2019 Weekly Wrap Up #16

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My 16th week of 2019 was a pretty good one! I feel like that’s been a rarity this year, unfortunately. Not that our problems have been massively devastating (something I am very grateful for), but it’s just been a weirdly stressful year, where all the little not-so-totally-awesome things have kind of added up and accumulated more than I’d like!

It wasn’t perfect (nothing is and that’s OK) but it was really great to have some little wins and of course it was Easter time and my birthday week!

This has been a nice one to relive, as I’ve read back through my paper journal and started typing…

If you’re not familiar with my weekly wrap up posts, I should explain that I keep a journal that I write in daily (pen and paper). It’s a great (and very revealing) little ritual. I’ve decided to document my year on my blog (omitting anything that isn’t suitable for public consumption of course) and while I am a fair bit behind, it’s been an interesting challenge for me!

16 April – Tuesday

I had a few wins today!

I finally made it back to the gym after a bit of a patchy start (spoiler alert: it rarely got better). This was a really important day for me because I’d been really nervous about the Little Miss being in the creche after our first/last experience. I’d also accidentally left her immunisation documents there previously and I was worried they might have lost them. For some reason this made me panic a lot. I just wanted to rip the bandaid off and realise everything was going to be OK and just get on with the happy little gym life I had planned!

Today, things were a whole lot better. Everything at the creche seemed a whole lot calmer and everything went well. I felt well prepared, the Little Miss had a great time and the staff seemed really on the ball. They had her immunisation stuff and gave it right back. I felt so much lighter!

The Little Mister was with us as it was the school holidays, so he went and did ‘big kid’ activities. He had a great time too.

So funny how MY gym time was more about the kids haha. I had a great time too, in case you’re wondering! I felt like I was getting the hang of some of the Body Combat moves and while I still subbed out burpees for squats, I felt like I was making progress.

I could feel my confidence growing.

Today, Mr Unprepared even got home a bit earlier than usual! MIRACLE!

17 April – Wednesday

This morning my mum took the Little Mister on an adventure (ie to pick my dad up from the airport as he was arriving home from a work trip).

I took the Little Miss to the supermarket to do some Easter/baby supplies/lunch stuff shopping. She only just made it through that shop without melting down haha.

There was a little petting zoo set up in the shopping centre so I took her over in the trolley, to look at the animals (she loves animals). There was a really cute moment when a baby goat got up on its hind legs to say hello to her really close and I wish I could have got a photo. A really nice, thoughtful mum offered to take one as she could see my hands were full, but we were too late and missed the opportunity. Mums like that are awesome – let’s be like that mum!

The Little Miss napped really well today. I was able to sit down and do some blogging. It felt good.

In the afternoon I rushed through all my prep for tomorrow and starting dinner. I wished I could spend more time just sitting and playing with the Little Miss. I am so aware of how fast this time of her life will zoom by.

Today, I renewed our embryo storage for another year. It’s always a weird time of year when this comes up! We don’t plan on having more children, but we also know that you can’t always predict what life will bring. I hope this doesn’t sound callous but we feel like our embryos are our insurance policy. We don’t feel like we want to discard them until we have to. I am always so curious about how many boys/girls are in that freezer at the lab and what they would have all looked like if we had them but I don’t plan on finding out haha.

I think when the time comes to say goodbye to them, I will be a bit sentimental. I’ll be emotional that it’s the end of an era but oh so grateful for the opportunities we had to complete our family. This might be for another blog post one day but donation won’t be an option for us, personally.

18 April – Thursday

I made it to the gym today! Twice in one week! Amazing! I felt like I was finally hitting my stride. I was a bit worried my friends weren’t coming, because I felt like I still needed that bit of moral support haha. They made it and I was very grateful!

I rushed the kids home so that the Little Miss could have a decent nap. I knew I’d have to rush out in the afternoon to finish off my Easter shopping. I left the Little Mister with my dad because logistically it was getting hard to be discreet about my collaboration with the Easter Bunny *ahem*.

I was amazed when the Little Miss was really well behaved at the shops – yay! I got a great parking spot and I somehow finished all the shopping much quicker than I’d expected.

19 April – Good Friday

I was exhausted today!! The Little Miss had slept terribly last night and while Mr Unprepared was on duty, he clearly needed more practice as he kept turning the volume up on the baby monitor when he went to help her. We usually mute it so that the other person is not too disturbed in the night, but he was mashing the buttons and turning it way up before he’d get it right. Not very relaxing!!!

He also kept rolling into me when he’d return to our room, which was really irritating because I was trying to get back to sleep all the time and he was keeping me awake!


We had a catch up with his side of the family. It was good to get everyone together because the kids hadn’t seen their cousins in ages and my brother in law and sister in law live a long way away.

I was so tired that I was kind of relieved to take the Little Miss home for a sleep (she felt much like me I think haha).

The Little Miss slept really badly tonight too.

20 April – Saturday

Mr Unprepared and I were all excited to take the Little Miss and Mister to meet the Easter Bunny, as he was supposed to make an appearance at our local shopping centre. I was on a mission to “make memories” haha.

We got ourselves down there at the time that was advertised and he was nowhere to be seen. His assistant, wearing what looked like a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume was waiting there too. She then started telling everyone the Easter Bunny had been having car troubles and really loudly talking about the dude that PLAYS the Easter Bunny. IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN. Talk about major facepalm moments! We were like, WTF lady?!

We had to just give up and walk home. I was glad we had walked – it at least made it a nice outing in the fresh air together!

In the afternoon, Mr Unprepared took the kids out with him to get the Little Mister some Auskick gear and to finish my birthday shopping (talk about last minute LOL). We had swapped cars and I hopped into his (so I could go and get a birthday eve manicure) and immediately saw one of my gifts on the floor – nice one, dude haha. I liked what I saw but I chose not to bring it up until my actual birthday!

We had a nice home cooked pork belly, mash and broccolini dinner, but afterwards I started to feel really gross in my belly. I knew I wasn’t sick, like virus sick, but I felt horrible and bloated and sore. I didn’t sleep too well as a result!

21 April – Easter Sunday – my 35th birthday

Happy birthday, me! I didn’t have the best start to the day. I woke up feeling really gross and bloated. Just uncomfortable and feeling a bit ‘toxic’. Like I really needed to detox. On Easter Sunday. I KNOW.

I decided that there was no way I was going to let it ruin my day.

There was an Easter egg hunt to orchestrate for the kids! It was the Little Miss’ first Easter where she could walk around and take part. I had bought her a little basket to collect everything in, and some of those plastic, colourful ‘eggs’ from Woolies (people usually use them to put their own treats inside). I was excited to see both the kids enjoying their morning. It was as cute as expected, of course.

For my birthday, I was given lovely things by my husband and the kids. I got gift vouchers that would help me to prepare for my upcoming trip to Queensland and a new gym bag!

We went to my parents’ house for my birthday lunch. I was relieved I wasn’t hosting, as I was feeling quite rubbish. I really appreciated my parents hosting as I know we could have eaten out somewhere but I was exhausted and just wanted a home cooked meal in a comfortable place. It was perfect.

The Little Miss went down for a nap really well in her port-a-cot in my parents’ room. I went to settle her and got a nap too! Everyone could tell I wasn’t feeling well so they understood that I went and closed my eyes for a bit!

It was such a lovely day. A highlight was seeing the Little Miss toddling about outside. She has only just reached that stage where she can confidently go wandering and exploring outdoors. She seemed pretty pleased to discover a whole new way of enjoying my parents’ place.

When we got home, I pretty much immediately had to go to bed. I was so uncomfortable. I was in a fair bit of pain throughout the night. I honestly think I had not dealt with some emotional stuff, as well as the fact that I had been eating a lot more processed food than usual – living large – this week! It was a good lesson to get back to looking after myself properly.

I was so glad that despite my physical discomfort, I could still wholeheartedly say it had been a great birthday and a lovely Easter Sunday.

22 April – Monday

When I woke up in the morning, I felt better. I was so relieved. Still a bit sore in the abdominal area and quite drained, but relieved to have survived the worst of whatever was going on in my body!

The Little Miss had a huge nap in the middle of the day (she’d had a wonderful weekend) and it was nice to have a quiet day.

In the afternoon we all went outside and hung out in the backyard. The Little Miss got to try out the Little Mister’s old Crazy Coupe (affectionately dubbed the “Chugga Chugga Red Car” by the Little Mister when he was little). She explored our backyard independently on foot for the first time (like I said – all this outdoor stuff on her own two feet is a relatively new thing)! She was quick to climb a little blue slide we have and her climbing abilities concern and impress me!

We had a nice early dinner and that always means silly family chill time before baths and bed, which is good for all of us!

Today we also found out that our old pram had been sold by Mr Unprepared’s parents. This was great news. I really hope that the buyers enjoy using it (they were about to be new parents). It got us through so many great moments with our kids and while it wasn’t right for us anymore, I will remember it fondly.

How was your Easter (if you can remember haha)?

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