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The Happy List #47

In the last few days, I’ve been feeling a bit attacked by my anxiety monster (her name is Patrice because “NOBODY ASKED YOU PATRICE!” – it’s a How I Met Your Mother reference – too obscure?). The timing of it makes sense. It’s a busy time of year, I’m tired, my hormones are probably all over the place because my body can’t seem to get its act together fertility wise. I’m worried about the future (anxiety’s favourite pastime) because of that whole situation. As usual, I just have to wait her out. Patrice is a bitch and never knows when to leave, even though I’ve stood up and I’m holding the door open and yawning and saying stuff like, “Oh is that the time? Gosh I have so much to get done…”

It’s hard getting stuck in your head and having to fight your way out all the time, but it is what it is. I’ve learned to accept that anxiety comes and goes and I can’t be obsessed with the fact that it is there and never at peace about it. I just have to manage it better each time. So I will. I will try to be kinder to myself, I will take what little time I get for self care, and I will not forget that this too shall pass. My life has lots of good things in it and I won’t let Patrice’s pessimism make me miss out on enjoying and appreciating them.

In the spirit of finding the positives, I’ve decided that it’s time for a happy list, because plenty of things have been making me happy lately – gotta spread those good vibes!

Getting away for the weekend with Mr Unprepared

We were child free – just the two of us – for the weekend so we could go and watch Josh Pyke and Bob Evans perform in Dunsborough. It was fantastic!


I was thrilled to be kid free (no offence little man) and it was nice to have a change of scenery. I get really restless these days and it was so great to be somewhere other than my house, the Little Mister’s school or the supermarket haha.

Josh Pyke and Bob Evans’ music has been such a part of our relationship over the years – some of their songs seeing us through significant moments, other songs were played at our wedding – so it felt fitting that we were able to celebrate our 9th anniversary of marriage a little early by seeing them play together!


I’ve gone crazy for it. I love how refreshing it is when it’s juiced. I love it when it’s all cut up and ready to eat! I’ve balled a bunch of it and put it in a takeaway container in the fridge ready for snacking (I get so annoyed by having to cut it constantly) and I am obsessed with watermelon flavoured coconut water!

I’ve never been as crazy for watermelon as I am now! I think that with all of my Kez Gets Physical efforts, my cravings have changed a lot for the better. Not gonna lie, I still think about donuts more than a person should, but I’m enjoying my new healthier approach!

Warm, sunny weather

And it’s not just the fact that it’s sunny and warm! It’s the fact that it’s become more consistent! It was so tiresome trying to figure out what to wear each day, as the weather went from one extreme to another! I love just putting on a skirt/pair of shorts and a tank top and just going. It’s so much easier than layering and worrying about what the weather will do in the course of a day! You wake up, you know what you’re going to get, you wear the same thing ALL day with no probs. Yes. It’s the little things!

The Gilmore Girls

Sorry not sorry! I love that show (after being quite the late adopter and binge watching the first 7 seasons this year for the first time) and the fact that it’s been revived has me over the moon! I am so scared to watch all of the episodes too fast in case I get to the end and fall into a deep well of sadness too soon haha.

I love that show. It’s so good for the soul!

Do you have a character you relate to most? I think I was definitely Lane in high school minus the scary mum – more in the quirky rock and roll sense (bonus points because she’s Korean although I’m a fake Korean with white parents and stuff but shhhh), and I think I’m definitely a lot of Lorelai as a mum. Not sure if that’s good or bad yet haha.


Mr Unprepared buying new jeans

I am sorry, but I have to mention it because it truly did make me so happy and this is a happy list. Mr Unprepared has been losing weight too and peeps have been noticing. I’m quite proud and impressed. BUT…he is reluctant to dress for his size. His pants were looking really baggy and falling down and I was starting to get mad at him because he wouldn’t get himself a new pair of jeans that fit him! *insert massive eye roll here*

I had fun being his stylist on the weekend – he wasn’t sure about it all (he made whiny little protest-y noises but I just tuned them out hahaha), but I convinced him and DAMN he looks fine in his new jeans! DAMN!

Wanna know how baggy his old jeans were? So baggy that when he got new, slimmer fitting jeans he spent all night freaking out because he could feel fabric on his calf muscles. So basically, for longer than I care to know, he has had jeans so baggy that his legs literally did not touch the sides. WTF.



Gosh he’s lucky to have me.

Other stuff that has made me happy: 

  • Coleslaw. I am back to last summer’s obsession and I’m not mad ’bout it.
  • It’s the last full week of the school term. YES.
  • Feeling the positive effects of my own weight loss so far.
  • That one Monday per fortnight that I get to just do whatever I want/have been putting off during school hours.
  • Getting a positive review from our Air B&B host – god I’m a sucker for external validation ?
  • Facebook groups full of supportive people.

What’s been making you happy lately?

The Happy List #42: Post surgery edition.

Yep. That is totally what I look like while I am recovering from my laparoscopic/hysteroscopic surgery. It’s hard being this glam.

Private home library? Yeah. NETFLIX library. And ancient episodes of TV shows that have been stored on my DVR for *cough cough* years and never watched. Ha.

But the LBD and the perfect legs is totally true to my life.


Anyway, enough of that. Time for another happy list! It might take me a long time to get this out of my brain and if there are parts that don’t make sense, please forgive me. I’m a bit easily exhausted and proof reading may not be my best skill right now.

So these are the things that have made me happy…

When the universe gives you a sign that everything will be OK

I was really fucking nervous about this surgery. I had never had general anaesthetic before (my inner control freak had something to say about that) and there was also a lot riding on this procedure. If something went wrong, it would possibly be the difference between me ever carrying another child again or not. Yeah. No pressure.

But I got to the hospital and the universe gave me the most obvious, strangely comforting and quite frankly, bizarre sign that all would go OK. I am sorry I can’t share exactly what that was because it involves someone else’s story that is not mine to tell, but this encounter was one of those ‘meant to be’, ‘this is fate’ moments.

I have all of my lady parts intact

When I came to, a nurse told me I was in recovery and I started to try to fight the drowsiness because I felt like I needed to find out what happened (this was a struggle obviously haha). I overheard the nurse tell another nurse that I had my tubes and everything else. I fell back asleep immediately, feeling more peaceful. I knew that much. I could rest. If I’d had the presence of mind/body, I would have probably cried from the relief.

I later found out that everything went well and I kept all of my reproductive bits. I cannot tell you how great that is to know!

I didn’t spew after my op

I was so ready to be a spew machine after having a general anaesthetic. Everyone I know gets super sick afterwards. Even my never-woozy husband. I am the kind of person who gets faint and dizzy at the mere suggestion that something might not quite be perfectly balanced in my body, so I felt all along that being sick would be a given. I was dreading the car ride home.

Turns out the anti nausea medication they pump into you during these procedures must have worked on me. YES. I kept waiting for my ‘oh shit I’m gonna spew’ moment and it never came! Thank goodness! I made it all the way home. I am a champ!

It’s a small win. I’m taking it. Any time I’m pleasantly surprised by this stuff, it helps my mental state, I feel!

Finally having drugs for my cold

Leading up to my surgery date, I had a horrendous, lingering cold. I was stressing out a lot. I thought that it might mean I would not be cleared to have surgery. Every day that it didn’t disappear, I felt more and more pressure. The clincher was that I couldn’t take any good analgesics for it, to help clear things up (I was instructed not to for at least a week before surgery). I felt very helpless!

In the end, I was starting to feel like having the surgery rescheduled might be a good idea (despite how badly I wanted to get it over with) just so I could start popping pills to fix me!

I turned up to be admitted for surgery (as instructed) and it all depended on whether the anaesthetist would clear me. It turned out that because the infection hadn’t turned into a chesty problem I was OK to go in/under. I was in shock because I had convinced myself it wouldn’t go ahead that day. I was relieved, though. I didn’t think I could go through that anticipation and anxiety too many more times without having a mental breakdown haha.

Coming out from under the anaesthetic, my cold symptoms were masked by the wonderful drugs they had me on for the surgery. I cannot tell you how glad I am that the cold didn’t slow my progress on this journey. I was so ready. A delay would have been hugely disappointing.

Forgetting where my belly button is and cracking up with Mr Unprepared about it even though it hurt

Mr Unprepared has had to help me with shower time because I can’t dry my legs without being in pain yet and he was also a big help in drying my dressings afterwards and helping me to replace some of them. The morning after was the first time I got a real look at myself (I dare you to google image search ‘laparoscopic surgery’). I counted 6 incisions. And maybe I was still a bit ‘off’ from the drugs in my system but I thought my belly looked strange and couldn’t quite figure out why. Mr Unprepared pointed at the dressing that was over my belly button (they use it as an entry point for surgery – fun and really weird fact). OH, that’s where that was. I had momentarily forgotten I had a belly button and where it belonged. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps?Then we laughed and laughed and I cried because it hurt to laugh. Which made us laugh more. Sometimes those ridiculous moments are everything. Sometimes you just need to know that you still have a sense of humour.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • A truly thoughtful gift from my parents post-surgery.
  • Splurging on Apple TV to aid in my recovery (priorities – hello).
  • Being pleasantly surprised by caring messages from friends on my surgery date. I honestly did not expect to hear from them, but it was touching and I thank everyone for wishing me well.
  • Mr Unprepared’s support and assistance.
  • Snapchat (username: kezunprepared hint hint haha). Gosh it’s so good when your brain power/attention span is limited (not sure what that’s saying) but you’re bored haha. Thanks for the entertainment, peeps! I’m talking to you too, Kardashians ?
  • The support I have received when sharing my journey through secondary infertility. There are certain things that are to be kept private, but there are also moments I think that are worth sharing and smashing taboos with. Thanks for being there and helping me do that.
  • Seeing my grandparents over the weekend. So nice to catch up.
  • Seeing a future that means a possible better quality of life.

What has made you happy this week? x

The Happy List #39

Aah, the joys of parenthood. The Little Mister is home sick from kindy today. His fever from yesterday is still lingering (although he’s not as hot as yesterday thank goodness – he was almost in the danger zone) and he claims to have a ‘wobbly head’, which is actually the cutest thing for a sick kid to say. Poor little guy. Not that he isn’t milking the situation a little, but I think I’ll allow it! His symptoms definitely warrant a little bit of pampering.

While it sucks that he’s sick (I really hope that day care last year helped his immune system because I swear he spent most of winter 2015 out for the count) and I hope he feels better soon, I’ll take the positives too. He’s nice and quiet and he gives good cuddles (if you’re into being close to a germ filled child that feels like a hot water bottle on a 40 degree day)!

He has until Wednesday to feel better – fingers crossed!

Here’s my happy list for the past week or so…

Making a hair appointment

I had been hating on my hair for a while and I was starting to feel pretty blah about myself. I find that when my hair is flat, drab and there’s lots of breakage, that’s pretty much my mental state!

I am so happy because I have a voucher to get my hair done at a pretty swish place (thank you Mum!) and while I had been putting off making an appointment (citing ‘mummy’ type reasons excuses for not having the time/energy), I finally bit the bullet and just did it.

In just under two weeks, I look forward to a decent pampering! I have been saving Pinterest pics of hair styles I like and imagining the whole new life I’ll have once I have new hair haha.

Emerging from a hormonal fog

So lately it has felt like my whole life revolves around my god damn cycle. It’s always about the damn hormones and counting down to appointments and tests etc. UGH. It’s like if I don’t have my period, I’m waiting for it.

I love that feeling when it’s over for another month and I start to feel like a normal human being again. Even if just for a little while before the PMS monster kicks in again!

Booking flights to Sydney!

I couldn’t write about this earlier, because I wanted to surprise a friend who lives there, but now it’s blog official! I am going to Sydney next month for a super long weekend and I can’t wait! It’s kind of my birthday present to myself. I get to sleep on a fold out couch (hello – free accommodation) and spend quality time with my mum (and Dad when he’s not working) and family friends and no responsibilities. YES.

Oh and shopping. Maybe a tiny bit of shopping. Sephora – I have my eye on you!

Meal planning and saving money

We have made an effort to return to meal planning. It’s been really helpful in keeping us on track financially. Mr Unprepared has been really involved and that’s been great.

There’s less wastage and nobody can whinge about dinner suggestions, because it’s already written up on the planner haha.

That feeling of relief when you wake up from a stressful dream

This is a silly one but yesterday I had the most stressful dream. It involved day care schedule nightmares, people clashing with each other, people in hospital, family dramas and all kinds of crappy things like going to pick up your child but realising you don’t have their car seat in your car etc etc. It was just a clusterf*ck of very average problems that could happen very easily in our waking lives. Bit too realistic haha.

I eventually woke up and I swear there’s no better feeling than that first realisation that it was all just a dream and the day is yet to start!!!!

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • Finding Full House (the original series) on Netflix in all its 8 seasons of glory.
  • Setting myself little goals to work towards – gives extra motivation and a sense of purpose at a time when I’ve really needed it.
  • Productive conversations.
  • Sleeping through Mr Unprepared leaving for work early in the morning – a rare and special achievement.
  • The Little Mister’s drawings of our family (including pets). He’s getting a lot better at it and there’s something so charming about stick figure people with arms and legs that come straight out of their huge heads.
  • When your gel nail polish starts to grow out, which means that for once, you didn’t wreck your manicure straight after you did it.
  • That time I lost a whole kilo overnight just because I didn’t indulge my usual potato crisps addiction. Really brought it home to me how much I did NOT need them haha.

What has been making you happy lately? 

The Happy List #10

The Happy List#10


It’s that time of the week again! Yep, the time when I get to list the things that made me happy this past week – a reminder to appreciate the little things. It also gets me in a positive frame of mind before starting a new week. Here goes…

Beautiful weather

This is definitely at the top of my list. Yesterday, we had an uncharacteristically beautiful winter’s day. We’re not just talking sunshine. We’re talking 24 degrees (Celsius), no cold bite to the breeze and summer vibes. Blue skies. A buzz in the air, like it was making everyone collectively happy. Oh, I wish I could have bottled it. If every day of the year was like yesterday, I would be a very happy person. It was the perfect interruption to the winter blues for me, personally, and just the boost I needed. Apparently, we’ve been forecast for showers for the rest of the week, but I shall remember yesterday and hold it close to my heart for the rest of the winter!

We did some gardening and we even got to eat a light, nibbly dinner al fresco! I had chilled out Triple J tunes cranking into the backyard all afternoon (at a respectful volume of course) and we could hear the neighbours’ kids playing too. It really was a taste of summer.

Feeling productive at work

Sometimes I just need to exercise the non mum part of my brain. This past week I got a lot done at work and it made me feel really good, like I’ve still got it.

A week without illness

Our household had a week and a half of illness free bliss. I am hoping to continue this, but realistically, I am sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the winter bugs. It was wonderful. The Little Mister made it to day care every single day (he goes twice a week), which meant I was able to put in some good hours at work and run around alone getting things done. That hasn’t happened in ages! It was a blissfully average week. It was also a relief that when the weekend’s original social plans were sadly cancelled, it wasn’t us who had to pull the plug for once (we hope our friends feel better soon)!

The Little Mister swimming like a superstar

The Little Mister goes to swimming lessons each week and while it can seem quite tedious for us parents, we always make sure we’re there (provided the Little Mister isn’t sick). He’s a little uncoordinated at times (poor kid gets it from me), but he plugs away at it and when we see some progress, we feel so excited and happy for him. The past couple of weeks we saw such a leap in his confidence. He was able to float on his back unassisted for a little while (something he’d been scared of before – hated having his ears in the water) and then this week, he took a leap and was able to ‘swim’ to his teacher a couple of metres away. It was sort of a half submerged torpedo attempt, but he didn’t sink and he tried really really hard. I’ve never been prouder. He is going up to the next level this coming week! The staff at the swimming centre were so supportive and made a big fuss of him – so cute.

There’s nothing like seeing your child feeling really proud of themselves when they’ve worked hard for something. He was on a high all evening – even called all his grandparents to share the news. Nawwww.

One of my BFFs arriving in town

It’s only a short stay before she has to head back to the US (where she lives with her lovely husband) for a few months, but knowing she’s on home soil is just wonderful. We’re going to catch up soon – I’ve missed her SO much! You know the mates who you see after a huge break, but it doesn’t matter that you were apart, because you can just pick up where you left off? She’s one of those precious gems. We’ve been making our home soil catch ups a priority since forever – I’ll always have time for her. So much love!

Other happy stuff…

  • Mr Unprepared securing a great temporary promotion. It is kind of an extended hiatus from his current position, which will give him so much great experience. He had to apply and interview for it, so I’m proud of him for giving it a go and being successful!
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix (don’t judge me). Finishing Orange is the New Black.
  • Buying a dress in a size 10 (I’m usually a 12 these days). Sure, the sizing at that particular store can be a tad generous, but it was still a win because there have been tough times where even fitting into a size 12 (and still feeling good about it) has been stressful. I might be struggling at a weight plateau right now, but to see where I’ve toned up is just so encouraging and motivating. Must keep going and push harder with my exercise (and better eating – the tough part).
  • I borrowed my mum’s document shredder so I could get rid of old letters and bills (and anything with our private details printed on it) that we are no longer required to keep. The sound it makes as it eats all those annoying pieces of paper that have been cluttering up our home is just music to my ears! I could shred documents all day! In all seriousness, it’s great because I think those pieces of paper were just kept around because it was too time consuming to destroy our identifying information by hand. With this great decluttering tool, I have been motivated to do so much more to work towards my dream of a lady blogging cave.
  • Baking.


What would you put on your happy list this week?


2014: Top 5/Bottom 5.



So, I’ve been looking at my blog’s statistics for 2014 and what a year! I thought I’d share my top 5 blog posts and my bottom 5 (let’s give them a chance haha) of the year. They weren’t necessarily written in 2014 but they had the most traffic in the last 12 months!


1. The Secret Life of Jimmy Giggle? Turns out a lot of you are very excited to know more about Jimmy Giggle. Got the hots for the dude in the loud PJs, huh? Hey, I’m not judging. His real name is Jimmy Rees by the way. Oh, and I found out he has twitter, just in case you were wondering. Which you all totally were, judging by my stats haha.

2. Bear Grylls – Hot or Not? Judging by the comments, you overwhelmingly voted ‘hot’. Beg to differ (and I offer a compelling argument for ‘not’)? Well, it’s not too late to add your own opinion 😉 You would be so surprised (or maybe not you crazy ladies) how many people google ‘bear grylls hot’ on a daily basis.

3. I support you: it’s your baby. Feed them however you need to. I was really proud of this one. It spread far and wide. I wanted to get my message out there – a positive one in a sea of ridiculous mummy war crap. I’ve been very passionate about supporting new mothers (or any mothers) in how they want or need to feed their babies. We need to stop being so outraged when someone does something differently to ourselves – there’s always a story or a struggle we don’t know about. We need to choose education (for ourselves – not the other person) and compassion before judgement.

4. Goodbye. I wrote this really short post when my grandfather (my dad’s dad) passed away in 2013 after a battle with dementia. A lot of people find it when they’re looking for how to say goodbye to people they have lost. I don’t really know that my blog post holds the answer, but I wish all of those people well.

5. Kez gets physical, physical! Look, I feel a little guilty about this one. In 2014 I have not really done my best with fitness or weight loss. I kind of let things slip. Although, I did get quite fit in Korea and Japan, it all went downhill when we got home at the end of June! Oops. I’m trying again, though. Maybe I need to take my own advice 😉 Still, I am glad I might be inspiring some of my readers? Maybe you could kick my lazy arse in return 😉


I know that declaring loudly and proudly that these blog posts didn’t perform well this year is not really a great way of selling them, but I am hoping there are some gems in here that maybe just fell through the cracks. Chances are, you’ve missed them and they might be completely new to you and not too boring either – have a click! Go on! Maybe they’ll be my top 5 next year! Or not, but still…I’m sure they’re more great Kez rantings haha. Get to know me a bit more. Go on.

1. I can’t wait. I made some new year’s resolutions for the first time ever, heading into 2013. I KNOW. And it took me a couple of years to achieve most of them, but at the time I needed them, y’know? I was just starting to feel more like ‘me’ again after having the Little Mister in late 2011.

2. Are you a boofhead? I wrote an ode to all the boofheads out there. You know who you are. Hats are never big enough. You struggle to get your heads through t-shirt neck holes. You get stuck in weird places – head first. I thought it was funny, anyhow.

3. FAQ. I wrote this shortly after I announced my pregnancy in 2011. It just seemed easier to answer the questions I was asked the most often in one convenient blog post! Oh, those were the days. Being pregnant for the first time was difficult (it wasn’t the smoothest experience for me) but it was pretty special too. I had no idea what I was in for!

4. It was just one of those days. I was very hard on myself when the Little Mister was smaller. I was still figuring out what was OK with me (about my abilities as a parent) and what wasn’t. I tried my best, but some days I felt like I’d done terribly. This was one of those days. I look back and I think, oh well, I learnt something. Everyone was OK in the end and that’s what matters. It happens. But back then, I took every little bump, scrape or mishap so personally. I wanted to document it because I felt there was a need for mums to just keep it real. I hoped I wasn’t the only one who struggled to be kind to myself when I had ‘one of those days’.

5. From one burnt out mother…to herself.  I needed a hit of inspiration. I was feeling rather exhausted and I was struggling when we returned home from travelling to my grandfather’s funeral. I put together a bunch of quotes to help me get back on track. I recommend reading this one if you’ve just been through an upheaval of some kind and you’re feeling pretty bloody tired.


I just want to say a huge thank you for reading this crazy little blog. It has a long way to go, but in the last year I have been thrilled with how far I’ve come with my confidence and my ability to be braver and find my voice. I am so glad for my readers – long time and new. You really do make me feel like a million dollars and ninety-nine cents. I don’t care if you stumble upon posts from 2011 (when my blog started) and want to comment – you comment. There is no expiry date. There are no ‘stalkers’ – just loyal readers who make me smile so much when you dig deep into the archives.

You guys are so awesome and even though I’d keep writing if none of you saw a single word I wrote, I am SO grateful that you stop by.

And because I’ve had a rather strong vodka something or other that I invented with what was in the fridge, I shall leave you with the lyrics video to a song that inspired me and got me through the year. It’s truly my anthem and it’s only a tiny bit cheesy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyAfjUHlFSM]

Celebration: The little things.

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge. unnamed

So I woke up this morning after a terrible sleep (someone who shall remain nameless may have snored a lot bit and the weather wasn’t so quiet either). Then there was a power failure at home. Then I dropped Mr Unprepared off at the train station so he could go and watch the AFL grand final with friends (which then caused the Little Mister’s heart to break). Then I saw a dead seagull on the road, which is weird, because when do you ever see a dead seagull in the road? I’ve never seen one hit by a vehicle before (and I’ve seen plenty of species mowed down). Do they, like, drop out of the sky of old age? How long does a seagull live for, anyway? So many seagull related questions, so little time…

Then I thought that just as a one off treat for the Little Mister, I’d get him a little fast food breakfast (scandalous!) on the way home. I get into the drive thru and what do you know. My purse isn’t in my bag. While our bodies were thankful to dodge a fast food bullet, I was a little bit annoyed that my purse was AWOL and a tiny bit embarrassed (the girl at the window pointed out that there was a sneaky little exit from the drive through for people like me so that we didn’t have to reverse out or drive the whole way around like dorks).

We got home and I was ready to give up hopes for having a smooth day, when I realised the power was back on earlier than expected and the Little Mister was in an amazingly good (peaceful and quiet and happy to play by himself) mood. Someone got better sleep than I did it seems!

So what little things am I going to celebrate today? 

1. I have decided to embrace the whole being at home by myself (i.e. the only adult anyhow) on grand final day thing. I am never that excited when my team isn’t playing (does that make me a terrible football supporter?) and I’m enjoying the fact that we don’t have to go out in the awful weather for a while. While the Little Mister napped, I watched a chick flick (that just happened to have Channing Tatum in it) instead of the football (suck it Mr Unprepared hahaha). I got half the dishes done (big achievement). I’ve chilled with the Little Mister, had THE best couch cuddles, and I helped him to make a special drawing for his daddy.

2. I’m celebrating a little unexpected weight loss on the scales. While I am focusing on more than what numbers I see, it is good confirmation that I’m on the right track (even if I am not yet making 100% good nutrition choices).

3. It’s the weekend, and a long one at that. Enough said!

4. It sounds so silly, but I’m excited to take the Little Mister with me to pick Mr Unprepared up from the train station tonight (it won’t be very late at all but it will be dark). I’m going to get him all fed and bathed, in his PJs, and it’s going to be a super exciting night time adventure. Anything that happens at night time is exciting to the Little Mister, considering his bed time is 7pm haha. I can’t wait to see his excitement at something different happening tonight. He’s going to give his daddy the picture he made today and he’ll be so excited to see him again. I get so much joy out of seeing the world through the Little Mister’s eyes. Stuff that seemed boring BC (Before Child) is now so much more fun. Hopefully it won’t backfire, but Mr Unprepared did promise me a sleep in tomorrow 😉

5. I think the Little Mister’s latest growth spurt may have levelled out a bit – yay! I put his jeans on him yesterday and I didn’t have to roll the legs up at all, like I have all winter! It’s like he shot up overnight! He slept well last night and today he’s been a wonderful angel (as much as an almost 3 year old can be of course haha). He just seems…calm. Easy. I FRICKIN’ LOVE IT WHEN HE’S LIKE THIS! Bliss.

What are you celebrating this weekend? Big or small?

Favourite word(s).

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x10423699_10152397124348218_823056671485700386_n_Fotor

I am a bit confused. I don’t know if it’s ‘thankyou’ as one word or if the correct term is ‘thank you’ with two words. Either way, after much deliberation, I have decided that my favourite phrase is ‘thank you’, anyhow. I like saying it to people, to show my gratitude, and it always feels absolutely amazeballs to receive it.

I always turn to ‘thank you’ when life feels a bit shitty, because I try to remember what good there is to celebrate. It helps me to keep perspective. I like to be in the moment, feeling the ‘thank you’s when life is awesome too.

I love hearing a huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ from the Little Mister, for something as simple as fetching him a snack or helping him put his shoes on. It kind of almost makes up for all the whining, “Need a snack! Need a snack! Need a snack! Need a snack! PLEASE!” or the running away from me the ten million other times I try to help put his shoes on. I especially love hearing him say it to other people. It means I might actually be teaching him something! Yay! I’m a big fan of good manners. What a nerd haha.

I don’t even need to go on about how much a stay at home mum likes to hear ‘thank you’ from her husband!!! Amen, sisters!

I try to say ‘thank you’ as much as possible. Sometimes I get a little OTT and can’t stop saying it (how embarrassment), but when I’m grateful for someone’s help, I really really really want them to know that they’ve been wonderful. That whatever it is they do, it makes a difference. Having worked in customer service during my student days, I know what it’s like to not receive any thanks after busting your butt to help someone, so I try to be a good customer. If you provide me with great customer service (something that tends to be lacking a bit these days), then I will shout it to the rooftops (and my friends and family).

Here are this morning’s thank you notes:

Thank you Mr Unprepared for letting me sleep in today. Sure, the Little Mister was a bit loud and then the dog barked, but it’s the thought that really counts and I appreciate it.

Thank you Last Night’s Kez for putting the meat for tonight’s dinner in the fridge to defrost in time. I love when you remember to do that!

Thank you New Bloggy Followers for joining me via WordPress and Facebook recently. I really really love having you around and I’m grateful that you found me somehow and that it means you might enjoy some of the stuff I write/post. It’s a really nice feeling 🙂

Thank you Little Mister for your dance moves. You make me laugh and laughing is good.

Thank you sunshine, for returning after a weirdly stormy yesterday.


What/who are you going to thank today and why? x

PS. My second and third favourite words are ‘kerfuffle’ and ‘brouhaha’.

In my cup: Some gratitude.

I’ve decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge (click the link for all the information you might need if you’d like to take part too) for the month of September. I’m also going to use the daily prompts to inspire me to blog more! I’ll let you know each time I write a new post, by updating my Facebook page (as I do any time I update my blog – great way to not miss a thing) and you might see the pics on my Instagram too (#fmsphotoaday). 



About the photo: OK, so it’s not a cup. It’s a glass. It’s how I start my day. I know it sounds really wanky, but I don’t drink coffee to wake up in the morning. I drink water! I’d say, ‘trust me – it works’, but all the coffee drinkers I know would very strongly disagree! I’m really lucky these days, because the Little Mister plays more independently throughout the day now and it’s great for both of us. I get to spend a bit of time blogging (usually first thing in the morning – after snuggles) and not feel guilty about it!

Stuff I’m grateful for this Monday…

So, you know that saying about when someone’s cup runneth over? And the one about seeing the world as a glass half full kind of person? Well, I thought I’d go with that whole theme today and start my Monday on a positive note! Here’s the stuff that’s making me feel grateful and happy…

The first day of spring. Sure, spring never really truly kicks in on the 1st of September like clockwork, but I like what it symbolises and as I write this the sun is shining. One thing that wakes me up even better than a glass of water has to be sunshine. My moods are really easily affected by the weather. When the sun shines, I feel brighter, more alert (even when exhausted), motivated and generally happier as a person. Spring means more of that is coming! I love my Vitamin D and I love to see my world in colour.

A quiet weekend just been. After spending most of our time running around like crazy people since we got back from Korea and Japan, it was so lovely to realise that we had absolutely nothing planned for this past weekend. We got lots of time outside, ticked some stuff off our at-home to-do lists and watched the Little Mister play. We even tested out the new BBQ rotisserie thingie my uncle gifted Mr Unprepared for his birthday (and probably our Christmas come early too because damn it’s flash)! It should work a treat when we host Father’s Day next weekend! Oh, and Mr Unprepared visited Bunnings TWICE so he was pretty happy.

Fun plans for the Little Mister. I am so excited (and I’m sure he will be too when it actually sinks in) because this week, the Little Mister and I are meeting a couple of friends (one my age and one his age haha) to attend a Play School live show. I’ve been waiting his whole life for him to be old enough to enjoy these kinds of experiences. I hope he has an awesome time (although I’m sure he’ll run the both of us ragged)!

The Little Mister’s imagination. Life has become so much more heartwarming, entertaining and hilarious. The Little Mister runs an imaginary shop out of his playroom (where he chooses what you buy and changes the rules whenever he feels like it), pretends he’s going to work (because that’s where Daddy goes), wears a tea towel around his neck so he can be Superman and understands so many more things about the world around him. He’s always been pretty creative but recently he’s had a massive development spurt and it’s so much fun (most of the time). Mr Unprepared and I get so many laughs each day, when we get to see what his latest imaginary play involves.

Also, this:

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Electricity. I love electricity. It’s not until it goes out (as it did halfway through me writing this blog post) that you realise just how much you appreciate it. It allows us to have internet in our home (although it is pretty cool that you can use data on your phone so you can tweet about how annoying that power outage is), it is used so that you can do so much around your home: vacuum, washing your clothes, see stuff, watch television, stay warm or cool, bake stuff. SO MANY THINGS. I know there are some old school ways to get around a lot of these things, but I am a modern lady. Hello.

Power outages. Yes. I am grateful that the power went out. At least today, I am. Because then my mum came around for a visit. I made her a very ordinary coffee (you can all hate me even more now coffee drinkers!), which was boiled on the gas stove in a little saucepan, and in return she brought the Little Mister a cute caterpillar shaped meringue from the bakery and we had jam drop biscuits (yum). I got to show Mum the Little Mister’s almost finished big boy room makeover and it was nice to chat. There’s always a silver lining. Thanks, Nanna Unprepared!

What are you grateful for this Monday? Are you taking part in the Photo a Day challenge? x



Today I think I’d like to focus on the good things. Those little joys in life. It’s all about positive thinking and what not! I want to start the week feeling good. So here are some of the things I am grateful for right now:

1. Little hands

I love my Little Mister’s tiny hands. My mum pointed out that they’re not much smaller than mine now (which makes them still quite small because I do have the hands of a child – it’s crazy). I love the feeling when they grip onto my hands as we’re walking down a path. When they reach out for me. The feel of those little hands brushing past me or resting on my shoulder or leg. I love watching those little hands as they learn how to put stuff together. I know that one day they might be big, man hands that don’t think it’s very cool to hold mine, so I am appreciating them now.

2. Exercise 

I am so glad I’m getting more active. In the last week or so we’ve managed to do almost daily 3km walks with a dog at a time and a toddler on a trike (with random huffy puffy bursts of pathetic jogging). I feel so motivated to be strong and fit for our trip to Korea and Japan (with stopovers in Singapore). I want to wrangle a toddler in a few foreign countries without dying of exhaustion or busting something. Mr Unprepared and I have also been doing a 30 day planking challenge. I’ve given my abs their biggest work out since I had a C-section in 2011 and it makes me feel good to gain confidence in that area of my body and reclaim it. In saying that, it would take a miracle before it looks like I’ve actually done anything, but I am also grateful that I don’t care about my appearance as much as my strength and fitness. Getting my priorities right, finally. I have to say that reading Portia de Rossi’s book, Unbearable Lightness, really brought it home to me that there’s no point looking really ‘amazing’ in society’s eyes, if you are actually very unhealthy and unhappy inside. Body image isn’t worth anyone’s sanity.

3. Family

This is one of those constants. It kind of goes without saying. I’m particularly grateful for my parents this weekend after a sanity saving visit, where we walked around their beautiful 5 acre block and showed the Little Mister so many things. So peaceful. We stayed for dinner and my brother made us burgers. It was just what I needed when I needed it. They’re good at that.

4. A cleaner mind

Because I normally have such a dirty mind hahaha. Kidding. What I mean is, I’ve been working on what I let into my brain on a conscious level. I’ve been doing some guided meditations when I’ve had the time or the need (nothing airy fairy – just some really good relaxation stuff). I’ve cut down my Facebook feed trawling to once a day. I resist negative click bait more often on Twitter. I stay off social media when I’m in bed and read a book instead. I guess I just want to take more notice of what I’m letting in. Is that wanky? Probably sounds a bit that way, but it’s working for me. This may be the information age or whatever they call it, but it isn’t always healthy for me to deliberately bombard myself with ALL OF THE THINGS all of the time. Interestingly, I don’t find myself feeling so generally anxious on a daily basis and for that I am truly grateful. I have a long way to go but it will take practice, I guess. I am thankful that I’ve started. It’s empowering.

5. The month of April

I have always loved April. Probably coincidentally because it is my birthday month. This year is the big 3-0 and I am actually excited, which is probably confusing to some because most people find it scary. I just think I’ve really grown into myself and I would prefer to be the 30 year old me than the 20 year old me any day. I am excited for my future because I’ve learnt some hard lessons in the past decade and I’ve grown so much.

Also, the month of April is my brother’s birthday month (happy birthday for Tuesday, bro)! Our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart and we’ve always celebrated them in tandem. I love that.

Easter usually falls on April dates and it’s a special time of year for me. It holds lots of precious memories. It reminds me of a decades long Easter tradition of holidaying in chalets with family friends and hunting for Easter eggs around the beautiful holiday park (while our parents nervously guarded the eggs from other children haha). We do not stay there anymore, but we visit our friends there on a day trip each year. I love sharing such a wonderful place with the Little Mister and I am so excited about that.

Even though I don’t love the fact that winter is coming, there is something special about April’s change of weather. Maybe it’s the memories attached. It’s a feeling the weather brings. Like I know it’s April and it makes me happy.


What are you grateful for today?





To my special Little Mister,

Today you are TWO! I have been excited about this for weeks! Maybe even months ( I might have been a bit enthusiastic at the annual mid year toy sales)! I cannot wait to wake you up, so we can give you your presents and do everything we can to make your day special. We’re going to have morning tea with your great grandparents, Granny and Gramps (followed by an obligatory visit to the park). This is so special, because not everyone gets to meet their great grandparents during their lifetimes and you are very lucky. I really hope you’ll be able to remember them when you are much older 🙂

I must say, I have really, truly enjoyed this past year with you. Toddlerhood has been trying at times (for both of us), but so much fun! You have new ways to communicate, new ways to move and your sense of humour has not gone anywhere (which makes me so happy)!

Now that you’re running around, we can do so many more things and it makes me happy when you don’t have to be trapped in a stroller all the time. You hold your own in the backyard with the dogs, ride in your much loved bubble car and when it’s not too busy at the shops, you love strutting (yes STRUTTING) in while holding my hand. When there are two adults with you, you love to make sure you’re holding the hands of both. Occasionally, you’ll think it’s time to have a swing between us, but you never let us know in advance so you end up flopped on the floor a bit haha.

You love the park. You call slides ‘hee-hee’s’ and I think that speaks to your sense of fun! You get the cutest enchanted smile on your face when you’re on the swings and you’re starting to learn how to climb up ladders with confidence, which is a little scary for me, but makes me proud. You love bike rides with your dad (you in the snazzy red trailer bossing him about and pointing out passing cars) and you get so excited when you know it’s going to happen. I’ve fended off many a meltdown when you had to come home from a ride or when your dad has taken a little longer than usual to get ready for one.

You have become really bossy of late. It both greatly amuses and annoys me! You’ll nod your head frantically if someone asks you a question, “Do you want me to sit down here?”
It’s like you’re just so pleased that people understand what you want. That makes me happy for you, but it’s tough saying no to you (I still do it though – Mum’s the boss)!

Whether it’s, “PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY”,  “SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT”, or “UP UP UP UP UP UP”, you’re always telling me what you want. Sometimes rather loudly. In public. You don’t have much of a concept of time – everything’s NOW (a word you thankfully have not learnt yet). I try to tell you what order we’re going to do things in, to make it easier.

My heart used to melt every time you asked for a “cug” (cuddle/hug), but now I think you’re using your powers for evil haha. When I hear the command (as opposed to request) HUG, I know that you just want to look at something high up or grab something you shouldn’t have!! Yep, you’re learning how to manipulate your loving captors. You keep me on my toes, but I’m secretly loving it – it’s a sign that you’re getting smarter and growing up! I just think, “You little bugger…” and we move forward with our day. Sometimes I’m pretty worn out by the time your dad gets home from work!!

And that thing where you somehow become boneless and impossible to scoop up from the floor? Genius.

Nothing makes me more excited than when you listen to me the first time, don’t spill your milk or when you have a successful nap! It’s awesome. The little things are still the things that make me happiest as your stay at home mummy!

I must mention that you are OBSESSED with cars. Obsessed! We have to acknowledge every car as we walk past it at the shops, you’ll let me know you’ve seen a car on the TV (every single time), and you love toy cars. You’ll clutch one in each hand and still try to carry out your daily activities somehow. I was so proud of myself when I snaffled a pack of racing car toys past you at the supermarket yesterday (to wrap up and present to you for your birthday) – hope you’re enjoying them today!

You’re doing really well at swimming lessons and you’re in the 3rd class up – advanced toddler. I almost had a heart attack the first time you swam by yourself to your dad. Mostly submerged but kicking and splashing nonetheless. So cool, little man!  I am so glad you’ve been visiting the pool since you were 4 months old –  you’re so much more confident now than I was at your age.

You’ve started chatting to your dad on the phone. You babble on for aaaaages when he’s calling from work and has no time, but he always listens to you. We have no idea what you’re talking about but seeing the pride on your face as you tell him something at length, just melts me. You know you’re doing something “grown up” and you just love being a part of that. It’s really quite cute.

While there are things I will enjoy about you growing up, I do wish I could keep you this age a little longer. You still have a nap during the day (although you go down later and sleep for a shorter time), you’re grown up enough to be a little independent, but still little enough to be my “baby” who needs me. Each time you learn something new, it’s just so exciting (for both of us) and I love seeing the world from your eyes and teaching you something whenever I see an opportunity.

You laugh like a dirty old man who smokes two packs a day. You love singing and dancing. You insist on picking out which shoes to wear each day. You love your fedora hat. Yoghurt makes your world go round. Your favourite colour (this week) is green (even though you don’t seem to understand the concept of colours yet). Your favourite number is 8 (you think every number you see written down is an 8). Grapes and sultanas are your two favourite fruits (yes they are the same thing haha), followed closely by banana. You love reading. You love people watching just like your mummy. For a little while you enjoyed carrying a potato around for no particular reason (“Toto!”). You pop up everywhere with a cheeky grin.


I love your toddler quirks and your sense of adventure (except for when you see a little step and you shuffle down it on your bottom reeeeally slowly). Don’t ever lose that mischievous grin or that sparkle in your eyes. I could watch you pull ridiculous faces forever. I could not have asked for a more happy, sociable and sweet little boy. Of course I’m terribly biased, but really. You’re a gift.

I love you. Happy birthday, Little Mister.

I really hope you enjoy 2.