2 thoughts on “The REAL school holidays have begun.”

  1. I’m a mum of two also and whilst I couldn’t ever watch/listen to true crime…about the parents exploiting kids. That’s the one thing I keep booting my kids off from watching on YouTube. I find it really hard to explain to miss 8 that I don’t want her watching random kids being filmed as it’s CHILD EXPLOITATION! (I let them go on kids YouTube to watch the odd Lego building or wildlife doco but the minute I’m distracted they seem to find the kids being filmed stuff. It’s exploitation and it’s just icky.)

    Loving the Autumn weather too.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! My 6 year old doesn’t really understand why I say no to her watching that stuff 99% of the time (occasionally something slips through) but I explain it to her. I find a lot of the content aimed at kids on Youtube is really icky. It’s either exploiting kids who are in the videos or trying to make easy money off views by little kids watching absolute crap (and honestly some of those grown people playing with toys give me the creeps).


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