A very scary story: The night the security blankie went missing.


So, the Little Mister has a BFF. He (or ‘she’ depending on what mood he is in) comforts him when he needs to sleep. They have been buddies since he was only six months old. They have never spent even a night apart since they were properly introduced during a tough time he was having with nocturnal separation anxiety (i.e. not wanting to let me leave him so I could go to bed and sleep – ever). His buddy, named Giraffey (because I’m so creative), has been everywhere with him. On camping trips, sleepovers with the grandparents, Tasmania, and overseas to Singapore, Japan and Korea. He’s accumulated a couple of other buddies – a glow worm circa nineteen eighty something and a little (used to be) lavender scented cushion – but Giraffey (a cute giraffe head attached to a little square blanket) always holds the number one spot in his heart. Nothing compares.

So you can imagine how all hell broke loose on Friday night when he WENT MISSING.

It was The Worst Timing Ever. We’d had a hell of a day! We were all exhausted. I’d had a flat tyre when I’d left the Little Mister with my parents because he had been behaving far too scratchily to survive the shopping centre (“Won’t be long! Promise! Love you! Thank you so much!”), had to hang about for a few hours until I could get a lift home, had to drive back to meet Mr Unprepared once he knocked off work so he could change it, blah blah. Not to mention the weather – torrential rain. It was the end of a week where the Little Mister had been chucking a few tanties (thanks to a development spurt – they make him quite unbearable for a couple of weeks before he settles again) and everyone had been go go go. We all needed a chilled out Friday evening. TGIF, right?

So it came to the Little Mister’s bed time and the nightly scavenger hunt for Giraffey began (my bets are usually on him being unceremoniously dumped on the playroom floor). Mr Unprepared made the retrieval attempt while I started on bedtime stories (about half an hour later than usual of course). When he began to yell out about not being able to find the little blankie, I started to think non complimentary things about his ‘looking’ skills. Then time began to drag on and I started to think that maybe we were in trouble. We piled the Little Mister into bed and promised him we’d look really hard for his cuddly buddy – that we’d put him right in bed with him as soon as we found him. He really tried and was such a trooper (he actually fell asleep without him), but I knew that the difficulties would arise when he was half asleep and wanting the familiar touch of his precious Giraffey in the middle of the night.

We looked for another solid hour before giving up and praying for the best.

As I lay in bed wondering what the night would bring (mentally trying to prepare myself for everything going to sh*t), I was trying not to think the worst/ridiculous. I was all, WHAT IF THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH FOR HIS LITTLE BRAIN? WHAT IF THIS INCIDENT F*CKS HIM UP? Like if we can’t find him, will the Little Mister lose his faith in all things good at such a tender age? WHAT IF HE WAKES IN THE NIGHT AND REALISES WE LET HIM DOWN?? I don’t want to let him down!! OR…what if we never see Giraffey again and I don’t get to say goodbye??? I know it’s silly, but I’m pretty attached to that little comfort blankie. He’s got quite the personality and he’s been so many places with us! I’d always dreamed of keeping him forever even after the Little Mister became a Big Mister and didn’t need him anymore. That one item I’d always fondly cherish from his childhood. Waaaaah!

Then it started. Every couple of sleep cycles through the night, we heard the Little Mister’s cries. It was a long night. Mr Unprepared and I alternated in comforting him, telling him to cuddle his other giraffe toy (who is no match for Giraffey but a respected member of the Giraffey family in our home) and creeping back to bed. It felt like the bad old teething days. Still, the Little Mister was so brave. He truly did try. It was just a parents’ nightmare, in terms of sleep deprivation!


The next morning, we systematically turned the house upside down. I even searched the garage, on my hands and knees looking under the cars as thoroughly as possible with a torch. Nothing. We tried all sorts of techniques to see if the Little Mister could remember where he might have left his best little buddy. Nope. He was no help. He kept confusing that day with the day before when we tried to retrace his whereabouts and it just became a bit of a struggle. We were forced to give up (although our house was suddenly tidier at least) and head out to a birthday party. I started to formulate back up plans in my head. I knew we’d have to have a ‘talk’ about Giraffey possibly not being found in time for bed again that night. I had started to accept that even though, logically Giraffey was at our home (he doesn’t leave unless it’s a special occasion during which we usually keep a keen eye on him), he might not be found for weeks (as was the case with the TV remote incident of 2013).

I started prepping the Little Mister for what might be another difficult night, while we were on our way back home from the party.

“You know, I am not sure but I think that maybe Giraffey has gone on a little holiday! If he has, do you have another toy you’d like to sleep with until he gets back?”

He looked a bit crestfallen. I felt awful.

He then raised an eyebrow and said…

“He can’t go on a holiday! He doesn’t have any feet!”

And with that I was stumped. Can’t beat solid pre-schooler logic. NOW WHAT? I WAS BANKING ON THE WHOLE ‘HOLIDAY’ THING.

I decided to drop the issue while I did a little more thinking (my parenting game was obviously lacking).

As we pulled up to our garage, Mr Unprepared hopped out of the car first. He’d left the door up and we were parked only half way in because he needed room to rotate my tyres (after the flat I’d had repaired from the day before). I heard him yell, “GIRAFFEY!”

I looked up and saw him joyously swinging one very important giraffe blankie back and forth in his hand.

“WHERE WAS HE?!?!” I exclaimed in disbelief. I had looked everywhere in the garage, remember?

Turns out, Giraffey had been UNDER my car tyre when Mr Unprepared had parked it up for the previous night. UNDER THE TYRE. I would never have found it. Luckily he was in one piece (even if he smelt like rubber). An elated Little Mister cuddled him tight, ran into the house with him and promptly got distracted, leaving him lying on the floor. Sigh.

There is now a rule that Giraffey only lives in his bedroom!

I think I have a few more grey hairs (you know – underneath all the dye).

Have you ever lost a child’s precious comfort item? Did you find it? Was it somewhere weird? Did you have to have a ‘talk’ and get creative when it never came home? Are you smarter than me and bought fifteen of the same thing just in case? x

The Happy List #12

Happy List#12

So, it’s been quite the week. I’m even writing/posting this happy list a day late! It’s been a big mix of emotions and events. Nothing too out there, but anxiety, a flat tyre on my car, the loss of a beloved security blankie (more on that later) and a bunch of other stuff (including the Little Mister getting very grouchy due to a suspected growth spurt) have played a part. It’s definitely been an exhausting week. Still, there were lots of positives hidden away in that week and it’s time to celebrate them (even if sometimes those things felt overshadowed by dumb stuff at the time).

Here’s what made me happy in the last week…

Colouring in

Ever since I was considered ‘too old’ to colour in, I have wished I could. For years, I would joke about buying my own colouring in book just for fun, but then wondered if that was too weird. Now, with the sudden craze of adult colouring in books, I am in my element! I found one the other day that I liked the look of, threw a new pack of coloured markers in my basket too, and brought it home. I immediately wondered if I’d wasted my money (it felt like I’d never get time to colour in), but the other night I needed to chill out for a few minutes and took my chance. IT WAS SO GOOD. Of course, I have read all about the benefits of colouring in as an adult, but I didn’t expect anything. I was just doing it for fun. Yet, no joke, a few minutes in and I felt so CALM! I hadn’t felt that calm in DAYS. It was truly blissful. Now I know I’ll be reaching for that book when anxiety comes calling. Especially at night, when my anxiety kind of tries to run rampant. Although, I do feel it’s only a matter of time until the Little Mister somehow gets a hold of my colouring in stash, despite my best efforts!

New glasses

My new glasses arrived early and to say I was excited to collect them is an understatement. I finally picked out frames that suited my needs (and style), as opposed to always compromising in the past. No more pesky rubber nose pieces that get knocked out of whack and are then all crooked when I put them on! No more flimsy frames that scare me when the Little Mister inevitably gets a hold of them! I’ve even managed to just pull off an aviator look from Country Road, with my first pair of prescription sunglasses (for driving in sunny weather). I asked Mr Unprepared if they made me look like a hot FBI chick or a secret agent of some sort, but he said no. How rude haha.

Buying some jeans

I know that jeans are not a revolutionary item of clothing. Most people have them and wear them every day. They are considered a fantastic, practically timeless (if you buy the right style) staple of any wardrobe. But for me, pants have been an issue. Muffin top, short legs, pouchy crotch, you get the idea. I get around this with shirt dresses and leggings a lot, but there are times when jeans just seem like the best option and I just haven’t had any on hand (or leg as it may be). While I was stranded in the local shopping centre the other day (thanks to my flat tyre incident – second one in 6 months – aargh), I figured I’d kill time with some dress ups. I decided to try some jeans. I love the distressed look skinnies, so I thought, why not? If they fit I might be tempted to buy them and if they didn’t, I’d just put them back, no harm done.

I was stoked to find a pair in a darker (and therefore more flattering) denim, with the odd sizes in stock (i.e. 11). I put them on and I wasn’t instantly repulsed! Yay! I still have some muffin top issues (I may have been eating badly in the past week) but with my usual exercise/eating routine, I knew it was not going to be an ongoing problem. I actually felt kind of cute in them. Massive win!

Spending time in the fresh air

Yesterday, we went to my parents’ place so Mr Unprepared could help my dad to cut down a whole bunch of trees and help with a bonfire. It was so lovely. We roamed about their 5 acres, stayed away from technology for the most part, and the Little Mister had a great time wearing himself out (and trying not to fall down rabbit holes). There were beautiful flowers everywhere, the sun shone for most of the day, and even though my parents don’t live far away from civilisation at all, it felt like we were sequestered away on a little country holiday. Bliss!



A good night’s sleep when you’re tired

Ever have those days where you’re all, “Man I’m so knackered. I’m going to sleep so well tonight.”

But then you don’t? Because life is a bitch sometimes? And the problem goes on forever because you jinxed it? Well, last night this was NOT the case! I needed a really good sleep, I went to bed early and I got it! So satisfying. Please don’t hate me haha.

I feel so much more refreshed than I’ve felt in ages (instead of feeling worse which is sometimes the case). Thank goodness! The situation was getting a bit dire!

Other stuff that’s made me happy:

  • Knowing when to say ‘no’ because it’s the best thing for you. FOMO can go to hell – people understand.
  • The Little Mister playing so quietly this morning – that hasn’t happened in a while.
  • Having time to blog.
  • A little bit of sunshine after a few days of rain.
  • Seeing that my azaleas are about to flower.
  • Knowing my brother is following his dreams and is making the big move to Melbourne.
  • Having a morning at home to just regroup and chill out.
  • Some clarity on an issue I’ve been struggling with.


What has made you happy lately? x

Memories Meme.



image source


The day before yesterday, I went about decluttering my study. I had to say goodbye to a whole lot of stuff that made me nostalgic but no longer had any purpose in my home. As I sorted through CD after CD, book after book, I felt like I’d been transported back in time. I could remember all the time I spent huddled over my CD player, gripping the booklets filled with notes from the artists and lyrics (if you were lucky). I thought, wow – I was actually pretty cool! Well, at least my music taste was haha.

As books and CDs become less of a ‘thing’, with the rise of newer, quicker, more compact technology, I realise that so many things were unique to my generation (as were all the things the generations before us enjoy memories of). I actually felt a little emotional when I handed all of the stuff over to the lovely staff at Cash Converters (for those not familiar – they’re Aussie pawn shops). And they were lovely. They were quite excited at the nostalgia I had brought back to them too.

I was inspired to create a bit of a throwback themed meme of memories – you can give it a go in the comments too or let me know if you blog about it (be sure to link back here so we can all find each other)! Don’t be afraid to give lots of details so that I can feel like I was there! x

What is your first ever memory?

I really clearly remember being on a sailing boat. I remember being outside the cabin thinking I was totally going to fall over the edge into the water. I was scared and really wanted to go back inside the cabin where it felt safe. This happened a few times in a row until finally I realised I didn’t need to be scared. I then remember wondering where that boat was and when I’d get to enjoy not being scared again (my parents had sold their boat damn it – I’d only just got the hang of it). I asked my mum about this a while later and she was shocked that it was my first memory. I was only 18 months old!!

First music album you picked out/bought:

I was a little late to the CD game (I was a cassette girl for a little longer than a lot of my friends who were so cool and had portable Discman players), but it was a big deal when I bought my first one. It was the Sunday Morning single by No Doubt (which google tells me was in 2005). I was probably about 10 or 11 years old.

First concert/live music gig you went to: 

I went to a Silverchair concert with my best friend. It was 1997. We were head over heels in love with Daniel Johns (the lead singer/guitarist). The show was at the now non existent Perth Entertainment Centre. We were too small for the moshpit so we sat in general seating with my friend’s older brother who had kindly agreed to chaperone us. I kind of remember embarrassing him a bit when we squealed and sang along haha. Also, I found the ticket stub yesterday. It cost us $27 to get in. THE TICKET COST $27 – WTF. Ammonia and Magic Dirt were the support acts. OMG.

First car: 

I had a charcoal coloured 1994 Nissan Pulsar sedan (which I thought was waaaaaay superior to a hatchback for some reason haha). I bought her from my parents (they knew I’d be safe in her). I had to earn half of her value and my parents would match me dollar for dollar. They made good on their promise – yay! I decked her out with a dodgy Blaupunkt stereo that hated half of my CDs and we were in business! She was called Buzz because she had the letters ‘BZ’ on her numberplate. I kept her for years, but ended up selling her to a nice police family.

What do you remember most about your first childhood home? 

I remember the backyard (probably also because of all the photos my mum took). There was a great area out the back, where we had a swing set and a cubby house. My mum would tape a big piece of cardboard to the outside (exposed red brick) wall so we could paint. I also remember the family room. The family dog Bo Bo would come in and get all excited, barking and making the rug move under his paws.

Did you ever get in trouble at school? What for?

I was pretty good. I’d get told off for talking in class sometimes. I think I was disciplined for not doing my homework on time a couple of times. I think I had maybe one detention in my whole high school career. Something about a swimming carnival, but I have no idea what I did wrong.

Name 5 movies or TV shows you remember watching most as a kid/teen:

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Full House
  3. Lion King
  4. Recovery (remember that 3 hour Saturday morning show on the ABC hosted by Dylan Lewis? OMG)
  5. Rage. Back when they did the countdown of the top 50 songs each week. I’d try and wake up super early on a Saturday morning, sneak out to the TV, plug in some headphones taken from my walkman (haha) and watch as many music video clips as I could before my mum busted me. My poor mum haha.

First celebrity crush: 

It’s hard to say. Probably Jonathan Taylor Thomas (yes JTT) of Home Improvement fame? I used to pin up his posters from my TV Hits magazines. That’s a little embarrassing but it was totally age appropriate at the time!

What did you want to be/do when you grew up?

I wanted to be everything from rock star, to pro surfer travelling around in a Holden EH wagon (very specific). I also wanted to be a SAHM because my mum was so awesome at it. As I got a bit older and realised that there’s this thing called reality (my passions may have been music and surfing but my talents and dedication were rather lacking) and wanted to be a youth worker or social worker.

What new technology excited you while you were growing up? 

I remember when we got the internet. We got a computer and the internet at the same time. It was a big deal. Back then, not everyone had both. My friends all had the internet before we did. I know, right? HOLY F*CK I’M OLD NOW.

I remember finding these ‘make your own website for free’ things. I tried to start blogging (before I even knew what blogging was), but because like no-one had the internet, it didn’t exactly take off. And I think it was really difficult back then. I probably just forgot all of the passwords and stuff. I used to spend lots of time at friends’ places in IRC chat rooms (sorry Mum). So bad, now that I think about it. So many creeps that we were naively flirting with while WAAAAAY under age. Yikes!


So…now it’s your turn! x

Kez Gets Physical: My first outdoor ‘run’.

Kez Gets Physical

I have gone on about it for a while, but today it finally happened. I finally went for a run in the great outdoors (instead of just on the treadmill). YAY! Mr Unprepared was home from work (recovering from his 140km training cycle yesterday), the weather was beautiful and we had no other plans for the morning. While I was in the shower, I suddenly realised it was time. I had to do it today or I’d never get started.

Of course, right before I was due to go out, I had a minor anxiety attack. Great timing, hey. I know exactly what triggered it but that’s probably for another post. So I felt sick to the stomach, my head was spinning and I had to sit down! Not the best start! Still, I soldiered on – even if it was a bit later than I’d planned.

I took my dog Blitz with me. She needs to work on her fitness too. We’re going to be work out buddies. She just doesn’t really know it yet.



At first I was pulling her along, but she finally started to get the hang of it and keep pace with me. I am a little worried about her road safety smarts. At the first intersection, she tried to run away from another dog that was crossing the road too (during which time a car appeared and was headed towards us). The next time, she stopped to sniff a caterpillar in the middle of the road. Sigh. We’ll work on that.

I think that I can only just get away with saying I ran most of the way to the beach. It was difficult to get into the zone. One of my socks had lost its elastic (which I didn’t realise until I’d started running) and kept slipping down into my shoe. Am I alone in saying that it’s the most irritating feeling ever? Sometimes I had to stop and untangle Blitz’s lead a bit – she’d get it under her chest and around a paw. I managed to keep it nice and short most of the time to avoid this, but when she lagged behind I had to let it out haha.

Still, I wouldn’t do it without her. She’s not just in need of a work out herself, but she’s good company and being a big black dog, I have to admit that it helps to calm my fears of strange boogey men waiting in the shadows. I hope she’s a deterrent. I don’t want any excuses to not run (don’t get me started on my feminist rant about women not having a sense of safety when alone)!

I didn’t run with any music because I wanted to get used to not having it, but I did find it a bit irritating that I couldn’t accurately track my run. I had my fitbit flex on, but I couldn’t carry my phone which meant I couldn’t use the GPS functions that a lot of running apps have. I am very into being able to really measure everything – it’s a big motivator for me. Later in the afternoon I went and purchased an arm band to carry my phone in, so it’s good to know I have it for next time.

When I got to the beach, Mr Unprepared, the Little Mister and our older dog Heidi joined me (they came by car). I sat on the beach, looking at the beautiful ocean. I was still feeling pretty average mentally, thanks to the stupid anxiety, but by the time we left the beach I realised I was less tense and feeling a little more human. It was worth it. I think my performance will be a lot better minus the anxiety, so that’s something to look forward to.


After my run I got on the computer and used the mapmywalk.com site to check how long my route was. 1.91km. Not as far as I thought (but pretty close – I’d guessed 2km). That’s better than I’ve done on my treadmill so far, so I will celebrate that little achievement!

Who knows when I’ll get another outdoor run (probably once Mr Unprepared has finished his big charity ride – his training has been pretty intensive and time consuming), but I am excited for it. It’s nice to get out of the house. Also, I can’t just be tempted to give up and sit down on the couch halfway. I have to run home too haha.

Do you run? Are you just starting like me? Do you want to start? Or are you an expert? Any great advice for how to carry stuff or get the most out of my run? x

The Happy List #11

The Happy List #11


I am using what energy I can to write my happy list before I come crashing down after a 4:30am wake up this morning! On a Sunday, no less! Ah, the things we do for love (I will explain it in a moment)! So, here’s what has made me happy in the past week or so…

Watching the sun rise

Today is Mr Unprepared’s birthday. It is also the day he needs to do a 140km training ride with his cycling team for a charity trip he is doing in a couple of weeks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me (a sudden burst of love?), but I decided that I would wake up at 4:30am with him, bundle the Little Mister into the car and go on a little early morning adventure to the city, where the ride started. You know, in the spirit of it being his birthday and all. While I dreaded the early morning wake up (and had trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour to compensate), I am so glad we did it. The Little Mister was enthralled with the novelty of getting up at ‘night time’ and despite my fatigue, the drive home as the sun rose was just lovely. The colours in the sky. The quiet on the roads. That whole “it’s a new day” feeling. I love it. Not too often, but I do love it when I have to haha.

Busting through a mental block

I’ve mentioned it quite a bit (sorry!), but I’ve been trying to declutter our study so I can turn it into a gorgeous lady blogging cave worthy of Pinterest. I was getting all excited as I shredded old documents and threw out weird useless trinkets, but then I reached a bit of a mental block. I didn’t know where to go next. I felt a bit overwhelmed. I thought that everything would have to stop, because I had no idea what to do next. Then, a visit to my parents’ and suddenly it just seemed so easy. I took inspiration from my brother who is leaving to live in Melbourne soon – waaaaah (happy for him but going to miss him terribly). He had some great stuff to sell me and observing how he was going about the decluttering process really sparked something in me. It was a lightbulb moment! I mean, some of the stuff he’s doing seems so obvious but like I said, I had a total mental block. I came home feeling ready to take the next steps (because I finally knew what they were). It was like a weird chain reaction. Suddenly inspiration returned to me and I’m excited again. I got this!

Being able to talk (or tweet) openly about my anxiety


Earlier this week, anxiety (I named her Patrice because “NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE!”) was really trying to beat me down. She was being such a bitch. Telling me I was lonely and sad, when so many things in my life were actually looking pretty good (or were things I could normally find the positives about). Telling me that the things I should have been looking forward to were all going to end in dismal failure and the implosion of my very soul. Making me think I wasn’t strong enough to bounce back even if that was the case (which we all know it probably wasn’t going to be). I was really getting sick of Patrice’s shit.

I decided to tweet about it, because a couple of years ago (when it was at its worst), I decided I wouldn’t hide it anymore. I would stop buying into the stigma of it. I would help myself and others by being honest and open. Within minutes, I had wonderful responses from kind friends who hilariously got into the spirit by telling Patrice to eff off and I knew I wasn’t alone (like Patrice was trying to make me feel). While external validation wasn’t really my motivation (I was just venting and trying to put the thoughts outside of my head – a bonus if me keeping it real helped somebody else to feel less alone), I was so grateful. I started to feel better almost immediately. No joke. Being able to speak up and say you’re not feeling great does wonders. I thank everyone (online or IRL) who makes me feel safe to do so.

When the dogs greet the Little Mister at his bedroom window

It’s a silly story, but the Little Mister went through a phase where he kept turning on his bedroom lights in the middle of the night (therefore keeping himself awake). We confiscated the light bulb from his overhead light and we now unplug his bedside lamp when we’re done reading stories for the night. Meanest parents ever haha. In the mornings (especially when it’s dark and cloudy), I have to open his blind immediately so we can see what we’re doing. Our dogs have gotten used to this and have adjusted their morning routine to listen out for us and come running to the window to ‘say’ good morning every day. It’s so sweet and the Little Mister loves it.

Learning new insults

I visited our local major shopping centre on a Tuesday morning at 9am. As soon as I got inside the automatic doors, I heard a beautiful bogan specimen loudly telling a tale about her life to another gorgeous bogan specimen. It involved a moment that she was very proud of in which she had told another (I’m assuming) bogan that she was a “cheesecake c**t!” over and over. The joy on her face was just exquisite. She was almost glowing as she recounted her moment of triumph.

While it’s not a side of my hometown that I’m especially proud of, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about it all day (and laughing is good for us). I mean, what exactly is a cheesecake c**t and what do you have to do to be qualified as one? It goes on the happy list because it did weirdly make me happy. It’s like we can make fun of it because we live here.

Where would we be without bogans, hey? (don’t answer that – it’s tongue-in-cheek rhetorical haha)


So that’s it for this week! What would you put on your happy list?

Taking stock #1



I’ve always wanted to give one of these posts a go. They seem like a great way to just take stock (funny that) and really contemplate on where I’m at in a particular moment. I never did, because I wasn’t sure where to link back to, but thanks to the gorgeous Smaggle (whose blog I totally fangirl over) I now know that Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is that lady! I don’t know how often I’ll do these, but let’s just see where it takes us, shall we?

Here’s what I’ve been doing (please note that some of these things don’t seem to follow a coherent timeline – this is because I tried to write it over the course of a whole afternoon/evening – #mumlife hey?)…

Making : Time to declutter my home. It is my favourite time of the week. When the Little Mister is at day care and Mr Unprepared is at work. It’s just me, making decisions that will get my home looking freaking amazing (and more organised) when I’m done!
Cooking : Tonight it’s chicken minestrone soup! Light, but hearty. Perfect.
Drinking : Water. I’ve been neglecting my intake lately. Must try harder!
Reading: Blogs. I love me some blog catch up time.
Wanting: Spring weather! Winter? I am DONE!
Looking: At my sneakers sitting on the ground. I was going to work out when I got home from work (I was all dressed for it and everything) but then I kicked them off and started farting around with my blog. Not literally farting. Just to clarify. Oops.
Playing: An old true crime show called FBI Files on Netflix (I always half watch it while I work). It’s full of crappy re-enactments and dramatic music. I’m a sucker for that stuff. The reason I half watch it is so the grisly details only half sink in (to protect me from freaking out even though I’m deeply fascinated in that stuff). I’m funny like that.
Deciding: On how to best tackle the overhaul of my future lady cave. I have some great new ideas and I can’t wait to get started!
Wishing: To expand our little family. It hasn’t been working out like we’d originally hoped, but one day we hope to give the Little Mister a sibling. Until then, don’t even bother looking at my belly or making dumb remarks. I’ll cut a bitch. I WILL! Well, I won’t. But I’ll be VERY unimpressed and I might even tell you (complete with stink eye).
Enjoying: Work. It was a bit tedious today, but I love getting myself nice and busy with non housewife/mummy stuff. It reminds me that I’m so many things and that my brain still works!
Waiting: For my new glasses to arrive. I picked out new frames and the two week wait feels like forever! I get excited about nerdy things haha.
Liking: The prospect of baking tomorrow. Cupcakes for a couple of special occasions on the weekend! :)
Wondering: When life will quiet down again. HA! NEVER! Still, I’ll wonder forever haha.
Loving: Those precious few hours after the Little Mister’s bed time. When everything is quiet.
Pondering: That whole ‘love languages’ caper. I think they’re really onto something.
Considering: All the different ways I can offload the ridiculous volume of books and CDs from my home.
Buying: A beautiful desk for my future lady cave. From my brother who is moving away. I’m going to DIY it a little (spray the legs white) and it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL! Bargain! Thanks, bro!
Watching: The Little Mister as he sits in his little couch fort watching Curious George after a big day at ‘school’ (day care). 
Hoping: That the weekend runs smoothly (despite being very very busy) and that I won’t want to kill anyone by the end of it. Also, that Mr Unprepared has a great birthday on Sunday.
Marvelling: At how the zit that is under the surface of my chin has been sitting there for like a week, without ever coming to a head. Gross.
Cringing: At the fact that I just gave way too much information about my chin zit.
Needing: Hugs. A peaceful mind. Energy.
Questioning: Why women’s sport is not celebrated the same way men’s sport is in this country. We won the Ashes in the cricket. We became netball world champs (again). We have been playing Aussie Rules footy for 100 years and only just televised a game last weekend. WTF. That’s the current bee in my bonnet. Check in next week and see what I’ll be questioning next!!
Smelling: The soup we had for dinner.
Wearing: My work out gear. Even though I never worked out. Despite my best intentions. I annoy myself.
Following: Dave’s sugar quitting journey on Big Kid Little Kid. Even though I have no intention of quitting sugar completely at the moment, I love his approach. His vlogs are so brutally honest and hysterical and even a little inspiring (whether you’re on the bandwagon or not). Fantastic stuff.
Noticing: That I haven’t wiped the grotty coffee table down, despite my best intentions today. Oops!
Knowing: That Home and Away goes for an hour tonight makes my little closet Home and Away watching heart so happy.
Thinking: Tomorrow is Friday. YAY!
Admiring: A lot of my friends’ cute new hair cuts. I can’t wait to decide on something I want and find a hairdresser I trust to make me look cute for spring!
Sorting: My diary. I have dates swimming around in my head and I need to get them all onto paper. Only way to stop the overwhelm.
Getting: A headache. Probably the not enough water thing.
Bookmarking: The ‘taking stock‘ link so I can do it again one day!
Coveting: Little filing cabinets just like my mum and my brother have. I must find some of my own! I think they’re from Freedom and I’m praying they still sell them. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for and they had some right under my nose the whole time!
Disliking: That I’m not exercising as much as I could be. I need a big kick up the backside!
Opening: My mouth. And yawning!
Giggling: A sound I will never tire of hearing from the Little Mister.
Feeling: Like I’m fighting off another cold. I will succeed!!
Snacking: I’m probably not snacking enough. I tend to go too long between feeds and then overindulge. I should probably work on that.
Helping: Hugs from Mr Unprepared tonight are helping my anxiety (I have little flare ups).
Hearing: Criminal Minds on the TV. Yeah. I clearly have a thing for FBI themed shows.

Anyway, that’s enough riveting information about me for now! I hope I can look back on this one day and remember an exact moment in time. Kind of like reflecting on that ‘on this day’ app on Facebook. I love stuff like that.

If you want to do this yourself, here’s a blank slate for you to copy and paste to your own blog (or in the comments if you like)!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Catch ya later, babes! x

Everyone’s a critic: If my home received a TripAdvisor* review.


image source

So I was recently researching some overnight accommodation for my Misters (the Little Mister and Mr Unprepared) and I, as we briefly considered spending a night in the city. It would have been partly for convenience (Mr Unprepared has a big early morning bike ride coming up) and also for a bit of family fun. A chance to get out of our usual little home life bubble. Why not, hey? Kind of a staycation. Sadly, this never eventuated (too complicated)…

But…the thing is, TripAdvisor does my head in. I wonder what the hell we did before we had this review system? We just *gasp* winged it?! Now, every hotel decision feels like life or death. WHAT? THEIR INTERNET ACCESS IS PATCHY? ONE PERSON FOUND DUST ON THE SIDE TABLE? That’s it. We can’t go there. I must look at five other places, crosscheck the features each room has, compare prices and analyse each review IN DEPTH. All perspective has been lost.

I have reviewed the reviews and while some people seem to have made well balanced comments, there are some pernickety people who I would NOT like for a houseguest. I wonder what their houses are like?

Which made me wonder what kind of honest reviews my house would get? *gulp*

Here’s what I think it might look like (and I’m being generous haha)…

Location 3.5 stars

Located within walking distance of both a beautiful estuary and the ocean. Quite a distance from restaurants and other fancy things. You’ll need a car to get around (the bus service is not exactly an all hours type deal), but there is a new little neighbourhood supermarket that the locals can’t stop raving about on account of having been deprived for so long of such a thing. The view from the front of the accommodation is pretty boring – facing onto other residential houses. You won’t get a good photo of the sunset ever, without feeling like you’re invading the neighbours’ privacy, but it is pretty to look at. Your instagram opportunities will be limited and this may bring frustration, because DAMN it REALLY IS A GOOD SUNSET. It’s really close to the highway, but it’s not too noisy.

Sleep Quality 2 stars

You’ll be sharing the accommodation with a cycling addict who rises early for both work and recreation, so you will feel very sleep deprived. You’ll also find that the child resident will on occasion make a noise early in the morning, often singing just one line from that viral ‘hit’ song What Does The Fox Say over and over (consider it your wake up call). Because you’re expected to assist in looking after said child during the day, you will find yourself lying awake in the middle of the night for no apparent reason other than to worry about things you didn’t have time to worry about during the day or simply to get in some ‘thinking alone’ time. Don’t stay here if relaxation is what you’re after! Terrible!!

Also, rooms are very noisy during the day. I heard constant moans of, “I’m hungry! I need to do wees! WATCH THIS!”

Rooms & Cleanliness 1.5 stars

There are only two liveable bedrooms available (which you have to share with other residents). One is shoved full of stuff for storage (enter at own risk) and one has been turned into a makeshift study/ironing room (in terrible condition). The owner has apparently made plans to overhaul these rooms, but nothing substantial has been done about it. There is dust on some of the furniture, there are piles of clothes on the floor. When asking the domestically challenged lady owner about this, the reply was, “What? That’s just my floordrobe. Don’t touch it. It’s a very highly organised system.”

Housekeeping seems to happen often, but the accommodation still looks very much like nothing was done almost immediately afterwards. I noticed a lot of crumbs underneath the couch. And on the couch. Also, under the dining table. What. The. Eff. On several occasions I was amazed to see the owners used their DOG to clean up the floor. WITH ITS MOUTH.

Self contained. Pantry well stocked with complimentary baking ingredients a lot of the time. The master bedroom has an ensuite, but when an early riser uses the shower, it wakes whoever was trying to sleep because there is no door separating the rooms.

There are TVs with access to a DVR stacked full of shows up to a year old because the owner never has time to watch anything. The internet is OK, but on occasion becomes so slow you can’t even *gasp* watch Netflix!

Family friendly set up. Backyard. Play area. No-one is judging if your kids are cray cray.

Very ‘homely’ ‘lived in’ feel. We all know what that’s code for.

Service (either 5 stars for children or 1 star for adults)

If you are 3 years old, the service is fantastic all around the clock. If you are any older, you have to do everything yourself. You may be able to coerce one of the owners to do you a favour here or there, but you have to be really nice and it depends what mood they’re in (see above for sleep quality).

I don’t recommend the so called day spa. It consists of the owner just slapping some moisturiser on your face, painting your nails badly (only on sporadic weekend evenings) and then shoving you out because there’s no time for anything else. Well, I never!

The ‘gym’ is a treadmill shoved up into a corner of the master bedroom. The only upside of this is that if you fall off, you will land in bed.

The food menu is “Have what we make you or get it yourself” and depends on how close to pay day the owner is.

Value (hard to ascertain)

Children stay for free. Adults must contribute to mortgage, housekeeping and admin. It’s totes worth it if you have nowhere else to go. Basically, it’s like a working holiday.

The place has a lot of potential and once the owners find two seconds, it will be undergoing several improvements – woohoo!


Guess I’ll be staying here then! You know, because I live here.

Would you stay at my hotel house? What would a review of your place look like? Do you obsess over reviews when planning to stay somewhere? 

*I probably don’t need to say it, but this post is in no way associated with TripAdvisor.

The Happy List #10

The Happy List#10


It’s that time of the week again! Yep, the time when I get to list the things that made me happy this past week – a reminder to appreciate the little things. It also gets me in a positive frame of mind before starting a new week. Here goes…

Beautiful weather

This is definitely at the top of my list. Yesterday, we had an uncharacteristically beautiful winter’s day. We’re not just talking sunshine. We’re talking 24 degrees (Celsius), no cold bite to the breeze and summer vibes. Blue skies. A buzz in the air, like it was making everyone collectively happy. Oh, I wish I could have bottled it. If every day of the year was like yesterday, I would be a very happy person. It was the perfect interruption to the winter blues for me, personally, and just the boost I needed. Apparently, we’ve been forecast for showers for the rest of the week, but I shall remember yesterday and hold it close to my heart for the rest of the winter!

We did some gardening and we even got to eat a light, nibbly dinner al fresco! I had chilled out Triple J tunes cranking into the backyard all afternoon (at a respectful volume of course) and we could hear the neighbours’ kids playing too. It really was a taste of summer.

Feeling productive at work

Sometimes I just need to exercise the non mum part of my brain. This past week I got a lot done at work and it made me feel really good, like I’ve still got it.

A week without illness

Our household had a week and a half of illness free bliss. I am hoping to continue this, but realistically, I am sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the winter bugs. It was wonderful. The Little Mister made it to day care every single day (he goes twice a week), which meant I was able to put in some good hours at work and run around alone getting things done. That hasn’t happened in ages! It was a blissfully average week. It was also a relief that when the weekend’s original social plans were sadly cancelled, it wasn’t us who had to pull the plug for once (we hope our friends feel better soon)!

The Little Mister swimming like a superstar

The Little Mister goes to swimming lessons each week and while it can seem quite tedious for us parents, we always make sure we’re there (provided the Little Mister isn’t sick). He’s a little uncoordinated at times (poor kid gets it from me), but he plugs away at it and when we see some progress, we feel so excited and happy for him. The past couple of weeks we saw such a leap in his confidence. He was able to float on his back unassisted for a little while (something he’d been scared of before – hated having his ears in the water) and then this week, he took a leap and was able to ‘swim’ to his teacher a couple of metres away. It was sort of a half submerged torpedo attempt, but he didn’t sink and he tried really really hard. I’ve never been prouder. He is going up to the next level this coming week! The staff at the swimming centre were so supportive and made a big fuss of him – so cute.

There’s nothing like seeing your child feeling really proud of themselves when they’ve worked hard for something. He was on a high all evening – even called all his grandparents to share the news. Nawwww.

One of my BFFs arriving in town

It’s only a short stay before she has to head back to the US (where she lives with her lovely husband) for a few months, but knowing she’s on home soil is just wonderful. We’re going to catch up soon – I’ve missed her SO much! You know the mates who you see after a huge break, but it doesn’t matter that you were apart, because you can just pick up where you left off? She’s one of those precious gems. We’ve been making our home soil catch ups a priority since forever – I’ll always have time for her. So much love!

Other happy stuff…

  • Mr Unprepared securing a great temporary promotion. It is kind of an extended hiatus from his current position, which will give him so much great experience. He had to apply and interview for it, so I’m proud of him for giving it a go and being successful!
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix (don’t judge me). Finishing Orange is the New Black.
  • Buying a dress in a size 10 (I’m usually a 12 these days). Sure, the sizing at that particular store can be a tad generous, but it was still a win because there have been tough times where even fitting into a size 12 (and still feeling good about it) has been stressful. I might be struggling at a weight plateau right now, but to see where I’ve toned up is just so encouraging and motivating. Must keep going and push harder with my exercise (and better eating – the tough part).
  • I borrowed my mum’s document shredder so I could get rid of old letters and bills (and anything with our private details printed on it) that we are no longer required to keep. The sound it makes as it eats all those annoying pieces of paper that have been cluttering up our home is just music to my ears! I could shred documents all day! In all seriousness, it’s great because I think those pieces of paper were just kept around because it was too time consuming to destroy our identifying information by hand. With this great decluttering tool, I have been motivated to do so much more to work towards my dream of a lady blogging cave.
  • Baking.


What would you put on your happy list this week?


How to survive those last few days before pay day.

How to survive...


OK, so this isn’t exactly the most sexy topic. I am sure you’re not quivering with excitement at the thought of talking about your family finances. Or doing a happy dance when you hear that offensive B word. BUDGETING. Holy shit. Have I lost you yet? I don’t know about you guys, but I hate the stress that comes with stretching those last few dollars before the next pay day. It’s scary at worst and it’s frustrating at best. I am so crap at maths and I am definitely not an accountant. Hell, I’m not even that good a blogger that this post is sponsored by an expert on finance or anything. But I think that’s kind of cool too. Because I want you to know that if I can do this stuff each month (or fortnight if that’s how you get paid), then you smart cookies can too!

So…here are the things I do to help prevent that pre-payday chaos…

Set a budget

OH HELL NO. SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. Yep. I did. And it’s easier than you think. It doesn’t involve spreadsheets or fancy apps or complicated mathematics either. That’s just not how I roll. It’s just me, a page of my diary, a pen, access to my bank account details and a calculator. I do it every time we get paid and it gets easier the more you do it, because you get to know what’s coming in and out, and when!

So here’s my routine (which I do each pay day):

1. Note the current bank balance. Put it at the top of the page.

2. Have set amounts to spend on groceries, fuel, and personal spending – my husband and I get the same set amount each to spend how we like on socialising or clothes or stuff we want that is just for us – we also budget a small amount for the Little Mister. The cool thing? If we’re thrifty with our personal spending, we can roll it over and let it accumulate from month to month (often making the other person jealous haha)! Write that shit down.

3. List all of the direct debits due to come out during the current pay period. Including rent/mortgage (the killers).

4. List all of the other bills you’ve got to pay/that are due during that time.

5. Allocate a small amount to transfer to the credit card and/or a separate savings account. It could be anything from $20 to $500 or whatever you can spare each time. Stick to it wherever possible. You’ll be amazed at how much that stuff can add up for bigger ticket items, holidays, home renovations, or even to fall back on when times truly do get tough or the inevitable unexpected expenses arise.

6. Do a little maths. Subtract all the amounts from the current bank balance. See what’s left over (if any). As long as you’re not in the negatives, you won’t have to juggle anything. If you are in the negatives, then do some little adjustments until it fits.  :)


It may not be the most sophisticated system, but it’s simple and easy and it works for me, which gives me incentive to continue with it!

Plan your groceries (and do them online)! 

There was this one miraculous day where I entered a physical supermarket and only spent the exact budget I had for that shop. To the dollar. But it was just that. One miraculous day. Ain’t nobody got time for taking their damn calculator, am I right?

I do my groceries online whenever I can. Why? Because it’s harder to impulse shop just because I’m hungry or I saw something I wasn’t planning on buying just staring at me. Also, it adds everything up for you as you fill your virtual trolley. You can literally shop to the dollar within your budget. It’s easier to meal plan (which also saves our waistlines and our moolah) – you can google a recipe and easily select all the ingredients as you go. Hell yes. It’s also comforting to know that if you plan it right, your family is GUARANTEED to know where their next meal is coming from when pay day is looming!

If you can avoid top up visits to the supermarket, you’ll find it’s harder to fritter away extra dollars each time!

I know that sometimes they inflate the prices for online shopping (naughty!) and you might have to pay for delivery, but for me it’s a small price to pay for convenience (and much less than I’d spend on impulse buying outside of the meal plan throughout the month).

Use EFTPOS where possible.

How many times have we taken out $50 to buy a couple of things at the supermarket, then chucked the change (maybe a $5 or $10 note and a bunch of coins) in our purse/wallet and forgotten about it? Then later, we feel like an impulse buy (for Mr Unprepared that’s an iced coffee treat or for me it might be a magazine) and oooooooh, there’s that cash in my purse! Instead of it going on say, groceries, it ends up being haemorrhaged here, there and everywhere! It’s harder to track where it’s gone, too!

If I withdraw cash (because let’s face it – some can be handy), I make sure it’s from my little personal spending budget (see first tip) and I try to use an ATM that is connected to the bank I am with (so they don’t charge you for its use). That way, I’ll be more reluctant to fritter it away, but I know it’s there as back up if I find myself in a bind where cash is necessary.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule (i.e. when you want to surprise your partner with a gift and you don’t want the source to show up on the account history and spoil it for you both), but I find this really helpful.

Have a bunch of free activities you can do while you’re waiting desperately for that next pay

Here are some things that have worked for us…

  • head to the beach
  • have a baking/cooking day where you use everything you have left to create something new and yummy – it can be as simple as googling all the odd ingredients and seeing what comes up. I keep a supply of basic baking ingredients stocked away just for this kind of thing – flour (self raising and plain), caster sugar, etc. It’s exciting because by now you’re probably sick of living off the bare bones. It almost feels like you’ve been shopping for new groceries!
  • Take a mish mash of the stuff you have left in the fridge/pantry and have a picnic!
  • go for a family bike ride/walk
  • play dates with friends or visiting the grandparents (hey sometimes they even throw in a free meal hahaha)
  • go to the park
  • have a movie day at home – there are so many things you can stream these days either for free or with services like Netflix (the most basic monthly package costs not much more than renting ONE new release DVD from a store on the weekend, so definitely cost effective if you like your movies and binge watching).
  • use the lack of moolah as an excuse to stay home and get stuff done – all those things you wish you had made more time for while you were running about constantly. OK, so housework or collating receipts for tax time might not be overly thrilling but you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards…and what else were you going to do anyway? 😛

Got anything to add to my list? I bet you do, you clever people.

Learn how to say no (without feeling guilty or dying from FOMO).

This used to be a really hard one for me. It can be really tempting to want to keep up with the Joneses. Those Joneses have a lot to answer for! The Joneses are the people who can buy tickets for every concert or theatre show that ever comes along. They’re the ones who can go out for those blissful boozy dinners every weekend. The people who can get their kids into every cool activity (that comes with an admission fee). The people who can buy everybody who was ever born once a fancy birthday gift every single year. The people with the shiny new cars. New houses in the latest upcoming neighbourhoods. The people who can do big renovations. The people who go on regular group holidays to Bali with their other friends. Those Joneses. Of course, the Joneses aren’t always as real as we think. When money is tight for you, it can feel like EVERYONE ELSE in the whole world can afford everything you can’t. It’s probably not true at all (you never really know another person’s situation and you might have exaggerated things in your mind out of frustration). And even if it was, it’s not our reality and it’s certainly not worth the stress or debt to keep up!

It can seem really awkward to say, “Sorry – we can’t afford it this month” (especially if you are worried they will scrutinise your spending thereafter and be really unfair about it in which case they probably aren’t the best kinds of friends to have anyway). So if you don’t want to mention your financial situation, don’t! Your finances are nobody’s business but yours. Simply say, “Sorry. We can’t make it! Catch up with you soon!”

When it’s your turn to organise a catch up, make it something that is affordable and fun! You might even find some of those alleged Joneses confessing to you that they were relieved you chose something cheaper to do!

You don’t have to justify anything to anyone and if your friendships are true, they’ll be there no matter what you can afford or not afford to do. Let them know it’s nice to be invited and that you appreciate them, even if you can’t be there for everything.

On the flipside, say yes to all the things you can do (and WANT to do – never do something you’re not that into purely out of fear of missing out) that come earlier in your pay period or that you have prior warning for so you can pop the expense in your budget! Then when things are getting a bit tighter, you can comfort yourself with the fact that it has only been x amount of days/weeks since you last caught up or did that awesome thing anyway – what’s another few days/weeks?

Sometimes just putting things into perspective can really make all the difference. It’s sad that money can sometimes affect how we feel about ourselves, but we don’t have to give in. We can be awesome people no matter what the bank balance says! While we are not exactly millionaires, I am very thankful for all that we have and I try to use it wisely. I am well aware that we have a pretty fortunate and stable situation at the moment (we have learnt the hard way in the past that things can always change in an instant) and I am thinking of everybody else out there who may be doing it a little (or a lot) tougher.

How do you survive those last few days before pay day? Any tips to share? 

Stuff I want to do when the winter is over.


Now, I am not usually the ‘wish your life away’ type. I believe in finding happiness in the exact place and time you’re in, because if you’re always waiting for the perfect circumstances in which to ‘be happy’, are you ever really happy? I am a big believer that happiness comes from within – it’s a choice we have to make a lot of the time. When times are shit, we have to dig deep and find the positives or the learning that can come from that circumstance. Yep. I’m that annoyingly positive person a lot of the time. The rest of the time I can be found moaning on Twitter (just in case you thought I was perfect – as if – bahaha).

But I’ll be honest with you. I am starting to feel a bit bloody annoyed by this whole winter time caper. And when I get this annoyed, I have to just mutter “this too shall pass” under my breath and make some plans to look forward to. I am so excited that the official start of spring is now less than a month away!

So what am I looking forward to?

Wearing short sleeved stuff and getting my pale legs out! 

I was looking at some photos from last summer (cleaning out my phone – it’s a mess) and the photos of us as a family, wearing singlets and t-shirts in the sunshine felt really at odds with the cold weather and rain we’ve been experiencing of late. I actually realised I can’t remember what that feels like – to have your arms or legs out and not be freezing and uncomfortable! I am also excited to see the spring/summer fashion that is coming. While I’ve been happy enough in my ‘winter uniform’ of leggings and shirt dresses and jacket and boots, I am so ready to shake things up! That first day of pure sunshine and warmth, I am going to rock those pale legs like nobody else! Just remind me to shave them first haha.

Planting flowers with the Little Mister

Look, I’m no gardening expert – maybe I’m supposed to start now or I was supposed to start a couple of seasons ago, but I look forward to buying some simple potted colour with him and teach him how to look after them. He’s shown an interest in flowers (he’s been watching a lot of bee related TV shows for some reason) and I think we’ll have so much fun. Also, the kid is obsessed with watering cans. I can’t wait to get him outside watering my plants too (so not a green thumb over here) haha.

I’ve been holding off a little, because the weather has kind of limited our outdoors time. I want it to feel like a full experience for him where we can really take our time and go and tend to everything whenever we want to.

Running outdoors

I love my treadmill soooooooo much (if you read this blog regularly you might have guessed). I can walk on her for hours (she doesn’t mind), but I am finding it more mentally challenging to run on her. I need that scenery to look at and the freedom of seeing the open space ahead of me (and not a bedroom curtain). I can’t wait to grab a dog (not just any random dog – one of my dogs that lives with me haha) and get going. I think I’ll see a huge difference in my progress. I’m really excited.

Less illness!

Oh, I know you hear me on this one! Less illness for the Little Mister means more attendance at day care. That means more all important socialising and learning for him, more time for me to work and get things done at home, which means a little more moolah for our household and a bit more sanity for me!

Less illness for all of us, means I won’t be constantly fighting something off. Which means more energy to do things I need to check off my to-do lists. More motivation. More creativity. More productivity. More things we can go and do. Less risk of Mr Unprepared getting the man flu (because NOBODY wants that).

Less illness basically means less stir craziness. That’s the worst part. Honestly. Quarantine is not fun.

I can’t wait to make plans to socialise that don’t fall through, due to illness!!!

Making the outside of our house pretty

We have so many things we would like to do. We started the process before winter really hit, but lost a lot of momentum. We’re excited to finish painting the gutters (OK so not excited about the actual task but for the result) and to give the front of the house a makeover. I know we’ll be so relieved that it’s finally done. We’ve been talking about it for years. Not even kidding.


Of course there are so many little things I can do to work towards these tasks right now and I think that writing my list has inspired me. I could buy some nice clothes for spring/summer ahead of time (retail therapy) so I am not freaking out that I have nothing to wear the moment the weather gets nice. I could start researching flowers with the Little Mister and buy some of the things we’ll need (pots and little trowels and stuff) – it could be our little project. We might not be able to work on the outside of our house just yet, but I could look into upgrading our bedroom furniture and do some more indoor stuff in the meantime.

I have really lost my mojo lately and I am hoping I can channel my frustration and stir craziness into something positive. I need to find that fire inside me again! Winter really does a number on me every year.

What is your favourite season? Anything you’re looking forward to this spring?