Pinning at life. Well, before I ‘pin out of control.

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Hmm. I usually try to blog at least once a week, but I must admit I’ve been preoccupied. I’m feeling that honeymoon phase of the new year where you try to put all of your resolutions into action all at once and it’s too early to be disappointed in myself! It’s great! I mean, check in with me by say, March, and I’ll let you know if all has been abandoned, but so far so good!

I have a confession. When Pinterest started to get all like a big deal and shiz, I just kind of pathetically signed up, pinned a couple of things and promptly lost (p)interest. I’m not really a stayer when it comes to that stuff. I didn’t really get why every person with a house/child/body/cat wearing mittens really got so into it. Now? In 2013? I’m kind of addicted. Not like fully addicted, spending all day every day looking for a Pinteresty hit. I’m really still just dabbling and kidding myself that it won’t take over my whole life one day and then I’ll have to go to Pinterest rehab (after a Pinterest intervention where my loved ones are all, “At first we understood the allure and loved that you were so inspired, but babe, when are you actually going to do all the sh*t you’ve pinned?”) and I’ll be all like, “No, no no”, which will ultimately lead to my demise where I am found clutching my iPhone in one hand and a failed craft project in the other, the life gone out of me and all I can hope for is that someone will say (as they shake their head sadly), “A tragedy. But at least she lived a (p)interesting life…”

Wait, what was I saying??

Anyway, the simplest things have got me thinking about my house. My home. What I want it to say about itself and about my family and about where we live. Quite simply? It needs to say COASTAL BEACH PARADISE SANCTUARY. Which isn’t an actual sentence, so much as words strung together, but it paints a nice picture. I’ve always tried to achieve this look, but fell short when it came to dedicating the right amount of time, money and energy to the cause. I don’t want to get my real estate mad husband excited, but the idea of one day selling the place is at the back of my mind and I really want our house to be something we’re proud of and that will look like something someone would want to buy. Also? I want it to be a place where I really want to be. Like having a dream holiday house that’s actually… your house!

It’s so great. I’ve totally got the bug and it only took a couple of things to make me all excited. I found a gorgeous canvas at the local markets for only $39 and it has gorgeous shells, sand and beachy things on it. The colours complement my home (and my living room’s basic colour themes). I am still congratulating myself on actually buying it. The old (soooo 2012) me would have talked myself out of it for no bloody good reason! Another thing was my husband’s motivation to finally put some new plants in the planter at the front of our house. Guess weeds aren’t really that fashionable these days. I was being a picky little monster about it and forced him to google images of every known plant to man before I would make a decision. Most of this search consisted of him showing me a picture of some grassy thing and me saying, “That is going to just be a feral mess one day. I am not going to have a feral mess out the front of my damn house.”

Finally, we found these:


Apparently, they’re called Silver Cushion and are just gorgeous! They flower with little yellow buds, but what I love is the silver foliage. Why? It reminds me of beach holidays, where the coastal scrub is everywhere and you just know you’re near the ocean. This sent me on a Pinterest rampage last night, let me tell you (might even explain my lack of blogging lately).

Now I just have to keep those bastards alive. Wish me luck. Apparently plants need water and stuff to survive? Who knew.

Here is some of the stuff I’ve been pinning:

Source: via Kez on Pinterest

Source: via Kez on Pinterest


Yep. And that’s only the beginning!! My creative juices are well and truly flowing (ew)!!!

How would you like to decorate your dream home? What do love about your home?

4 thoughts on “Pinning at life. Well, before I ‘pin out of control.”

  1. Too funny. I’m afraid to go on Pinterest for what might happen. I have an account but luckily I have forgotten my log-in stuff. Yet don’t knock yourself too hard. It sounds like Pinterest is stoking your creative juices. After 7 years, 3 boys, a dog and a hubby I do have a Pinterest kind of decorated home. When I look around and admire the decor, landscape and organization methods, I might have invented Pinterest. But what decorates my home best is my boys laughter and their smiles. Because when raising three boys my walls, woodwork and decorative vases don’t stand a chance. Yet I do love a nice $39 canvas! Good for you! Dream big and make that coastal home happen one day. Until then may Pinterest take you there !


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