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Getting sick this week has given me the opportunity to reflect on some things. I think some of the things that have been on my mind have contributed to me being so run down and not so immune to the germs flying around (I’ve heard this thing I’ve got has been doing the rounds). I’ve thought about some of the quotes I’ve found lately that inspire me and resonate with me.



I am in a good place and I’m very protective of the hard work I’ve done to get  here. I will not give that up easily!

I need to remember that I am in charge of my happiness. Everything is about attitude.



I don’t know why people view change as a negative thing. Sure, some people do make changes for the worst (in which case we should show compassion), but when someone steps out of a comfort zone and changes for the better, we should celebrate them. Not resent them for becoming a new person or for revealing a side of themselves that we are not used to. Or worse putting them down because it makes us feel uncomfortable. Our fear of being left behind or finding ourselves at odds with that person are our own insecurities and should not take away from someone else’s wonderful achievements. Maybe we can be inspired by them.

I know we’re so good at the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia. It infiltrates all levels of society from celebrities and national heroes to every day families or friendships. There’s nothing wrong with wanting people to stay humble and remember where they have come from. It’s another to simply hate that they’ve grown or changed, just because.



I’ve seen a lot of people online competing about who’s got the most dramatic life. Who’s been through the most. Who has the hardest job. Who is more tired – parents or non parents (um – who cares?). Why are we so determined to prove to each other who is the most stressed and who has the most right to complain or not complain? It’s OK to admit you’re happy or that you like to keep things chilled and calm. Doesn’t mean your life challenges are any less…challenging. Doesn’t mean you’ve got a perfect life either. Or even a boring one! But let’s spend more time celebrating the good and the peaceful. World peace starts at home, ya’ll.



There is nothing worse than someone confiding in someone else a wonderful dream that they have…only to have someone react with, “That’s not possible.” Or “That will end badly.” Or “You can’t do that”. Or “Don’t stick your neck out. It will get chopped off.”

No-one makes their dreams into realities by flying under the radar or living without risk. I want everyone near and dear to me to dream big. I am a realist by nature, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Dreams can evolve or change shape until they’re possibilities. I want to support everyone I love who has a ‘big’ dream. How exciting for them 🙂



RIP to the wise and revolutionary Nelson Mandela. He said many important and inspirational things during his lifetime. This is one of them. Whether we’re talking about civil rights issues, political issues (and there have been a few of late) or about how we ordinary people live our every day lives, this is very important advice. I don’t want to spend my life reacting to things I’m afraid of. I want to aspire towards great things. I’ve done the fear based decision making thing before and it’s no way to live. As a parent of a newborn, I made choices that were based not on my hopes and dreams for my child, but in reaction to the fear of what someone might think if I did a certain thing in public etc. I’ll tell you now – no happiness was to be found in living like that. I am so glad I’ve moved past that way of thinking for the large part (no-one’s perfect – it’s a process). I need to make choices that reflect my hopes for my family – how I can make our family’s dreams come true. I don’t want to just do things because I’m scared that if I don’t do them, I’ll be judged or rejected or less popular. We can’t change our lives (or the lives of people we care about) if we aren’t strong and keep a positive mindset instead of a fearful one. Gotta keep our eyes on the prize and not forget the bigger picture.

So that’s my dose of inspiration for the week. What is inspiring you? x

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