Camping 2014 – Daily photos: Trees and sky.

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I have been trying to think of the best way to document our latest camping holiday, but this is probably not it haha. I’ve decided to bore the pants off you all by posting a photo or two each day until I’ve run out of nice photos. Kind of like when you get invited to a relative’s house and you have to politely sit through their exhaustive slideshow presentation of their ’round the world trip (which they haven’t edited or selected highlights from AT ALL). Just bear with me, OK? 😉


These were the trees that surrounded our first camp site (don’t ask – we had to move later in the piece – long boring story). These kinds of trees always let me know that I’m by the water – my happy place. One of them is paper bark and I have no idea what the other one is because I am a really crap botanist (or whatever people who deal with plants are called – I wouldn’t know because I cannot keep plants alive). All I know is that I love staring up at them against a bright blue sky and day dreaming (until my toddler yanks me back into reality with a safety related emergency or an attempted run-away of some kind).


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