From one burnt out mother to…herself.

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OK, so I’m feeling the need for some Monday motivation again. In light of my last blog post about my grandfather’s passing, I am feeling a little very burnt out and overwhelmed (to be honest I already was feeling a little worn out before it happened). I need some inpiration to get me through the next few weeks. We were already feeling pretty busy and under the pump – throw in a loss and the need to suddenly pick everything up and head off on an interstate trip and it all gets a bit crazy! I have so much to do in very little time (or money), with very little energy and I need to somehow find a way to make it through without being committed to a mental institution! Hello, people. I have to take a toddler on a plane too. I tried wine yesterday, but I was a total light weight and had to stop after two (smallish) glasses. So that’s not gonna fix it. I know what you’re thinking. WHAT? WINE DOESN’T FIX EVERYTHING? STOP THE WORLD. I WANT TO GET OFF. Just hang in there, I’m here for you. Or was that just what I was thinking? Never mind. Here for you anyway.

Here goes:



OK, so I’m not entirely convinced this is true in ALL cases. Sometimes chaos is just something people are addicted to in their lives. However, in my particular case I would really like to believe this pretty, instagrammed bunch of words. I hope that all the things that I’ve been dealing with lately (not all of which are bloggable things) will bring me to a new clarity and peace in my life. I would like to learn something great about how to live my life better out of this and sometimes we have to deal with the crazy to get to the good.


I like to think that I am generally a pretty positive person. However, when I’m struggling with this, I like to count my blessings and remember what I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family. Grateful for my true friends. I am grateful for the beautiful memories I have of my grandfather. I am grateful for my blog readers who allow me to express myself when I so very much need to.




I want to do more of the “keep calm” part. Wish me luck.

While we’re on the subject of gratitude, I would like to let you know that my blog has now had over 20,000 hits. I am a small fish in the sea of bloggers so this makes me very grateful for all those who have visited my page. I now have over 100 Facebook likers, as well as 136 or so subscribers. You all make me very happy. Also, you are reading my 100th blog post right now.

Thanks! I hope you have a really great week. I’m going to try my darndest. If that’s not a word, I don’t care.


4 thoughts on “From one burnt out mother to…herself.”

  1. Congrats on achieving all those great blogging milestones Kez!! I love reading your blog – tho I’ve only just started but tracked back and read all your posts. Looking forward to continuing reading 🙂 especially your Monday motivational posts – I find I need to keep lots of those same thoughts in mind too!!
    Nicole (mum to one lil man who is 17mths old this week :O)


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