Taking Stock: May 2018.

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I’m so excited. It’s Saturday! Today I get to go to the football (AFL) with a friend and be my kid free self for a bit. Yay!

It’s time for me to ‘take stock’ again! Does anybody even read these? 😂

Making: no progress with my resolution to exercise more. Oops. I really hope incidental exercise is helping. I’ll get there! Logistics!

Cooking: nothing for dinner is my favourite thing to do these days. Last night was a shop bought coleslaw mix with a BBQ chicken. Yassss.

Drinking: some cider these days. I am yet to have a full blown, legit mojito! That’s just criminal, right?

Reading: ‘Fight Like a Girl’ by Clementine Ford.

Next read: Probably ‘Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies’ by Kitty Flanagan.

Wanting: more Korean face masks (the beauty ones not the traditional cultural ones). My friend Alice bought me a couple for my birthday and now I’m addicted! It makes me laugh because I have Korean skin (that sounds weird but you know what I mean) and that was only the first time I tried the whole Korean beauty thing. It’s so trendy and popular and I am behind the times even though the products would probably be perfect for me 😂

Looking: like a hot mess! My hair is falling out and my skin is so spotty! Damn hormone changes! I tried putting on make up all week, to make myself feel better, but I just looked like a hot mess that was wearing make up 🤷🏻‍♀️

Playing: the guessing game…how long will the Little Miss sleep for right now?

Deciding: on what to wear to the footy. It involves an in depth analysis of the weather/practicality/what goes with my ever so fashionable team scarf. Oh, shut up. We know I’m going to wear jeans and a tee 😂

Wishing: I had a million dollars haha. No really. It’s shallow and materialistic but there’s so much shit I want right now!


Enjoying: the Little Miss’ sleep in so I can write this post. Sure, she woke at 4:30am for a feed but at least the benefit is that she sleeps longer into the morning afterwards. Shout out to Mr Unprepared who does Friday and Saturday nights so I can let go of that mental load for a bit. She’s generally pretty good for a 3 month old – we are spoilt for now (until teething and illness and separation anxiety etc will kick in), so it isn’t too bad when we share the night time duties.

Waiting: for the Little Miss to wake up from naps is a constant thing. I catch myself always trying to guess how long she’s going to sleep for because honestly, she’s not predictable at all!

Liking: snuggly weather. I can’t believe that I (the lover of all things summer) am saying that! I guess I felt like a hot, sweaty beast while pregnant, followed by carrying around a sweaty little baby! It’s nice to have some relief from it!

Wondering: How Spotify knows which songs I really need to hear at any given time, even though I’ve hit ‘shuffle’ on ALL of the songs I’ve saved.

Loving: the Little Mister’s kindness.

Pondering: on why the Little Mister’s school insists on making small, tired children do swimming lessons intensively for two straight weeks while the weather gets cold. It’s just asking for trouble (and after school tantrums)!

Considering: taking a book or a magazine with me to read on the train today. I love browsing on my phone uninterrupted (it’s a luxury) but I want my battery to last all day (and it won’t – damn iPhone)! I really need to get one of those special back up thingies that can charge your phone on the go!

Buying: not so much right now. Trying to kind of rein it in as we limp towards pay day. It will be a relief to return to work soon (even if the child minding thing might get tricky).

Watching: Veronica Mars for the first time. I feel like there was a whole lot of TV going on in the late 90s/early 2000s and I didn’t partake in any of it. In the last couple of years I have had to educate myself on Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, The OC etc.


Next watch: Probably whatever has been sitting on my DVR for months or years! I watched some absolute pearlers yesterday (really bad made for TV ones – SO BAD THEY’RE GOOD). 

Hoping: today doesn’t tire me out too much! Mr Unprepared and I laughed when we were ABSOLUTELY exhausted after a very casual, low key BBQ with friends last week. Until you have a baby around again, you forget how much energy it takes to socialise! It’s important to us and we had a great time, but we realised how little we have in reserve these days! We are so lame!

Marvelling: at how no matter how much I need a kid free break at times, I will still feel myself missing the little buggers. I’m already sad I won’t be cuddling the Little Miss all day, despite the fact that when I do have to cuddle her all day, all I can think about is having a little break!

Needing: to drink more water!

Questioning: why the Little Miss sometimes smells like off ham. There’s nothing wrong with her, it just happens sometimes. Is she sneaking out of her cot at night and eating ham? How does that happen? I fear the new baby smell is behind us haha. She’s not even on solids yet!

Smelling: smoke. I am sure I knew the reason but I can’t remember. Something about the wind bringing smoke to our area. Meh.

Wearing: my long sleeved PJ top. You know the weather is changing when I break this bad boy out.

Following: people who actually still blog. Like on an actual website! We’re always hearing about how it’s a dying thing, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I love reading blogs!

Worrying: about a lot less this time around with a baby than last time. It’s a relief to not be so wound up anymore. I am not saying I don’t worry at all, mind you!! I just think I have less anxiety.

Noticing: all the stuff that needs to get done around the house today!

Knowing: that Mr Unprepared is not a cave man who won’t look after the kids without me is really comforting. It allows me to go and do my thing when I need to.

Thinking: about how I need to get my act together when it comes to using less single use plastic bags before the deadline comes in at the major supermarkets we shop at. I’m glad this change is being put in place, because it will force me to do better!

Admiring: people who stand up for what they believe in (if it’s rooted in commonsense and isn’t about harming others), even though it might not be an easy situation.

Sorting: out my public transport options for the footy. I am meeting my friend in the city for lunch first. How civilised!


Getting: time to blog this morning has been awesome.

Bookmarking: articles and videos that resonate with me as a parent at the moment. The funny stuff and the serious stuff.

Coveting: a Garmin Vivomove watch. It’s pretty – white and rose gold. Everyone in my life has a Garmin now so Fitbit challenges are almost non existent. I need that motivation and I’d love a fitness wrist band that doesn’t look lame and that I can wear with my civvies all the time! Maybe when I get that million dollars?

Disliking: my deaf dog’s barking. She’s 16 years old and can’t hear a thing but barks at everything anyway. It drives me bonkers. She’s a tough old bitch and nothing we’ve done to train her can help at this point because she’s senile AF (yet still kicking along with no signs of slowing down)!

Opening: and shutting the front door really loudly when he’s going for an early morning bike ride will always get Mr Unprepared in trouble with me on a Saturday!

Giggling: at the fact that Mr Unprepared copped some baby spew on his shirt yesterday instead of me! It’s OK, we were at home! Usually, I get it when I’m waiting outside the Little Mister’s classroom at pick up time!

Feeling: like the Little Miss is going to cry out for me any second.

Snacking: for no reason is something I am trying to avoid these days.

Hearing: the Little Miss fussing in her cot over the baby monitor. I better go deal with that!

What are you doing today? 

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