2019 Weekly Wrap Up #11

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Oh, hey there. This is a blog series where I’ve challenged myself to record the daily happenings of my life for a whole year. I’ve been jotting things down in a paper journal and then sharing weekly updates on my blog. It’s been an interesting experience (for me anyway haha)! It’s also a way for you to catch up on my life and see what the hell has been going on.

The 11th week of 2019 was not for the faint hearted (ie me haha). A sleepless child and weird illnesses were the unfortunate theme!

Here is the week of 12 March – 18 March…

12 March – Tuesday

The Little Miss had a really rough night and I was most concerned with keeping her fever (that started yesterday) under control. She seemed a lot brighter this morning which was a relief.

After school drop off, I went to my mum’s where she helped fix a top button on a new dress of mine. What is with clothing these days having buttons that can pop open at any given moment? I was so concerned about having an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, but I am totally crap at anything even remotely resembling sewing (let’s also perhaps call it what it is – wilful uselessness). My mum is a legend and fixed it right up. I was very grateful.

The Little Miss didn’t sleep well today. Which meant I couldn’t rest either, which would have been good after our rough night.

A dress arrived in the post today. A lovely number from Review that I was hoping to wear to an upcoming event. It ALMOST fit but needed some alterations. Luckily (as mentioned above) I have a lady for that, who said she could do it and not to return it! Yay!

After the kids were in bed, I saw Mr Unprepared sitting on the couch wrestling with a piece of paper. It was so cute. He was using a YouTube video to figure out how to make an origami dog. He wanted to surprise the Little Mister. I love seeing him do that shit. It’s very attractive.

13 March – Wednesday

Today the Little Miss barely slept (surprise surprise). I wasn’t sure if it was teething, her adjusting to a different sleeping bag to usual, a developmental spurt or an awkward attempt on her behalf to adjust from two naps a day to one. Maybe it was all of the above! So many friggin’ variables!

She woke 4 times through the night. Sigh.

14 March – Thursday

I woke up feeling very relieved that it was Thursday. Mr Unprepared had tomorrow off. PHEW.

The Little Miss slept badly AGAIN during the day. I was very tired and I started to feel very down and frustrated about it. I was really glad she had a little bit of an afternoon sleep.

Today I had to get my mama bear courage on and contact the Little Mister’s school about something that had occurred the day before (another student had not been very nice). I was relieved when everything was dealt with exactly how I’d hoped and I was relieved that my decisions had led to a good outcome. I felt like I had done the right thing and man it’s hard to be a school mum. I STILL FEEL LIKE A KID MYSELF SOMETIMES.

So do you remember how the Little Mister wanted to be pescatarian (ie to not eat any meat except sea food)? Well, today I talked to him about maybe considering eating meat throughout the week. I talked to him about the concept of meat-free-Mondays and how it can make a difference for the environment and for the animals. We really want to support him in his cause but it was becoming difficult with our crazy current lifestyle. Meat is just the easiest go-to source of protein for us right now and we know it well and it just reassures us that we’re providing him with a balanced diet. I know a lot of vegetarians and vegans and other pescatarians can do this easily, but I’ll admit we were so fucking tired that the research and brain space it would take to do it well were just not going to happen right then. The Little Mister carefully considered my proposal and accepted it. He’s a good egg. When he’s older (along with the Little Miss) we can revisit the idea.

15 March – Friday

Today Mr Unprepared did the school drop off for me – yay! The Little Miss was tired and grumpy (funny that) and she wanted to go to bed before 9am! She didn’t sleep much (of course) but she seemed content to rest and have some quiet time to herself. Me too, girl. Me too.

I took her to my friend’s house where another friend had a lot of hand me downs from her daughter for us to go through. It was like a big shopping day haha. I came away with some very useful things. It was nice just to catch up too. The Little Miss was the only kid not at day care so she roamed my friend’s house all happy and sweet. Thank goodness, because with the week (or two) we were having, I needed to see that side of her, I swear! She was a friggin’ delight! It was such a relief and it was nice to relax a little!

She went home and slept well. Going out was definitely a good idea.

Mr Unprepared had been in the city and he got a notification about a 3am baby sleeping bag purchase I’d made after freaking out about her lack of sleep and trying to feel like I had some control over the situation haha. He was so good and just went and picked it up, no questions asked 😂

While he was gone, another parcel arrived. He’d mentioned that he loved a little mustard dress he’d seen on a Facebook ad and he thought the Little Miss would look adorable in it. He had no concept that it was Country Road (!) but luckily the next day, everything went on sale and I got 20% off! I couldn’t resist having it delivered in his name! He opened the parcel and his eyes lit up when he saw it. Again – VERY ATTRACTIVE haha.

I love the way he’s melting more and more for his little girl.

Sadly, today was the day of the Christchurch massacre, where an Australian man killed and injured a lot of people who were praying in mosques in New Zealand. I admit that I had the luxury of trying to block it out of my mind throughout the day. I cared so much for these people and could not fathom the evil that it would take to do such a horrible thing (although sadly these days I know it’s out there), but I knew that I just couldn’t let myself be consumed by it. In the afternoon a friend told me that someone had forwarded him the link of the live stream of the attack and he was so troubled by it after seeing something that nobody should have to see (much less the people who were directly involved). That really upset me. I was so moved by the love that so many people showed each other in the wake of something so awful. I vowed to become much more proactive in my use of social media. To report things that are hateful or false or dangerous and to take more control over the crap that gets shared over and over. I started with reporting Senator Anning’s tweets and it felt good when Twitter agreed with me (and surely many others who would have reported the same disgusting comments about Muslim people).

16 March – Saturday

I put a lot of thought and research into a new stroller for the Little Miss. I was starting to feel like I needed to take some control over my own health and I knew that walking with the Little Mister in his stroller had really helped when he was small.

I was finding our current stroller really cumbersome and it took up a lot more room in my current car than it had in my previous car. It didn’t look, feel or move like a stroller designed for long walks or for exercise and I felt like now that we were moving past ever having little babies again, it was time to downsize. I wanted to make my own exercise experiences more positive and while my husband spends a little on investing on his bike riding, I knew a more suitable stroller would be the ‘equipment’ that would make my life easier in that area.

I narrowed my search down to something new and was pretty sure which model I liked and where I would purchase it. It was just a matter of finding the time and making sure I had the funds.

This afternoon, Mr Unprepared took the kids out and I was able to exercise a bit. The Little Miss didn’t sleep during the day. AT ALL.

17 March – Sunday

We were starting to finally accept that the Little Miss was trying to transition to just one sleep a day. I felt like it was too soon (it was) but we would just have to go with it for now. I just hoped that in time she would fall into line with what she actually needs eventually.

In the afternoon we dropped the kids off with Mr Unprepared’s parents and we headed to Crabfest (a local festival that celebrates where we live as well as the fact that we are known for having great crabs – insert stupid jokes here). Our favourite artist (as a couple) Josh Pyke was playing a set so we were excited to see him. It was a hot, sweaty day and waiting for the shade to come over the stage was not so fun but it was awesome to watch Josh and his band playing together again (we’ve seen them play live 3 times now).

It was nice to have something to go to that was really close to home and at the right time of day for us and totally achievable in our current sleepless child situation haha.

18 March – Monday

The week began with the Little Mister coming into my bedroom and telling me he did not feel well. I took one look at him and knew he’d be staying home today. His symptoms were confusing me. He seemed to have cold symptoms and a fever.

I cracked and seeing as I had to go to the pharmacy anyway, I purchased a flash forehead thermometer – HIGHLY recommended for people with small children. HONESTLY. IT IS WORTH IT. That’s how I confirmed it was actually a fever. No more dealing with wriggly, impatient kids while waiting 6 years for an underarm or mouth reading!

Anyway, later in the day, the Little Miss vomited in her cot at nap time and then she vomited in a basket of shoes I keep by the door. I started to spin out from this shit Monday and I had to call my mum so she could talk me off the (metaphorical) ledge. This week was toooooo much.

Also, today was our first meat free Monday. I made a lovely spinach and ricotta pasta and nobody could/would eat it. Except for me. And even though it was gorgeous and delicious, I don’t want to see that meal again in a hurry. Bad memories, man.

Have you had any illness outbreaks in your family this year? If so, are you OK? 😳

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