2019 Weekly Wrap Up #13

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OK, so I have fallen way behind in my weekly chatty life updates. I am still only up to the end of March, you guys. I think sometimes I put off writing these posts because some weeks are better than others and some are a little hard to relive.

I also know these posts are probably not always exciting. Just gonna own that and be OK with it. That’s life!

But the thing is, it’s a record for me to keep and sometimes it inspires me to write other content too! Also, I know that I have to write what I would read, if that makes sense. It’s probably not for everyone but I like learning the ins and outs of people’s lives – getting to know them through their little every day stories and updates. I can be a bit of a sticky beak (with permission of course haha). I can’t be the only one, surely!


Anyhow, here’s my 13th week of 2019…

26 March – Tuesday

Had another bad night’s sleep with the Little Miss. She then only slept 1 hour and 45 minutes during the day. Nowhere near enough!

Had a pretty quiet day. Returned some books to the library for the Little Mister (on time – pats on the back to me!) and returned home.

The Little Miss is really noticeably growing and changing at the moment. Eating like a horse (she’s never been known for having a big appetite) and impressing me with little moments like when I asked her to put a shoe back in the shoe basket we have by the door. She did it without me gesturing or leading her. It was so cool to see her understanding a verbal instruction!


I chatted with my mum on the phone. She told me about her trip to see her best friend in Queensland. Apparently she was tired and got quite hot and fainted in a jewellery store. How exciting for everyone haha. She’s fine, you guys. It’s just something we do in my family (despite not being biologically related)!

I watched the Australian Story episode that features Rosie Waterland today (I missed it last night). It was really good. Very inspiring. I don’t know her personally but I am very proud of her and her sisters! If you’re not familiar with her, you should totes look her up (or watch the vid on ABC iView).

27 March – Wednesday

The Little Miss slept through the night last night! Halle-fuckin-lujah!

I went to the local newsagency (also a mini post office) to return a dress I’d ordered from the Iconic website. It was actually really easy to do and I felt like a grown up for just getting on with it! I am usually terrible at committing to those kinds of tasks in a timely fashion.

I spent the day at home with the Little Miss (even though I was a bit bored) as it was too warm to go for a walk. It was good to see her playing, though. She’s really playing now. It’s just so awesome to see her figuring things out and amusing herself. I love that I have no idea what the hell is going on in her new little toddler brain. It’s great. She’s getting more cheeky too.

28 March – Thursday

I had a much needed hair appointment today. It was lovely to have time to myself. I had my hair tinted rose gold after a little flash of inspiration.

I had time to kill afterwards (before school pick up) so I went shopping with my mum – I have to start getting a wardrobe together for my upcoming trip to Queensland for my (aforementioned) mum’s bestie’s wedding. We laughed a lot and I managed to get a cute off the shoulder dress.

29 March – Friday

I was excited that it was going to be cool enough to go walking this morning. I put on my activewear, dropped the Little Mister at school and then took the Little Miss on a quick 3km walk along the beach (my favourite walk trail). I’ll never get sick of the scenery. It gives me such a boost physically and mentally. My legs feel a bit tight and not as strong as I’d like, but I will get there.

I took the Little Miss to my mum’s house in the afternoon. The Little Miss was so happy to see her and she’s starting to feel really comfortable there. This is a relief for me as it means I might start to be able to leave her there with my parents a bit more often. She had so much fun she didn’t want to leave!

Had fish and chips for dinner. Lied to myself and told myself my better diet would start Monday. Ha!

30 March – Saturday

We went to my parents’ for a catch up. My dad liked the “Noshu” brownies I made (it’s a healthier – lower sugar etc – version you can buy in a box mix) and it was nice to see him get more Little Miss time as he’s often quite busy with work.

In the afternoon I exercised to YouTube work outs. Oh boy. This was not a good day. I felt supported by my family initially, but then the Little Mister started nagging me about wanting a certain game for the iPad (he’s a sheltered kid who is being raised by party pooper old school parents who don’t give him as much screen time as he claims his buddies have). The whole time, my husband was in the room just passively watching what was happening (sorry Mr Unprepared – dobbing you in). The Little Miss started crying and all hell broke loose. It was just bickering and crying and nagging and I honestly lost the plot. I shouted at them all and stormed out, mid work out. That was the fateful day that set off a chain of events, resulting in me being determined to change the way I care for myself and commit to being fitter and healthier, regardless of what my crazy little family is doing! I wrote about it here.

31 March – Sunday

I got up early today so I could just be in the quiet and journal a bit. I just needed to be with my thoughts before the day started.

The morning was mostly about housework and tidying up. The Little Mister was less than impressed!

In the afternoon we went to the Little Mister’s cricket wind up. We found out that there would be a special guest: Cam Bancroft. Absolutely no offence to him meant AT ALL but apparently he’s a bit of a big deal and I had no idea who he was haha. Anyway, I think the kids were just stoked to get medals, icy-poles and a packet of chips! The way to a 7 year old’s heart!!

Today I was a bit obsessed with the Little Miss’ outfit. She was wearing a little white blouse with mustard coloured shorts and her cute sneakers and OMFG I couldn’t handle how grown up she looked. I took photos and stared at them all afternoon!

We finished up the day by heading to my inlaws’ place. We gave them the rest of our pram accessories, as my mother in law had kindly offered to sell the Little Mister’s old pram for us, now that I had a new stroller for the Little Miss. The end of an era! No more babies!

1 April – Monday

I had a bit of a supermarket fail today. I took a grumpy Little Miss with me. She wanted every single thing she saw and then had a big grouch when I wouldn’t give her it all (you can imagine what it was like in the baby food aisle). I then realised that I had failed to bring her dummy and any of her own snacks with us. I had a big face-palm moment and had to cut the outing short! Oops!

I was really relieved when we got home and she had a decent nap. Must have needed it!

When I went to pick the Little Mister up from school, I couldn’t see him anywhere near the pick up bays. I started to get mad at him for possibly wandering off or stopping to play instead of being where he needed to be!

I caught up with him and I was ready to tear him a new one but he was seated so nicely on the bench outside his classroom, waiting for me! He was confused and thought that because some other children were waiting for their parents to attend parent-teacher interviews, he thought his was today too! Even when the other kids were mucking about on the lawn, he was sitting there trying to do the right thing. I couldn’t be mad after that!

When we got home I took a moment to relax. I sat on the floor with the kids and even got a moment in to watch some Instagram stories! It was so lovely to see the kids playing together.

In the evening I watched Married at First Sight. I KNOW. It’s a terrible car wreck of a show. I just feel obligated to see it through now. I’ve been through too much with that show haha.

So that’s it. My 13th week of 2019. Do you remember what you were doing then?

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