Brave. Strong. Motivated. Let’s do this, 2014!

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OK, so this morning I woke up from the most powerful dream (don’t worry – I won’t be THAT person and bore you with the details). I know I might sound a little airy fairy but occasionally a dream will just slam me right between the eyeballs (or right in the heart) with a message for my life and I just know I have to listen. Did you know that occasionally I am accidentally psychic too? Freaky.

So today, I am feeling really philosophical and very determined to take this new year by the horns and live the best life I can. To be brave and strong, but also to cherish those I love and not take them for granted.

I might let some quotes do some of the talking for me.



We can only do our best in life, based on what tools and skills we have at our disposal. Some of us are better equipped than others for many different reasons. However, I do truly believe that it is our duty to always seek out new information and new ways to solve our problems. To work on the skills we need to improve on. To actively seek help when we are struggling to do better. To help others when they reach out (if someone really really wants to change we need to help them embrace that because dammit, change is hard sometimes). We should always strive to ‘know better’. Once we do ‘know better’, I feel it’s our responsibility to ‘do better’. We should never pretend to un-know something. We have to work hard and do some tough stuff to get to better places in life. We owe it to ourselves for happier lives and also to our loved ones – especially our younger generations.



I don’t want to get too dramatic but sometimes it feels like our lives depend on it.



It’s time for us to be good people. The world needs more good people. We need to inspire those around us and surround ourselves with other good people so we may stay inspired too.



We can all be good at talking about an issue forever, but can we put those words into action? I want to only trust the actions of others (rather than constantly believing in their words and than inevitably despairing at their lack of action) and to hold myself accountable too.



It can sometimes be much easier to maintain a status quo and not question it. It takes a lot of courage to stand out on a limb and do what feels best for you. It can feel scary and it takes courage, because sometimes people don’t understand what you’re doing or they don’t like how it makes them feel when you better yourself. It’s worth it, despite the hard work and the doubters. Stay strong and maybe you’ll inspire someone else. Maybe your new trend will catch on. Stay true to yourself. Here’s to being brave.

What’s inspiring you as we see in 2014? x

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