The Happy List #46

Happy Monday, everyone! I managed to dress myself and a small person and get that small person to school on time today, so that’s a win isn’t it? I was a bit thrown off because I could have sworn today was Sunday, after having a Saturday type of day yesterday. Know what I mean? So in a nutshell, let’s all cheer because I know what day of the week it is. Kicking goals, as usual. So here are some things that have made me happy lately… The Olympics are over! I know. I know...

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Hey, Priceline lady. Let me live!

So, recently I decided that I really needed some brown eye liner. Something water proof, retractable (who has time for sharpening that shit). Something that would define my eyes in the day time, without being obvious if it smudged (because I’m always in a mad rush to get ready). Something that would look like I wasn’t really wearing eye make up, even though I totally am. Gotta keep up the illusion that I totally wake up like that, right? OK, so it’s not a very good illusion...

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PSA: Not all ‘Asians’ look the same. You don’t know me!

So, I get recognised and remembered a lot. I know. You’re thinking I must be a big deal. People everywhere tell me they know me from somewhere. “Oh,” I’ll say in an airy tone, “I get that all the time…” But seriously. I do get it all the time. And the reason is not that glamourous. It’s because I’m… ASIAN. And a whole bunch of people seem to think ‘we’ all look the same. Yes. That. I’m always probably related to...

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The Happy List #45

Happy weekend, everybody! I haven’t written a happy list in a while, but I’m feeling the urge right now. While life has had its challenges of late (thank you so much for the support – you know who you are), it doesn’t mean I haven’t had some great moments. Moments that I am really grateful for. Here are the things that have made me happy in the past week or so… Good customer service It’s such a little thing, isn’t it? But sometimes, if...

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Note to self: my struggles are a part of my story.

Excuse me, but I’m going to get a bit deep right now. The last month or so has been pretty tough, emotionally. BUT…I think I’ve faced those struggles for a reason. Because now I’m in warrior mode. And I’m OK with that. It’s been a challenging couple of years dealing with secondary infertility. I have found myself feeling the pressure, physically – it’s my body that isn’t doing what it should. I have felt emotional pressure – pretending...

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3 things that have creeped me out.

Do any particular things give you the creeps? For some people it’s clowns, for others it’s the fear that if you accidentally drive/park over a snake, it might wrap itself around the undercarriage of your car and kill you later at another location. You know, standard stuff. Seriously, the snake thing. The fear is real. Oh, that just freaks me out? Never mind… But you get the kinds of things I’m talking about. Some are more rational than others. Here are three things that...

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Winter 2016: Finding my casual style.

It’s taken me a while, but I am finally getting a grasp on how to dress myself (yes I know how dumb that sounds – I’m 32). In fact, I am actually enjoying myself. I am noticing my style re-emerging after a bunch of ‘lost’ years and I am digging it! I guess I’ve had to lift my game since I became a school mum (I just won’t stop banging on about that will I?) at the beginning of this year. I’ve been trying to nail that whole casual/looks like I...

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What is up with umbrellas?

Yesterday a miracle occurred. It was raining and I found my umbrella. Then I actually remembered to take it with me for school drop off. AND…I didn’t break it. AND THEN…I even remembered to bring it back home with me. I KNOW, RIGHT? It might not sound so remarkable to those of you who actually have your shit together, but for me this was a huge achievement. Something I probably won’t even nail next time. But I had to let you know. July the 21st was a momentous day. THE...

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The Happy List #44: Melbourne edition.

Oh hey there! So, it’s been no secret on my social media accounts that this time last week I was having an absolute ball in Melbourne. I hadn’t been for 5 years (i.e. I was pregnant with the Little Mister so it’s been a while) but now I had the perfect excuse. My brother lives there – yay! The Little Mister and I joined my parents on a trip over (sadly Mr Unprepared couldn’t get away due to work constraints) and I swear there isn’t much I didn’t love...

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Taking stock: July 2016 edition.

I’m sitting here on this rainy day, trying to get my brain working now that we’re home from an AMAZING trip to Melbourne. The reality of school holidays has dawned on me and I’m also realising that time is passing by so fast! I thought this would be a nice time to take stock… Currently… Making: myself drink a glass of water. I think I’m a little dehydrated. Nothing new, really! Cooking: Dinner tonight. Mr Unprepared has been awesome throughout the school...

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