Taking Stock: August 2020

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I gotta say: 2020 is really giving me a sustained dose of writer’s block. Usually when I have writer’s block, I take a break and get out and about. I change something. I “get a life” as they say. At the moment I only write for fun, but I like to keep the writer in me alive.

This year has been a year for listening more (to important information regarding Covid-19 or so I can learn more about important social issues). It has been about social distancing and about very personal growth (stuff not for the blog at this point). I have watched my 8 year old maturing before my eyes, knowing that his stories are not mine to tell. I’ve been exhausted by my 2 year old, which hasn’t helped either!

It has been about having a short attention span because that’s all I can handle a lot of the time. Hello TikTok and Instagram stories!

But that desire to exercise my writing muscle is still strong inside me, even if I don’t have the energy or the ideas I feel I need. I’m all over the shop but a part of me wants to document my life somehow.

I journal privately now and then but I also like to share. Today I have decided to “take stock” (as inspired by the Meet Me at Mikes blog).

There are a few one word prompts that really help to record a moment in time. So here goes!

Making: myself crazy thinking about an upcoming camping holiday (it’s weeks away but involves a lot of planning). I’m freaking out about how I’ll keep sane with my 2.5 year old while we’re away.

Cooking: Hello Fresh meals a lot lately. We’re paying for the convenience which sometimes kills me a bit but I am enjoying not having to think of the recipe ideas or having to individually gather every ingredient myself. It really has gotten me through this pandemic situation.

Sipping: Gordon’s Pink Gin and soda cans lately. They’re so tasty and I’m pretty new to gin (even though it’s been trendy for a long time). I like that the cans are only 0.8 of a standard drink each which is nice when I just don’t feel like I have it in me to drink much, but I want to taste something yummy.

Reading: Ali Wong’s book Dear Girls.


Waiting: to feel completely safe again in this virus ridden world and wondering if we ever will.

Looking: at TikTok videos has been helping to numb my brain but it’s amazing what it can teach you too (if you get the algorithm to show you the stuff you’re truly interested in).

Listening: to podcasts while cooking dinner has allowed me to find a little bit of zen lately. I’ve enjoyed Emsolation (I finally caught up) and Matt and Alex’s All Day Breakfast. I follow so many podcasts on Spotify that I’ll never get on top of all of them but it’s nice knowing I have so many things in reserve to entertain me.

Wishing: my brother could safely travel to WA from Melbourne to be with us but we know that’s not a possibility and not for the greater good right now. It’s hard seeing him isolated over there. I love the freedoms we’ve been able to maintain here but the eastern states are always on my mind. We aren’t all in this together in the same way but I think of our friends and family over there all the time and feel so much for them.

Enjoying: writing this blog post.


Appreciating: the few sunny days we have ahead. I miss the sunshine. It’s bloody cold but it’s lovely when the days are bright.

Eating: better lately. I’ve been really watching my food intake. Portion control being a big factor. I was overeating (hello – emotional eater!) and I needed to rein myself in. It was really hard to find the drive to improve my habits but I had to because my weight was piling on and I have been concerned about my health. Everything from sleep quality and agility to not wanting to increase my risk of Type 2 diabetes (I had gestational diabetes twice).

Liking: having social plans again. Little by little we are venturing back out into the world with friends.

Loving: myself with intention and purpose. It’s not always easy and sometimes meets resistance but I’ve been working really hard on bettering myself in so many ways and not listening to the voices (mine and those of others who I have previously enabled) that say I should make my life about only serving others.

Buying: some items to make over the Little Mister’s bedroom. He’s entering ‘tween’ life soon and it’s really showing in how his interests are evolving and how he’s maturing. It’s time for him to have a space that reflects that.

Managing: Hmm – what am I even managing? Haha.


Watching: Killing Eve (we have just started season 3). I’m really into it but my husband keeps falling asleep (he gets really tired after work) and I have to keep stopping it just when it gets exciting! I do wonder what will happen to shows like this with the corona virus being an issue with production! I fear a big drought of some of my favourite shows is to come.

Hoping: Victoria gets the corona virus outbreaks under control – it’s so rough over there.

Wearing: my comfy jumper that says ‘Excuse my French’ in French. I wear it to bed on cold nights.

Following: the Instagram accounts of people who are making masks to sell. Just in case.

Noticing: that less and less bloggers are posting on their websites. It’s become all about Instagram (me included) and I’m missing the days when there was always great content to peruse (in a longer format).

Sorting: through the clutter in my house bit by bit. I have a bunch of stuff piling up to donate or sell but I’m struggling to convince myself to open myself up to the crazies on Facebook Marketplace. I can only take so much right now haha. Also, I don’t really want to invite strangers to my home to interact with me in the current social distancing era. I may wait until the spring months to do that.

Getting: used to having my parents around (they usually travel interstate a lot) and honestly as much as the reason they are grounded sucks, it really has been lovely. The kids have bonded with them a lot more and my parents have been so good with babysitting and helping me out. It’s right at a time when the Little Miss will probably be the most difficult she can be (in terms of toddler years) so the back up has been really helpful.

Bookmarking: videos of Michael Hing (of the Hobba and Hing duo on Triple J) reading out his teenaged diary entries. I laugh so hard at the awkwardness. It’s great.

Coveting: more black T-shirts. Black tees with simple slogans are my go to life uniform and I need more haha.

Feeling: frustrated lately. I’ve felt like I’ve gone back into lockdown sometimes (well the WA version) because the Little Miss (2.5 years old) can limit what I can do in a day. She won’t sit in a stroller, but won’t always walk. She has frustrated Terrible Twos tantrums at inopportune moments. I loved walking on sunny days (for exercise and also the scenery changes) but now I fear that’s not an option without a second adult to assist. I know this will pass but it’s a bit challenging! I thought I’d achieved a miracle yesterday when we got through Kmart without any incidents!

Hearing: Conspiracy theorists and Trump speak hurts my brain and freaks me out about what the fuck is going on in this world right now.

So that’s what’s happening in my world right now: what has been happening in yours? Are you OK? x

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