Throwback Thursday: Ew. Toilet wine.

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I think this photo was taken in the Cottesloe Hotel, otherwise known as “The Cott”, in 2008. Don’t quote me on the location, but yep. I was childless and constantly drunk on weekends and I took this photo for reasons I cannot remember (on account of being boozed up probably). I did caption it on Facebook as, “Ew. Toilet wine.” though.

And so you know, it wasn’t mine. I just found it there. Who takes their wine to the toilet? Geez. Everyone knows you slam it down your throat first and then run (because you have to break the seal). And then you sit down on the loo and giggle to yourself because there’s something hilarious about being alone and tipsy in a toilet cubicle. I don’t know what, but there must be.

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I was at a 21st birthday party and I was 24 years old (yes I had to use my calculator because mental maths was never a strong point). Some of my uni friends were younger, because I was a “mature age student”. Yep. Old at 24. All because I thought I could learn how to be a primary school teacher, but then halfway through decided that there was nothing in the world I’d like to do less than be a primary school teacher (my hat off to all you amazing teachers out there – I could not do it), so I changed direction…

It was a crazy time. I was studying, had a FIFO husband (we were less than a year into our marriage at that stage) and for a lot of my uni life we lived a few minutes outside of Fremantle, where I was lucky enough to go to uni, nestled between cafes and quirky bars. And if you were even luckier, the sheep ships weren’t in the port and nothing smelled like sheep urine and poo when the wind blew in the wrong direction.

I threw my heart and soul into my uni course (I had grown up a bit and no longer took my education for granted) and then I let off steam with the best of them in my down time.

Which brings me back to the photo of wine in the toilet.

Hey, I never said that my Throwback Thursday posts had to be classy or have a deep meaning!

I look back on those times fondly (even though I am not convinced I could ever study full time ever again). Those girls got me through a very intense time. We all wanted that damn behavioural science degree, come hell or high water, and we pushed each other to do well. I am very grateful. It got stressful at times but we made it to the end and wore the caps and gowns to prove it.

I could have shared a photo from my graduation ceremony (guys – my amazing Wittner heels matched my gown – you have NO idea), because classy and elegant and maybe even inspiring, but where’s the fun in that?

I am so glad I had my youth and did all of those things. It makes having the Little Mister and settling into family life all the more sweeter. I have these dumb arse memories of myself I can look back on (with rose coloured glasses of course) and think, “That would never fucking happen to me today, would it? Geez! I had no idea what freedom I had! How gloriously unaware I was!”

…Before settling down at 8pm (after deciding that it’s too late to start watching a movie on a school night – are you kidding) and watching Netflix for the half an hour before I pass out.


What was life like for you when you were 24? Where were you? What were you doing with your life? 


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Ew. Toilet wine.”

  1. Heh, toilet wine… we used to all cram into a cubicle and pull out a bottle of vodka from a handbag and share it in a nightclub. Then stash it behind the DJ stand (MPS was the DJ…) OMG those were some trashy times.
    Me at 24… 2 kids working full time and paying off a mortgage. BORSEVILLE!


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