Remember: How good cauliflower tastes.


I’ve been trying out a bunch of healthier recipes lately, trying harder to look after my body. Yesterday I made a cauliflower dish I found on Pinterest. It was supposed to replicate the flavours and satisfaction that you get from eating a bunch of stuffed potatoes – without so many carbs. It was a bit of a risk feeding it to my little family (especially the more picky pint sized one), but I gave it a go.

You can find the recipe here (I promise it is ridiculously simple). I just converted the 350 farenheit degrees to 180 celsius and away I went!

Well, the Little Mister gobbled it up and didn’t question whether it was a vegetable or not. He probably hasn’t had cauliflower since he was a baby! I, myself, can’t even remember the last time I ate it. But I had to stop myself from just eating the cooked florets before they even made it into the dish with all the extra ingredients. I was all like, “Whaaaat?”

It was a pleasant surprise! I’d totally forgotten how it tasted, really. And it’s NOT THAT BAD! In fact, it’s pretty yummy! I mean, I couldn’t remember ever being offended by the taste of cauliflower, but I don’t remember being that excited about it either!

As you can see, I had devoured a lot of it before I thought to take a photo for Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge (the prompt being ‘remember’ ironically enough), so it’s not that attractive looking here I’m afraid! It was even more yummy with baby spinach leaves scooped up onto my fork at the same time.

I definitely need to remember cauliflower more often when I’m cooking. There’s a big trend in using it in healthy recipes, to substitute everything from potatoes to pizza bases and rice. I wish I had a food processor so I could get more adventurous, but I’m happy for now to work with what I already have. Wishing I had extra appliances so I could be healthy would just be a cop out and I’m trying really hard to keep it real. No excuses (I always seem to be able to think of a few)!

A week in and I’m feeling energetic and not deprived at all! I’ve even lost a kilogram. If you find it, tell it I don’t want it to come back!

Cauliflower is great. I’ve heard of it. I like it. I know how to cook it. Don’t hold your breath for quinoa or kale just yet, though haha.

What healthy foods do you love the most?

Healthy. Well, my version anyway.

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge x


About the photo: OK, so I am actually not that much of a fan of strawberries, but I’ll eat them if they’re a part of a dessert…they were probably the healthiest part of my cake (besides the water I poured in there) that I made on the weekend, but still, they were there, looking pretty and red so I took the photo!

I’m almost a week into my improved diet (not ‘diet’ as in fad diet but as in what I eat – big distinction) and I’ve already noticed a big difference. My body does not like the unhealthy foods I have been addicted to anymore, even if my brain does (I learnt this the hard way after a pig out yesterday for my grandfather’s 90th). I felt more energetic almost immediately after having my first consciously healthy meal last week. I was nowhere near as bloated and I stopped obsessing so much over what I was going to eat and more about how I was going to best fuel myself (a big feat for a food crazy person like me). I hope I can keep all of this going, because I fall off the wagon so easily when temptation is put in my way.

Here are some of the things that are keeping me motivated:

Catching up on my favourite TV shows while exercising.

I am obsessed with the iPad I got for my birthday this year. I have all the TV network apps on there that let me catch up on my favourite shows the next day (I always miss them). I sit on my exercise bike (which I seriously want to trade for a treadmill – that’s the dream) and I pedal away while watching. I can do this in our bedroom while the Little Mister naps and it feels like me-time. I am not the kind of person who likes to think they’re exercising. I have to keep my brain busy as well as my body or I just get bored or forget to push harder. I love realising that one of my awful reality shows or embarrassing dramas are waiting for me when I get on the bike. I’ve stopped obsessing over what I’m going to pig out on once the Little Mister is asleep and have started thinking about what shows I’ll watch while I exercise – a big win as that’s my biggest weakness, usually.

Cutting out soft drink, juice and dessert. 

It’s the simplest thing, but it can help you to feel better and lose weight without being too much of a sacrifice (depending on who you are of course but it works for me)! I just drink water and after dinner, I know to resist temptation. I reckon I’d probably lose a couple of kilos just by doing this. Some people even clean their teeth right after dinner, to stop them from indulging in ice cream or other sweets!

Not depriving myself on special occasions. Or Friday nights. 

I don’t want to feel like I’m on a starvation diet. I love food. Good food and…not so good food. I’ve decided that Friday nights (when we finish the Little Mister’s swimming lessons late) are takeaway night and that I’m not going to say no to some yummy cake or other treats on a family birthday or at a special celebration of some sort. Of course, I realise that if this happens more than not, then I’ll have to reassess and do some damage control, but for now it’s viable. I’ve coped this past week or so because I’ve known that those days are coming. It makes eating healthy salad and unprocessed foods so much more manageable. I want a lifestyle I can maintain, not some kind of torture or punishment.

Great recipes that don’t feel like ‘diet’ food. 

I’ve been pinning up a storm on Pinterest and researching things that actually look tasty and satisfying and, the clincher, EASY to make. With ingredients I have heard of and already like. So cool. There are so many more than I thought there would be. You don’t have to be down with quinoa or weird members of the zucchini family if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to spend hours deciphering complex recipes. It’s great! So far we’ve had mini frittatas with salad, pita pizzas (without the really greasy toppings) and a few other bits and pieces. Also? Avocado on wholemeal toast is divine.

Making friends with salad.

Just make every side a salad! Even easier with beautiful summer weather on its way. Chips, mashed potatoes, pasta and other stuff can just be replaced with salad. Suddenly you have a nice piece of protein and a lot of yummy greens. For me, carbs are something I abuse (rather than consume in healthy moderation), so this helps a lot.

I’m just doing this my way, I guess. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I know that if I push myself too hard too early, I will give up. I have to make sure my better habits are sustainable, especially with a toddler around and less time on my hands to experiment in the kitchen! I feel like a bit of a dag, writing about my renewed attempts at being fit and healthy over and over (because it doesn’t always stick), but I’m on this journey with all its peaks and pitfalls and I guess that just makes me real, so I’ll keep doing it however long it takes to get it in my head for good! x

What little tips and tricks do you use to stay healthy?

Out of place.

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x


Everywhere I go in my house, SOMETHING is out of place at all times. I think that’s the definition of a house that’s ‘lived in’. Especially when your home is lived in by a toddler. Sometimes it gets out of control to the point where I’m frustrated, but other times it’s kind of comforting and I know I would miss it if it wasn’t there. I feel grateful for the fact that I have a messy little munchkin or a munchkin at all.

Yesterday, my ‘out of place’ companions were Humpty and Fergus from Play School (the Little Mister recently went to a concert). They watched over me while I decorated the cake I’d made for my Gramps’ 90th birthday celebration. The rest of the kitchen was chaotic, so what’s the harm in a couple of extra onlookers?

The cake turned out OK in the end. I tried layering with whipped cream in the middle for the first time. Gosh, I was sh*tting myself the whole time I put it together! It was lovely to have the whole family marvelling at it. Oh, the jokes (and the iPhones out everywhere snapping pics). I admit it was a bit OTT, but I had a vision and I had to make it happen!


It was basically two ‘Anne’s (if you don’t know WTF an ‘Anne’ is then click here) shoved together, with a massive layer of whipped cream in the middle. I topped it with strawberries (because healthy bahaha) and some crumbled up Cadbury Flake.

Half of the cake was left over and Mr Unprepared has taken some to work to offload it! Happy Monday, Mr Unprepared’s Work Colleagues!

Anyway, a great day with family was had and by the time we’d devoured my brother’s amazingly moist (how do you feel about the word moist?) roast chicken and veggies, plus my crazy cake aka Tower of Regret, we were stuffed!

It’s back on the healthy bandwagon today! My body is screaming out for it haha.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? x


This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x


Today was full of blue sky and sunshine. We’ve had a few ‘fine’ days, but that’s not the same as a sunny day. The kind of day where the sun’s rays feel warm on your skin and burst through your windows, making your whole house bright.

I took this photo while I was outside with the Little Mister, giving him time on the swings (he’s obsessed).

The air felt different today. It actually felt more like spring than winter (we are lucky enough to get some sunny winter days but there’s usually a little chill in the air). Of course I wouldn’t really know what the weather is doing because my favourite weather app has decided to die on me. I get my obsession with the daily weather from my mum, I’m afraid. Now I don’t know what to wear each day and I have to look the forecast up on the Bureau of Meterology website, which is just so much more time consuming. It takes like an extra minute. First world problems.

I know it’s not just my phone playing up. How do I know this? Because my mum made sure it was a topic of discussion during a very important phone call with me. She is just as devastated, probably. She’s already been shopping around for other weather apps, but I doubt anything compares. She told me so.

Why can’t I just not care?

Look, I’ve been known to watch the rainfall radar before leaving home, in order to determine whether I’ll need an umbrella or not. Most people just pack one anyway or wing it. But not me. I have to know. There’s a thrill in timing everything just right and avoiding a shower. I think I’ve said too much. It’s quite possible that there is something very wrong with me – thanks, Mum.

Once when I was a kid, I pranked my weather obsessed mother by recording a ‘live’ weather update onto a VHS tape (yep sure did because I’m old) so that obviously it wasn’t current anymore. I played it at a random time on a different day, while she was in the room, making sure I talked really loud about something unrelated over the top of it. As predicted, my mum shut down the whole household in order to stare intently at the weather report.


LOL. I got her good.

OK, so my pranks aren’t always that awesome. Shut up.

Anyway, I tell you that story, just so you know what I’ve been dealing with.

So take a moment and let us pray that my weather app restores itself soon. End this madness. Right this wrong. Think of the children. My mother’s children. Or just oldest child. Me.

OMG. I wasn’t even drunk when I wrote this.

Signing off.

How I feel today.

This post was inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge, but also by R U OK Day.


About the photo: Yep. That’s one dodgy selfie right there. It would be so embarrassing if I actually admitted to you how much effort went into that one mediocre – and heavily edited due to no make up or hair styling, my insecurity and a frumpy hoodie outfit – shot. Do you like my sexy light switch? Anyway, today’s prompt was ‘How I feel today’. And I am so glad to be able to say that I feel OK. In a good way. I’m very lucky. I held up that sign to let you know that if you’re not lucky enough to feel OK right now, there is help out there and that I care. R U OK day (which is today) is about getting people to check in with those they care about and starting conversations that keep us connected with the aim of preventing suicide. If you’re worried about somebody or want to raise awareness, visit the R U OK site for some great resources. If you’re worried about yourself, please do seek help. You can call Lifeline on 131114 or reach out to someone who will listen. I hope somebody asks you this question, so you’ll feel safe enough to speak up. I promise you that SOMEBODY cares. I care.

So, I just want to ask…are YOU OK?

I’ve decided to look after myself. 

I’ve been feeling rather frumpy, overweight and just plain bloated and tired lately. There’s nothing like trying to look after a toddler when you aren’t even looking after yourself – hint, it’s hell. I was eating so much crap and even my latest attempt at exercising regularly wasn’t making me feel much better. So I’ve had to tackle my diet. Get back to basics. Not so much junk. More fresh food. I have to get serious. I don’t want to feel grumpy and lethargic. I don’t want to lose my motivation to leave home because nothing fits or flatters me. While my weight is important – to be in a healthy range and at my best I need to lose almost 10kg (ouch it hurts to admit it publicly) – I do not want to focus just on what I’ll look like. It’s all about health. I’ll always celebrate special events with food and family. I don’t mind indulging in a little fast food treat on a Friday. I just want my good food deeds to outnumber my not so good food decisions by a million percent. I am not a mathematician, but you know what I mean.

So today, for the first time in almost a week, I feel normal. I had a healthy little pita pizza with avocado and an egg on it last night (YUM) instead of something heavy. A big side salad of spinach and tomato. And I feel NORMAL. I feel OK! My tummy doesn’t feel like it’s bursting at the seams. I have a little energy. My mood is better. If that’s what ONE meal can do, then imagine my whole lifestyle being better. IMAGINE!

I have always struggled with food and (since the Little Mister) exercise. I’ve always used food as a reward or a comfort. I’ll be the first to admit that once we got back from Korea and Japan, I really let myself go! It’s time to take charge yet again.

I can’t make excuses…oh, if my life was different, I’d go to the gym ALL the time or I’d have a treadmill at home which would solve all my problems and because I don’t have a treadmill that’s a legitimate reason I’m not doing better for myself. I can’t say that it’s because of this or because of that. It’s all up to me and while there will be challenges along the way (sometimes it truly is hard to exercise the way I’d like or to find the energy to try new healthier recipes), I have no reason I can’t still TRY.

I know my mental health is so much better when I exercise and eat food that is good for me. That’s enough motivation above all else. I’ve got to stop putting myself so far down the list. I give the Little Mister all the healthy things I can, I keep him active. I would go to the moon and back to make sure he’s happy and thriving.

I need to tell someone I need time to go clothes shopping, so I can feel good when I walk out of the house (I have been wearing the one worn out dress over and over and over lately – it’s that or hoodies with jeans). I need to take time to exercise, even when I don’t feel like it. I need to eat healthier, even when the Little Mister isn’t with me (my worst overindulgent moments).

I accept that my body has changed and that it will never look like it did (or bounce back like it did) before I had the Little Mister, but I can work with what I’ve got and look after it. Working towards a far away weight goal is just overwhelming, so I’m going to work on feeling good every day. Making choices that make me feel healthier each day. It’s a start.

My bikini body may not be ready for summer (or ever), but I can make sure I’m in good shape (fitness and health wise) and living a full life. I’m lucky to have all that I have and I don’t want to waste it.

So, help me out. What’s your favourite healthy recipe? Something that makes you feel satisfied without that deprived feeling? Do you find yourself in a similar place to me? Have you been here before? Any tips on getting back into it? x


This post is inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x

Life with babies and toddlers can often feel quite repetitive. They are learning and practicing so many skills. Often with great diligence. Not to mention you have to keep feeding them and bathing them and cleaning up after them over and over – sheesh (who would have thought)! Somehow each day still seems to be different, though. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t notice something new about the Little Mister’s development. So weird how that works.

Here’s some stuff that’s been happening over and over lately:

Hugs. Lots and lots of hugs. The Little Mister has become really affectionate lately. Not that he wasn’t before, but it’s like he’s gone super nuts for it now! Sure, sometimes when he’s asking for a hug it’s because he wants to reach something or see something, but he just seems mad for a close face to face moment with his mum. This is so lovely, most of the time, but I kind of can’t get much done!! He’s learnt ‘eskimo kisses’ (I don’t know if that’s PC or not – my apologies to the Inuit people) and it is rather cute as he grabs both sides of my face and rubs his nose against mine. I think the hugs are partly the reason why this blog post is a day late. I can’t get any typing done ever haha.

The Little Mister also likes to be lifted off the ground for hugs. He weighs 18kg. I can’t lift that kind of weight without him assisting a little. When he stands there like a dead weight, I am starting to realise my limitations!! Still, I try each day. That’s when I’m not being actively climbed upon, whether I like it or not!

Pushes on the swing. There’s something about that childhood joy of whooshing through the air on a swing. Mr Unprepared and I have been known to indulge on visits to the playground with the Little Mister now and then! The Little Mister was really lucky to receive a swing set for Christmas last year from his grandparents and yesterday, Mr Unprepared was able to finish securing it so that it’s nice and sturdy on our lawn. The Little Mister loves it. He can spend hours just swinging back and forth out there. He loves to go fast and high (hence the need for extra secure footings). I spent yesterday afternoon being barked at to go, “Faster! Faster! Push! Push!”

I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything else!

I am starting to understand why there are dads out there who sit a few metres away in a chair enjoying a beer while they pull on a rope they’ve attached to the swing!! I won’t judge you anymore, dudes haha.

Potty training. Oh, man. Will it ever end? The Little Mister doesn’t like the cold, so he doesn’t like taking his pants off on his own very often. He’s also not super coordinated at it yet (so doing it in a rush when he’s feeling the urge can be a challenge), so i think that does hold things back a little and I get that he can’t help it sometimes. I try to keep him in comfy, easy to pull off pants at home when I can, but he’s not quite there yet. This means that every few hours I do the same old, “It’s time to use the potty!” chant (just to prevent excessive accidents), while having to stop absolutely everything so I can help. I am really hoping that this summer the warmer weather will assist. He was doing so well last summer. A bit of extra age and experience under his belt, along with warmer temperatures may be just what we need. I’ve heard that some boys take longer, so that’s OK. I’m sure he’ll be fine when he realises he’s ready. He’s the kind of kid who can take a while learning something, but then when it clicks, it really clicks quickly.

Vacuuming. I thought I was fussy about the floor when the Little Mister was a crawling bub. I was so worried about every piece of lint and fluff and crumb. I thought it was all hazardous and I obsessed over it. How embarrassing haha. Any second child will not be getting such great treatment!! Now having a toddler around, I can’t move without stepping on something crunchy. It’s quite gross. I have to vacuum about fifty million times more than I used to (which admittedly wasn’t that often). The crumb situation is just out of control! I dream of one day owning one of those fancy cordless Dyson cleaners. Imagine what a lifesaver that would be for all the spot cleaning! I get vacuum cleaner cord rage. I also get ‘trying to drag the vacuum cleaner around corners’ rage. I think I just hate vacuuming in general, really. It’s like one step below how I feel about ironing.

Bedtime stories. I love that the Little Mister is so into books. He loves being read to. He loves sitting by himself and having a browse. He gets excited when we have library books to devour (although getting in and out of the library with him on one hand and a massive pile of books in the other is so not easy). He just loves getting to know his favourite stories. Over and over and over. Even when I’ve read him a book from start to finish, he’ll ask me to begin again.

“One more! One more!” While I’m no dummy and I know it’s partly a delay tactic, so he doesn’t have to go to sleep yet, I also know that he genuinely enjoys going over and over a story. He wants to know it. He’s learning so much and trying to soak it all in. Occasionally, if a book is really short, I’ll humour him, but I honestly think the only reason I take him to the library is so that I’ll have something new to read each night! I think he’d be satisfied with the same couple of books each night FOREVER.

While it can get a little tedious, all this repetition, there’s still joy to be found. I’m well aware that I’ll miss some of these things as he gets older (except for the potty training – won’t miss that AT ALL)! 

What things do you do a trillion times a day?

Orange…and black.

This post was inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge x


These are the hats Mr Unprepared bought while we were overseas. The top one is from Japan and the bottom one is from Korea. Both countries are absolutely mad for baseball. Both have teams called the Giants. Both teams wear the colours orange and black, which is quite a striking combination. Haha striking. Baseball. Get it? Unintentional puns are my specialty.

We’d watched a travel doco about South Korea before our trip and it had featured a bit about the baseball culture there. We’d learnt that the team for my birth city was the Busan Giants and it was quite amusing seeing the different chants and dance like rituals the fans undertake while watching the games live. It looks like amazing fun! Mr Unprepared decided that, despite us never giving baseball even a thought, he would adopt the Busan giants as ‘his’ team. Which was actually quite touching because I was born there and it was his left of centre gesture (very him) to show me he’s got my back. And that he likes sports, but mostly that he’s got my back. That trip was a pretty big deal, being my first time back, you see.

So we got the Little Mister a shirt to grow into for next summer and Mr Unprepared found a hat.

Then we got to Japan. We figured out pretty quickly that the Tokyo team is also named the Giants and by now Mr Unprepared was on a roll. We were hanging about outside the Tokyo Dome (a huge stadium) one night and there was a game on. Oh how we wanted to go in!! We had an early start the next day, though, and it would probably be just a bit too much for the Little Mister to deal with. We were SO CLOSE. You could just about feel the excitement. One day we’ll do it!!! One day!!

Mr Unprepared had just bought a hat and I think he liked being a part of the crowd – he almost looked like he was going to the game haha.

I have no idea how each teams’ seasons ended. Or anything about them. I doubt we’ll ever remember to check in during their baseball seasons. But it’s fun to think of them as ‘our’ teams anyway. The hats are fun souvenirs, with good memories attached.

Have you got any cool (or even daggy) travel souvenirs? Tell me about them by leaving a comment!

Broken…the rules.

This post was supposed to be inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge, but I kind of failed today – oops! x1760_10152061051973218_1871294180_n

OK, so this isn’t a new photo. It’s a photo from a while ago that was taken on a nice beach day with Mr Unprepared and the Little Mister. Just think the opposite of today’s weather over here. At least there’s a broken shell in it? Because the prompt for today was ‘broken’? Gosh, I tried really hard to think of creative photos I could take. Due to the pretty crazy wind/rain storm overnight, I thought maybe there’d be something to take a photo of (although thankfully nothing around our home broke overnight – for once)! I did at one point consider taking a photo of my exhausted face (that storm was NOISY all night) and title it ‘A Broken Woman’. My most creative friend suggested that I crack an egg…but I had no reason to waste an egg. I have a dripping bath tap with a broken seal but it would not have been too easy to photograph. I was sh*t outta luck. Or creativity at least.

So I’ve cheated. I’ve BROKEN the rules. How convenient. I put my lack of creativity down to my BROKEN sleep last night. Sounds like we’re in for another rough one tonight too! This is why I never get too excited about spring on the 1st of September each year!

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and that your Monday wasn’t too horrid. Back at it tomorrow! x


Father: A tribute to some super dads.

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge. Today’s prompt is ‘Father’ x


Today is Father’s Day and as I sit here, my belly and my heart are full after we hosted lunch for my parents and grandparents. The photo above is the badge/button that the Little Mister gave Mr Unprepared for Father’s Day (which he has worn with pride on his shirt all day). It came with a Super Dad themed card, which he’d decorated with crayons and requested that it be addressed to Super Daddy, love Super *Little Mister*. The Little Mister loves Superman. He doesn’t know much about him, except that he wears a cape, can fly and is big and strong because he eats his vegetables (*ahem* parental brainwashing at its finest). Still, he loves Superman. And he loves his daddy. He truly thinks he’s super.

Last night Mr Unprepared was instructed to stay out of the way because we had secret business to do. We needed to wrap his gift and write in his card. Later that evening, the Little Mister’s secret keeping skills were put to the test.

“Superman card! Daddy is Superman! Super Daddy!” as Mr Unprepared tucked him into bed.

That was also the moment when the Little Mister noticed his dad has underarm hair but we won’t go into that haha.

This morning, the Little Mister brought Mr Unprepared’s present and card to him in bed.


It was still wrapped. Doh haha.

“What is it?” Mr Unprepared asked, with a glint in his eye.

“A book! With lots and lots of pictures in it!”

Double doh.

Must teach him about surprises a little better haha.

That’s OK. It’s a tradition and Mr Unprepared probably knew what he was getting. Each year since the Little Mister was born, I’ve created a big photo book filled with pictures of the Little Mister for the previous year. That is from the Father’s day gone, to the present Father’s Day.

As we looked through it together, I realised just how many gorgeous pictures I had captured of my two Misters together (one big and one small). How many moments over a year where Mr Unprepared had given the Little Mister his time and shared so many unforgettable moments with him. The proof right there as to just how involved he really is and how much he loves the Little Mister as we make memories together as a family. I see the way they look at each other. It’s just beautiful. That’s my number one, absolutely favourite thing about him (besides the fact that he looks hot when he wears a beanie and lets me force him into watching romantic movies sometimes). Hands down.

The Little Mister loves him so much too. Even if he doesn’t always admit it when Mr Unprepared tries to kiss him when his face is all stubbly and prickly.

As for my dad, I’m so lucky to have had such an amazing role model in my life, working well in tandem with my awesome mum. He does stuff for work that a lot of people would not dare to do – all because he cares. He handed down his love of dad jokes to me and he’s always got some pretty good advice for me – everything from the emotional/psychological stuff to the practical. And when I make fun of him just because I can? He takes it all with a laugh and a great sense of humour.

And Gramps? He’s just great. A real character. He’s 90 next week and I feel so fortunate to have him around. If my dad knows dad jokes? He knows granddad jokes and let me tell you, they are much much worse and I love it. Gramps gave my brother and I movies like Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines. He gave me impromptu maths lessons when I visited as a kid (OK so I didn’t love that so much)! He’s got a crazy Welsh accent. It’s so cool.

I feel pretty lucky.

Do you have some super dads in your life? What do you love about them? 

While I am feeling pretty fortunate, I also send my thoughts to those who can’t be with their dads this year and those good dads who cannot be with their children too x

I need…this cake to work out.

 This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x


You are getting a look inside my mixing bowl, everybody. I took this shot just before I was going to mix it. I was holding my breath and hoping like crazy that it might still work out OK, even though the Little Mister had poured some water into it, before I could measure the right amount. I only looked away for a second, I SWEAR!

But back to the beginning…

I was attempting to make a beautiful cake called Anne, a  famous creation by Baby Mac (Aussie blogging royalty)! I had been seeing this gorgeous cake everywhere. Instagram and Facebook were raving about it (#anne). It looked so great in all its forms. It looked majestic and…TALL. Do you know how bad I am at making beautiful cakes that don’t look flat and a bit sad? I was convinced that this cake must be magical and googled the recipe. IT LOOKED SO EASY. All the ingredients could be found in my cupboard! And guess what? Father’s Day is tomorrow and Mr Unprepared and I are hosting it and I hadn’t been able to decide on what to have for dessert! Shock horror, I’d considered buying it (that’s mock shock horror – I have no issue with buying everything – you should see the pre-cut and peeled veggies I’ve bought for the roast haha). Now, with such a foolproof recipe, I knew I wouldn’t need to. I could brag about cooking this stunner of a cake from scratch. It would surely be easier than the cake fail I created for the non-the-wiser-ever-so-easy-to-please Little Mister’s 2nd birthday!

That was until the recipe called for a cup of cold water, with half a teaspoon of bi carb soda. I’d put some water in a cup and took a lightning quick moment to measure out the bi carb, when…the Little Mister grabbed the water and poured a mystery amount in, the remainder spilling down the kitchen bench, onto the floor.

I cried out, “Noooooo!”

And then felt guilty…didn’t want to make him feel bad, because he was trying to help and I try to make it my mission not to scar him for life, especially not over stuff like cake.

I then guessed (and I’m sh*t at guessing measurements) how much water was missing from the bowl, pouring it in with the bi carb. The Little Mister was put on dish washing duty (his favourite activity where he feels helpful and gets to splash around in the sink without actually washing a single thing) and I prayed for the best.

An hour later, my oven timer went off and I went to pull the cake out a bit so I could give it the old skewer test. It wobbled. Like a water bed (weird comparison but all I’ve got). Uh oh. I chucked it back in, shut the door and desperately set the timer for another 20 minutes. Perhaps I had added a little too much water. I decided this cake was a write off. It could be divided into pieces and taken by Mr Unprepared to work, where he could snack on it next week. I’ll just make a second cake, I thought. Only, without the Little Mister in the kitchen (who I love so much and usually enjoy baking with…when there’s no pressure to impress people who don’t live in our house).

I don’t know what happened and maybe it’s the magic of Anne, but I appear to have been worried about nothing! She came out tall, perfectly shaped, in one piece and as she cooled, I started to realise this might just still work out (OK so my husband was the voice of reason). Besides, there was a whole lot of buttery frosting to slather on (with some crushed Cadbury Flake chocolate on top to make it fancy as hell).

I can’t wait to show her off tomorrow and I hope the dads of my family will love her.


I’m sure she’ll look more amazing when she’s sitting all pretty on a nice white plate, but for now, she’s in my cake container, awaiting her debut.

The Little Mister might have freaked me out, but he was full of enthusiasm and love for baking, so he was quickly forgiven and blessed with many samples of the frosting. In case you were worried about him :)

Have you made Anne before? Do you think you’d give her a go? Had any cake fails? x