2021: Week 2.

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Heeeey! I’m a bit late posting about the 2nd week of 2021, because we left for our camping trip before I could find the time to blog! I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, but I’m glad that I want to write again.

I’m enjoying the ritual of journalling daily. Just an A5 page each night before bed. Something to jog my memory for the blog at the end of each week, but also a quick way to decompress from the day.

Anyway, here’s week 2!

8 January – Friday

I was awake early after Mr Unprepared left for work, so I blogged about week 1! It felt good!

We had a quiet morning at home underneath the air conditioning as the forecast for the day was 41 degrees.

After the Little Miss woke up from her nap we took our time getting ready to go to my mum’s for a swim in the pool (and to leave the big kid (9) behind for a sleepover).

The water was BEAUTIFUL. 28 degrees! It was so hot outside that when my mum got stung by a bee through her rash vest, she just kept on enjoying the water! My dad must have rushed home from work and just about run through the house without stopping and dived in haha. Well, not literally but I think he must have been hanging out for a cool down! It was nice to spend time with him too.

We had a takeaway dinner for the second time in a week. I resolved to cut down on the ‘convenience’ eating. I’ve been trying to take my health more seriously in 2021.

I was really tired in a good way and so glad to be welcoming in the weekend. It’s the simplest pleasure on a hot night but I was excited to sleep topless for the first time in forever, knowing that I wouldn’t somehow accidentally scar my 9 year old for life because he was away for the night haha.

9 January – Saturday

We had a power outage from 4am for a few hours. So that was fun. The Little Miss seemed to sleep through it, but she woke when everything went on again. I’d already been up to check on her beforehand because I’d had a horrible dream about her and I was paranoid it was a SIGN that I should go and make sure she was OK (she was obviously fine). Anyone else ever done that?

This morning (you know – when it became a reasonable hour haha) we went to my parents’ house to have another swim, collect Mr Tween (cringe – I’m trying new nicknames for him because Little Mister seems too young for him now) and take our camper van home to work on it for our upcoming camping trip (we keep it at my parents’ place because they have more space).

The Little Miss had some trouble settling tonight because of 90s music blasting into the kids’ bedrooms from the neighbours’ place (she did not care for the fact that the Venga Bus was coming one little bit), but eventually all was well.

10 January – Sunday

Mr Unprepared made pancakes for the kids this morning (his weekly tradition) and then to my surprise was napping on the couch by 9am! WTF? But of course. He’d turned on some test cricket and sat on the couch for a minute. Happens every time. I don’t get it. If a sport puts you to sleep every time, can it really be a sport you’re into? Fascinating haha.

I eventually managed to get him out the door (Mr Tween in tow – haha trying to get used to a new nickname for our son is hard) to get some stuff he needed to work on our camper van. He worked on it all day (with a break in the middle), which was good.

I wrote a lot of lists for our holiday. My brain felt like it would explode with all the things I needed to remember to pack and buy for the trip. Writing lists always calms me! I usually carry the biggest mental load when we prepare for a trip away, because Mr Unprepared often works a lot beforehand.

This afternoon, the dag that I am, I put on make up for the first time in ages for…a trip around the corner to the IGA haha. I just felt like I was in the mood to look a bit nice. I had been relishing my post Christmas/New Year low maintenance self, but I think I needed a bit more of a pep in my step.

I actually posted on social media too. I’d really lost my mojo for it the past couple of weeks – partly due to a trauma that happened at Christmas time which knocked me off balance (sorry – that’s not for the blog) and partly because I was just so tired and resting whenever I had down time. A break from being ‘on’ or ‘putting myself out there’ was probably a good thing.

I felt glad to feel like I was returning to human being status a bit (as opposed to zombie).

11 January – Monday

I went to Kmart with the kids this morning and despite a nice morning tea with my mum beforehand (she was there as back up – a mum just knows when her kids are going to be feral and I just KNEW) this shopping trip was not a success!

I had wanted some new beach chairs for our trip away and admittedly, I’d been pushing my luck. Everyone had cleared the store out of a lot of their camping/beach type supplies because it was peak holiday time after all. Oops.

The Little Miss melted down about something. Who knows. She didn’t want to sit in the trolley, but she didn’t want to walk, but she kept grabbing things she shouldn’t have and she didn’t like being called out about it? You know, peak tired toddler antics. Mr Tween egged her on a bit and boy was I done haha. I managed to get a few more packing cubes (how did we survive before they existed?) and we got the hell out of there! I think my mum was relieved to see us go hahaha.

The Little Miss napped very well and was then clingy all afternoon, needing my total attention. It was a lot! It made me wonder if she was just tired or going through some kind of spurt/leap.

It was such an intense day with her that I woke with insomnia through most of that night. My brain does that to torture me if I don’t get any mental breaks during a busy day. Yay for me. I spent my time doom scrolling twitter (with an upcoming transfer of power and recent insurrection in the US there was a LOT of content), dozing, reading a bit, dozing, and repeat.

12 January – Tuesday

I was tired and grumpy this morning thanks to my sleepless night! I decided to give myself a slow start and just get housework and washing done this morning. I felt like if I could tick off those tasks, I could pat myself on the back and be kind to myself about feeling less productive.

I was bracing myself for the Little Miss being as clingy as she was yesterday, but she must have just known I was in need of a break (you know how they can push you to the edge but then they somehow sense that another day of shenanigans would be TOO far? haha). She played well with Mr Tween on and off through the day. I was able to leave the room they were in and do a couple of things! Miracle!

When the Little Miss napped I had the infuriating task of filling out enrolment paperwork for her daycare (she starts this year). I had to get Mr Unprepared to make some calls because my MyGov wasn’t working due to some stupid administrative error that messed up my identity (long story). He finally got the Centrelink stuff (for the childcare rebate) linked to his account which was a relief. Man, I hate all that shit. Drives me insane.

Mr Unprepared was late home from work and I was so tired that I gave into his kind offer to bring dinner home (instead of cooking for myself – the kids had already eaten). I was disappointed in myself for constantly falling back on unhealthy food choices, but I tried not to dwell on it. I’ll get there.

13 January – Wednesday

This morning I was woken early by Mr Unprepared because he decided that a notification lighting up my iPad for a second must mean I was awake looking at it? I was so mad about it haha. I couldn’t get back to sleep after! GRRR! I was relieved to have not had insomnia last night at least.

I decided to use the extra time (once my so HELPFUL husband had gone to work) to start transferring my 2020 photos from my phone to my new disk drive I’d got for Christmas. I wanted to make room for 2021’s photos and also have them somewhere safe for when I make a 2020 photo book for our family. It’s really nice to have something physical to flick through.

The Little Miss amazed me today. She was so happy in her own space! She’d gone from yelling for me, distressed, if I went to the toilet to playing with her Duplo alone for 45 minutes straight! I spied on her, not wanting to interrupt or draw attention to myself and break the spell. It was a magical sight.

This afternoon I had to go to my parents’ place to get them to sign the bloody day care enrolment stuff because they are our emergency contacts. I was relieved to have the forms finished. FINALLY. I don’t know how you cool cucumbers do that stuff with little fuss or confusion, but I just tend to find it all to be a BIG DEAL when I have important paperwork in front of me.

14 January – Thursday

I was a bit nervous today, because it was finally ‘hand in the daycare enrolment stuff’ day. It went well. I arrived at a good time (I decided to wait until the drop off rush would be over) and the staff were as lovely as they had been on the day we did a walk through. They even invited the Little Miss in for a play. She went straight to the painting station and made a painting with almost every colour. She worked on it for ages. Very serious big girl stuff. She looked so little and so big at the same time and I found it very moving. She took it in her stride and by the time we needed to leave, she was so settled in that some distraction and convincing had to happen!

I felt so encouraged by this and it was a big relief. She’d asked if I was going to leave her there today, but in a happy, accepting way. She’s excited to have her own ‘school’ just like her big brother. I had explained that it wouldn’t happen this time and she was OK with that.

I had more prep for our camping trip to do so I managed to make a click and collect grocery order, pack Mr Tween’s stuff and get everyone’s toiletries in order. I felt quite productive.

In the evening, Mr Unprepared and I had to research 3rd birthday gifts for the Little Miss. She would be turning 3 on the ‘coming home’ day of our holiday and we wanted to celebrate with her while we were there, so it was a bit special. This meant she needed a gift that could be packed away easily and that she could use/enjoy while we were there. It took us AGES because we were all out of inspiration after Christmas. We didn’t want to get her junk for the sake of giving her STUFF. It was tricky! We finally settled on a Leapfrog learning thingy that can be used from ages 2-7. Educational, nothing like what she had already, and had a good potential for longevity. YES! I would pick it up the next day (we were cutting it fine haha).

Stay tuned to find out what exciting stuff happened in week 3 LOL. Not to get too self deprecating, but I know this won’t fascinate a lot of folk 😂 That’s OK. But if you like catching up on my life or have any questions ever, let me know! x

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