Button…and random thoughts that have nothing to do with buttons.

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This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge x


About the photo: When I saw the prompt for ‘button’ come up, I knew exactly what I’d take a photo of. A hot pink button that fell off my favourite cardigan a couple of days ago. I added a couple of my fingernails, just because I love the colour (the home manicure skills – not so much – eesh – those cuticles). Anyway, my pink cardigan is so awesome. It was a bargain from Cotton On and it has helped me to brighten up every dull winter’s outfit ever. People are always commenting on how lovely it is. It’s the brightest piece of clothing I own and I feel good in it. The button popped off while I was mucking about with the Little Mister in the kitchen. My first reaction (Mum – close your eyes) was to check my cardigan to see which button it was (the top one) and then went, meh, you can’t tell. I’ll probably never sew it back on. Firstly, because I’m lazy (it’s just never on my priority list) and secondly, because I’m incompetent at sewing and have no desire to better myself in that area. I know I should, but I probably will never get too far. I lack the enthusiasm.

OK, Mum. You can open your eyes again (please forgive me and stop rolling your eyes)…

Random thoughts of the day.

I really don’t know how to organise my thoughts very well today. So I’ll just share some of my random musings with you and if you can find a way to put a ‘button’ related twist on this collection of thoughts, I will admire you greatly, because quite honestly, I doubt they’ll have anything to do with buttons.

1. Isn’t it a bit weird how good the skin of dead animals taste? I’m looking at you, Mister Pig and Mister Chicken. I mean, it’s kind of gross. Oh, hey, Kez. What are you doing? Oh, not much, just standing in the kitchen gnawing on the skin of a chicken carcass (leftovers from last night) and saying, “Mmmm delicious chicken skin…”

Seriously. Like, really think about it. WTF.

2. I spent all of yesterday driving extra carefully (an hour’s drive home) because a lady told me (via car to car mime) that something on my car wasn’t working. I assumed she meant headlight or something. But then I saw both headlights working perfectly in the reflection of a car in front of me. So I assumed it might be my indicators so I drove really carefully, staying in one lane as much as possible and giving lots of space when I did have to turn or change lanes. I also watched behind me like a hawk when braking in heavy traffic, making sure there was lots of space. In case it was the brake lights. I couldn’t stop and check because I was in a heavy flow of traffic, heading for the freeway. I got home. Checked all the lights. Everything was fine. The rest of my car appeared to be intact too. I don’t understand. Was she some guardian angel, leading me to drive more carefully, and somehow avoiding a terrible fate? Was she a bit bonkers? Was she just a terrible mime artist? Who knows. I’m just glad everyone’s OK.

Another WTF.

3. I realised I spend all my life trying to get the Little Mister to stop fighting off his sleepiness and give in, only to realise that I spend all my days fighting off my sleepiness so I will have the energy to convince him to stop fighting off his sleepiness. Go figure.

On that note, have you ever made yourself sleepy by trying to make your child sleepy and then your child is wide awake and you feel like you’re going to fall into a coma? I once almost rocked MYSELF to sleep when the Little Mister was a newborn. Nowadays, quiet time on long car rides (as long as I’m not driving of course), talking quietly and playing soothing music almost does it. They should invent some kind of invisible cloak that gives the wearer immunity to sleepy time techniques. I’d buy it.

4. I don’t know how I feel about a sequel to Magic Mike. I only just watched the first one. So many mixed feelings. If the sequel is never as good as the first one…where does that leave us? But…Channing Tatum…Life is hard. I face many challenges.

5. I burnt more calories going to a Play School concert with the Little Mister than I do working out. Parenting is physical work, everybody. Oh, and maybe it’s also because I forgot where I parked my car in a multi-storey car park…that probably helped.

Got any random thoughts to add to my weird collection? Seriously, I won’t judge you. Let it out. Do you like buttons? Am I asking too many questions? 

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