2019: Week 1.

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Wow, you guys. We did it. We saw in the beginning of another year. I hope the first week has been good to you!

I have been excited because I have finally been able to write in my new diary/journal. For a stationery fan (stan?) this is obviously a very big deal and a highlight of a new year! I also love the special pen my son gave me for Christmas – because I’m a ‘writer’. The joy of a good pen! It’s so fancy that you buy ink refills for it and everything!

Part of the reason I started the journal was not just for the romance of writing on paper with a pen and creating my own personal memoirs (up myself much?), not to mention I watched The Mortified Guide on Netflix and it got me reminiscing about the hilarity of recording your thoughts at different phases of your life. It was because I have had some writers block of late and I thought it might keep me inspired.

I think it might actually be working! I thought I’d share some of my week with you here. I’m hoping to do a weekly update all year. Do you think I can keep it up? Here goes…

January 1 (Tuesday)


The benefit of having a super uneventful New Year’s Eve (we watched the family fireworks on TV – everyone knows the ABC coverage is the best – and then went to bed) is that we woke up nice and fresh the next morning!

We went to our friends’ house for lunch and it was so lovely. I am so happy we saw in the new year that way. I loved being a ‘good’ guest (at least I hope I was) and for once in my life (maybe it was those January 1 vibes) I felt like I had my shit together – I didn’t forget to bring anything, y’all! I love that we have friends to do those casual things with on equal footing. There was a void for a while when I went through some intense shit with the fertility stuff (pre-Little Miss) and we just kind of retreated socially (and reassessed some friendships). I felt like a real grown up and we ate pavlova and we watched our kids play. I was so grateful for this day and grateful to our friends who are phenomenal and generous hosts. We truly did see in the year the way we want it to continue.


January 2 (Wednesday)

I was supposed to start an amazing healthy eating regime that day. I ate Twisties and a few mouthfuls of the Little Mister’s macaroni cheese. Oops? At least my dinner was healthy?

That night I was helping the Little Miss to burp before bed (she can burp on her own now but a few pats on the back help her along so I know she’ll be comfortable when I put her down after her bottle). She doesn’t understand what I’m doing but just thinks that patting each other on the back is what we do when we cuddle. So she started patting me on the back at the same time and it was so god damn cute and I want to remember silly little moments like that forever. The innocence, man. I live for it.

January 3 (Thursday)

Actual quote from my journal…

Today I ate a bowl of macaroni cheese and snuck the last Freddo Frog. I am a monster…Oh and I had a glass of Moscato. Oops.

That evening we watched my friend from primary school make gnocchi on an Instagram live with her niece. Mr Unprepared was fully into it. I see gnocchi in our nearish future (as a cheat meal obvs – BAHAHA EVERY MEAL IS OBVIOUSLY A CHEAT MEAL AT THIS STAGE – EFF YOU JANUARY).

January 4 (Friday)

I went back to work (it’s very sporadic these days) today. Again haha. I work casually for my parents (it’s mutually beneficial). It felt good to be productive and to be the one leaving home for the day (my husband had a day off work so he had the home front covered). I hope I can do more of this as the year rolls out. It can be hard when I’m the primary child carer in our family but if I can fit in some more work this year, I’ll be happy.

January 5 (Saturday)

I got my nails done. Yay for self care! I got them done in neon yellow. According to one customer in the salon I was ‘brave’ and according to my nail technician, the colour I chose is most popular with the teen crowd. I say it’s just a colour and it’s fun to just do whatever the fuck I want. I may be 34 but that’s what gives me the confidence to say life’s too short (I get more sassy as I get further into my 30s). Go for it. Stop making up dumb rules about your age or about people perceiving you a certain way because of the colour of your damn nails. Besides, my 60-something year old mum likes them. So ner.

I started watching My Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix while Mr Unprepared was out at the cricket. I regretted having a diet coke before bed though. I couldn’t sleep until 11:00pm! Turns out I am now that old person who has to stop having caffeine after a certain time.

January 6 (Sunday)

Packed the family up and went for a swim in my parents’ pool in the morning. It was quite refreshing. The Little Mister jetted around chasing a little wahu football and the Little Miss loved floating about in our arms. We’ve been determined to use the pool more this summer to get the Little Mister’s swimming confidence up more. Just like with his bike riding, the swimming thing has been a slow burning process. We just try to make it fun and hope that he will forget his anxiety and just get kicking along. That’s how I learned as a kid (in the same pool). We just want him to have the skills to keep him safe and allow him to keep up with his friends.

It was bloody good. We got home and I felt the most blissed out I have felt in a long time. I keep forgetting how good the water is for me. I want to recreate that feeling as much as possible. I’ve always loved the water. I need it in my life! Everyone napped except for the Little Mister (who was not willing to miss a second of the (1990s) Full House summer marathon he has happening in his down time)!

January 7 (Monday)

This morning we met my mum and took her to one of my fave cafe’s. Turns out they don’t have high chairs (I guess they don’t want to encourage baby clientele?) so I grieved a bit when I realised I won’t be able to go there anymore – not for another couple of years. When the Little Miss is with me. Which is almost always. Bit of a bummer! I felt smug for five minutes when I had a green juice though. So there’s that.

Went grocery shopping. Got super excited about some healthier menu ideas for dinners. I was also inspired by a stuffed sweet potato recipe from Emmy Lou Loves (who I just started following on Instagram like today).

Also? For lunch I had handfuls of pretzels, leftover Christmas M+Ms and four mini sushi pieces from the Little Mister’s lunch. And another glass of Moscato. So…the good news is, there’s less and less junk food in my house by the day???


Soooo…that was my week. How was your week?

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