Taking Stock: November 2019

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How’s your 2019 been, babes? I’ve been reflecting on mine and the only thing that comes to mind is WTF most of the time! Nothing about this year has gone how I could have possibly imagined. Some of those things have been good/joyful and some of those things have been painful and utterly confusing – my faith in people has been constantly challenged and then restored and challenged again! Throughout all of this, I have learned a hell of a lot about myself, about life and about the depth of my empathy for others. Growth has been painful but god damn I just keep on getting stronger! I feel like now is a good time to check in with where I’m at!

Making: myself go to the gym today was a Very Good Decision. I hadn’t gone in a couple of weeks and while I was concerned I might die of cardio (haha) I survived. I got my endorphin hit, I had some social time with two of my long time friends and the Little Miss got to visit creche (although she got a bit upset that I was gone after a while).

Cooking: dinner seems more and more arduous every night as we head towards summer. The grind of daily life starts to wear thin by the end of the school year, I find!

Sipping: No Sugar Coke (least catchy name for a drink ever). I know how bad it is for me, I do. But I don’t drink it daily and I don’t drink coffee so I kind of feel like I’m allowed a caffeinated vice, right?

Reading: a couple of books at once very slowly! Chanel Miller’s Know My Name (powerful stuff), Lauren Dubois’ You Will (Probably) Survive (funny and true), a Jodi Picoult book I started two holidays ago, and I am yet to read You (the novel the Netflix show is based on – I bought it in a book shop in Malaysia – it was all wrapped up in plastic because of the mature content – I felt very corrupted LOL).

Looking: at Dr Phil and just letting it wash over while I type.

Listening: to Dr Phil in the background. I’m blogging while the Little Miss is asleep. I’m lucky she is asleep because I think she’s been teething so her naps get interrupted.

Wishing: the school holidays were already here. My favourite time of year is when all of the school responsibilities are over for the year and I can do so many fun things with my kids before Christmas. It’s a very lovely time of year for our mum/kids bonding.

Enjoying: the fact that a very difficult decision we were agonising over has been made. Knowing how we’re moving forward is so peaceful and even a bit exciting. Sorry to be a bit cryptic for now.

Liking: my new iPhone 11 a LOT. It’s been so fun playing with it. My old phone had a few…quirks. Now I don’t have to worry about those things. It’s nice. I feel like one of the cool kids (until the next phones come out haha).

Loving: my family. That’s no different to any other time, but a few things have happened lately that really required us to tighten as a unit and have each other’s backs. It’s really strengthened us.

Buying: summer PJs for the kids. The Little Miss has none (because obviously at her age she’s grown a lot since last summer) and the Little Mister has nothing due to a big clean out of smaller sizes! With the weather getting consistently warmer now, it’s time!

Watching: the time. I hope I can finish this post before the Little Miss wakes!

Hoping: everyone in my house sleeps well tonight. The Little Miss is teething and the nights are hot and Mr Unprepared gets bad hay fever!

Needing: more sleep haha.

Wearing: my gym clothes. I still haven’t showered since this morning. I’ll do it before school pick up!

Following: what’s happening on the Bachelorette without actually watching it haha.

Noticing: that I have really dry skin on my left elbow. It’s annoying! Must soak it in moisturiser! Ew haha.

Sorting: out some important admin over the next few days. I’m going to feel so good when it’s done.

Getting: a tickle in my throat. Annoying!

Saving: money by being a grown up and changing our health insurance provider! I did it a little while ago and I’m still proud of myself haha. I’d literally put it off for years.

Bookmarking: the Cravings by Chrissie Teigan website. I’m obsessed with her.

Coveting: a beautiful red, boho dress that just happens to be in a shop right near my house. I want to LIVE IN IT throughout December like a beautiful, festive hippy.

Opening: myself up to social events more now that I’m feeling up to it. It’s been an intense few weeks of just surviving but now I’m ready to just get out and enjoy life again.

Giggling: when the Little Miss is a prankster in the car on the way home by pretending to fall asleep in the car (she seems to have realised that it makes me freak out because I need her to have a good sleep at home instead) and then losing her mind laughing at me when she realises I’m trying to check how she’s doing! Cheeky!

Feeling: the lightest and most free I’ve felt all year.

Hearing: nothing outside my house (except for the gentle hum of traffic on the main road) right now. It’s so peaceful in my street.

Obsessing: over challenging things that happen in my life has been quite consuming this year. I try so hard not to, but I’m the kind of person who has to overthink it all, journal extensively about it and turn it all over 100 times and talk about it to death. I’m trying to become better at dealing with things. TRYING.

This post was inspired by Meet Me at Mike’s x

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