FMS Photo a Day: Angle. Best. Best angle?

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This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge. angle

I took this photo of the Little Mister while he sat next to me at the dining table. He was wearing his adorable new little Monsters Inc shirt and he looked so grown up, yet so little, that I wanted to eat him all up. This angle is my favourite. I get to see his beautiful eye lashes (he didn’t get them from me – lucky little bugger) and it kind of keeps him looking little when I know he certainly isn’t going to stop growing any time soon!

We had just got home from the best morning (see how I worked the ‘best’ prompt in there?). We’d been invited to a friends’ classroom (she’s the teacher), along with a lot of other adorable toddlers (many from my mothers’ group) so that they could play with the big kids (year sixes) and learn about orang-utans (their topic for the last school term). It was adorable and despite the Little Mister being really tired after a less than awesome night’s sleep (I should know – urgh), I’d been really excited about it. Nothing cuter than seeing big kids taking the little ones under their wing. I couldn’t wait to see my grown up friends and I was happy for the Little Mister to see his little friends.


the adorable invitation

The Little Mister was paired up with an older boy and it was so sweet how he seemed nervous and wanted so much to do the right things to make us feel welcome. ADORABLE. The kids broke the ice with the little ones by playing with toys (kindly brought in from home by their teacher), then read them short speeches about the importance of saving the orang-utans and about deforestation in Borneo. Of course, that’s when the Little Mister had a mini melt down due to lack of sleep, but we fixed it fairly quickly – phew! We were fed morning tea (and what a spread!) and the Little Mister was read to by his older buddy, before being presented with the story book he’d made for him to keep. Such a feel good experience and wonderful for the Little Mister to see what it’s like in a real classroom.

It was a struggle to keep him awake in the car on the way home, but all was good. It was Friday. Yes.

What did you get up to this week?

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