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My internet is down. Kaput. My internet service providers are not very helpful (understatement of the year – you can find my occasional whining on Twitter and Facebook). It’s been a week now and I am realising just how much I rely on the internet. I blog, I have social media, my go-to stuff for life (recipes/life hacks) are on Pinterest. I stream my music through my devices, rather than storing it and taking up too much memory. I catch up on TV show episodes via streaming. Everyone wants an email address as a primary mode of contact. I shop online. My personal, private journal with all of my thoughts and feelings (that keeps me sane) is stored online. When did my life become so internet-centric?

I am using my phone data like there’s no tomorrow. It’s getting desperate. I’ve escaped to my parents’ house this morning (where there is wifi and cups of tea), because I am going crazy waiting for a mythical technician to contact me (a guy I am not allowed to contact myself because he’s probably in witness protection or something). For crying out loud, I just want a new modem (which of course is so special and is made out of unicorn horns and the wings of fairies so no-one sells it retail around here).

I have started to read books. Like actual, physical books with real paper pages. I’ve started to sleep more. In fact, the sleep has become ridiculous. Like my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed since the internet was invented. I am not so happy with this enforced detox as I maybe could be. No internet on camping trips? Awesome. Best way to unwind. Unreliable wifi on overseas holidays? No biggie! At home? OH GOD NO. Can I scream I’M A BLOGGER GET ME OUT OF HERE?

I miss my blog. I miss my favourite bloggers. I am dying to read the amazing things you’ve been writing. I see your links on Facebook but I can’t click many times, because my phone data bill would be unthinkable. This makes me very sad. I promise that the moment I am back online, I will binge on all of your work and catch up on your lives. I miss the inspiration you all have to offer. I miss interacting with my gorgeous readers daily.

So never fear if you do not hear from me much in the next little while. I am here. Trying to survive with this terrible first world problem. Because I do actually know how lucky I am. Kind of πŸ˜‰

Now go and read about people with real problems (you know – bigger stuff than whining about not having the internet) – do something kind for them – and if you work in customer service of ANY description, make somebody’s day today. Show them that you care. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and treat them with kindness (provided they are not just a**holes). Do it for me!


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  1. Oh no Kez…. what a nuisance.

    This just made me laugh out-loud “a guy I am not allowed to contact myself because he’s probably in witness protection or something” πŸ™‚


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