2020: Week 2

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This week’s biggest themes were my lack of sleep, the Little Miss really showing me how Terrible her Almost Twos were and a lot of swimming!

8 January – Wednesday

This morning I thought I would earn some good mum points. I took the kids to the library. I envisioned myself sitting with the Little Miss, reading her a lovely little book from the baby section while the Little Mister borrowed some books to take home and devour (seems he takes after his mum when it comes to reading – before I became a mum that is haha). I figured he’d be stoked and feel independent and I’d be doing good things for my daughter’s development – pats on the back all ’round! Not to mention it was a good week day school holiday activity to do that wouldn’t cost anything (except for that one overdue fee – oops).

I was wrong. On this day the Little Miss’ Terrible Twos kicked in. Today was the day. Girl was MAD. She wanted to look up book titles on the computer like her brother. She wanted to pull books out of shelves all willy nilly. She would not listen to reason. She would scream when she couldn’t have her way. She did not give a single fuck. I just truly hope that the senior citizens in the place were all deaf.

In a lot of situations we would just leave until she calmed down, but the Little Mister had to borrow his books. We just had to ride it out (and then we high tailed it out of there like we stole them)!

When we got home I had a big to do list to tick off. Did she care? NOPE. Still no fucks to be given.

At dinner time I was FRAZZLED. That little monster was running me ragged!

When the kids were in bed (thank GAWD) I reminded myself that a lot of her behaviour is developmental and that I can’t expect her to have the same self regulation as an older child or adult. All I can do is discipline her where possible and have realistic expectations on her understanding of it all.

It wasn’t all horror and screaming, though. I took the time to notice that she was becoming a little more patient in certain situations. Like if I said I would get her a snack she would give me a minute to get it instead of freaking out. She was starting to trust my word and relax knowing it was taken care of. She has also learned how to close her eyes on cue and she thinks it’s funny to pretend she’s sleeping.

9 January – Thursday

After yesterday’s Terrible Twos got the better of us, I decided that today would be a very low key at home day. I kept my to do list very minimal and planned on just chilling with her (she was more clingy and I felt like she needed my time and comfort). I must have used some strong reverse psychology on myself because despite my fatigue, I got a lot more done than I anticipated. I just kept pushing on.

I felt comforted by the fact that tonight would be the last night of the week that I was on wake up duty for the Little Miss (my husband takes on Friday and Saturday nights). Psychologically that was a big relief and the only thing that kept me going I think!

This afternoon I was enjoying the fact that the weather had become a bit cooler and we would actually be able to go for a walk without melting in the sun. I took the kids for a walk to the local IGA for cleaning supplies (how glam). I was relieved that my cardio fitness wasn’t actually too bad! Despite my lack of organised exercise, I must be doing OK (forget I said this next time I enter the gym and die). The Little Miss was so happy being wheeled around in the fresh air. It was so nice and peaceful!

When Mr Unprepared called to tell me he would be quite late home from work, I took this as a sign that I would not need to slave away over a hot stove during witching hour and gave the kids toasties! We ate store bought pizza on our own later. When you’re done, you’re done!

10 January – Friday

I was a bit of a cranky pants when I woke this morning after less than 5 hours sleep. I think it was an adjustment from being in holiday mode as a whole family to real life with my husband having to get up at 5am. My body was not cooperating. I was getting to sleep late but having to wake up early!

This afternoon I took the kids to my parents’ for a swim. My dad was around which the Little Mister absolutely loves – another person to play games with and race around with (when it’s just me and my mum it can be harder to give him the attention and fun he would like because the Little Miss clings to me and my mum is not a big swimmer).

The Little Miss clung to me, true to form, but she did some really good kicking in the pool again!

Tonight it was really nice to have my husband make dinner. Beef burgers! It was a Hello Fresh recipe so I loved that he could just refer to the instructions and get it done. My problem was feeling a really weird guilt that I wasn’t helping with anything. I was hovering standing up by the kitchen bench trying to seem like I was busy. I caught myself doing this and made myself sit down. It’s OK to rest on a Friday afternoon while someone makes me dinner! God damn I earned that this week! Mr Unprepared wouldn’t hesitate to do the same on a weekend afternoon!

11 January – Saturday

I slept badly again. It was hot in our room and I had way too much stuff weighing on my mind. I was getting frustrated that I didn’t have my laptop (due to a dead battery that needs replacing) because it’s where I journal and debrief and express myself creatively through writing. I felt like the situation with the bushfires around the country just sat in the back of my mind (as I know it did with almost everyone else). I felt so impatient waiting for my 2020 planner – I wanted to write down and consolidate all of my goals for the year. I felt like I hadn’t really started my year properly. Welcome to my brain!

Even though we had a fairly lazy day, somehow the house got tidy which was nice. I got rid of my floordrobe which I was pretty happy about!

12 January – Sunday

I finally got 7 hours of sleep last night! I think it was just due to exhaustion from all the bad sleeps before it.

Mr Unprepared took the kids to buy groceries so I could stay at home and clean the bathtub and toilet. I was torn between how gross that job is but how much time alone I would get to do it. I turned up my true crime podcast nice and loud and I did enjoy the freedom of listening to something that is definitely not for kids’ ears. As much as it definitely did NOT count as me-time, it was weirdly nice (not sure if that’s the right word) to do something not related to child minding. Variety is the spice of life! OMG my life is so lame now.

We had some visitors over (a friend who now lives interstate) and I reckon just about every one of our kids (there were 4 of them) except the Little Mister had a meltdown at some point. We were exhausted afterwards! School holidays are rough haha.

13 January – Monday

This morning my mum messaged me to see if I’d like to join her and my gran at a cafĂ©. My first reaction was TAKE THE LITTLE MISS TO A CAFE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Let’s just say that after the week I’d had with her, I was not feeling confident! But I made sure we went because it’s so important to see my gran when we can.

I was so amazed that the Little Miss behaved and there were no embarrassing, screechy incidents! I think the key was filling her up with a milkshake haha. She was so chilled out today! I couldn’t believe my luck. Even when we got home she just cuddled and seemed really content.

In the afternoon we went to my mum’s for another swim (it’s so important to me to encourage their familiarity and confidence in the water). The Little Mister did a handstand underwater for the first time (on his first attempt) which was pretty cool! The Little Miss kept working on her kicking! She would still only hang with me but she definitely showed a lot more confidence than she had previously. It’s so nice to see that progress. Even Mum’s dog got in on the act and tried to grab some diving toys haha.

14 January – Tuesday

Had another swim today at Mum’s. The Little Miss was screechy and clingy – it was hard work! The Little Mister impressed me, though. He threw a diving ring into the very deepest part of the pool and despite weighing hardly anything (even when wet) he kept trying and trying to get to the bottom to retrieve it. He never gave up. I loved seeing so much determination from him. He was so proud of himself when he got it!

I just want any other parents out there with late blooming swimmers to know that it does eventually get better – if you can get your kid access to water as much as possible, eventually it clicks! We did all the right things since he was a baby but it just wasn’t going to happen for him earlier for a variety of reasons. There’s nothing wrong with that (although it could be a bit stressful at times worrying he was falling behind). I’m so happy for him and I love knowing he’s a bit safer now. Pushing him really hard wasn’t going to make him more confident or coordinated. Just giving him opportunities and always encouraging him (never judging) made all the difference over time. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone and that’s OK.

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