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It’s December, so please excuse me but OMFG CHRISTMAS TIME.

I have made no secret of it but I freakin’ love Christmas time. Sometimes people try to mess it up with their grinchy ways, but even that has never stopped me from being as enthusiastic as fuck. I love the quality time with the Little Mister – the novelty of school holidays hasn’t worn off yet and there’s so much fun stuff to do. I love giving myself permission to do all of the festive things the moment the 1st of December ticks over! None of this ‘right after Halloween’ shit over here. I am the kind of person who thinks it’s more special to wait until December – not when the big retailers tell me to start buying!

Sure, this year, I have had to start a bit of gift shopping early so I could tick things off before the Little Mister finishes school and I get too fatigued (my belly would give Santa a run for his money right now ho ho ho)! But other than that, the decorations and the baking and the tree have had to wait! I’m a stickler like that!

So you can imagine the level of excitement I feel when the 1st of December arrives!

Here are the things I love doing the most:

Watching the movie Elf

It’s ridiculous, it’s cheesy, it’s got so many hilarious quotes from Will Ferrell’s character Buddy the Elf. I can’t help but love it. I am sure this movie is the kind you either are obsessed with or cannot stand and would rather bash yourself over the head with a blunt object than watch it a second time…but I will never tire of it!

One of the best things I’ve ever done is brainwash the Little Mister into loving it! We sit together and we laugh at every funny line, singing along with every musical number. SO GOOD.

One year, he wanted to be referred to as Buddy the Elf for like two straight weeks. This was the kid who normally couldn’t stand for anyone to call him anything but his full name (first and surname) at the time!


Decorating the tree

It’s messy, I feel like the (plastic) tree we have used for a decade is looking a little tired, and each year I wonder how the hell I have managed to accumulate so many new decorations (oops), but when I see the Little Mister’s happiness and I think about how special it is for his dad to lift him up so he can chuck the star we bought in Kmart on top of that fake foliage, it makes me smile.

The tree never looks Instagram perfect, with the Little Mister putting a bunch of ornaments all on one branch and the tinsel being too sparse, but I really don’t care. It’s perfect to me. I refuse to re-decorate it once he’s out of sight.

We play the least cheesiest Christmas songs we can find and make an occasion out of it. It’s a special time.



This year might not be quite the same level of fun (thanks to gestational diabetes), but luckily I love the actual process of baking more than I love eating what I’ve made. Well…just. Haha.

I love sharing the experience with the Little Mister, I love giving away the things we make to the people we love. I like all the red and green sprinkles because DUH. The stuff we make at Christmas time is so different to what we make throughout the year. It’s the best.

Maybe I can’t eat any of it this year, but I hope to make up for this come Christmas 2018, I can tell you now! Do you think anyone would care if I had a make up Christmas in July after the baby is here? Would that be breaking my own ‘no Christmas before December’ rule too much? ūüėú


Preparing for Santa’s arrival

Sometimes (OK so all the time LOL) I miss our before-children tradition of hitting the local bars on Christmas Eve (just to make sure we were nice and seedy by Christmas morning haha), but now I do really get a thrill out of helping the Little Mister to get everything ready for Santa’s overnight visit. We make some goodies for him (and add some carrots for the reindeer). We put the sack out so it can be filled with pressies (Santa’s elves sure like building presents that look just like the stuff from Kmart ūü§Ē). We put a special, magical key out so that Santa can get into the house even though we don’t have a chimney or a fire place (the Little Mister’s very inquisitive and from a very early age we had to think of a way to help Santa so he didn’t freak out about the logistics). We squish up on the Little Mister’s bed and read a Christmas story book together.

One day he will not believe anymore, but I know that he will enjoy helping us to keep the magic alive for his little sister for much longer and that is something I look forward to as well.


The buzzing social atmosphere

We live in the kind of hometown where people tend to spread far and wide, only to return for special times of the year, like Christmas. It’s a great time for catching up with those we have missed throughout the year. There are Christmas parades, pretty lights, barbecues with family friends, the occasional child free lunch on the water (no mojitos for me this time ūüė©). I think that this year I might be a bit less able to keep up, but it is nice to run into familiar faces around the place and just feel that lovely holiday vibe.


What do you love about December? 

5 things I love about the school holidays.

Oh, hey there! It’s been a little while since my last blog post! I’ve had some technical difficulties of late. I won’t bore you with every little detail, but it basically involved my website being down, a less than helpful web host, a transfer to a new web host, me being a clueless person who should just stick to the writing of the words and the loss of some of my more recent content! Throw in a bit of writer’s block, a chest infection followed not long after by a cold and voil√° – sweet fuck all happens around this little space on the internet! Oops!

I think I’m finally back on track now – fingers crossed! (narrator: she wasn’t on track – this post took a whole lot more time to publish after googling furiously and trying to talk to support people about how to successfully upload pictures after an error showed up).

Anyway, I’m celebrating today because it’s the last day of Term 2 at the Little Mister’s school. Now I know that the school holidays can become quite tiresome for many some and I admit that the summer holidays became quite painful in my household once January kicked in this year, but I am going to make the controversial call that these school holidays will be freakin’ awesome.

And if any of you start saying, well that’s good for you, you only have one kid, I will kick you in the lady balls because if you take a little look around here, you will notice that I have had quite a rough journey trying to give my son a sibling and I assure you that there have been plenty other challenges that I have experienced that I hope you’ve never had to (and I truly mean that). I know there will always be people out there who have it much much harder than me too. I think about those people all the time and I really really care, because it is possible to feel your own pain and somebody else’s at the same time. There. I said it. Now get off my back. I don’t comment on your fertility, so don’t talk about mine! Hmmph!

Sorry. Got off track with a little rant. It’s kind of been a bit of a sore point with me this week!

Where was I?

Oh yes. The school holidays. The school holidays will be so good. Here’s why I love them…

No school runs.

Duh haha. I love having more flexibility in my day. I also love that if I know I’m just going to be spending the day at home I don’t have to put on my ‘socially acceptable and not going to hurt your eyes grown up’ outfit on for drop off and pick up! I can just get about in my ‘holy shit that’s hurting my eyes and not in a good way’ home outfits and all is well!

No worrying about uniforms. 

I can just let my kid go for his life, diving into his cupboard and drawers and digging out whatever he feels like wearing (as long as it’s weather appropriate – spoiler – it never is)! I don’t have to add up the amounts of sports socks and calculate how many times he can wear his uniform before I need to wash it and worry about it drying in time or freaking out that he’s going to lose his hat or his jumper or water bottle each day.

Getting to do all the things we can’t do together during the term.

We don’t often get to do all the big events or kids’ concerts etc during the term. So on the holidays, while being overwhelmed by the masses can be a bit crazy, I do love being able to give the Little Mister some of those experiences. Big day trips or fun events. Mid week awesomeness. No worrying about fitting things around the school day. We have a few things planned for the first week of the holidays and this stir crazy mummy can’t wait! I know he’ll be so excited and we’ll get to make some great memories as a family. I’m really lucky because I have work flexibility – often working from a home office. This allows me the privilege of being able to be there as much as I want to be.

No school lunches.

It’s so funny because if I need to make lunch for the Little Mister at home, I’ll whip something up no worries. I’ll even enjoy doing it! But when it comes to preparing a lunch box the night before, Mr Unprepared and I find it to be so tedious! It will be so nice not worrying about it for a little while. I’m also one of those parents who is super conscious of what foods I put in my kid’s lunchbox. I worry about judgement. It will be nice relaxing the ‘rules’ just a little. It’s a bonus that Mr Unprepared has the first week of the holidays off work too – no work lunches need to be made for him either! Yippee!

I get to ‘sleep in’!¬†

On school days I have to get up before the Little Mister in order to get ready and have us both out the door in time. On school holidays I get a whole extra 45 minutes extra to sleep! YES!

So tell me! Where do you stand on the whole school holidays thing? Love them or hate them? Got any cool plans? 

The Happy List #49

Well, hello there Monday! How the hell are you?

I am glad it’s a new week. Last week was quite emotionally draining. I made the most of it and there were definitely lots of positives to be experienced, but I think that the craziness that was my March finally hit me. You know when you’re in survival mode, so everything’s go go go and you don’t have time to think or even feel? And then you finally come back to a baseline of normality and it’s a bit of a crash? That.

So I’ve decided to start this fresh week with a focus on the positives!

Here are some things that have made me happy recently ?

Not having to make school lunches/do school runs/wake up earlier than my kid.

Yep. For almost 3 weeks, I do not have to pack a single lunch box. YES. That is one definite highlight of the school holidays around here haha. While I do still have to feed my child (it’s kind of uncool not to), I won’t have to worry about what fits in the lunchbox or being as strict about what I put on his plate. There’s no ‘night before’ deadline to freak out about each evening when everyone’s exhausted. I can make it on the spot while the Little Mister whines at me each day. Ha!

Not having to do school pick ups and drop offs will save me a couple of hours a day. And it means our daily routine can be a bit more relaxed. I have a few things planned for my quality time with the Little Mister which is nice.

Instead of waking at 6:15am each morning, I get to wake up at 7am. This is exciting (because I clearly have a lot going on).

While I’m aware of several drawbacks of school holidays, this is a HAPPY list so shhhhh. I’ll be driven insane soon enough hahaha.

My #kezgetsphysical achievements over the last two weeks.

I have been looking after myself more. It can be hard to make myself and exercise a priority but I pushed through and exercised properly 6 times in the last week and a half or so. I ate a bit cleaner (things weren’t perfect and I am not too worried about that). I think that all of this helped my mental health and I really am enjoying the fact that my body already feels better. I am less bloated and I am tightening up all the bits that were getting a bit softer/wobblier after a bit too much time off.

I lost a total of 1.2kg and I am hoping to bust through my usual plateau soon, so I don’t have to keep coming back to the same spot over and over!

The school holidays may prove a little challenging for me, but lots of YouTube work outs and spontaneous dance parties with the Little Mister will hopefully make up for the lack of treadmill time aka alone time haha.

I’m really happy because I do not take my health or my ability to do what I want with my body for granted after some of the fertility stuff I’ve had to deal with in the last 2-3 years.

Fresh air at my parents’ house.

I don’t know whether it’s the change in the air from summer to autumn, but I’ve been getting so much pleasure from standing outside at my parents’ place (they live on 5 acres), looking at the trees and taking in nice deep breaths of fresh air. I know. I sound so zen. I’m not but I like to fake it ’til I make it haha.

Group video chatting with the fam on my brother’s 30th birthday.

My family can be a bit scattered all over the place at times. My brother is in Spain right now – his treat to himself for surviving the first 30 years of his life! My parents were recently at a location wedding. We wanted to catch up so we had to school ourselves on group video chat technology. Tip: Messenger is pretty good.

It was pretty funny. We made fun of ourselves for all being old now (with the exception of the Little Mister). My brother kept disappearing and cutting out – that was when he didn’t have a terrible robot voice.

I just love how people can be ‘together’ even when they’re all over the world now.

A surprisingly productive work week.

It felt good to get lots of stuff done. I was really lucky to have an amazing a bit of copywriting work thrown my way and I’ve really enjoyed it. I think that because life has calmed down a little (for now anyway), I was able to really knuckle down with less distractions/disruptions. Felt good.

Here are some other things that have made me happy:

  • Having a quiet drink when I feel like it.
  • Being able to confide in my friends (both online and offline).
  • Apple with peanut butter – best snack ever! How has it taken this long for me to get on board?
  • The fact that it’s April – one of my favourite months of the year. My brother’s birthday, mine and Easter have always come together. I also love those mild (but still pleasantly sunny/warm) Autumn feels.
  • Reading a little more – right now it’s The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster Blake.
  • It’s been a few days now and I still haven’t messed up my side of the bathroom vanity!
  • Snuggles with Mr Unprepared. Laughs too.
  • Rewatching Offspring on Netflix. Watching Billie and Mick’s fertility struggles has taken on a new meaning now. We weren’t struggling when it originally aired. I feel like I get it more now. I really do. It makes me feel so good that they touched on that.
  • Making little plans for activities the Little Mister and I can do these holidays. I know we’ll probably only tick off half the list (if that) but it’s nice.

What has been making you happy lately? Share the love!

The Happy List #48

Hello! How are you? It’s been a little while since I wrote a Happy List and I thought there was no time like the present to bust one out! Now and then, I like to take a moment to blog about the things that have made me happy recently. It helps me to focus on the positives and record good memories!

Here are the things that have made the list this time…

My mums’ group

A lot of us got together to celebrate a member’s milestone birthday on the weekend. Things got a bit crazy, but gosh it made me so happy to be with my girls. I still marvel at the fact that we were only brought together because we just happened to have babies at the same time of year in the same place. We are all so different, yet our friendships have survived over 5 years (and counting)! We have supported each other, laughed and drank a bit too much wine together, loved each other’s children like family and waited for each other when we’ve been a little AWOL with the busyness or stresses of life.

I’m so grateful to have such weirdos to be a weirdo with.

Drinking more water

I was really annoying myself because I was struggling to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated (and to help my skin and my metabolism). I’d tell myself I’d do better each day, but then get to the end of the day and realise I’d only had maybe one and a half glasses all day (and we’ve had some hot weather). Anyway, I finally addressed this issue in the most ridiculously simple way: I bought myself a new water bottle. One that my son is not allowed to backwash into. One that ensures that wherever I am, I have filtered water (it has a built in filter). Something I can take everywhere and not end up with 394 half empty store bought water bottles rolling around in my car (*ahem*). Since then, I have definitely upped my water intake and this makes me really happy.

Discovering CC cream

I’ve always given BB cream a red hot go, but I never quite found The One. A while back I was looking for a good green concealer (to disguise redness from blemishes), but the shop lady may have got a bit confused and sold me a CC cream (Loreal Nude Magique if you must know). I never really thought about it, and occasionally used it as more of a spot treatment, thinking the consistency was so not what I was after. I was obviously¬†not paying attention to the fact that it clearly says CC cream on the tube. Recently, I was all like, WHAT? I CAN PUT THIS ALL OVER MY FACE? And then I did. And I’ll never look back. It might be a shit ‘concealer’ but it’s a friggin’ awesome light foundation! I don’t normally rave about specific products (beauty blogger I am not haha), but this one is a game changer! It starts green and it blends to match my skin tone EXACTLY. WTF. Amazing. It’s quick to apply. Not too heavy (but not too sheer either). Perfect for trying to not look like the undead for school drop off and pick up, with that ‘effortless’ ‘no make up’ make up look!

Not being sick anymore

I was sick on and off (mostly on) since the 8th of February. I know. You’ve got to be shitting me. Two days ago, I woke up and I actually didn’t feel like I was dying. There was no sinus pain. No headaches. No painful throat. Far less of an urge to cough.¬†I was so relieved because it was really getting me down! I’d kind of pinned February as my month to be a healthy living machine and when it held me back I got really frustrated. I can’t wait to feel really strong and energetic again (before life’s next curveballs come at me)!

Having a home printer that works!

It’s not a major thing but not having one was really inconvenient (in a first world problems kinda way)! Our old printer refused to work – especially the wifi function. The technology seemed to have aged out and it did not want to play! I would have to go to my mum’s to print and scan everything. It was a bit ridiculous. Mr Unprepared and I managed to pick up a good-but-cheapie the other day and now I feel so relieved knowing it’s sitting there, waiting for me to scan/print something at any given moment that it’s required! Finally! I don’t know why I put it off so long – actually I do. I kept thinking that until I had my home office up and running (although it still needs a few things), I wouldn’t buy anything else to clutter up the house.

Always dream big, people. Haha.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Watching trashy TV. Married at First Sight, anyone?
  • The outfit I wore on Saturday night – it made me feel almost skinny and I felt on trend (a big deal these days haha) and I felt pretty. Definitely a keeper (and I got it for $20)!
  • Watching the Oscars live while blogging.
  • Making a movie date with my mum to see Lion some time this week.
  • Hangover food on Sunday. No regrets!
  • My new activewear shorts. And the fact that I am finally starting to feel comfortable in shorts again after a long hiatus.
  • Getting our summer weather back (even though it’s Autumn in a few days – eek).
  • Avocado. Because it’s avocado.

What’s been making you happy lately? Tell me!¬†

Mood boosting music.

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but END OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – AM I RIGHT? I am trying to find anything I can to keep myself limping to the finish line! I love love love my kid and for the most part we’ve had a lot of fun together since school broke up, but I am tired, I can’t remember when I last had any decent time alone in the quiet and¬†I’ve started to fantasise about doing impossible things like getting my nails done, having a hair appointment (something I rarely do even during the school term), going to the toilet without anyone panicking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, time to work out alone, a sleep in, watching TV shows/movies that are¬†rated higher than ‘G’ (yes I have night time to binge but you see I fall asleep so early ?) … you know, ridiculously lofty ideas like that.

I know I’m probably the biggest first world problems whinger right now. I know my life is objectively quite good. So many people have it worse/harder. But I’m betting I’m not alone!! The struggle is real!

Anyhow, one thing that doesn’t cost anything (and may or may not even temporarily drown out the sounds of whining child/ren) is music. I don’t have to be alone to listen to most of it (hastily skips over the cuss heavy songs before my child realises). It motivates me. It lifts my mood. Gives me an energy boost. Hey, sometimes I even get a mini (not really anything close to a real) work out from dancing around the kitchen like a dickhead. My kid doesn’t mind it. YES.

I have thought about which songs never fail to make me feel better when I’m feeling flat or frustrated.

Here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

Bliss and Eso – Addicted (language warning)

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

The Little Mister calls this song the “Can Holders” song. He thought it was about can holders! What are can holders anyway? Things that hold cans, I guess?

Lion Babe – Impossible

Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division

The line “Let’s dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy…” always makes me grin. Because if everything’s going to shit, you can still dance and take the piss out of yourself and hopefully one day laugh about it.

Sia – Cheap Thrills

Not only is Sia a freakin’ genius, playing this song when I’m feeling a bit strapped for cash makes me feel better LOL.

Drapht – Dancin’ John Doe

Illy – Catch 22

A while ago, I asked my friggin’ amazing Facebook followers for their fail-proof mood boosters and here were their suggestions:

  • The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love
  • Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Seth Sentry – Vacation
  • Katrina and the Waves – Walking on sunshine

So there you have it. A ready to go playlist! Hope some of these songs boost your mood too!

Anything you’d like to add?¬†

The Happy List #45

Happy weekend, everybody!

I haven’t written a happy list in a while, but I’m feeling the urge right now. While life has had its challenges of late (thank you so much for the support – you know who you are), it doesn’t mean I haven’t had some great moments. Moments that I am really grateful for.

Here are the things that have made me happy in the past week or so…

Good customer service

It’s such a little thing, isn’t it? But sometimes, if you’ve been stressing about something, a friendly customer service person can make all the difference. I had to contact my private health insurer in a pinch the other day, and the lady (Liz – you are a legend and your bosses¬†have been made aware that I’ve appreciated you) that answered the phone was awesome. She had this really down to earth spirit about her and from the moment I told her what I needed, she was laughing and chatting like we were old friends. I felt so at ease and looked after. I hung up the phone and I was still smiling. She didn’t just do her job, but she did it with an awesome attitude and made me feel important. Nailed it. I only wish more people followed her lead.

Sunshine! FUCKING OATH – sunshine!!

OK, so we just had the rainiest, coldest, windiest week. Also, are ‘windiest’ and ‘rainiest’ even words? Are now! I am sure it wasn’t too bad before last week, but it got so tedious that I cannot remember life before the shit weather started. That week felt like it lasted for a month.

But Friday was glorious. GLORIOUS. It made everything so great – like your fave social media photo filter.

It has still been cold, but the pure sunshine made it so much more bearable! It came at just the right time too, because I was starting to feel stir crazy and trapped.

Catching up with an old friend and watching our children play together

So I’ve known this friend for about 19 years (we’re getting so old) and recently, trying to catch up has been a challenge! But we got there in the end and the Little Mister and I hung out at her house yesterday. We got to meet her gorgeous toddler son and seeing our kids play together so nicely (even with the age difference) was heartwarming. We chatted and it felt like no time had passed. It was exactly what my soul needed (on so many different levels it’s not funny) and we even left with some home made chocolate cake to take home – amazing haha. I can’t wait to return the favour of hosting and the promise of baked goods – we figure that if we can at least catch up before the end of 2016, it will be a win!

Some people just make you feel so good in their presence. She’s a keeper. I hope I do the same for her.

Getting our taxes sorted

OK, so it doesn’t sound that fun, but you know when something has been hanging over your head and you feel overwhelmed by it, but then someone helps you sort it all out and the relief is just amazing? That. I’d been stressing because my income streams have been varied and intermittent over recent years and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I felt like I just hadn’t got my shit together in that area. Well, yesterday, the accountant helped me to adult better and now I feel so much better. I know I’m going to kick arse this¬†financial year now! I should have done this ages ago!

My oven working again (and the keeping of perspective)

Last weekend, my oven died. I saw sparks coming out of it while Mr Unprepared tried to heat up a gross meat pie he got really cheap at the supermarket. Ew. Anyway, Mr Unprepared denied there was anything wrong (his back was turned while I yelled “HEY – THE OVEN LOOKS LIKE IT’S ABOUT TO CATCH FIRE!”) until he realised his pie was cold a few minutes later.

It’s funny, but any other time in my life and an oven in need of repairs would have been the biggest drama in my life and it would have warranted a social media post and a big whinge (I like baking and roasting stuff OK?). But this week, it was just stuff. Perspective was maintained. We got through the week and I even lost a little weight (haha). It turned out to be a melted, munted heating element which was replaced by Mr Unprepared in no time. It didn’t even cost much!

It was a good feeling that I didn’t let something like that get to me, when I could have¬†easily let it be the inconvenient straw that broke the camel’s back after the past couple of weeks I’ve had.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Having all the Little Mister’s grandparents around (after they’ve all been travelling) – helpful for babysitting and also cute to see how happy it makes him.
  • The worst of Mr Unprepared’s man flu passing us quickly.
  • Watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix whenever I feel down – it always cheers me up.
  • When some doors close (or you close them yourself), you find a whole lot of others that were open all along, leading to more amazing places.
  • Finding online support with others who are dealing with secondary infertility. So wonderful to know you’re not alone and be able to talk about anything without worrying that you’ll kill the conversation with people who don’t know what to say.
  • Weekend plans to catch up with a friend who has just moved to WA (and her now live-in boyf – oh my!)
  • Messages from awesome readers/friends offering solidarity and emotional support when things have been tough. You guys are amazing.

What has made you feel happy this week?

The Happy List #43

Hello! How are you today? I’m OK. Had crappy sleep all weekend, but I’m excited because today I plan on getting back on the treadmill for the first time since forever (my health kept getting in the way). I AM PSYCHED. Gotta get my endorphins and stop feeling so wobbly haha.

Anyway, it’s time to share with you the things that have made me happy in the last week or so. Not the clich√© stuff everyone feels they have to say, but the stuff that has really made me feel good. It’s my way of reflecting on the week that’s been, before diving into a new week full of possibilities (and probably school mum fails and other ridiculous stuff)!

So here is my happy list!

Buying concealer for the first time

I mentioned a little while ago that my confidence had been shot to pieces with recent events. One of the things that really bothered me was my skin. All the mixed up hormonal stuff and the constant sickness before my surgery¬†meant that I was sprouting a billion (slight exaggeration) zits every month. I felt like an awkward teenager and not the self assured¬†32 year old woman I would have liked to be. While I’d love to be super awesome and realise I am much more than what’s on my face, I am not really there yet. So I did the next best thing and researched googled concealer (which I knew nothing about) and made a plan.

That simple purchase has changed everything! Now I don’t mind as much when I have a pimple and even though you can never hide spots perfectly, I have stopped wanting to hide in general! That’s progress!

Feeling recovered from surgery and optimistic about the future

I am finally starting to feel good, physically. I get a little bit sore at times, but I am stoked that 3 weeks later, I am able to go through the motions of a normal day without crashing halfway. I can work comfortably. I’ve caught myself sleeping on my stomach for the first time in weeks. I feel ready to do some light exercise. I can wear jeans for almost a whole day! Yippee!

Also, most importantly, I feel good about life again. That surgery answered some questions for me and while only time can tell if it will help the fertility issue, I am so glad to at least feel a sense of hope again. I realise these hopes could be dashed over and over like they were for the (almost) two years prior, but right before surgery I truly was feeling despondent and negative. It’s nice just to feel optimistic again. I worried that I never would.

At the very least, just knowing that my endometriosis has been removed is quite a joyous thought.

Taking the Little Mister for a haircut

I took the Little Mister for a hair cut the other day, because he tends to look a little wild. His hair has a really funny crown which makes his hair grow out all swirly and haphazard – it’s a real pain! His school is quite strict with uniform/dress code etc and while I’m sure they are a little more relaxed with kindy kids, I did not want to be the first kindy mum to find out that they’re not haha. There was no way we were going to make it through the last three weeks of term!

His hair grows ridiculously fast, so he’s been getting hair cuts since forever. He’s really used to it. He is getting so good at sitting still and he’s starting to get to know the ladies at the barber’s. This week, I almost died from the cuteness. He’s always answered the chatty questions he is asked while he sits in the chair, but this was the first time he initiated conversations. He was so earnest and he used the exact tone and timing you’d expect of an adult. I was blown away and it was so funny coming from a person so small they had to sit on a massive booster seat!

Afterwards, the lady who cut his hair (magnificently) told us she loved the chats and it made her morning. It made mine too!

Witnessing the Little Mister’s first ‘solo’ ferris wheel ride

We took the Little Mister to a country town festival over the long weekend. We’ve taken him every year and it’s so much fun seeing how he’s grown since the previous times we’ve attended. It’s good old fashioned family time and I love it.

This year we felt he was old enough to go on the kiddie ferris wheel by himself. He normally rides on stuff with his dad (ha – I totally dob him in) and has a ball, but that ferris wheel had been taunting him since he was old enough to be excited about rides. His day had finally come. He was so excited and he gave the ticket to the ride operator by himself (a totally big deal haha). He was sat with a little girl who was also going by herself for the first time and her mum and I almost lost it making “AWWWWWW” sounds – Mr Unprepared stood a safe distance away!! Seeing his little face light up each time they went around was just priceless. Stoked is an understatement!

Having a big cook up day on the long weekend

Last weekend I was able to rekindle my love of cooking. I spent ALL day in the kitchen. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to! There was no real time pressure like there is during the work week. I made chicken pot pies, some pin wheels for school lunches, a cake. BLISS.

Now that it’s winter, I am loving this stuff. I am a big fan of roasted veggies and soups right now.

Other stuff that has made me happy: 

  • Figuring out how to make emoji move in snapchat videos. It’s a simple pleasure haha. Do you know how? Hit me up (kezunprepared) and I’ll tell ya haha.
  • Feeling a bit yuck about something I found out and then feeling the liberation of realising¬†it’s not my circus and certainly not my monkeys.
  • Having a new healthy living challenge to look forward to – it starts tomorrow and goes for two weeks! Click here to find out more. Let’s just say I am going to have fun trying to eat a truckload of vegetables each day! Bring it!
  • One of my besties getting a fitbit so now we’re fitbit buddies too and it’s SO exciting! #addicted
  • Red wine. I have never been a red drinker, but I have recently realised it’s perfect in cold weather, all snuggled up at night. I’m grateful that one of my lovelies left a bottle at my house a lifetime ago and told me to keep it!
  • Laughing with the Little Mister and my parents as we tried to fly a kite in no wind yesterday. Hilarious.
  • The Judd Apatow show ‘Love’ on Netflix.

So, your turn! What has been making you happy this week? 

The Happy List #31

It’s been a tough week for a lot of Western Australians. There are a lot of people who have lost a lot over the past few days, with devastating bushfires threatening several small towns in the south west, sadly wiping out the historical town of Yarloop and taking the lives of two elderly community members. I just don’t think I could write this week’s happy list without acknowledging it. While we were always out of the danger zone, it was our neighbouring communities who felt the brunt of the fire front. It was close enough to scare my parents and it affected people and places that we know well. I often think of these people/places as our extended community. I went to school with kids from those communities. It feels like everyone from my home town knows someone from there. It was impossible to ignore – especially with the spectacular and confronting glowing smoke cloud that loomed over the area – a visual reminder that we are not likely to forget easily. A lot of people (even those not directly affected) have spent the past few days running on pure adrenaline, checking for updates constantly and combined with the searing heat and thunderstorms – causing more lightning fires in the state – not a lot of sleep was had.

Before I start my happy list I just want to say that my heart goes out to all those who face the task of rebuilding, of those who lost loved ones. I cannot imagine what these people will face in months and even years to come and I hope they will be OK. I know the surrounding communities are already rallying to offer support¬†(click the link to see how you may be able to help). Let’s not forget these people once the adrenaline and urgency wears off.

While writing a happy list feels a bit trivial right now, I do believe in finding those small pleasures and I hope that through the tough times, those affected can find little things that keep them going.

Here’s my list…

Seeing the helpers during tough times


I’m sure a lot of you have seen this quote countless times on social media. It just resonates whenever something scary happens. And I saw a lot of helpers this past week. I got quite emotional every time I saw a fire truck headed in the direction of the fires. I just wanted to reach out and hug every person who bravely fought the blaze. Not just career fire fighters, but volunteers and all of the people who stayed back in dangerous conditions to save their homes (some sending their own families away to safety – can you imagine???) and the homes and businesses of their neighbours.

People offered up their homes and places of business to displaced people and their animals. The list goes on. Not to mention the outpouring of generosity of those wanting to offer food, drinks, other useful items to those who were stuck in evacuation centres or who were fighting the fires.

Numerous people donated their time and money/services to organise amazing fundraising events.

Gosh, people really are good.

Swimming in my parents’ pool on a 40 + degree (Celsius) day

Oh the heat got crazy! While we are blessed with air conditioning units throughout our house, we knew it was a hot one when they stopped being efficient and the air coming out of them no longer felt cool. At one point I thought the air con in our living area was broken, it was so hot! On Thursday afternoon, I cracked and called my mum – it was time to hit the pool! Even our slightly woolly, black dog came for a swim – she had been taking the heat the hardest. Mr Unprepared even stopped by on his way home from work (usually nothing can stop him from getting home and watching the cricket – he’s a tragic). The Little Mister had a ball and it was so nice to cool down. Considering what was happening at the time, I felt very lucky to not be out in the fire affected areas. I did not take it for granted. It was a little relief – especially before a very scary night ahead for some people we know and care about.

Early nights

I have really been relishing in the ability¬†to collapse into bed nice and early when there’s nothing good on TV. It’s so great to snuggle up with Mr Unprepared and watch Netflix by the light of my iPad (totes romantic)! I don’t think I’ve gotten through an entire episode of Narcos yet, before falling asleep (despite liking the show a lot). I blame it on the effort involved in reading the subtitles. Yes, I know how embarrassing that is to admit haha. Still, it’s been good. Those who have ever stayed up way too long, because their brain won’t switch off, will relate to the joy of collapsing into a content sleep without having to try.

Time in the kitchen

Late last year (so not that long ago haha) I’d been lamenting the fact that taking time to cook or bake seemed like an impossibility. I hate when cooking is reduced to a mad rush to make something blah because my family expects to eat every day. How inconvenient! Since the silly season has ended and the Little Mister has been having a break from day care (before he starts kindy next month – hold me!), I’ve found time to enjoy creating new meals and trying out new recipes. I just find it so therapeutic and calming (when I have the time to actually enjoy it). Yay!

The satisfaction of organising all my Pinterest boards

I find that Mr Unprepared’s preoccupation with the cricket (while frickin’ annoying at times) is a good time for me to get some selfish, time consuming stuff done without feeling like I’m sacrificing couple time. Like I spent one evening re-organising all of my pins on Pinterest. I was sick of not being able to find my pinned recipes easily. So I fixed it and I was so happy. I had virtually decluttered. It was so satisfying. It’s fun being able to do those silly little things that you never get around to because they’re not that important.

And yes, I am aware of how sad that makes me look, but this is a HAPPY list. Haha.

General homebody-ness

As you can probably tell from the items on my list, I spent a lot of time at home in the past week (often using the heat as an excuse). It was much needed time to slow down and be more present with the Little Mister. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but while I was glad for some time out, I think I was actually missing him more than I thought while he was at day care during 2015! Let’s see how I feel a few months into this year haha.

What would you put on your happy list this week?

The Happy List #25

As I sit here, I am just glad to have a quiet day ahead! The silly season has been intense and it’s not even December yet! I really love being a social butterfly but I treasure the quiet days too. Is anyone else like this? I don’t think I could ever go full extrovert. Right now is the perfect time to write another happy list!

Here’s what’s made me happy in the last week…

Meeting a real life Alice in the flesh!

I don’t know if you remember but I have mentioned Alice a few times in this blog’s lifetime. We met on Twitter and recently celebrated our 4 year Facebook anniversary. How modern of us. We have some mutual friends and we’ve always got along like a house on fire. Especially in all matters Kardashian or Catfish. Yes. We are trash TV soulmates. Speaking of Catfish, we have always joked about the possibility that either of us could just be one and this weekend we had the opportunity to discover whether or not that was the case! Alice came to Perth for a holiday and we totes met. Yay! We had lunch with Mr Unprepared and the Little Mister, before catching up for drinks with a couple of other friends. It was lovely. I hope I didn’t make a total fool out of myself, Kez style! I can’t wait for the next catch up. Tassie next time, mate?

Alice told me it is her goal to make it onto my happy list every single week…she’s doing pretty well at the moment – I told her to dream big haha.


Catching up on my C25K work outs.

I was really sad when I had to stop running for a bit. I had been feeling really disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to do the 5km Colour Run when it was in Perth, for medical reasons (it was too close to a minor procedure). I recovered quickly enough (it did take about a week to feel like myself again), but then I admit I felt discouraged and a bit unmotivated. Not very NoExcusesVember of me, was it? I finally started to get some time to myself and some more motivation (a couple of my friends have been really great at inspiring me as they hit the gym and we share our exercise plans to stay accountable). I decided to re-start using my C25K app. It was a bit disappointing seeing the decline in my fitness, but it felt good to get back on the treadmill. I caught up this week and got past my last milestone on Friday! Gosh it felt awesome! Just gotta keep it up now. It’s getting intense but I’m noticing some little differences in my body again already. Yay! Which leads me to…

Feeling better in my clothes. 

The other night we had a family dinner to go to. I thought I’d throw on my trusty black peplum dress (the perfect go to outfit). I put it on and it was looser around my waist than it probably ever has been. I must be trimming up! So exciting. It’s really spurred me on to keep working on my running. It is obviously doing me some good. It’s made me feel more encouraged to continue. It’s nice getting out of a slump. I hope this is something that can get me through the holiday period. I would love to keep feeling good/comfortable at events¬†when I’m all dressed up.

Also, I am loving when I have the time to fit a work out in before I go out somewhere. Peps this tired mum right up – gotta love those endorphins (and it makes me feel very virtuous before I pig out haha)!

Mr Unprepared bought himself some nice shoes.

I know this one sounds funny, but I really celebrate when Mr Unprepared goes shopping for himself for things that he can wear!! Even better if the things he buys are really great looking! He had to get some brown dress shoes to match some stuff he needs to wear over the next few weeks (one of those things being a groomsman’s suit at a wedding). He sent me some pictures of some grandpa style ones which scared the bejeezus out of me, but luckily after I sent him back some inspirational shoe pictures from Pinterest, he did a great job haha. Also, he scored them for 50% off! Gotta love technology. And sales. Especially sales.

Seriously. If you saw his shoe collection (if you can call it that), you’d know why I’m celebrating!!

Counting down the days until Mr Unprepared and I celebrate our wedding anniversary with a date night! 

It’s going to be 8 years of marriage. I don’t know what the traditional gift is for that many years, but we’ve decided to skip the material gifts and experience the gift of each other’s presence (spew – did I really just write that – what is wrong with me). Also, because neither of us has bought anything hahaha. We are just excited to have one whole night to ourselves. It’s going to be great. We haven’t got solid plans yet, but it’s fun to think about.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • The Little Mister’s laugh – always.
  • Bin day. I was so glad our really full wheelie bin got emptied. Look, sometimes it’s the simple things. An empty bin means a new week haha. Yes. I know. Poor environment ūüôĀ
  • Knowing that soon it will be deemed acceptable to put my Christmas tree up and start an all out assault on the senses when it comes to Christmas related things. The Little Mister and I are going to have SO MUCH FUN.
  • Seeing the Little Mister’s potato plant growing up out of the soil (he planted a potato with Mr Unprepared one day a while ago to see what would happen). Having a kid makes you want to do things you never thought were fun or exciting before you had a kid. I was ACTUALLY excited. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

What is on your happy list this week? 

The Happy List #24

Well, hello there lovely person who is reading my blog! Welcome to my weekly Happy List thingy. It’s where I reflect on the stuff that has made me happy over the previous week – taking time to smell the flowers, kind of. So I don’t lose the lovely memories in the blur of adult life and all that.

So, here’s the stuff that has brought a little joy…

New couch feels.

Today we picked up my new gorgeous 3 seater sofa. It’s second hand and it is just gorgeous! I bought it from a gorgeous lady friend. I am so so so happy as I would never have been able to afford it brand new. It’s originally from Freedom and it has this real retro feel to it. It’s really comfy and while I am a little nervous letting the Little Mister anywhere near it, it’s great to start over! The old couch was horrendous. While we thought we could wait out the whole ‘having a small child’ phase of our lives with it, I started to get very very cranky about it. You sank into it (and not in a good way) when you sat down, you practically needed a crane to lift you out of it, it made your back sore every time you sat in it for a while and just about every part of it was detachable, which meant the Little Mister could remove all the parts and throw them around the room (or make boats/cars/forts/a mess) if you left for five minutes. It was also starting to look really…tired and embarrassing. I sold it for next to nothing on Gumtree to a young guy moving out of home for the first time and wished it well. That alone made me happy! I was so relieved when he looked at it (his mum was there for support) and didn’t change his mind!!

So anyway, back to the new couch. It’s SO CUTE. Change is slowly happening in my house and it’s making me so happy. I’m starting to see my own style emerging (instead of an ‘ugh that will do’ approach). My house is becoming a home – finally (it’s only been about 8 years haha).

Here’s a shitty googled shot of what it looks like because I haven’t taken a proper shot of it in my house yet. The picture does not do this little beauty justice! Squee!!!!


Celebrating a beautiful wedding.

Yesterday, I got to attend the wedding of a really amazing girl and her groom. I met the gorgeous bride when we were scared new parents at a mothers’ group meeting and four years later, we all mean a lot to each other. Most of the mum’s group was honoured to be there and we had a blast. It was so nice to dress up too! It was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t be happier for the couple of honour and their beautiful son.

Wine was consumed, dancing was done. Love was in the air. So. Awesome.

Buying clothes for Mr Unprepared and totally nailing it. 

I went shopping with my mum (quality time – just the two of us) for the first time in ages and it was so nice. We did some shopping for me for an upcoming wedding and I realised it would be good to get something for Mr Unprepared as he hasn’t splurged on nice clothes in a while. I was nervous picking out some trousers and a dress shirt without him there to¬†try them on, but I took a risk. My mum assured me that if I’d messed up the sizes she would be visiting the city again soon and could return them for the right size. We got home and after snap chatting him all day with photos of ridiculous clothes (just to scare him), he seemed a little relieved that I had bought him some nice things. He tried them on and he looked great! Since we’ve been together, I like to think my sense of style is slowly rubbing off on him haha.

Everything fit him perfectly – go me!

Ladies, I think I’ll get in trouble for this (sorry Mr Unprepared haha), but here’s my secret. You have to take your not-as-style-savvy partner just a teensy bit out of their comfort zone each time you shop for/with them. Show them how to take little risks and try new things, but don’t go so out there too early or it freaks them out. Mr Unprepared has discovered some great new things on his own over the years after I’ve done a little groundwork – it’s great ūüôā

Clean sheets day. 

Not much explanation needed. Bliss. Especially when the weather has been warm and your sheets are crisp and cool.

These shoes. 


I bought these from Novo (not sponsored – just love them) and they are so cool. They don’t make my stumpy legs look stumpier (like some strappy wedges do), they’re high enough that I feel like a normal person, but not so high that I fall over (although give me a bit too much wine and who knows). They are comfier than traditional heels. AND…I wore them to the wedding I mentioned above and I got ZERO blisters and my feet never got sore, even after a good dance session! I love how the style is fairly timeless. I can’t wait to wear these for a few seasons at least. I even bought the white pair so I can match to more outfits (after having to track them down in my size – they seem to have sold out in a lot of stores)! Yay.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it can be for me to find the perfect wedged shoe (I’m picky and my feet and legs are a bit weird). These are a miracle buy. Even better?? The second pair was half price. I was a total sucker for that deal! When you find something you love and will wear to death, I swear by buying it in multiples.

Gosh this has been quite the materialistic happy list. I feel a bit guilty for appearing to be so superficial but maybe it was a week for retail therapy!! Might have to take it easy until my next pay haha.

Other stuff that’s made me happy…

  • The Little Mister meeting a sausage dog for the first time. He was so confused. Hilarious.
  • A funny little Santa song the Little Mister learned at day care, complete with hand gestures.
  • Mr Unprepared humouring me through a rough bout of PMS and keeping me company at the doctor’s.
  • Mr Unprepared nailing the arrangement of cushions on the couch. I can’t even begin to tell you. He’s really getting some skills.
  • Thinking of charity for this Christmas.
  • Planning fun things to do with my Tassie mate Alice next weekend – how excitement!!

What’s on your happy list this week? x