Thought sorting.

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I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. Sorting out thoughts. Figuring stuff out. Here are some quotes that are inspiring me or making me think.




I need to remember that I am not responsible for these people’s storms. I do not need to be their umbrella all of the time (even if they want me to be or even if I feel compassion for them).



Sometimes I get overwhelmed when there’s a big life milestone or some dream I’m trying to turn into reality. For me, at the moment, it is definitely the trip to Korea and Japan that is getting all too real! I have found myself with seemingly never ending to-do lists, the scary task of packing (why is it scary? I just have this irrational fear of not taking the perfect items with me) and the emotions that may come with visiting the country I was born in (but have never been to). I need to remember to calm the f*ck down and remember it’s all a ridiculous adventure – something that is once in a lifetime. Just do it.



Yes. Yes. Yes. I don’t want to stand outside of my own life constantly trying to figure out how I fit in or whether I am worthy. That’s no way to live your life. I want to be the star of my own life. Secure and rooted (haha ‘rooted’ – someone’s been watching too many Puberty Blues episodes) in my own story. Too many of us spend our lives reacting off our own insecurities and fears, instead of owning our destinies. Walking this world with confidence – living our truth.



We can’t control the behaviour of others, but we can control how we conduct ourselves. I hope I can live a life where I take responsibility for my choices and even if nothing goes to plan or other people/circumstances try to thwart me or make me feel bad for doing what’s best for me, I will be able to sleep at night knowing I did the right things for me and those I care about.



I never want to lose my sense of fun and adventure. I want to find joy in life, wherever it is to be found. There are positives to be discovered in even the most seemingly mundane parts of our every day lives. Sometimes joy can be found just trying something new. Eating something you’ve never tasted before or seeing a movie you didn’t think you would like. Some things work out better than others, but I want to keep surprising myself. I would rather say I gave something a go and embraced the experience, than to wonder what would have happened if I’d done it…or to set myself up for disappointment with a negative attitude going in.

So what’s inspiring you today? x

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