Seeing things differently.

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I did something really wild and crazy yesterday. I think it’s because I’m 30 in a few days. Who knows.


It all started a few nights ago. Mr Unprepared and I decided to climb into bed and watch The Tourist. The movie with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp (a film with something for everyone *wink wink*). Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but the opening scenes involve English subtitles because parts of them are spoken in French. We don’t have a very big TV. In fact, it’s an old little Panasonic fat backed thing with a set top box to make it watchable, because we’re not fussy and I think if we don’t upgrade it then I can tell myself we’re not old people who watch TV in bed. Oh that old thing? We don’t care about that. Hardly ever watch it *cough cough*

Anyhow, I was tired and I couldn’t read the subtitles is what I’m getting at. I tried to blame the small TV. I tried to blame the people who make the movie for not having bigger subtitles. Then it hit me. I’m old and I can’t see.

“Read me the subtitles, Mr Unprepared, please”.

And bless him, he tried. He didn’t even argue. He read them to me. Each and every one. That bugger has near perfect vision.

Which was really actually very annoying. Not his fault at all, but it just was. He just didn’t read the lines with enough feeling. Bad seeing eye man, NO!

I got up and started scrambling around in my bedside drawers. I started muttering and grumbling in an old person frenzy (hello I was missing the movie).

“Where are my glasses?”

“In the bathroom near your jewellery rack,” came the reply.

How did he know that? Anyway, I found them deep underneath some clutter (trust me – it’s not pretty) and blew the dust off. Literally.

The daggy old-lady-trying-to-be-trendy-many-many-years-ago frames felt foreign on my face. I glanced in the mirror and saw the biggest non ironic nerd ever. Shocking. I don’t think I even liked them back in the day when I chose them.


Those teensy tiny subtitles were sharp and clear. Angelina was all hot and mysterious but it wasn’t mysterious anymore how hot she was. THE WORLD HAS EDGES, PEOPLE. THINGS HAVE EDGES AND OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE THEM. AND WORDS. ALL THE WORDS.

What a revelation.

So… yesterday.

I went into a store (which I won’t name but ‘should have gone to…’) and asked about the frames for sale. Before I knew it I had got myself an appointment to have my eyes re-tested and had tried on some new frames, with the great advice of the optical assistant (I knew that was what she was because it said so on her badge). She had some amazing ideas for my face that I would never have thought of and I found myself liking my potential new look…and even considering the fact that I might actually not mind wearing glasses in public if I bought some! I didn’t mind what I saw in the mirror and now I am actually excited!

Also, the glasses didn’t seem as expensive as I had thought they would be. Also? Two for one deal. SWEET.


Is it sad that this nearly 30 year old got a massive thrill out of this event? Yes, I called it an event. Stuff like this is an ‘event’ when you’re almost 30. Well, I speak for myself…but y’know. You other 29 year olds can get back to your bungee jumping and boozy tours of Europe while I finish this blog post about *old person’s voice* eye glasses.

Maybe it’s the whole ‘self care’ thing? I felt really amazing taking care of something I’d been neglecting and putting to the bottom of the list for so long. Something as simple as seeing properly. I mean, I can see well enough, but I have been depriving myself of EDGES and DEFINITION for too long. I also liked who I saw in the mirror in those awesome new frames. That girl was cool. She looked like she did cool stuff and knew cool things. She was going places. I wanted to know who is this glorious librarian hipster (disclaimer: I probably don’t actually look that cool in real life but I was enjoying myself immensely)? What’s her story? I liked her. Also, most of all, this girl looked like the kind of person who could read signs and stuff.

I can’t wait to be that girl. You know. The one who can see stuff and things.

Now excuse me. I am lost in a very deep rabbit hole of Pinterest pictures of hot girls in glasses.

So, it’s your turn. What have you done purely just for yourself lately? x

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