2013’s (Un)Forgettable, Unbloggable Moments.

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Ah, yes. Another of the usual ‘year in review’ posts, you’re thinking. No. No. This is not your usual recapping of a period of 12 months. This is not the noteworthy stuff I’ve already blogged about. This post is all about the things that you never heard about because they weren’t that bloggable at the time. These are the silly little things that happened in 2013. These are the usually forgettable moments, which I’ve found hidden away in my daily planner or worse, my brain. I am sure you’ll find that the year will start with lots of entries, then dwindle as I lost interest in my diary. So a pretty typical year for me. I’m such a new stationery whore.

Enjoy (maybe after a couple of drinks so you think I’m much funnier and better looking).


New Year’s Day – I whinged a lot in great detail about the overly hot weather and the fact that Mr Unprepared snored all night and sleep talked. I think I whinged in great detail, mainly because I was in love with starting a new diary and wanted to fill the pages.

2nd – I ate spring rolls from the food court at the shopping centre. Big day, ya’ll.

4th – Got sick for the first time since the Little Mister was born. Pretty good effort, immune system.

8th – Had nachos for dinner. Bugged Mr Unprepared with my favourite nacho related joke: “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? NACHO CHEESE.”
As usual, he was not that impressed. What’s wrong with him? It’s hilarious. Also on this day, I celebrated because he bought himself some boxer shorts that didn’t display his junk through a massive hole in the crotch. So that’s a win. I’m so getting in trouble for that. But he didn’t like my nacho cheese joke so it all evens out really – karma. Or something.

13th – Beat Mr Unprepared while bowling with his family. I mean, I didn’t beat him as in BEAT him with my bare hands. I mean I beat him with my mad bowling skills. I tried to write skills with a ‘z’ on the end, but my computer autocorrected it. Even my computer knows douche spelling when it sees it.

17th – Rocked up at my mum’s fairly spontaneously. My brother made me some fancy pasta lunch. Score. Yes. I note all of my food moments in my diary. What of it?

20th – My BFF from primary school came over with an awesome circus tent (IKEA) for the Little Mister. This was the best gift ever. We have spent many hours this year reading stories in there, playing peek-a-boo through the windows, and hiding from the Little Mister. Did I say that last one out loud? Behind the circus tent is also the Little Mister’s favourite place to hide so he can do poos in private (in his nappy). Fact.

27th – I found the need to describe my awfully upset stomach in great detail in my diary (my poor poor diary) on this date. I won’t inflict that on you. Although, it made me realise I’d strained my stomach muscles too much the day before chasing after the Little Mister at our friends’ house for Australia day celebrations.

28th – The Little Mister tried cow’s milk for the first time and liked it. The weaning began and it wasn’t half bad. Phew!


10th – The Little Mister slept for four hours. And it didn’t wreck his night time sleep. That was a great day.

11th – I professed to my diary, my undying love for blogging. Duh. You can call me Captain Obvious.

16th – Saw an actual movie while it was actually still at the cinemas. It was the Silver Linings Playbook. Had no idea what to expect, but it was really cool. Yay for date days! Yes, date DAYS. Sometimes it’s just easier that way!

21st – I did an hour’s Zumba work out. Only to go to my parents’ house and pig out on my brother’s cooking. Oops. This happens a lot.

26th – On this date, all I wrote was “Need: Milk” and ticked it off. I’d say that day was a big success.


18th – Mum and Dad got a new kitten. Named Jasper. He is a ridiculous cat. Acts much like a toddler. I think the Little Mister and him have some kind of soulmate connection. So cute.

19th – My diary reads, “Took the Little Mister to the beach. Stole some sand.” I am a crafting criminal. I didn’t steal that much. Just a jar full. Y’know. So I could imitate something I saw on Pinterest. Stop judging me.



9th – My family forced me to eat curry again while we were in Tasmania. I just focused on the naan bread. It’s all a non curry eater like me can do, really.

10th – Still in Tasmania. Went for a reeeeally long drive with Mr Unprepared, the Little Mister and my brother. My parents, aunty and uncle were in another car. We spent the whole time talking about how good it would be if dolphins acted as taxis after a drunken night out in a coastal location. We decided that it would be awesome to have a dolphin named Dolph Lundgren and how awful it would be if you got sick and vommed in a dolphin’s blowhole while it was taking you on a magical sea journey home. I have audio recordings of this ridiculous conversation and now that I think about it, I hope the Little Mister didn’t understand a word! I think we all just needed to let off steam after a stressful few weeks. We laughed so hard.

21st – My last birthday as a 20-something! I just wanted to have a low key day after a big month. It was great. My brother served up the most amazing surf and turf (his own really cool interpretation of a classic dish) and I had two desserts. This day also marked the day my whole family chipped in for a MacBook Air for me. It has changed my blogging experience hugely. Yay! 🙂


26th – “Went to the shops for milk. Forgot the milk.” Obviously I was in fine form that day.


2nd – Little Mister had his vaccinations. I wrote in my diary, “Bring purple book!” (a book with his medical care details in it). Underneath was a sad face and “Forgot purple book”. Still on fire.

4th – I weighed in at the least I’ve weighed all year. It was all downhill from there for a while. Still working on it!

9th – Um. So when I write “clean my teeth” as a to-do list item for the day, I think I’ve hit a new low. WTF?

11th – I went to an awesome music festival (a definite highlight of my year). I think I’m not young anymore, because my list of things to remember to take included: tissues, Nurofen and spare warm clothes to keep in the car. Officially old.

16th – Date night! We went and saw Ahn Do’s show The Happiest Refugee. Seriously worthwhile. I’d already read his book (and my parents had even bought the children’s version for the Little Mister to keep) and it was amazing. I recommend it to anyone who has issues with so called ‘boat people’. It will open your mind like you would not believe. Also, DATE NIGHT.

26th – Mr Unprepared snored again. I was not happy.


5th – Went grocery shopping with my mum. The Little Mister became emotionally attached to a bottle of distilled water. He was devastated when the two of them were separated. Heartbreaking, really. Odd child haha.

12th – Cleaned the house because we were having a visitor. Yes. That was the only reason I cleaned the house.

25th – The Little Mister scribbled all over this page of my diary. It’s his favourite activity. I end up letting him because it is kind of cute.

27th – Mr Unprepared was home from work sick. I wrote underneath with a little arrow “pain in the bum!” Ah, man flu.


2nd – I made a note to blog about being tired. I’m sure it was very insightful and original.

3rd – I made a note to blog about food/hunger and nap time. Wow. Scintillating stuff. Luckily for you all, I don’t think I followed through on this threat.

4th – On this day, we received the sad news that my Nana had passed away. Then my diary contained our Chinese takeaway order for dinner. We spent $60 on the stuff. Between two people. Emotional eating was always my thing.

9th – I attended a quiz night with some friends. We got 37/64 questions correct. Turns out I am terrible at geography and general knowledge. Also bad at remembering historical dates. So basically, I’m not the best person to have on your team. Might be best to remember that.


13th – Baked with the Little Mister for the first time. The crushed egg shells and flour footprints were totally worth it. He was so proud of himself. Of course he did the all important job of helping to ‘lick’ the bowl. The muffins were rather irregularly shaped and a little hard, but they tasted like love. AWWWW.


17th – Mum gave us free movie passes so to thank her for the favour, we asked her to babysit. Haha. Sucker.

30th – Mr Unprepared and his brother went hiking and camping in trying conditions overnight. I showed my admiration and compassion by taking the Little Mister to dinner at my parents, where my brother cooked the most amazing hearty comfort food (creamy chicken and bacon pie anyone?). I sent Mr Unprepared photos regularly as each course rolled out. He sent me a photo of his manky feet in his tiny tent as the weather swirled around him. I’m so nice.


25th – “Aim of the day: Get Little Mister to have a freakin’ nap!” Things were going well, then?

27th – I broke up with our local Asian takeaway franchise. It was a sad day, but it needed to happen. As I ate my disappointing meal (which looked and tasted different every time I ordered it) and reflected on the fact that their EFTPOS system had broken down YET AGAIN, I knew it was time to say goodbye. Also, the fact that I called to place an order and they said I couldn’t order ANYTHING that was fried because the fryer was broken. WHAT?! NO SPRING ROLLS? THAT’S IT. I QUIT.


14th – Bought a new oven to replace my dead one (RIP) and all was right with the world again.

21st – Paid off my car. Such an exciting day.

22nd – Car wouldn’t start.


20th – Had dinner with two of my favourite girlfriends. We ended up at an Asian restaurant where the girl who served us was amusingly sour faced. We were greeted with an almost sarcastic sounding “Are you right there?” Um. Yes. We were standing at the sign that said, “Please wait here to be seated”…”HERE ARE YOUR MENUS” as she chucked them onto the table and huffed off. “ARE YOU FINISHED EATING?” as she tried to take our dishes out from under us. I actually had food on its way to my mouth hole at the time. “NO I AM NOT FINISHED.”

27th – Today my husband gave his iPhone 5 a bit of a rinse and spin cycle in the washing machine. It all played out in slow motion after a lovely day at the beach. He had put his work clothes in the wash and forgotten his smart phone addiction while we headed out for a lovely family afternoon. You should have seen his face as he searched all the logical places: my car, his car, beach bag, our bedroom, every other room, his work bag…eventually, it became obvious what had happened. We tried that whole put-it-in-rice technique to dry it out, but it was too late. Mr Unprepared now has my old iPhone 4, with the dodgy home button. Poor fella.

Also, on this day, my dog learnt how to photo bomb. I have very few photos from the day that didn’t look like this.



1st – Went to a local farmers’ market for the first time. Felt like one of those people who go to farmers’ markets. All the feelings: hungry, inspired, SMUG.

9th – Took the dog to the vet for her vaccination. When no-one was looking, I weighed the Little Mister on the big digital scales they have there. I am such an awesome parent. Oh yeah, and the dog is happy and healthy haha.

10th-13th – Got the sickest I’ve been since having the Little Mister. Whinged a lot on Twitter. Sorry about that.

Of course the December list is incomplete, but I will make the predictions that it will be ridiculous (hopefully the good kind of ridiculous) and full of eventful moments. There’s Christmas where we run around like chooks with our heads cut off (and hopefully have a wonderful day shared with the Little Mister watching his joy), a hens night, a wedding, a 60th birthday celebration for a dear family friend, dinner with a friend, and quality time as a little family.

If I had to describe the year in a nutshell, I’d say it was a year of growth. It wasn’t always pleasant. There were challenging times and losses throughout. But everything felt like it was headed closer towards a place we want to be. I truly hope 2014 will seem a lot easier going and full of positive adventures, but I don’t regret this year. It all played out the way it needed to. Also? The Little Mister has been at an amazing, fun age full of huge developmental spurts. I wish I could bottle it 🙂

How was your year? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? What are your hopes for 2014? x

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