Kez Gets Physical: Time to challenge myself.

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So I’m going to make a pretty big (for me) declaration. I am challenging myself to kick my own arse. For a month or so (minimum), I am going to make a strong commitment. Something that I hope will help me to get back on track, mentally and physically. I feel like I’m at a crossroads where I need to do something or I’ll feel utterly disappointed when I wake up at the end of 2016 wondering where the time went!

Isn’t this year going by scarily fast????

I want to put good habits back into place and I feel like I need to be really pro-active. Kind of force the issue with myself. I say this all the time, because I’m really against the whole ‘fad’ thing so excuse the broken record, but I want to make it clear that I’m not talking 30 days and then stop and binge eat/laze around. I’m talking a month or so of being really disciplined and getting used to healthier behaviour again, so that it starts to feel like more of a normal daily/weekly routine and not that rare thing where I occasionally have a healthy meal and maaaaybe get outside for a run. I need to flip everything to the opposite of how it is now, basically!!!

Y’know what I mean?

I always feel like I’m shit at explaining this stuff. Which is probably not great seeing as I’m a blogger haha.

I guess I should just get to it, even though putting it down in writing is a little bit scary because it means I’ll have to be somewhat accountable…

I am going to:

  • Stop pigging out at dinner time and eat a normal, healthy sized portion. This will be really hard but it has to happen. I will use a smaller plate and everything. Pray for me!
  • Exercise properly at least every second day. This means an intense work out or at least meeting my 30 active minutes target, tracking it with my fitbit.

I think that just those two things will make a massive difference in only a few weeks. I am hoping that seeing progress during that time will spur me on further.

Here are the benefits I think I’ll enjoy (based on previous experience):

  • Weight loss. Which means fitting into my clothes a lot easier. Feeling less bloated around my middle (which is a really uncomfortable feeling).
  • Being more toned. I love how strong I feel when everything tightens up a little!
  • Better skin. I really love sweating out all the toxins.
  • A better mental state – less anxiety. More overall self confidence.
  • Better metabolism. I’ve been feeling it slowing down and I am not happy with that.
  • An all around feeling of smugness ?

So. Fingers crossed, hey? I hope I’ll be able to share some of my progress with you down the track.

Do you have any challenges you want to set for yourself? Let me know and we can keep ourselves accountable and cheer each other on! x

5 thoughts on “Kez Gets Physical: Time to challenge myself.”

  1. Sounds good Kez, I need to stop eating chips & chocolate after the kids go to bed but I always feel like I deserve a treat just for making it through another day! Good luck with your challenge, you can do it!!

  2. I am definitely onboard with smaller portions for dinner! That’s the worst time for me. I don’t know if it’s a habit or if I need something more substantial between lunch and dinner.

    I just want to get back to the gym and cut out wine. Pray for me!

    • CUT OUT WINE?!!! Haha seriously, though. I’ve cut down myself, because I’ve learned that if I drink, I’m less likely to want to go work out.
      I think sometimes I don’t eat enough lunch and end up starving by dinner time. Other times i just make elaborate things that look so tasty that I tell myself I can’t possibly eat less of it – oops!

      • apparently wine is bad….bhahahahaha. Clearly my doctor is misinformed.

        Oh, I hate it when you make elaborate or really yummy things and you think “seriously, one serving is just not enough”.


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