Taking Stock: September 2018

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Holy crap, it’s the first day of spring and the sun is actually out. Kind of. Like when I typed that last sentence, a cloud went over. But it’s good. No rain on a weekend day is fine by me! I always feel weird talking about the first day of spring because we all know it doesn’t actually get really good until at least October. It’s nice that everybody is so optimistic, though.

Anyway, it’s time for me to ‘take stock’ again. Here’s what’s happening right now…

Making: healthier food choices over the last couple of days has really made a difference for me. I’ve lost 900g! I just hope I can keep the weight off and not blow it all this weekend!

Cooking: will be a challenge this coming week, with Mr Unprepared working weird hours. Might have to meal prep better or have a few quick options at hand to survive it.

Drinking: less water than I should be.

Reading: nothing. I just finished Kitty Flanagan’s Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies in the early hours of this morning, though.

Next read: I have no idea. Anyone got any great suggestions? I do want to read Clementine Ford’s new book Boys Will Be Boys, but I have to wait for its release!

Wanting: a million dollars and some time to myself – is that too much to ask?!

Looking: at the mess around me. Somebody has a lot of housework to do and that somebody is probably me.

Playing: with the Little Miss is legit my favourite thing to do at the moment. Time on the mat just watching her chat in her baby babble and play with her toys.

Deciding: on how to spend the day. It’s Father’s Day tomorrow but we have to celebrate today because my husband is living the life of a shift worker for a while.

Wishing: Mr Unprepared’s work wasn’t so all consuming right now. It seems to have swallowed up all of our lives. It’s been rough but I hope this too shall pass. Sooner rather than later!

Enjoying: writing this blog post.


Waiting: to hear back from the vet about some blood tests they took for our dog. She had a bit of an unwell episode this week and hearing that the tests are fine (at least that’s what I want to hear) will be great closure to the scare we’ve had as she seems to be OK now.

Liking: closed captions for the TV and Netflix. Sometimes I can’t turn the TV up to compete with the rain or other stuff in fear of waking the baby, so being able to still tell what is going on is great haha.

Wondering: if I can make it through the next week with my sanity intact. I hope I can.

Loving: my silly dog. I don’t know what was wrong with her this week, but having a bit of a scare can really remind you that life (even a dog’s one – especially a dog’s one) is too short to not take the time to really love (verb) your family.

Pondering: on a few important things. Or stewing might be more apt.

Considering: throwing my husband’s phone and work computer out of the window. OK, so I would never do that. But I fantasise about it. My life would be so peaceful.


Buying: supplies before we go on our camping trip in a few weeks will be tricky. We have to wait for pay day and then it will be a mad scramble at the last minute. I feel so under prepared it’s not funny!

Watching: the shows on my DVR in alphabetical order is this weird OCD thing I like to do. I did just finish OITNB and can I say I totally predicted the ending of the season!

Next watch: I have no idea. I am so bad at picking a new show to watch or a new movie. I get all pedantic about it having to have the right vibe for how I’m feeling in that moment and it’s stupid. 

Hoping: the Little Miss feels better when she wakes from her nap. She’s been teething so hard this week. Poor little thing.

Marvelling: at how humans really are slow learners. You know that saying about the definition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? We all do it and it gets us nowhere. Sigh. Sorry, I’m in a bit of a mood.

Cringing: when I get a nervous tummy. It’s one side effect of anxiety that I really could do without. I have been fighting it all week.

Needing: family time. Couple time. Me time.

Questioning: a few things.

Smelling: my dog’s skanky fur has been delightful. No matter how much you bathe her, she still stinks all the time!

Wearing: Ripped jeans, an old T-shirt that has lost its shape and a bomber jacket that has little pulled threads coming out of it everywhere. HOT MESS.

Following: anyone on Instagram who does fun/interesting stories. If a profile likes something I’ve done, the first thing I check is their stories.

Worrying: more than I’d like to.

Noticing: little things about the Little Miss as she grows and develops every day. All the changes are so fast paced at this age.

Knowing: when to stop and breathe and let stuff go is so important, don’t you think?

Thinking: about how well behaved the Little Mister is whenever he’s home and the baby is sleeping. He never complains about being quiet (despite being the loudest human on the planet – besides his dad). He’s an amazing big brother.

Admiring: women who don’t feel the need to use fancy filters to hide the flaws on their skin etc when it comes to social media. I still feel so self conscious about my stupid spots and scars.

Sorting: through some of the kids’ clothes and deciding what things to take with us on holidays and whether they need any new stuff too.

Getting: excited about leaving the house today. As a family. I know it’s so normal for a lot of families to head out into the sunshine as a unit and enjoy themselves on a weekend, but we have not been able to do that in so long.

Bookmarking: a video that shows an easy way to tie your laces. I am hoping this will make the Little Mister’s life a bit easier.

Coveting: bath bombs and more Korean face masks.

Disliking: my husband’s work situation. Can you tell?!

Opening: my eyes each morning has been challenging!


Giggling: at the Little Mister becoming really good at keeping things a surprise instead of blurting everything out. Like for my husband’s birthday recently (and now Father’s Day). He’s been so good at not giving everything away! I’m sure those skills will backfire one day – shady character – haha.

Feeling: OK but a bit tense.

Snacking: on slightly healthier stuff than I was last week. Progress, no?

Hearing: the Little Mister nagging me. BRB!


What have you been up to lately?

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