2019: Weekly Wrap Up #6

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I’m falling a bit behind on these weekly updates on the mundanity of my life. Oops! I thought about chucking this series in, because I am not really sure if anyone even reads it or finds it remotely interesting, but then I realised I am frickin’ stubborn and a part of me would bug out about not completing a task I’ve set myself! 😝

So here goes…

February 5 – Tuesday

Today was a pretty damn good day! The Little Miss was settling into the Little Mister’s routine surprisingly well, fitting two day sleeps in during school hours.

The Little Mister came home from his 2nd day of school really enthusiastic. He’d learned some really cool stuff about one of his teachers (I loved that she had taken the time to really introduce herself to them so they could get to know her). He also loved that he had been able to ‘tinker’ with an old clock. He had been able to take it completely apart and see how it works and what it’s made of. I love that he gets to do that kind of learning. He told me everything about what he’d discovered and it made me really happy to see how stoked he was.

While he was at school I took an opportunity to properly declutter the ‘fuckerware’ cupboard (as my clever/funny friends have dubbed that pesky cupboard most people have that is filled with lots of plastic containers haha). The Little Mister had decided to “help” me with that during the holidays, so you can imagine how that turned out! 😂


It was so satisfying. Even Mr Unprepared noticed and was very impressed when he got home from work haha.

That night, after the kids were in bed, we watched the most crazy, off the wall, 90s movie on Stan. Welcome to Woop Woop. I can’t even begin to describe it to you. Just watch it if you want to feel like you’re tripping on something haha. Let’s just say that I will never watch The Sound of Music the same again. Because of that weird arsed Aussie movie, I will always and forever hear a nun ask Maria, “What is it, you c*nt face?” instead of “What is it you can’t face?” 😂🙈

February 6 – Wednesday

This afternoon, I had arranged to pick the Little Mister up from school via the fast pick up lane. It was his first time since pre-primary (when the kids would be escorted by a staff member of the school). He had to make sure his bag was packed properly and make his own way over without dawdling. I was so nervous!

It felt so weird to leave home almost an hour later than usual. It was nerve wracking! I actually didn’t know what to do with myself and kept having to remind myself not to freak out that I hadn’t left home yet. Once it was over and I had him safely in the car with me, I felt very liberated. To gain an extra hour in my day is so awesome. I have spent a lot of time sitting in car parks (often trying to entertain a baby/toddler)!!

The Little Miss took a few steps with her walker which was exciting! Of course I could not get it on camera for her dad/grandparents could I? Nope haha. TRUST ME. IT HAPPENED.

February 7 – Thursday

Today wasn’t a great day. I can’t get into details to protect the guilty (haha) but it was bloody stressful and I don’t wish to relive it!


February 8 – Friday

Mr Unprepared had a day off work and it was so good because he did the school drop off. He was able to do pick up with me and to be an extra pair of hands at the Little Mister’s cricket session (keeping a 1 year old out of trouble can be fun at the end of the day as the witching hour approaches)!

February 9 – Saturday

I went to work today! There was a lot to do and I was up for the challenge. I probably did about two days’ worth of work in one. It was nice to use my brain in a different way than usual (ie mum life). I am lucky I get to go and do some admin work for my parents on a casual basis. I just fit it around my children’s needs (and my husband’s days off) and make it happen. I feel very fortunate to be in that situation for now.


I got home in time for dinner and then passed out by 9pm. Wild Saturday nights around here, folks.

February 10 – Sunday

I woke up quite grumpy this morning. Oops. It seems to be a Sunday thing for me. I know why I feel that way (long story), but I have to try and combat this pattern!

Went to my mum and dad’s for a swim in their pool. The Little Mister’s swimming is really coming along! He’d had a break for just over a week, I think, which would normally see a back slide in his progress, but this time he built upon his last experience and I was so proud. He had so much fun!

While the baby was sleeping and the Little Mister was busy in another room playing educational iPad games, we started watching iZombie on Stan. It was such a pleasant binge watching discovery! I kind of describe it as Veronica Mars as a zombie (but in the very best way) haha.

I hadn’t had much time for self care lately, but I really enjoyed going to the local IGA and getting some dinner ingredients. I came home and was able to make it at my own pace. Just that small thing brings me some peace! Just a touch of self care!


A big highlight of today was that my bestie and her man announced that they are going to be having a baby in August! I had been so honoured to receive a heads up earlier in the piece but it was finally Facebook official, y’all! I loved their announcement pic and seeing their extended social circle showering their post/them in love. I am so excited. This is VERY EXCITING! I am so happy for them!

February 11 – Monday

My day didn’t start so excellently. The Little Miss had been having a rough night (I suspect a sleep regression of sorts) and Mr Unprepared made things worse when he got ready for work (he knows what he did!). I was really really upset! Lack of sleep can really break a person, you guys!

Luckily, I salvaged the day. I am so proud of myself that I still got through it all and ticked off all of my to-do lists and acted like a grown up. I even had to go to a parent information night at the school, which involved some coordination with my mum for child care assistance (thank you Mum!) and I didn’t let myself have the nervous break down that the child in me wanted to have haha.

I parented solo all day, too. Mr Unprepared had a massive day at work (it happens quarterly) and a close relative had a health scare (spoiler alert – they’re OK THANK GOODNESS) and I don’t know how but I got the kids to bed and everything.

How was your 6th week of 2019? x

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