I miss paper.


It seems that another book store in my home town has shut down. Of course I am just assuming – they could have moved elsewhere, right? But the roller shutter is down and they were selling their shelves the other week. They wouldn’t be the first book store in the area to disappear. I suppose books are now something you buy online to be delivered, or to download electronically.

Lately, I’ve been having a real yearning for paper. It’s so weird. It just came on all of a sudden when I had a fantasy of one day reading the Little Mister (and any subsequent sibling should we be lucky enough) novels a chapter at a time, snuggled up at bed time. The way we used to read when I was young. Sure, we read him paper books now – great stories with illustrations. But there’s something about a novel. You know what I mean? The way you turn each page and hold it just so in your hands. The way it smells if it’s from the library or well read. I’ve been reading novels since I was six. SIX. That’s a long time to be enjoying books. They’re a part of my life.

Lately I have been disloyal to paperbacks. I have opted for electronic formats. Because I buy books on a whim online, rather than being able to browse through a book store (um – hello there aren’t many left). When I finally have time to read, I need to read RIGHT THEN AND THERE. It’s just easy to download something. And if Mr Unprepared is asleep, my phone or my tablet provide their own light so I don’t wake him or have to balance a torch under the covers like I did when I was a kid and I was supposed to be asleep and my mum would come in my room and blast me!

It’s probably my fault physical book stores aren’t thriving. Oops.

The other night I was in a self imposed mummy time out *ahem*. I was in my room with no electronic devices and there was no way in hell I was going back out into the fray to collect my smartphone. Sitting on the head of the bed was a book I had never got around to reading. A fat paperback. I stayed and read a chapter. It felt so good. More relaxing than reading from a bright screen.

I keep forgetting to write things down in my paper diary. I wish I had a place to store all of my friends’ addresses, birthdays and other such special details. I’d love to get an awesome journal to record my ‘Kez Gets Physical’ health journey. I would love to be that person who has a stack of gorgeous personal journals collected over a lifetime.

Sure, it’s not fantastic for decluttering purposes and I do think of the trees. But I miss paper.

I hope paper books never die. I hope the children of the future won’t all be read to every night by parents holding tablets. I mean, I’m not judging if anyone is already doing that (each to our own). I am just old fashioned and I never want to stop holding that story book and turning the pages.

Does anyone else miss paper? Is it wrong of me to want to keep reading (or writing on) trees that used to be?

The Happy List #17


It’s that time of the week again! I am sitting in bed with my laptop, trying to ignore the fact that I had a shitty night’s sleep, despite it being my first chance in ages to sleep in. I’m feeling kind of mellow. Right in this moment, I’m a good kind of tired. Like the dust has settled on the previous week. Ask me again in a few hours when I’m feeling hangry and I am reminded of the mess in my house, but for now I just feel calm.

I feel like saying that it’s been a big week. But it’s always a big week in real life, is it not? Maybe I’ll just let you know when it isn’t.

Anyway, here’s my favourite part. The part where I look back on the week and remember the happy moments:

I smashed a lot of exercise goals

I ran. I kept up with my fitbit step count. I was surprisingly competitive. I started to feel my hips again. OK, so there’s still some pretty good *ahem* insulation on them bones, but I think I’m getting some shape back in that area and they feel slightly different to me. It’s very subtle (seriously don’t bother looking haha), but it’s encouraging nonetheless.

I let myself be emotionally vulnerable and nobody left me hanging

I am always the person who wants to help others with their feelings and their tough times. Despite being a pretty open person on the surface of things, I can be surprisingly guarded about my deepest feelings and experiences. It’s my armour. I don’t like feeling vulnerable and while I’d move heaven and earth to show someone that I’m listening and that I care, I just don’t know how to be that person who needs someone to listen and to care (outside of my family who are so awesome of course). I had a real roller coaster of emotions this past week. I’ve had a lot to process. I finally learned that I need to learn to reach out to people (instead of holding things in or playing things down) and the support and love that came back frightened and embarrassed me at first. I didn’t know what to do with it. I had this weird expectation that if I let myself open up and ask for support that people would turn away. It’s irrational (because I know a lot of awesome people) but let’s file that under ‘Kez’s Weird Fears’. When it didn’t come true (thank goodness), I was overwhelmed. I am so appreciative of those who have shown me that they care and that they understand and that they’re not going anywhere. I might have cried a few ugly, but grateful tears. I’m definitely being forced to grow as a person.

I know this is a little cryptic (how annoying!), but I’m OK – really. It’s just some real life stuff. We all have our own stuff. I hope someone cares about your stuff <3

I brought home some stuff for my lady cave

I was so excited when I found the little filing cabinets I wanted online! I picked them up this week and while I have no idea where I’m going to put them just yet (oh the clutter!), I am glad to be making progress. It can be hard to put aside time to get projects done around the house, but I’m feeling encouraged by these recent developments!

Oh and I also pulled apart some very old desktop computer towers after raiding Mr Unprepared’s screwdriver collection and looking at a YouTube video. Very proud haha.

When Mr Unprepared made dinner

I don’t know exactly how it happened but over time (since the Little Mister came along), I became the only dinner cook in our household (probably my fault at first – I used to use cooking dinner as my ‘me time’ where I could kick everyone else out of the kitchen after a long day haha). Recently, we realised this when I got sick and I felt too gross to do much by the time I’d survived the day. I had to call in some help! Mr Unprepared has started to find his own meal ideas and cook a couple of nights a week again. It’s so great.

I like the Little Mister seeing both of us in the kitchen – role modelling win.

On Friday night, it was fajitas cooked on the barbecue and I was in heaven. There were barbecued corn cobs and everything (my absolute fave)! Also, I can’t believe Mr Unprepared makes such pretty dinners. Totally Instagrammable haha. Pity I’m not a great photographer (see blurred evidence below), but you win some, you lose some!

I think he’s unwittingly started a Friday Night Fajita tradition. It’s so nice to sit outside and enjoy our patio too. What a taste of summer.

12096271_10153343599133218_7245489749924527313_n12087991_10153343599183218_3776556851450437335_nWatching the Little Mister play with his friends on AFL grand final day

All the kids played so well together while the adults got together to watch the game. I was so impressed. I know it’s totally normal and kids his age are all doing it, but I just still get so much pleasure out of seeing them at an age where they play with each other and not just alongside each other. It’s very cute and when they’re all being pretty well behaved and keeping their squabbles to a minimum it’s such a joy! It also makes them super low maintenance haha.

Our team lost, but the day itself was a big win. Great company and a relaxed atmosphere. Wonderful.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • XOXO Gossip Girl haha. I’m up to season 2 now!
  • This morning’s time to myself.
  • The moment you wake up and realise that scary dream was just a dream.
  • Having Mr Unprepared around a lot more since he finished his big charity bike ride.
  • That one time I chose not to reach for the comfort food. It’s a start haha.
  • Reading Disney stories with the Little Mister at night. I don’t always love doing bedtime stories (as bad as that makes me feel), but lately I think it has been good for the soul to cherish that quality time.

What has made you happy this week? Do you have trouble opening up to friends too? Got anything nice planned for the week coming? 

Kez Gets Physical: Outdoor run #2 recap.


I woke up when the Little Mister ran into our room exclaiming, “IT’S THE MORNING! WAKE UP! IT’S THE MORNING!”

Sigh. Sure was.

It was also the morning I had planned to go for a run. I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t feeling it. Even though it wasn’t the most efficient idea (seeing as I was going to be all sweaty soon and would need a shower after too), I decided to have a shower to wake myself up. While I was in there, procrastishowering, I tried to think of a strategy to get the full 5km. I decided that I wouldn’t just run to the beach. I would run past it until I reached the 2.5km mark and then turn around.

I put on my shoes and socks. I prayed they were the socks that wouldn’t slip down my heels while I ran (my sock collection is a MESS). I cut off my circulation with my new arm band (so I can carry my phone).

I loosened my new arm band. You know, because I didn’t want my arm to fall off while I was running. That would be soooooo annoying.

I got my Fitbit app started so it could track my run, then I collected my overly excited dog, and we set off. The first kilometre was SO AWESOME, you guys. I felt heaps fitter than I did the first time I went running (off the treadmill). In fact, the second kilometre was shaping up OK too. I was feeling pretty good. When I was tired (which was most of the time), I played a little game with myself. I decided I would run harder (or at all) whenever a car went past me. You know, so I could maintain some dignity…but also to motivate me to be a little more accountable haha.

The dog and I got closer to the beach and I felt pretty good about myself. Not far to go until my halfway mark. She dragged me up the hill (dogs are good for that)…and then she saw the ocean.

I was literally forced to go to the beach. I was not the PACK LEADER IN THIS SITUATION.

“NO! We need to go PAST the beach, Blitz!” I protested.

She was having none of that. So my run took a bit of a turn. Let’s just call it some extra ‘resistance training’ I threw in there. Totally on purpose of course. I mean, I’m just that good.

Yeah, ‘resistance’ being me trying like crazy to pull her away from the lure of the sand and waves…and failing.

OK, I thought. I can roll with the punches. I’ll just keep her on the lead and run along the beach for a bit. It will be good for my leg muscles.


She wanted off that lead and into the ocean. There were no other dogs around at that moment so I let her off for a minute. I contemplated my future options. Train my dog better (oops) or change my route next time so it didn’t involve ocean views. Neither sounded easy. BLOODY BLITZ.

I got her back on the lead and we headed for home.

I’d stupidly taken my phone out of my arm band while on the beach, so I tried to keep the dog in once place while trying to replace it. Then more dogs were coming. Then two really fit looking sexy people ran up behind me. Like, we’re talking ‘from a fitness magazine’ sexy.

So what did I do?

I quite literally ran away from them, with my iPhone in my hand and the dog trying to trip me. NO SEXY PEOPLE. DON’T CHASE ME!

I stopped when I realised that instead of following me on the footpath, the sexy people were running in the opposite direction up a GIANT HILL LIKE IT WAS EASY. BUT OF COURSE. I dismantled my arm band awkwardly and shoved the phone back up in there, before replacing it.

Hot tip. Life hack if you will. Huffing and puffing like you’re gonna die because you’ve never run this far before will keep the tiny flies from going in your mouth as you run home. It was really a lucky coincidence that I discovered this. Do it. It will change your life.


I didn’t quite make the whole 5km but I was pleased to get home and see that (apart from the detour to the beach – DAMN YOU BLITZ!) I had kept a similar pace to what I’d been achieving when training on the treadmill (I use the CT5K app). Yay!

I then did a crapload of gardening right after (in my activewear LOL), while Blitz tried to hump me. Again. Not the pack leader. Sigh.

The Happy List #16


It’s that time of the week again! I’ve really been lucky enough to make it a week that included some decent self care. Here are the things that have made me happy in the last week…

I got my hair cut

I was starting to feel a bit shaggy and tired with my hair long. I hadn’t had an appointment since October 2014. I don’t know how that happened! It was mostly by choice (I didn’t feel the need and didn’t mind growing it longer), but to be honest, it was also a logistical thing. I kept choosing other stuff to do with my precious alone time. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ the few hours it would take to get my hair done and to be honest, I wanted to put my money elsewhere too.

I didn’t have anything crazy done – just lopped off the dry ends and turned my long hair into a long bob. Or a shaggy lob as I am told it is called. I think I’ll coin the term shlob. Very fitting haha.

My hair feels and looks so much healthier and I feel refreshed. Yay. I don’t think I’ll wait that long between appointments next time!

I painted my nails

I had left my nails plain for a while. It was fun to take the time to put some new polish on and get some glitter on those tips! I felt classier right away. Hair AND nails in one week – FANCY!

But wait, there’s more!

I upgraded my Fitbit from a Flex to a Charge HR

I had wanted to do this for ages, because I loved the idea of being able to track my heart rate and get more of an accurate idea of what my body is doing each day. I am highly motivated by seeing my stats. I love my new tracker! It has given me the boost I’ve needed to keep working at things. I love that it has an actual watch style strap (I broke the clasp on my flex countless times), tells me the time and I can count the floors I’ve climbed in a day. I’m obsessed.

Sunny weather

It’s been so nice to see sunshine every day. It finally feels like spring has kicked in for reals. I’m so ready.

Great social connections

Even though I’ve been feeling exhausted and a bit burnt out this week, I have been lucky enough to socialise a little. I know some rad people who make me laugh. The kinds of people I can chat with about anything. Very grateful. I often feel like I walk a very fine wire between being an introvert and an extrovert. If I get the balance out of whack I fall off and I feel like shit. I think I got it right this past week and that is always a great feeling.

Other stuff that’s made me happy…

  • Facing things that made me feel nervous and then finding that they weren’t so scary.
  • Resting when I needed to. Listening to my body.
  • Awesome people entering the competition for my Banana Boat giveaway – I feel like so much less of a loser when that happens haha. Give it a go – there’s still a week to go before it closes x
  • Not having writer’s block for a week.
  • Snap chatting with friends and family. It’s silly but it’s fun.
  • Watching the Little Mister and our dogs running about on my parents’ property.
  • My bed. Because I love sleeping in it. Ha.
  • The West Coast Eagles making it into the AFL grand final – YOU BEAUTY!

What has made you happy this week? x

Kez Gets Physical: Active Wear. When should we wear it?

So there’s this video going super viral at the moment. You might have seen it already. It’s funny. It’s clever…

I mean, I laughed! But the thing is, I have a confession. I wear active wear. I exercise in it – promise! But sometimes I wear it all day before I can get a work out in and I don’t give a damn who has a problem with that! I don’t mind having a laugh at myself about it either. What normal person sees that in their future? Haha.

Why do I wear it all day sometimes? Because hell, that’s what works for me. I am not going to compromise my motivation levels for anyone who can’t stand to see activewear on a human being for longer than the time it takes for them to work out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I tell myself that if I’m wearing it then I have to work out before the day is out. You know, so I’m not THAT person.

Also, I know that if I’m already wearing the stuff, I’m not going to tell myself that I can’t be bothered taking the time to get dressed for exercise when that time of day rolls around. Excuses be gone!!

So next time you see that chick who looks like she’s been wearing her gym gear all day, with no sign of a work out (YET), go easy on her. She might be me! She might be biding her time until her husband comes home from work or her kid is in school or whatever the reason may be. It’s called efficiency, y’all and if I’m feeling pretty frickin’ comfy at the same time – why not?

So to answer the question I posed in this post’s title? When should we wear activewear? WHENEVER THE HELL WE NEED TO.

Feel free to laugh at/with me, because I am unapologetically wearing that stuff all day long if that’s what it takes to get me fit, mother f*cker!


Do you wear activewear? Do you love it or loathe it? Can you actually really tell if another human being is wearing it for the right reasons just by looking at them? Isn’t that video hilarious? 


This is just a silly post, but I do send the message that you shouldn’t let other people’s stereotypes or judgements stop you from doing what is best for you x

Kez Gets Physical: Loving your body (and yourself) NOW.


image source

When I say ‘love’, I don’t mean that you have to be head over heels, loving yourself sick and thinking you’re the sexiest beast to walk the planet every time you look in the mirror – no improvements needed (although you are totally a sexy beast – just saying). I mean the act of love. The ‘being kind to yourself’ kind of love. The kind of acceptance for yourself and your body that you would give anybody else that you care about, but somehow forget to give yourself. The remembering that you are more than what you look like. That kind of love.

I used to be of the mentality that I would have to work hard to get the body that I want and THEN I could love myself – you know, when I got really hot. And you know what? I was MISERABLE. I was all about the destination and not about the journey. Holding off my happiness and acceptance of myself was not the best idea I’ve ever had. In fact, it turned out to be really counterproductive.

Also, WTF. How shallow is that?? I would never treat somebody else like that. Why do it to myself?

The funny thing is, it took me being the heaviest and most unfit I’ve ever been in my life to actually start loving myself (this was only a few months and a couple of kilograms ago). I think it’s because I had to accept that if I got myself moving and really made an effort to improve my health, it would take a lot longer than it ever has before. It wouldn’t be a quick fix (and nor did I want it to be). That’d be a really long time to wait to be happy.

For me, the happiness I feel when I’m saying nice things to myself, is what actually motivates me. I’ve made so much more progress in my journey to better health since I decided to be happy with myself NOW than I was ever making when I made the choice to loathe who I saw in the mirror each day.

How do I love myself and my body NOW

I used to think that there was no point buying nice new clothes because I’d be heaps smaller and slimmer one day, so what’s the point? May as well make do with what I had until I was ‘hot again’ and then I could spoil myself. That was a HUGE mistake. Each day I faced a wardrobe filled with things that didn’t fit anymore. Stuff I was waiting to fit back into. See, I never got rid of that stuff because I thought that if I did, it was like telling myself I’d never wear that size/style again. I thought it would be like admitting I was giving up. Thing is, I was also subconsciously telling myself that I didn’t deserve nice new clothes that fit and flattered, because I didn’t think I was good enough how I was.

Each day I would have to wade through the stuff that I couldn’t wear anymore. I would feel sad and annoyed (it also was a big waste of time). Every day. I would put on some drab piece of clothing – probably something super floaty I could do nothing but hide in and hope I blended in with. It was often a few seasons old or it looked overly worn out. I never felt good.

I also never worked out. I told myself that until I was ‘hot’ enough to wear gym clothes, I shouldn’t buy any, like I didn’t have the right to buy it because I wasn’t ‘the real deal’ or experienced enough. But then I would never be able to exercise the way I wanted, because I didn’t have the right clothes or I felt frumpy and out of place when I improvised! Funny that.

So one day something snapped in me and I went into a little bit of a frenzy. I packed all the stuff that didn’t fit me into bags. One for charity and one to put aside somewhere just in case (in a container to be stored away so I didn’t have to see it every day). My wardrobe looked quite bare, but suddenly there was room for new stuff. Stuff I deserved to buy myself. Best decision I ever made.

Now I go clothes shopping when I can (which is not often but I make it count) and I put some effort in. I deserve it. I deserve to look and feel nice no matter what weight I am or where I am in my progress as I strive to be healthier and stronger. I have a couple of aspirational clothing items but I keep them to a minimum and they are realistic aspirations – not crazy dreams of a size 6 mini dress – the kind worn only by Hollywood socialites on the red carpet (socialite in mini dress I am not)! If I ever get small enough for that kind of thing (and someone invites me to a red carpet event haha), I’ll go buy it when I need it. For now, I’m happy to dress for where I’m at. Yes. Happy. I’m gonna be sexy NOW damn it!

The more I exercise and eat better, the less I care what people might think of my appearance. Because there’s something magical about knowing your truth. If I’m doing all I can, people can think whatever the fuck they like. When I was miserable and secretly eating my feelings every day and hiding in grey muu muu dresses, I thought that any negative thoughts people had of my appearance would be all I deserved. It wasn’t and to be honest, I don’t think other people thought much of anything. I was just projecting my own feelings about myself onto them. Deep, huh?

Another thing to do is to find inspiration (and perspective) in people who are more like you, physically. I know heaps of beautiful girls of all sizes and shapes who look AMAZING to me all the time and not once have I ever looked at them and thought bad things about them just because of how they carry their weight (or any other physical trait). In fact, I see who they are shining through more than anything. If I don’t judge them, should I be judging myself? Hell to the no! That’s also a good indicator that other people probably aren’t judging me either!

Now when I look in the mirror, I look for the good things. Sure, I might do a quick ‘does my back fat look too obvious in this’ check (old habits die hard), but I look for the little differences in my muscle tone since I started exercising more. I look at the things I like about my outfit or my body. Because I put love into my body and my wardrobe NOW, it is much easier. I’m proud of a ‘look’ I’ve achieved, rather than relieved I can blend in for another day (or horribly anxious that someone will ‘out’ me as not being good enough).

Even if my clothes aren’t fitting great (and the stuff in the shops is not helping either), I find ways to pamper myself. Cute accessories (they’ll always fit), colourful shoes, getting my nails done (or taking the time to do them myself). It doesn’t matter what size I am. I know I’m working hard and things will improve. I am kind to myself because I deserve my own kindness NOW (or at least I am working really hard on it).

Because what’s more motivating? Someone bullying us and saying we’re not good enough or someone telling us they care and that they’ve got our back and they know we can do this because we’re worth it?

Don’t be your own bully!

You are beautiful in so many ways RIGHT NOW!

The big question: Do you believe me?

I beg you not to burn + Banana Boat Giveaway.

Products supplied by Banana Boat for review & giveaway


While I wouldn’t exactly say that spring has completely sprung around these parts (it’s a still a bit cool for my liking), the sun has definitely been showing its face around here a lot more lately. I’m already planning so many more outdoor activities – beach time, more outdoor running, spending time in the garden, working on the outside of our house, trips to the playground, socialising and more. Yay! SUMMER IS COMING!

*stops happy dancing and puts on serious face*

Only thing is… with summer comes more risk of doing damage to our skin. While we can still do damage on cloudy days, it’s during the summer that I start to see disturbing images on social media of people with pretty bad sunburn. Usually captioned with silly emoji and a bit of a light hearted, “oh – whoops – burnt again – silly me – hahaha!”

Some people even seem proud of it. Sometimes there’s even talk of how they hope that after their skin burns, they’ll be brown and tanned.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t worry about it. I’d also be lying if I said that sometimes it doesn’t frickin’ annoy me that they’d potentially mess with their lives just for a tan.

Look, I get it. Sometimes we can be forgetful. We can fall asleep in the sun after a couple of beverages, forgetting to find shade or reapply our sunscreen. We can be so absorbed in a rousing game of beach cricket or a productive day in the backyard and lose track of time. We can unexpectedly find ourselves outdoors for a prolonged period and realise we have nothing to protect us.

But I am appealing to you all to stop getting sunburnt. Make it your mission this summer (and all year round). My own family has experienced tragic loss to melanoma. It’s real and it’s happening to Aussies everywhere. Our lifestyle and our weather put us at more risk if we don’t take precautions. It doesn’t just happen to “other” people. Believe me when I say this.

Ever since our family’s very sad wake up call we try to keep up with our skin checks (you might be super scared to do it in case the results are bad but trust me – not knowing won’t change the reality of a situation – it will only steal away the time you could have been treating it). I have my house, handbag, and beach bag stocked up with sunscreen everywhere. I have it in roll on form, spray form, cream form, formulated for children, stuff for sports activities, water play. You name it, we’ve got it. Wherever we are. It has to be easy or we forget.

We cover up as much as we can. This spring/summer I’m on the hunt for the perfect wide brimmed hat. I am terrible with hats (so not a hat person), but I want to protect myself better and set a great example for the Little Mister. I urge all of my fellow non hat people to give it a go too. There’s gotta be something flattering out there for us!! We just have to commit to the search. Vanity just can’t be an excuse anymore.

Wear your sunglasses. Protect your eyes. I have been making a huge effort to remember my sunnies everywhere I go. See, during the Little Mister’s first year of life, I kept forgetting them. I was completely consumed by what to pack for the baby, that I put myself last. I don’t know why but sunglasses always went to the bottom of the list as I ran out of the door. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but by the time the Little Mister was about 18 months old, I realised the damage. In just that short amount of time (after years of being dedicated to wearing my sunnies for most of my life), I had sun spots around the corners of my eyes. They look a bit like I’ve made a mess of my eye make up. At first I thought that was what they were. I rubbed at them, thinking I’d stained my skin with eye liner or mascara. When the realisation dawned on me that it was the sun’s doing, I immediately changed my ways. I admit it started with vanity, but it showed me just how quickly you can do irreversible damage. It doesn’t take long. I promise you that. Wear them when you’re driving, walking around outdoors, any time your eyes are exposed to the sunlight.

I want my family and friends to take it seriously, because I want them around for a loooooong time. I’d rather they all be a little bit pale and perfect than burnt, leathery and flaky (and potentially sick). Tell me, which is the better look?

So that is my plea to you. Please don’t be weirdly proud of your sunburn. Do not increase your risk in the hopes that you’ll tan. Protect yourself when you’re out and about. Protect your precious children. Let’s teach them good habits now that will pay off later.

Let’s prevent the heartbreak of you or your family suffering from melanoma. Let’s not forget to look after ourselves (I know it can happen easily if we don’t put self care at the top of the list but it’s so important). Let’s stop laughing about sunburn like it’s a funny joke and start having meaningful conversations about preventing skin cancer.

This is an issue very close to my family’s heart and I want to help you to get your family’s sun protection routine in order, so I’ve arranged a little something to get a couple of my lucky readers started! I am a big fan of Banana Boat and I am so stoked to be able to run a Banana Boat giveaway right here on the blog!

You can win either a kid’s pack (4 items as below):



…or an adult’s pack (2 items as below):




How to enter…

Leave a comment right here on the blog, telling me which pack you want (kids or adults – if you don’t mind which one then let me know that either would be fine) and what you plan to do to make sun protection easier for you and/or your family this summer. Any great tips for my other readers? 

T & Cs

  • There will be two separate winners. One winner will receive the kids prize and one winner will receive the adults prize. While prize preferences of competition entrants will be taken into consideration, it is not guaranteed that they will receive the pack they preferred, should they be named a winner.
  • Giveaway ends at midnight WST on Sunday the 4th October, 2015.
  • The prizes will be sent out by a 3rd party. Products may vary slightly from what is pictured.
  • Winners will be chosen based on the quality of their entry comments. My choices will be final.
  • The winner will be notified privately via email and be announced on my Facebook page (click to follow).
  • Giveaway only open to Australian residents (so sorry my gorgeous foreigners).


The Happy List #15


Guys. I’m germ infested and it sucks! Not to mention, that time of the month showed her face at exactly the same time. I’m an image of wonder and joy right now. Despite all of that, I have got some things to put on the happy list.

Here goes…

Gossip Girl (xoxo) 

Maybe it’s because I’m only half alive (and therefore only able to use half of my brain – if that), but I am enjoying Gossip Girl for the first time. It’s melodramatic, over the top, far removed from my own world (on so many levels haha) and yet I am sucked in. It’s about all I can handle right now and I am very thankful that there are 121 episodes to keep me company while I hack up a lung. Now, don’t tell me who Gossip Girl is!!! I am fortunate to have forgotten all of the stuff people blogged about when the series ended!

The Little Mister being so understanding that I am feeling under the weather

He’s done such a great job. He’s played quietly. He’s understood when I have to collapse on the couch or if I can’t tend to his needs right away thanks to a coughing fit or a dizzy spell. I feel sorry for him being trapped at home with me, but he’s such a sweet kid and I appreciate it so much! I think all of his experience with coughs and colds this year has given him a good dose of empathy for what others are going through when they don’t feel well. It’s hard to not squish him and breathe my germs in his face as I kiss him for being so gorgeous (I am restraining myself as much as possible – he does not need to be sick too)!

Oh, and a special mention to Mr Unprepared for looking after things when he got home from work too. Very appreciated.

Surprise fruit delivery

I had forgotten that a hamper of seasonal fresh fruit was part of a prize I won a while back. When it was delivered this past week, I was confused. What if all this fruit was for the neighbours and there was a mistake? But no. The invoice told me it was for us! There were the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted, a load of bananas, apples, pears, melons, everything! I don’t know how the hell we’ll get through it all, but I am hoping I’ll feel well enough soon to do something great with the stuff we can’t eat right away – oh the recipes I could bake and create with! We already had strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a naughty treat the other night. YUM!

Saying bye bye to Tony Abbott as PM

I have never been so happy to see a person ousted from the ‘top job’. I sat there watching the news like it was a sporting event. I won’t get into it (or we’ll be here all day), but let’s just say I was NOT a fan of our speedo wearing, onion eating, boat stopping PM. While I am disillusioned with the fact that our country’s leaders seem to be playing a fast, ridiculous game of musical chairs of late, I am honestly just glad for now that it’s not Tony anymore. I was feeling a bit upset about where our country was going under his leadership. Now it’s Malcolm’s job to prove himself as a worthy leader – surely anybody but Tony is an improvement at this point, right? I hope so. I hope we can look to a future where we vote based on policy and not just based on the (in)stability of each party. Remember, that’s how Abbott got into power. Sigh.

Having ‘real’ sick days for the first time in years

With the Little Mister attending day care a couple of days a week, I felt so fortunate to be able to ‘call in sick’ and actually rest on my own. Like in the BC (Before Child) days. It was much needed. What a relief. What a privilege!

I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t be productive, but I think that forcing myself to slow down (and ask for/accept help from Mr Unprepared) was good for me. Sometimes we just can’t be on top of our game and that will just have to be good enough.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • Miraculously not putting on weight while lying on the couch sick, eating weird crap. Sure, it’s probably just a loss of muscle tone (damn it) but I’ll take it.
  • Making plans for the next week that will give me a real boost – stuff to look forward to when I’m feeling better.
  • A ridiculous snapchat video from a friend who got stuck in the loo at work. Priceless.
  • Snuggles with Mr Unprepared (while I carefully try not to breathe on him) when I’m feeling really ordinary.
  • Online shopping – hello. Sick me is looking after recovered me. Oops haha.

What has made you happy lately? x

Jeans with holes in them. Thoughts?


Do you know what’s always been fashionable? Jeans. Jeans have always been in style. Sure, there have been many different kinds – flared jeans, 90s mum jeans, dad jeans with white sneakers – WTF, acid wash, entire double denim outfits – but they’ve been an enduring constant. It’s a huge wardrobe staple for most. Male, female, old, young, big and small.


Well…not for me.

I could just never get on board. My mum tried when I was a little girl, but nope. I wanted to wear pretty dresses. When I was skinny as a teen, I couldn’t quite get them to fit me. There’d be that pouchy crotch situation. Or when I put on more weight than I really wanted in my 20s, there was muffin top no matter what size I tried on (still is a bit). I just gave up after a while. I never felt comfortable in jeans.

Recently, I thought – you know what? I might give it another go. If I can get jeans to work for me, my life will be so much easier each day. Normal people wear jeans. I want to be a normal person who has something to wear! Every day!

I was spurred on a little because I’ve managed to tone up a tiny bit since I started working on my fitness. Knowing I’m making great changes gives me confidence that I wouldn’t just wear them twice and then have to throw them into that deep, dark section of my wardrobe where I put all the things that don’t fit anymore until I inevitably have to get rid of them. You know, just because I had lunch that day.

When I got stranded at the shops for hours thanks to a flat tyre recently (that was a fun day), I thought – may as well try some on! Got nothing better to do! And unbelievably I found a pair. I was stoked because even though there was a bit of muffin top happening that day, I knew it wouldn’t be a permanent problem thanks to my hard work on my exercise (I might have eaten some bad food court food before I tried them on – again – nothing better to do haha). I felt like I’d achieved something. I love that my new jeans have ripped knees. So cool.

Since then, I have worn them heaps. They can be dressed up. Dressed down. Worn almost anywhere. It’s so much easier to decide what to wear each day! I feel like a normal person. Normal people wear jeans. Actually, I feel casually celebrity chic – like just about any famous female picking her kids up from school or ducking into the grocery store – effortlessly amazing. I said FEEL like, not LOOK like haha. Oh, paparazzi. Stop it.

But I have to warn you. If you are thinking of purchasing your first ever pair of distressed jeans, there’s something you should know.


Not just from your own dad, but any uncles, granddads, other people’s dads. Even your own kid’s dad (which is a little embarrassing for that guy if you ask me).

They should put that shit on a label somewhere!

If I had a dollar for every time I hear…

“Hey, I like your jeans. Hey, I could rip up some jeans for you for free! HUR HUR HUR.”

“Hey, I have a pair of ripped jeans! I must be fashionable too!”

“Hey, did you know there’s something wrong with your jeans? They’ve got holes in them.” *wink wink*

“I should just rip up old jeans and sell them to young women! I’d be rich!”


I guess that’s OK. I don’t understand some dad fashion myself (ahem socks and sandals *cough* Dad *cough*) so I guess we’re even 😉

Do you wear a fashion item that is always misunderstood? Do you own distressed jeans? Ever had the same problem with ‘dads’ when you wear them? Are you a dad? Are you down with the torn jeans? What do you think of the trend? 

The Happy List #14



Wow, the weather has not been pleasant here this weekend! So windy and blustery and rainy (although dare I dream it I can see some sunshine this morning)! I’ve realised it’s not so much the rain that gets me down, but the wind! We haven’t had any real gusts for a while and I’d forgotten it can be really exhausting when you’re out in it! Mr Unprepared completed his charity/awareness ride for Prostate Active this weekend in it, while I (mostly) sat on the couch tracking him and his team mates via GPS and being grateful to be indoors haha. Puts things into perspective, I think (although he has a habit of doing huge physical challenges in terrible weather – what the…)! Very proud of his achievement and excited to get more time with him now that he’s completed this goal.

So, here are the things that made me happy this week…

Spotting Mr Unprepared on TV

Before the riders set off from Perth to Margaret River, they were featured on the Today Show. I couldn’t watch live, so as soon as the YouTube clip was put up, the Little Mister and I gathered around my laptop to watch. I laughed when we spotted Mr Unprepared at the 48 second mark and had to keep watching it back just to be sure I hadn’t imagined it (he was on the far right). He got 1 second of fame haha.

It was also fun following along in a virtual way, stalking the Prostate Active Facebook page to see if I could spot him in the photos or videos. And gosh, SO MUCH LYCRA.

We were lucky enough to meet him at their first pit stop – a bit of fun. AND AGAIN, SO MUCH LYCRA AND PEOPLE BENDING OVER TO FIX UP THEIR BIKES (let that visual sink in). It was like Where’s Wally for cyclists (there were around a hundred of them). I love that Mr Unprepared never would have seen this coming about his life a few years ago. Makes me giggle. He’s a full blown MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) hahaha.

Getting the house somewhat tidy

Don’t anybody move a muscle. Yeah, right. I probably don’t have to say much more on that issue. You know how it is.

Giving the Little Mister my dream day

On Wednesday, I took the Little Mister out for a hair cut and some clothes shopping. And yes, I was so jealous haha. Still, it was one of those magical days we hadn’t had together in a while. He was so well behaved and lovely THE WHOLE TIME (he’s been a bit tired and sometimes objectionably opinionated lately – don’t know where he gets it from) and we had such a good time together. I came home with him feeling like I was floating on a cloud. It could have been a tedious outing to the shops, dragging a 3 year old with me, but it was a fun bonding experience. He was also super stoked that I bought him green shoes (and a Boost juice). What a treat! In case you didn’t know, green is his FAVOURITE colour and don’t you tell him otherwise! 😉

I want a hair cut, new clothes and some fantastic green shoes!

When other people notice…

My mum has been telling me she can really see that my legs are trimming down and I’m even losing some weight off my back, since I started trying to run (I don’t feel I can truly call it running yet haha). That is awesome because she’s always honest (not brutally but in a really trustworthy way), so I know she means it. My dad even chipped in that he can see the difference too haha.

So nice to know it’s all paying off.

Drinking more water

I’d been struggling to do this and I was feeling the effects – drier skin, waking up a bit parched and woozy, some other stuff I won’t divulge here. This past week, I’ve been smashing back the water. I am so proud of myself. It’s a small win.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Discovering Redfern Now on Netflix. What an awesome series. Why didn’t I get onto this earlier?
  • Hogging the bed while Mr Unprepared was away
  • The West Coast Eagles (the AFL team I support) winning an important game! Yay!
  • The Good Life Gang Facebook group – those peeps are so amazing. I’m probably going to mention them every week until December, let’s be honest.
  • Wearing my PJs before it’s dark at night on the weekend 😉
  • Meeting the mum of one of the Little Mister’s day care friends – she was lovely and it really made my day when I was having one of those anxiety moments where I thought I was doing a terrible job as a mum.
  • Weird dreams – I get to wake up and laugh at how awesome/funny/absurd my brain is.
  • Seeing my grandparents (and watching them play with the Little Mister).

What has made you happy lately? x