Rock out at a music festival. Like a mum.

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A couple of nights ago, I received a very desperate message from a long time friend. She needed someone (namely me) to say yes to helping her out. I needed to attend a music festival with her. For free. Yeah, tough job but someone’s gotta do it. I’ll make that type of sacrifice for a friend any day!

Worst thing was, I had to google the artist line-up because I’m so clueless. Would you imagine my relief when I actually recognised a few bands? However, the reality is being made abundantly clear that I am not cool anymore. This concerns me. The old me would have known the entire back catalogues of these very hip alternative bands. The present day me has no idea. I may have heard a couple of songs from each artist, but only because I saw a music video in passing or heard it on *gasp* commercial radio.

My next thought was…when the hell did I last attend a music festival (to which the answer greatly freaked me out and displeased me) and will we be staying there very late?


After I strung out my questions for my friend (just to keep her in suspense), I decided to embrace it. I can find some new music to love – something that I haven’t been keeping up with lately – and I can spend a whole day child free (bless him) with one of my oldest, bestest friends. The day after that is Mother’s Day so I’ll get a sleep in to recover 😉

After all this pondering and big life decision making (it feels like a life changer when you’re very tired), I was asleep by 9:30pm and when I awoke the next morning, I checked the weather forecast for the festival’s location. I wondered what to wear. Must look that up on Pinterest, I told myself. Because that’s what modern mums do.

I then made a realisation (especially after having a rewarding chat on Twitter with a certain someone who totally knows who she is). Being a mum is not unlike being a hipster at a music festival. Basically, the skills (and wardrobe) I use as a mum can easily assist a person in having a great time at a music festival.

Also? Pinterest makes me feel amazing about myself (although I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not right now).

Lank hair, with a few centimetres of regrowth? Check! 

I mean, I haven’t got to the hairdressers in a while. Haven’t had the time or finances. Turns out, in music festival land that is not a problem!



Leggings (because they’re comfy)? Check!



Long, flowy tops (because they’re comfy and hide the muffin top)? Check!



Comfortable shoes? Check!



Dorky little bags to keep your stuff in? Check! 

I do have my doubts about the bag I have…but I think I can sort it out easily enough…right? Oh, God. I’m gonna look like the world’s biggest try-hard haha.



Don’t know the lyrics to ALL of the songs? Doesn’t matter. Hipsters always sway along to the music because they’re too cool to sing along. Check! 

So anyway, I must remember to Scotchgard (waterproof) my sneakers. Don’t want them getting wet in any mud puddles from the shower or two that are forecast for the day. I also need to bring a shower proof jacket that also provides a bit of warmth. I love my weather app.

I’ll pack everything we need so it takes up as little space as possible in my bag/car (because I have to be prepared and efficient always). I will probably have plenty of wipes/tissues and other useful paraphernalia (not to be confused with drug paraphernalia – don’t do drugs kids). I’m good at time management (OK so I’m working on it), so we’ll be sure to fit in all the artists we like on the two different stages. If our favourite bands are clashing, I am sure my negotiation and compromise skills will work out well. I’ll make sure we eat properly and I will drive us home in my very safe station sports wagon.

Like a boss mum.

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  1. So it’s really true about the grown out roots thing? Every time I mention that I should really get my hair done my friend tells me to leave it because it’s ‘ombre’ and that it’s really in. I thought she might be mocking me.


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