Taking Stock: May 2022

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Or anything much at all. I’ve dabbled on Medium, but honestly I’ve lost a bit of mojo. Life has been crazy and sometimes it’s not shareable stuff. But I miss writing. I miss the creative side of my brain. So here I am. Trying. With some help from Meet Me at Mike’s.

Basically, it’s a bunch of prompts to help me capture a moment in time.

Making: the most of some quiet time to write (and just as I typed that the Little Miss must have used her spidey senses to realise I just jinxed myself and has approached me – uh oh).

Getting: writers block right when you decide that writing will be good for you is so frustrating.

Cooking: comforting meals as the weather cools. It’s been hard to be motivated when I’ve been so tired (and sick with not-covid which is what I call anything that isn’t covid because let’s face it – these days it’s covid or not covid haha).

Sipping: tea. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a cup of tea before it got cold in my life. But I keep on trying.

Reading: 9/11 and the Art of Happiness by Simon Kennedy. Well, technically I am 86% of the way through reading it but I am crap at making reading a priority. It’s about an Aussie guy who lost his mum in the events of 9/11 (sadly she was on the plane that hit the Pentagon). It’s a journey through grief and gives a real insight into how it all played out publicly and privately and the processes he had to go through both in a practical sense and emotionally.

Thinking: about my writers block. I think I get most stuck when the stuff I most want to write about is of a private nature. I feel like if I can’t write and share it right away it’s not valuable, but I’m starting to realise that maybe that’s not true. Maybe I can write something and sit on it. Keep it just for me or wait until enough time has passed that it’s OK to share. Just because I can’t post it right away somewhere public, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth writing. Maybe it will be useful one day or maybe it will just be a chapter of my life (or a peek into it) that I will be glad I recorded. I am a weird combination of oversharer and fierce protector of privacy. It is as frustrating as it sounds haha. Has happened to me as long as I can remember, but I think I need to stop letting that frustration stop me from doing what I love – expressing myself through writing.

Remembering: last winter and how it rained and rained and rained and I really hope it won’t be like that this winter but it’s shaping up that way!

Looking: at the rain pouring down.

Listening: to the rain and a show the Little Miss is watching on the iPad.

Wishing: time would speed up and slow down at the same time. Y’know?

Enjoying: a quiet day at home. These have been rare lately.

Appreciating: so many things. My family. My dearest of friends. Living in a democratic nation. The fact that things could always be worse and that for the most part, I fall on my feet when life gets hard.

Wanting: to win the Lotto even though I never buy tickets.

Eating: A thing called a Scone Loaf with jam and cream. Don’t ask. It’s as bad/good as it sounds.

Finishing: this blog post will be such an achievement for me and I will pat myself on the back for doing it. Baby steps!

Liking: the show SWAT (it’s a remake of an old show I believe). It’s got that guy from Criminal Minds in it (Shemar Moore – can’t be arsed googling to check I spelled it right). It takes the right amount of brainpower required to watch, with enough action and suspense and personal stories of the characters. I feel like I never like the ‘cool’ shows that ‘everyone’ is watching. I just march to the beat of my own daggy TV watching drum (clumsy analogy much).

Loving: my kids. Duh.

Buying: new windscreen wipers tomorrow. Exciting huh. My current ones make squeaky noises every time they are on and it is driving me nuts.

Watching: SWAT (as described above). Also watching The Kardashians once a week. Gosh, those people are terrible but I love them so much.

Hoping: always hoping.

Wearing: My new Active Truth tights (always has to be Active Truth because once you trust a brand to not be see through you go with it!), a blush pink zip up Everlast hoodie from Kmart (last of the big spenders) and an oversized GHANDA tee.

Walking: I miss walking. I haven’t made time to exercise in nature in a while and I really want to get some routine back because it’s good for my body and soul!

Following: only accounts that make me feel happy, inspired or that make me giggle like an idiot. I culled a bunch of things that kept reminding me of what was wrong with my life or kept calling for me to notice constant flaws in myself/others and I feel better for it.

Noticing: that I’ve had a parcel delivered (says so on my phone) but then forgetting to go and bring it in.

Saving: energy whenever I can these days. I have to pace myself. Life is a marathon.

Waiting: to be fully recovered from my stupid not-covid so my throat doesn’t tickle at night anymore.

Bookmarking: inspirational quotes on Instagram and then reading them again and being all, “What was I thinking – that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read”.

Coveting: Oh boy, where do I start. So many things. I’ll stick to the shallow stuff. Enough nice activewear that I could wear it almost every day of the week (especially through winter). We are talking luxurious hoodies as well. The whole works. It’s all fantasy but a girl can dream! I’d also take my favourite new ankle boots in every colour they come in.

Feeling: OK. A bit tired. A bit sick. But at peace (probably just jinxed it).

Hearing: the abandoned iPad. *rolls eyes* Better get back to that kid.

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