WTF will I wear this summer?!

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OMG, guys. I am going clothes shopping tomorrow. I don’t know how this happened, but my spring/summer wardrobe is dismal! I either look like I’m wearing the universal SAHM uniform of denim shorts at a practical length, with a flowy, generic t-shirty top (which is totally awesome for those who like it and wear it well but I think I have trouble being the ‘same’ – maybe I’m a closet hipster deep deep deep down) or OMG IS SHE WEARING THAT OUT OF THE HOUSE?! Yep. Those are my current two looks. I know what you’re thinking. STUNNER.

Seeing as mapping out my dream autumn/winter wardrobe earlier this year truly worked great guns for me, I am going to give it a very very last minute attempt for summer. I honestly have no idea where this blog post is going to end up, but I hope it will inspire me (and you if you need it)!

Here are the things I think I’ll need (with Pinterest sourced pics to illustrate what I’m going for)…

Casual sun dress

But it can’t be some kind of skimpy, spaghetti strapped thingy. I just don’t think I’m skinny enough to pull that off. I want something that won’t reveal everything if I’m kid wrangling. Something I can throw on if I’m going to the shops or for a coffee. Something I can dress up when I shop in the city or dress down because I want to head to my local supermarket or do the day care/kindy drop off. We’re talking minimal effort, but stylish enough that it’s flattering to my figure (i.e. we do not want to look pregnant or like we belong on the People of Walmart website). Something that’s not too heavy and warm to wear but not so flimsy a fresh coastal breeze will show everyone my knickers. Something I can live in and wear until it’s in tatters. Something that if I love it enough and it’s really cheap I’d buy two of it. Y’know? Gee, I’m probably asking a bit much. But gosh dammit I’ve managed to achieve this in the past – why not this year, hey?


image source

Wedge shoes

I have some pretty sandals for every day wear, but some occasions call for a proper shoe. I love my stiletto heels for special occasions, but I need something practical (and cute) for day time events. I do struggle to find wedges that fit my small feet and don’t have too many crazy straps around the ankles to make my legs look shorter and stubbier than they already are. Wedges that have just enough straps that my dumb feet can’t slide out of them. I like a bit of height! Also? Wedges are perfect for strolling along boardwalks (ever tried it in stilettos?!)! A nude, neutral tone would be flattering and go with most things. Did I mention I’m picky?

I think it is definitely a trial and error thing for me. Also, I reckon this will be the hardest thing for me to find. But I will keep it on the list because OPTIMISM. You know, gotta visualise and all that shiz.

If I find something slightly different that serves the same purpose I will still be happy.

I have a feeling the ones pictured below would be a bit bulky for me, but I’d love to somehow capture the ‘vibe’ of them.


image source

Patterned button up sleeveless shirts

These tops are so easy (and cool) to wear and they are flattering because they seem to shimmy over my lumpy midsection bits – yay! They are also great because they can be quite quirky and I like to look a little different. These tops can go with skirts or shorts, so I would be able to mix and match really easily.


image source

Bright, stretchy mini skirt 

I love these. I’ve had several of them. I’m just disappointed that I stained my coral coloured one last summer. I’d love one in a block colour so it pops but I can match lots of tops with it. I love that I’m short, so ‘mini’ skirt is not too risqué for me. You can also dress them up and down (that’s a real theme with me haha).




image sources (from top to bottom): 1, 2 and 3

Distressed denim shorts

I’ve really enjoyed my new love affair with my distressed jeans, but with the weather heating up I figure I can still enjoy the look with a pair of shorts. I also figure it’s a way to give my ‘mummy uniform’ a bit of an edge. Because I am a mummy and denim shorts are kind of compulsory, it seems. I’ve tried to fight it but they’re so practical, damn it! I guess this just feels like a good compromise?


image source

So there you have it. My aspirations for a functional and fresh, every day summer wardrobe. Wish me luck!!!

What clothing items are you wishing for this summer? If you’re a mum, has your style changed since you became a parent?

4 thoughts on “WTF will I wear this summer?!”

  1. Great ideas. I love the stretchy minis but I think I’m far too old. I need sleeves too. Wobbly arms. Sigh. I need a new summer wardrobe too Kez. I want to lose the fat around my middle first though. Good luck with your shopping!

    • I may have to rethink the mini skirt thing too as the ones I’ve found in the shops are much more tight and non flattering than the ones I’ve owned before. Also, everything is about the midi skirt or the longer tube type skirt at the moment 😛

  2. Wardrobe planning is a great idea. Personally I am hooked on wearing frocks for summer after doing 31 days of Frocktober – I actually put a skirt and top on earlier this week and had to take it off after an hour, the waist band was just really annoying me, and I felt so hot and sticky! (It may be I have put on a little weight … I don’t want to know so I’m sticking with my frocks) LOL


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