The Happy List #37

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I’m experiencing  a touch of the Sunday blues right now – it feels like I have so much stuff to organise for the coming week – eep! But I’ll be fine – just have to write some lists. Lists make everything seem easier, I find!

But enough of that, here’s the stuff that has made me happy in the last week…

A night out with friends

Last night we celebrated the engagement of a couple of friends. It was a fun night out – so great to see everyone together in the same place. It was one of those great parties where you know almost everyone and you could mingle with ease and just be yourself. There were many hilarious, inappropriate conversations. It was fantastic.

I’d been feeling a bit out of the loop lately, as it felt like a lifetime since I had seen some of my favourite people in a social setting. It was nice to reconnect.

Bonus points to Mr Unprepared and I for good decision making. We didn’t get totally wrecked, we saved money and we got home nice and early (we were really needing it after a big week). Proud of us!

When you’re loving your own look

I know it sounds utterly vain, but I was loving my look for the engagement party. I had put in a lot of effort. I did my hair a little differently from usual (nothing fancy – just one side clipped back – something this moon face/double chin owner never has the courage to do). I was wearing a sexy dress (with a classy amount of cleavage – ooooh). I liked my make up. I only wish I had taken more selfies to record one of the rare times I felt that good about my presentation haha. I think I may have even been a little photogenic last night (please – don’t prove me wrong other people with cameras). What a waste!

I guess I just loved the confidence I felt. Feeling like you’ve still got it. No matter what you weigh or how rarely you make it out of the house. At night time. Kid free.

Working out again

I’d been in a big slump, exercise wise and this past week I decided it was time to re-motivate myself. I am back on the fitbit wagon (sometimes having a measure of what you’re doing or not doing can really get you moving) and I decided to start the C25K (an app that helps you to go from nothing to running 5km step by step) again from scratch. I’m going to ease my way back to where I was (about halfway through the program), and beyond.

It felt good to get moving again. I didn’t love the first work out I’d done in a while, but I finished it and I felt like I’d accomplished something. I know my body will love me for it.

Quality time with the Little Mister

As much as he can be challenging at times (it’s the fucking fours I tell you), I really love that kid. He’s actually a pretty good egg (hashtag blessed blah blah). We get less time together now that he’s at kindy 3 times a week and on Friday I loved just having a chilled out day with him. There were cuddles, he was better rested. He was a great little buddy to hang out with. It’s nice to be able to stop and appreciate him so much more. Life can get so busy and everyone can get so rushed. It’s nice not having to hurry him up.

A general feeling of survival – happiness that you made it through the week

Some weeks take it out of you physically and mentally. Last week was one of them. There was nothing like getting to Friday night and breathing out again. We did it. We made it through the week. Hallelujah!

I have a feeling that the next week will feel a bit the same (juggling appointments/fighting illness etc), but we can do this!

Other stuff that has made me happy: 

  • Well timed hugs when I really needed them (thanks Mr Unprepared)
  • Funny car conversations with the Little Mister
  • Nailing the school lunches (well mostly)
  • Fuller House on Netflix. It’s corny and it’s cheesy and has way too many in jokes referring back to the original Full House series, but gosh it takes me back to a simpler time in my life and it is kind of nice to be nostalgic.
  • Hearing Mr Unprepared bonding with the Little Mister on a Sunday morning while I sit in bed and write my happy list (my little me-time treat).

What would you put on your happy list this week? 

8 thoughts on “The Happy List #37”

  1. I saw your photos from your night out and I concur; you looked stunning! Plus it looked like you were all having the bestest time ever!

    My happy list was just having a super loved up weekend with Adam when I got home from being in Sydney for 3 days. Lots of intimacy, cuddles, drinking coffee in bed, playing bed boggle! We went to a vintage brunch at a winery and did some grape stomping and had sparkling rosé sorbet! Then yesterday we did revoltingly boring coupley stuff like gardening and shopping but just spent time together which made it so not boring and just nice. It was nice to hang with my bff and just be. We made meals together, watched a movie and Adam helped me prep some stuff for my Wellbeing project. So all-in-all a loved up and incredibly productive weekend!!


      • Boring married stuff is the best. We’ve been doing so much boring married stuff lately and I’m just loving it. I wonder if that’ll change once we have a bebe? Haha. I’ll just totally enjoy the boring married stuff for as long as I can xx

      • Boring married stuff is the best. We’ve been doing so much boring married stuff lately and I’m just loving it. I wonder if that’ll change once we have a bebe? Haha. I’ll just totally enjoy the boring married stuff for as long as I can xx

  2. My happy list? Getting another student for tuition! Woohoo, and managing to have them all on the same day (different times) so I won’t have to spend my Sunday working. I have to check out your photos now! They’re on IG I’m guessing???

    • Haha there’s only a couple of photos in my private Insta account (and they’re not that good – hence why I wish there were more photos). They didn’t make the blog because all my friends are in them and I should probably protect their identities haha
      Next time I will remember to be more self obsessed!!!


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