The selfie struggle.

Oh, yes. It’s a real first world problem, this one! Lately, I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram posts and asking myself what I can do to make my account look a bit more appealing. Am I showing a great variety of moments from my every day life? Am I getting better at telling the stories […]

The Happy List #8

  I think I need my happy list a bit more than ever, lately. Mentally and emotionally, I have not had the best week. I am stir crazy and some things have created a lot of unnecessary stress lately. I really need to dig deep and find those little blessings that will get me through […]

The Happy List #6

  It’s been a slightly unusual week here at the Unprepared household. Mr Unprepared somehow got away for much of it for a boys’ trip to Melbourne (slippery sucker). I’m not jealous. Much. Whenever he goes away, I know I’ll miss him, but I do this thing where I remind myself of all the perks […]

The Happy List #3

  image source This is a little list I write each week (or whenever takes my fancy), to remind myself to savour the good things in life and to help me start a new week in a good headspace.  I think the loose theme for today’s list is ‘love’. It’s an accidental theme, but it’s…well… gosh […]

Blog life interrupted.

image My internet is down. Kaput. My internet service providers are not very helpful (understatement of the year – you can find my occasional whining on Twitter and Facebook). It’s been a week now and I am realising just how much I rely on the internet. I blog, I have social media, my go-to stuff […]

In my cup: Some gratitude.

I’ve decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge (click the link for all the information you might need if you’d like to take part too) for the month of September. I’m also going to use the daily prompts to inspire me to blog more! I’ll let you know each time I […]