Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 7.

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Look, I’m going to get straight into it and say that this week was not very productive in terms of weight loss, work out time, step count, or dietary choices. Half of the week was about recovering from being sick (along with everyone in my family except for the Little Mister) and trying to find some balance in my life again.

I exercised 3 times.

I didn’t get to the gym this week but I tried to get myself back into the swing of things. I went for a 2.3km walk, did a short Body Combat work out at home and tried to do a C25K (Couch to 5km run) session which was aborted early thanks to a phone call I sadly couldn’t ignore. Still, better than nothing!!

I didn’t really lose weight.

My weight fluctuated throughout the week but my average weight for the week was down 200g on the week before which made me feel relieved that progress is still happening.

Turns out I’m still traumatised by my secondary infertility.

I know that makes no sense seeing as I have since been blessed with a beautiful little girl but I think those 3 long years of struggle really messed with my head. When I was really hurting, I was always getting sick. I can only guess that due to the stress and the hormone treatments and maybe increased time spent in doctor’s clinics, I had a cold almost every menstrual cycle for a while (at the same time as I was depressed). So when I got a cold this time around, I freaked out because my brain kept trying to tell me I was back in that bad place, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Thanks to some really great friends who showed concern, I was able to figure this out about myself and now I will keep on reminding myself that I’m in a good place now and that a cold is just a virus that comes and goes. I will always recover and get back on track and everything is OK.

I think in the bad old days, it was just one thing too many holding me back physically and it really upset me. When I couldn’t make it to the gym this past week, it’s almost like I was scared I’d never get back there again. Irrational, but understandable I guess. Just gotta treat myself with kindness. Healing from that kind of thing is not always as simple as celebrating your pregnancy and then being forever cured, it turns out!

I drank alcohol for the first time in weeks!


I hadn’t been out in a really long time so when I had a chance to indulge in some gorgeous cocktails with some lovely people, I decided to partake! I threw caution to the wind and just let my hair down and had fun. Sometimes you just have to. I’ll probably be back on the alcohol free wagon again now for a while.

I haven’t really missed it. I don’t need it to have fun and I think there are healthier ways to unwind. If I’m going to waste calorie intake, I’ll do it with food thanks haha. Still, I can’t go past exquisitely made cocktails! YUM!

I’m not dry and I’m not sober. I think we often forget we can pick and choose when to partake and we fall into habits. I’m glad to not be a victim of peer pressure (as a 35 year old no less!) and not just automatically reaching for it at the end of a hard day.

I was really inspired by my fellow Active Truth road testers!

My week might have been less successful than I’d hoped for but I really enjoyed being able to reveal that I had been chosen to road test some active wear from Active Truth (collaborated with Fat Mum Slim). My photos went all over the place and I loved sharing my experience! Seeing what all of the other road testers had been up to made me feel excited to get back on track after my cold (and back into their AMAZING tights). Also, I was excited that since I’d first been photographed in the gear, I had lost weight and built muscle. It felt good to think about!

It’s such a body positive brand and I truly believe in it (and wish I wasn’t saving for a trip away because then I could buy EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW)! If you need to be inspired, follow them on social media! Seriously!

How was your week?

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