciting.

I hope you have a fabulous day. I promise there will be cake.

Happy birthday, my ray of sunshine.



How I feel about 30.



Yesterday I turned 30. I know I’m supposed to laugh nervously and say, “Oooh scary!”

But I’m not scared.

Or joke about it being the somethingth anniversary of my 21st or mumble my age like I’m embarrassed.

But I’m not embarrassed.

I’m excited.

The 30 year old me is a better me. A wiser me. A stronger me.

I have a looooong way to go and I hope I keep learning, changing and improving for the rest of my (hopefully) long life, but I have never felt as sure of myself in my life as I do in present day. I feel like I can welcome my 30s feeling more ‘me’ than I ever have. I think I’m finally growing up and you’d think I’d find that really disappointing, but I am not disappointed. I’m happy. I hope I’ll always be young at heart, but I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learnt for an extension of my 20s! I learnt a lot in my 20s, but I’m excited to apply all that knowledge now as I move forwards. Maybe the term is ‘growing into myself’ moreso than ‘growing up’.

Who knows what my 30s hold? I know there will be good times and bad times. I just hope that I have learnt how to cope better, how to deal with things more gracefully and peacefully. I hope I’ll remember how to say no to unnecessary drama or things that do not serve me. I want to stay strong and believe in myself more than the shaky 20 something me did. Be more brave and resilient.

It’s not that I’m not shaky now as a newly minted 30 year old. I am just less shaky. I know what I want out of life. I know that I deserve it. I am worth the good things. That’s the difference.

I feel like this is a time of real positive change in my life. Trust me, it’s a very welcome time for me!

I have had so many kind birthday wishes this year. Everything from the side spittingly hilarious, to the most caring, sentimental and *oh wow that person totally gets me* stuff. Not one person over the age of 30 has told me that it sucks or that they’re so old and they can’t even handle it. I’ve been told that the 30s are fun, fantastic and a whole lot of other words that seem to equate to ‘awesome’.

That can’t be a coincidence, can it? Unless they’re all lying to me hahaha.

As I sit here with the Little Mister, wearing our PJs because we can, recovering from the Easter long weekend (and my wonderful family birthday celebrations), I feel good. I feel optimistic. I feel lighter and brighter. I’m not that 19 year old bawling on the eve of her 20th birthday because she wouldn’t be a teenager anymore (I’ll never live that one down)!

30 just feels right. Bring it, Universe! I’m ready 🙂


How do/did you feel about 30?






I wear your granddad’s clothes…


So next weekend Mr Unprepared and I are attending a 30th birthday party. The theme is to dress as a Granny or a Grandpa (you know – to symbolise the fact that the guest of honour is getting OLD). In other words, we are asked to go wearing our finest hilarious “old people” outfits. I think right about here would be the part where my mum would want me to mention that despite being grandparents now, they are not old. Not old at all. In any way. That we must be dressing as members of OUR grandparents’ generations. Not hers or Dad’s. In any way. In fact, I feel compelled to mention that my mum is quite stylish and apart from some terrible decision making when it comes to hats, my dad is styled quite well (by my mum – sorry Dad – it’s true). There. Got that covered. Now where was I?

Yes, we needed to find some old person outfits this weekend and the best way to do that was to hit the op shops. Or thrift shops as they are also called. Yes. We took the Macklemore song quite seriously. Except we couldn’t play it in the car to set the mood, because the Little Mister was with us and did you know that songs have SO many swear words in them these days? I never knew that until I made a little person who has ears. Little midget kill joy haha.

Anyway, as we travelled from op shop to op shop, we had some ideas and some expectations to set. Some conversations  needed to be had.

Me: You know, because of the styles we plan on purchasing, we’re probably going to be buying the clothes of dead people, right?

Mr Unprepared: Um that’s morbid. But yeah, I think we should probably wash any clothes before we wear them. 

Me: Well, that goes without saying. I don’t mind if they are the clothes that were OWNED by someone who has now passed, but I draw the line at wearing clothes that someone ACTUALLY DIED IN. 

Mr Unprepared: I don’t think I want to do this anymore. 


We managed to avoid the clothing that had the previous owners’ names and nursing room numbers written on the tags, so that made it less creepy, I suppose.

Also, we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to wear some pre-owned (and very worn in) old person sensible shoes, so we decided to improvise from our wardrobes at home.

We somehow managed to avoid offending any beautiful, giving, older souls who worked at the op shops (bless them for giving their time and service). We managed not to snigger loudly or immaturely at the less than tasteful clothing items and we avoided any weird looks or strange questions about why we would purchase such things when we are clearly two young, hip looking individuals *cough cough*. Obviously these amazing volunteers know that a lot of their wares go to fancy dress parties and balls and that our money is going to good use in the community so it was all good. We got bang for our buck and original, inspired (haha!) looks that you can’t get if you visit a generic costume hire business!

Also, I realised that I am a vain old person at heart. My second hand glasses had to flatter and my grey old lady wig (brand new from the costume section of a store) had to look okaaaayish. Man, I’m going to be a dignified old bat one day.

I think I should prepare some sayings for the evening to randomly yell out at inopportune times. Old person style.

My brother hilariously burst out with “MY COLON!” today while mocking my (not old because Mum says so) parents. It’s not something I’ve ever heard them say (well come on), but honestly, it cracked me up so bad. Also, my parents didn’t hear him. Bonus.

Also, I must clarify that they didn’t not hear him because they’re deaf from old age. They hear very well. Because they’re not old. Duh.

Now if only I can prepare myself mentally to turn up at my inlaws’ house wearing my ridiculous “vintage” outfit to drop off the Little Mister for a sleepover before the party. Nothing is scarier than all that is involved in the journey from home to a fancy dress party. You get me, right? I know you do.

There’s the fear that you’ll have to stop at a petrol station and get out of the car, that fear that you’ll run into someone you know (who you’ve fooled into thinking you’re at least kind of normal) out of context, the fear that you’ll somehow accidentally attract the attention of a police officer and be pulled over in a ridiculous outfit.

I think I secretly like the danger of it all. It would make for a great future blog post, right? Stay tuned for some terrible photos (if I have the guts)!

I live with the comfort of knowing that next week’s Saturday night will be more exciting than this week’s – where I’m dressed like a granny for reals sitting on the couch and thinking I’m walking on the wild side because I’m awake past 9:30pm.

Happy weekend, everybody! Embrace your inner senior citizen with the passion of a silly youth.