Kez Gets Physical: My top 5 songs to work out to.

Welcome to my new series: Kez Gets Physical. Basically, it’s about my journey (aargh I used the word ‘journey’) to fitness and better health, as a slightly blobby, food loving lady, who is trying to lose that baby weight…from over 3 years ago (oops?). This isn’t about getting my pre-baby body back (she’s long gone and I’m OK with that), but about embracing an energetic, endorphin filled lifestyle. I look forward to enjoying a new body that is healthy and strong. technology-music-sound-things-large

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am so in love with my treadmill. I’ve had her for about 3 weeks and we’re getting along so well. I love the convenience. I don’t have to waste precious time travelling to a gym. I am close by should I be needed (parents are always on call at home – am I right?). And if I can be totally honest, she is the BEST excuse for me time I have ever had.

I get a bit of time to exercise after Mr Unprepared arrives home from work (and his own exercise time on his bike) on week days and I love getting a slightly longer work out in on weekends. Sometimes I am stoked to be catching up on TV shows (or bingeing on Netflix) while calling it exercise, but other times I just want to kick arse and move with gusto. I didn’t think it would motivate me enough to just listen to music (I get bored easily), but I think I’ve caught the bug!

I’ve brought my mix tape making self from the 90s back. That’s right. It’s a true talent. Now I’ve been working on a YouTube playlist. Gosh I’m so modern. I crank it on the iPad while I’m walk-jogging (but mostly fast walking) my butt off (literally). It’s the best of both worlds. Something I can watch (gotta bust that boredom) and something I can get moving to! I haven’t perfected it yet, but I have found some songs that really get me sweating. I think it’s all in the beat.

I’ve realised some things:

  • Songs that are amazing to exercise to are very similar to songs that I imagine people enjoy sexy time to.
  • There are a lot of ‘booty’ references. LOTS.
  • The songs I love to work out to are not necessarily songs I would like any other time in any other context. Weird.

Here are my current top 5…

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Holy crap, this video is not suitable for work or children!! At the risk of sounding old, were they this full on when I was young?? My husband sure copped an eyeful of Ms Minaj when he walked in on my last work out hahaha.

While this song will never be Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back (which it samples), it does get me moving! Maybe it’s all the weird whipping sound effects? OK, so now this has gotten weird…moving right along…

Will.I.Am featuring Justin Bieber – #ThatPower

I have this obsession with timing the thud of my feet on the treadmill, with the quick, heavy beat of the song. It kind of sounds the same. When I’m starting to feel tired, that need to walk perfectly to the beat really keeps me going!

Britney Spears – Work Bitch

When Britney tells you to work, you work. Even though she’s calling me a bitch. Which kills my inner feminist a little each time. BUT BRITNEY. She totally means it as a friend, right?

Destiny’s Child – Lose my breath

An oldie but a goodie. A typical example of a ‘sexy time’ song translating into a work out song. It’s kind of embarrassing but I like to pretend I’m Beyoncé marching into a dance battle (and a wind machine) on the treadmill. Hey, whatever works, right?

Timmy Trumpet and Savage – Freaks

This is so catchy. And the beat. People, if I stress nothing else to you, pick a good beat.

So now I hand it over to you guys! What music gets you moving? Do you like to listen to music while exercising? How do you stay motivated and interested?

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Children are gross: A journey through time with NapiSan.

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BC (Before Child), I couldn’t have cared less about the existence of fabric stain removers. Seriously. Could. Not. Give. A. Crap. Sure, I had a token tub of Vanish NapiSan sitting neglected in the laundry, for extreme situations, but I just didn’t understand the fuss.

Now? Three and a half years into this parenting game? Literally cannot go a week without it. There’s always something. I honestly have no idea what people used before NapiSan existed. Elbow grease and something complicated you’d find on Pinterest that you had to make yourself with items no-one has ever heard of? Um…no. Could. Not. Deal.

When the Little Mister was a newborn, I knew there’d be a lot of horrible nappies to change but I had NO idea what number threes (also known as the poonami) were. You know the kind. The kind of liquid madness that obliterates entire jumpsuits and car seats. The kind that you swear only happens when you’re about to leave the house or while you’re driving.


Sometimes the cheaper jumpsuits were hastily put in a bag and thrown out – ain’t nobody got time for that!! But a lot of the time, we needed to salvage what we had. And into a bucket of NapiSan it went to soak before being chucked into the washing machine for a quick cycle. It was always such a relief to see the pristine, sweet smelling item at the end. Yay! I can touch it! It’s like that terrible terrible TERRIBLE thing never happened!

Then solid foods came along. Purée flying all over the joint in all colours of the rainbow. Bibs meant nothing. They were just arbitrary pieces of fabric or plastic. If I could have put the Little Mister in a full length water proof jumpsuit for meal times I would have. In the summer we settled for nearly naked. I must have soaked about a million bibs and tiny outfits daily. OK, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it felt like it! Oh, that bucket and that little tub of Napisan were my best friends. FYI, did you guys know that mashed banana dries on really really hard and turns black? GROSS.

After all that came *dun dun dun* toilet training! I won’t go into too much detail (either you’ve lived it and are traumatised enough already or you are blissfully not living with it and you might be eating or something right now), but you can imagine what happens to little pairs of jocks when your kid is learning to get to the toilet on time. Or when your kid is in denial about needing to do number 2s without nappies or pull ups to fall back on (literally – ew).

Then your toddler becomes a pre-schooler. Paint stains. Dirt. Mud. All those things that mean your kid is learning and getting busy doing the best kid stuff. Totally fine with me as long as I have my NapiSan! I’m so stoked to have just discovered the Vanish Preen Oxi Action trigger spray. It’s very satisfying to use – not to mention easy.

It’s been quite the journey with my good friend NapiSan. One of those every day things you take for granted. I’m sorry, NapiSan. I love you. I appreciate you.

Without you, clothes stains would be a nightmare and ‘stain removal’ would mean throwing everything with a stain in the bin (i.e. removing it from my house – get it? Stain removal?). Which is not exactly economical. What do you think I am? A gazillionaire?

I trust you, NapiSan. You have been there when things have gotten really really really ugly. I know you’ve got my back. You haven’t judged me as I’ve made ugly dry retching faces over the bucket or the machine. You have pretended not to notice some of the stuff I’ve put my hands in (don’t worry I always wash and sanitise afterwards). You’ve never wrecked my family’s clothes.

You’re awesome and I’m glad you’re in my laundry.

So tell me, lovely readers, what every day household products are you grateful for?

It’s been one week.


Great. I wrote that post title and now I have a Barenaked Ladies song stuck in my head. Serves me right. Please tell me you get the obscure 90s music reference. Can you believe the 90s were like 20 years ago? I keep thinking it’s only been a decade, but nope. Old. I still can’t understand that there are adults walking among us who were born in the 90s. SO OLD.

But I am getting SO distracted.


So, it’s been about a week since I brought my baby home. My treadmill baby that is. And I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t name her Charlotte (OMG she so needs a name), but she’s a pretty big deal, you know.

I thought I’d give a bit of an update, so you know I actually used it/her! ;)

I am pleased to report that things are going very well. I charged my neglected fitbit (exercise tracker) up again and I’ve been meeting and beating my 10,000 steps a day quota!

Just look at yesterday’s stats (the best of the week)! I am so chuffed.


I bought some new sneakers and everything! I got them fitted properly and even though the first pair I tried on was SO MUCH PRETTIER, I bought the ones that were best for my feet. Because I’m old. OLD. Also, my 5 year old netball sneakers were just not really going to cut it anymore (how embarrassment).

Any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, huh?

Of course, coinciding with the purchase of my treadmill, the Little Mister decided to give up his day sleeps (yeah yeah I know everybody else’s kids gave up their day sleeps when they were like zero years old and I’m spoilt blah blah ;) ). So I’m finding it a little harder to find the time to exercise! I haven’t really nailed it just yet, but if we have dinner early, I get a bit of time before the bath/bed time routine begins for the evening. Because, if I’m honest with myself, I’m not as likely to get up early (not that it would work because the Little Mister would just KNOW) and once the Little Mister is in bed for the night, I just want COUCH. And on weekend nights, WINE.

On the weekend, I get more time which is awesome. I really try to make it count. Mr Unprepared is training for a charity bike ride later this year (more on that later I’m sure), so fair’s fair!

Stuff I learned this week:

I can move like the wind when I’m angry. What a great way to burn off all the annoyances of the day!! One day I was feeling so mad. I jogged like a crazed woman for the few minutes I had on the treadmill. I was feeling so god damn pissed off. I probably mentally murdered a few people. But when I was done, not only was I less mad (hello endorphins and the good kind of fatigue) but I was pleasantly surprised by my performance.

Music works wonders. While I LOVE Netflix time, I have to be honest in saying I push myself harder when listening to music with a quick tempo. I looked up work out music mixes on YouTube over the weekend and they really got me moving. I was marching along like a total bad arse. Also, it turns out, I don’t even have to like the music. If it has the right beat, I’m like a machine! I think I’ve been listening to all the club remixes I’ve missed out on in the last 5 years. I’m getting really educated. It’s like, hello Kez. You are finally getting enough of your life back that you have time to exercise properly. Here is all of the music you might have missed while you were listening to the Wiggles (or the songs on your iPod that haven’t been updated since you were without child).

On a side note: rap makes me walk like I’m about to bust in on an underground dance battle and teach those punks how it’s done. Which both fascinates and horrifies me.

My diet really really sucks in cold weather. While I was so excited to get moving, my nutritional intake has been shot to pieces! Friends with salad…let’s just say we’ve been nothing more than acquaintances in the past week. FAIL! The weather has suddenly cooled in these parts and I am craving mashed potato and big, hearty meals. My portion sizes are shocking because the exercise has made me hungrier (I know I’ll get the right balance as my body adjusts to a new regime) and the content is…not exactly weight loss inducing. I am going to have to try harder and get more creative.

It’s all still fairly new to me and I am very determined to stick with it long term. I can’t wait to see what my treadmill’s settings can really do and to get faster and fitter each week.

Do you eat more in winter than you do in summer? What should I name my treadmill? Have you recently started a new exercise regime?

No more excuses! Eek!



I have a confession to make.

For a few years now, I’ve been making excuses. Excuses for not exercising enough. Well, it was more like one big excuse made up of lots of little ones.

In a nutshell, it went like this:

I’d be so much more awesome at this if I had a treadmill. 

It was this one obstacle that I liked to believe was the reason for not being active enough and not losing enough weight to feel truly healthy.

Except, now I have a treadmill.

Yep. I found a second hand one on Gumtree (the online trading post – kind of like Australia’s Craigslist for those not familiar) and I brought it home yesterday.

Its previous owner claimed to have used it maybe 5 times in the 2 years she had owned it, so it is pretty much like having a brand new one! I highly recommend a second hand treadmill, by the way. They appear to depreciate so much in value that you can get a great deal second hand and there are lots of people out there who haven’t really used them, so they’re usually in great condition if they’ve been kept indoors (usually as clothes airers haha).

So. No more excuses. Excuses like these ones (try not to laugh at me too much)…

  • The exercise bike I own is pretty great (and has been used a LOT by me), but it’s not giving me the same experience that walking/jogging on a treadmill would give me. It is a bit limiting and I want to really move my arms as well. So I just won’t use it because I’m waiting for my mythical treadmill.
  • I can’t afford a treadmill, so I feel frustrated and don’t do much about it.
  • I would care more about tracking my exercise on my fitbit (therefore motivating myself) if I had a better way to achieve my recommended daily 10,000 steps than having to have a massive day out or walking aimlessly around my house forever. So until then, never mind. I’ll just forget to charge my fitbit and leave it off.
  • Meh. I won’t bother too much about my diet (as in food/calorie intake – not fad diets which are not helpful), seeing as I can’t do all of it properly anyway.
  • I have never used a treadmill and it’s a bit daunting and I don’t know what I’d be looking for, so I guess it’s not happening right now…
  • I can’t always walk because the weather can be too hot, too rainy, too something.
  • I can’t afford a regular gym membership to use the treadmills (not to mention I’m intimidated by it all) and even if I could, when the hell would I be able to go there? As if!

Yep. Some excuses are a bit more bullshit than others, but I’m keeping it real here and being honest with myself! The truth is, if I was truly motivated enough, I would have found a way to achieve my goals no matter what. Not having a treadmill was probably (as much as it hurts to say this) a pretty convenient excuse for slacking off.

When I got home from Sydney, it appeared that I had saved a little more moolah for my birthday week/s than I thought would be possible. I had change! Enough for a second hand treadmill! I knew it was time. If I didn’t use this opportunity, who knew when I’d have that much money left over again just for me (my guess is almost never). I’d wanted a treadmill for years, so I knew it wouldn’t be a passing phase I was going through. I also have a good track record of using my exercise bike, so I felt confident that I’m not one of those people who buys exercise equipment that is never used. It would be a worthwhile purchase.

Here’s what I’m loving about it:

  • It’s convenient. At this stage, I can’t walk/run daily in the outdoors because I’m looking after the Little Mister. He isn’t able to keep up for as long and he can’t ride his bike as far as I’d like to go (although I do look forward to the time we can do longer walks together without him begging to be carried before we get home). I’ve been holding myself back when I do go out with him (although quality time is nice). Now, rather than feeling that I’d be limited to weekends and the one day he’s at day care, I can walk/run while he is sleeping or after Mr Unprepared is home from work (he rides his bike so he gets home later these days – this takes away my own guilt about taking time for myself to exercise too).
  • I am highly motivated by being able to track my daily activity. Steps, calories burnt, distance. Walking is the perfect way to work on these statistics when wearing my fitbit. I am excited to smash my records and see some great results.
  • I’m not going to lie. I’m kind of liking the smug factor. I used to be so intimidated by exercise equipment (embarrassing but true). I’m proud that I’ve worked my way up to this. Mr Unprepared was very helpful in the buying process as he used treadmills a lot when he worked away (FIFO). I know that after a treadmill work out I will not only have an endorphin hit but I’ll feel really pleased with myself. I kind of like being able to say out loud, “Yeah – I get on the treadmill each day.” And no, I will try not to be too obnoxious about it – don’t worry haha.
  • Walking has always been my favourite exercise. Now I have no excuses for not doing it. It’s a great fit for me.
  • Um…I can watch Netflix while I exercise. I love that it won’t slow me down because the treadmill keeps pushing the pace, whereas on my exercise bike, I had to regulate myself and I tended to go slower when I was thinking or had the wrong music on or was watching TV etc.

So…my biggest excuse has disappeared. The excuse I kept in my head for as long as the Little Mister has been alive (if not longer). I have ticked a top item off my wish list. I feel like a kid at Christmas!

I’ve been inspired by my husband because although he can be annoying (sorry haha), his dedication to riding his bike each day has made me think about my own motivation. He doesn’t feel guilty about looking after his health (and enjoying it). He has found that thing he likes to do and he’s doing it. I realise I shouldn’t feel guilty either! I also love that it’s great role modelling for the Little Mister. He’s seeing his daddy’s bike each day, he’s wanting to ride his own bike so he can be like him. He was so curious and interested in my new treadmill. He’s being exposed to exercise as an important part of daily life and I am glad for him. I can’t wait to do more and more as a family, as he grows and develops more skills. Admittedly, Mr Unprepared and I have had our slack times, but we’re really trying to make positive changes for the future. It’s awesome.

What is your favourite exercise? Is there a piece of equipment you are pining for?

Dettol giveaway!

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Oh my goodness. I have never been so excited about household cleaning products as I have since I became a parent. I am no domestic goddess, but oh, the things I have seen. It can scare even the less-than-prudent (understatement in my case much?) house keeper straight. Just the fear of the whole family coming down with a group illness is enough for me! Sometimes sharing is just not caring!!! All those missed days of work and day care. We’re already racking up the absences and winter hasn’t even kicked in properly yet! Eek.

I’m definitely not a germ-o-phobe. I’ve got no problem with a bit of dirt or some toughening of the immune system (I like to keep it real), but there’s definitely a line when it comes to toilet training or raw meat juice on the kitchen counter. Not to mention coughing and snot and…you get the idea. Ew. Scary.

Also? When the primary stay at home parent gets sick, that’s just another nightmare. I get cold sweats just thinking about it…no wait, maybe that’s cold sweats from the fact that I recently got sick for the first time in years and it SUCKS. No-one gives the stay at homer a day off! WHAT? WHERE’S MY CONTRACT? I NEED TO REVIEW IT.

So right now I am all about prevention and damage control! I can’t tell you how well timed it was that I received a great range of Dettol products at my front door when I did. Let’s just say I was starting to lose my mind a little…

Dettol Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser.

Oh, this is so good. It comes in a handy travel sized 50ml bottle, so it fits in your handbag/nappy bag and you can take it on the plane with you if you’re travelling. I love it. I’ve used it in many different situations. Before eating in a public place (for example if you’re on the go and you’ve had to touch dubious hand rails and other such things prior to your meal). When you’ve been coughing and you’ve used your hands to cover your mouth (although they say the crook of your elbow is better I keep forgetting so the sanitiser is important!). When you’ve had to run to the loo with your toilet training child and you’ve washed your hands afterwards, but you want some extra reassurance you’re not spreading germs around.

I am sure you can think of many other instances (I have too many to list), where this is so useful.

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser.

These are THE BEST. Did I mention that they come in the form of 40 wipes per container? Wipes are the best – so convenient. Anti bacterial wipes are even better! It makes a quick spot clean so easy. I was concerned they might be too strong, but they don’t contain bleach which put my mind at ease. You can use them on SO MANY THINGS:

  • high chairs
  • changing mats
  • potties
  • toys
  • bench tops
  • chopping boards
  • fridges
  • bins
  • sinks
  • microwaves
  • toilet seats
  • baths
  • taps
  • wash basins
  • door handles
  • tables
  • desks
  • telephone
  • keyboards

You get the idea. I just love how quick it is to use these wipes. Time is everything when I have an active, sometimes grotty, demanding small human around!! I’ll admit it also appeals to the anti 50s house keeper in me. It doesn’t even feel like cleaning. Hot tip, though. Don’t absentmindedly leave the lid open. All your wipes will dry out and you’ll be very sad. Devastated.

Pro Fresh Citrus Splash pH-Balanced Shower Gel.

Until I received this product, I had NO idea that Dettol made shower gel. To wash your whole body with. It claims to protect against BO and can I tell you, this is a good thing. Especially after I just spent a few days in Sydney, in big crowds. Trust me. No-one wants to be THAT person in the airport either.

I wondered if it would make me smell like a walking spray bottle of chemicals or a hospital, but it is surprisingly innocuous. Kind of smells like a mild shampoo or conditioner, only it’s for your body. I can handle that! I don’t know for sure how great it is at eliminating body odour, because I am blessed with less smelly genes (literally – apparently it’s a Korean thing), but it certainly provides some extra reassurance!

Look at all that non-germy goodness!!! Want to know something else that’s exciting?? You can win these very products because I am hosting my first ever giveaway! How lucky are we?!

The winner will receive a package including…


Dettol Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser.

2 x Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser.

Pro Fresh Citrus Splash pH-Balanced Shower Gel.

All you have to do is follow Awesomely Unprepared in some way, on my Facebook pageTwitter account or by subscribing to my blog, then answer the following question right here in the comment section (your email address will not be published):

Describe the ickiest mess you’ve had to clean up recently?

Good luck!

Giveaway terms and conditions

The contest ends at 12:00 (midnight) Thursday the 7th of May, 2015, Perth time and is only open to Australian residents (sorry overseas buddies) who are over 18 years of age.

This is a game of skill…so my favourite answer will win! My decision will be final. Entrants will have to meet requirements outlined above.

The prize will be sent out by a third party and will not be replaced in the event that it is stolen, damaged or lost.

The winner will be notified privately and announced on Facebook and on the Awesomely Unprepared blog. The winner will have 3 days to reply in order to claim the prize.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.



Today is my 31st birthday. I am officially 31. It sounds like a strange age. It’s not the round number that 30 was. It’s like both feet are now firmly planted in my 30s and time is not slowing down! I’m OK with that, but I do admit that 31 is going to have to really pull out all of the stops to beat 30. 30 has been an amazing year. I really feel like I grew in the last 12 months. I loved. I learned things. I felt joy – simple pleasures. There was a rhythm. A routine. Something I often feel is lacking from my life. I felt more accepting of myself.

No year is perfect – there were ups and downs. Life would be pretty boring and we’d learn nothing without the occasional roller coaster of emotions, but I look back and I feel glad. 30 was pretty good to me.

I’ve watched the Little Mister grow. I’ve watched myself grow as a parent. As a person. As a blogger. I’ve achieved a lot of little milestones.

I saw out my last days of 30 with a little getaway to Sydney (perhaps more on that later). To see some family friends, meet some family for the first time and to spend quality time shopping with my mum (winter wardrobe – I love you)! Sure, I got a rotten chest infection before I left, so I spent the whole time away trying to recover, valiantly trying to stay awake (it was quite draining), but I made the best of it. Of course that’s how life works! The one time – the ONE time – I want to go and leave my cub and do something just for me that is special and out of the ordinary, I get struck down! OF COURSE! Oh, Universe. You slay me. It’s the sickest I’d been in YEARS too. Can you believe it?! I’m still feeling the aftermath! Goodness me!

Still, it was a perfectly imperfect end to a perfectly imperfect year. My sense of humour is still intact ;)

I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I am so lucky to have my Little Mister and my bigger Mister – Mr Unprepared. My family. My friends – near and far, online and offline. I will be spending the day in with my little man – some rest and some quality time. I am thankful. Even hashtag grateful and hashtag blessed. Sorry not sorry!

Happy 31st to me.

Sydney is only a day away.


Somebody. Pinch me.

Tomorrow, I will be in Sydney. For a few nights. Child free. And while I’ve been very excited about it, and feeling a little guilty about not feeling guilty (haha), I think my nervous stomach (blergh) has betrayed me. This will be the longest I’ve ever left the Little Mister for. It’s not a super long time (not even a week – four nights), but it’s new to us. Of course, he will be fine with his dad. This could actually be quite good for the both of us. Still, it’s weird. The best thing that could happen is that I have a great time and miss him terribly by the time I get home. Then I’ll know I had just the right amount of time out!

Let’s just say I’ve been terribly stir crazy lately. I am more than ready to shake everything up!

True to Kez style, I haven’t really packed yet. Yesterday I threw stuff at my suitcase. Literally. Just threw stuff. At it. Not into it. At it. I wrote a list, though. I may be crap at packing, but I’m good at lists. I know that by tonight’s end, I will have way too many things in my case. My method of packing is not meticulous and well thought out like my mum’s (she’s amazing). I just throw in ANYTHING I might need and then remove a few things so it all fits. When I reach my destination, I end up living in about 5% of the clothes I took with me and something is sure to be missing. Very precise. Not.

Did I mention that there needs to be room for all the things I hope I can buy while I am there? Oops.

I am travelling with my parents. They were already going over for my dad’s work, but some good timing (and a little advance on my birthday privileges) means that I am now tagging along! I am excited about quality girl time with my mum. We are going to shop until we drop (if picky me can find anything I like)! We are also going to spend time with family friends and a long lost cousin of my dad’s who I am going to meet for the first time (she’s not ‘long lost’ anymore haha).

I find that I am excited about the smallest things.

  • Sitting on a plane child free.
  • Reading a magazine. I am determined to finish a Marie Claire. Just the one.
  • My handbag containing no child related items.
  • Doing my hair and make up properly EVERY day.
  • No-one yelling out for me in the night (it could be creepy if they did haha).
  • Not having to have constant eyes in the back of my head, always supervising someone.
  • Not having to plan each day around the needs of a three year old, which can often limit your options.
  • Not cooking dinner. No rushed meals as witching hour descends. Sorry, Mr Unprepared! ;)

Sorry not sorry, Little Mister! Haha.

I am going to miss him. I mean, duh. I am going to enjoy photo updates from Mr Unprepared. We’ll probably Face time or Skype or something. I’m going to tell everyone (who wants to know) about him. I will think about him every day – especially when I see/do things I know he’d love. But I am going to enjoy this break. F*ck yeah, I am!

When did you last get a break? What would you do if you could take one right now?

Making friends with salad?



This past week I was having a Twitter conversation with my best friend from Tasmania that I’ve never met (you know who you are you gorgeous thing you). She was having a salad for dinner. I KNOW, right? We joked about how she was totally Khloe Kardashian now, because we bond over watching bad reality TV (and any TV shows really) and the Kardashian sisters are ALWAYS seen chowing down on massive salads. Just shoving leaves into their gobs. It’s fascinating stuff.

…and I think it’s rubbing off on me. I say this, because every time I see one of those booty-licious ladies who are famous for something, eating a salad, I almost think it might be a cool thing to do. As you can see, I get my life’s guidance from all the right places.

*rolls eyes on your behalf*

So I took my Tasmanian beauty of a friend’s lead and ate a salad the next day. And I liked it. And I lost a kilo in bloat overnight after thinking I’d never shift it ever again because potatoes (and eating my feelings). Hmm. Interesting…

Now I’m determined to make friends with salad. Less carbs, no processed crap in them, lots of nutrition, less calories, more satisfying. If you do them right. Note to self: Potato salad – probably not what I’m talking about. God, I love potatoes.

Moving right along now…

Usually, when I think of salad, I think leaves. Eating like a rabbit. Boring. Blah blah.

I’m the kind of gal who likes my salad to be killer and not just lettuce leaf filler.

But lately I’ve been finding some great pre-made salads at the supermarket and some great salads on restaurant menus. I think I might actually be able to make a go of this. You know, lifestyle changes and all that.

Anyway, I’m blogging about it here so I have to stay accountable. I’m never going to be perfect, but I want to start sneaking salads into my every day life more often. As a whole meal (and not just as a token side with my fish and chips haha). I figure that if I can become a salad convert, I’m going to feel better for it.

I hereby REALISTICALLY resolve to:

1. Order salad options more often when eating out.

2. Make salad my go-to lunch (i.e. the rule and not the exception) when I’m at home on ordinary week days.



So tell me, what is your favourite kind of salad? I am going to need ideas, people!! x