Taking Stock: May 2016 Edition.

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Every couple of months I write a ‘taking stock’ post, to capture where my life is at in that exact moment. Also, I have writer’s block. You know when your head is filled with ALL THE THINGS, but none of them want to spit themselves out into written form? Yeah, that.

Making: Cringey faces because the Little Mister has decided that his only volume today is 11. Out of 10.
Cooking: Not as much as I’d like to. I seem to have lost my cooking mojo. I miss feeling all inspired and spending too much time in the kitchen. It would be really helpful if I could, because the Little Mister’s lunchbox would be filled with much cheaper, healthier things if I could get my arse in gear.
Drinking: Water.
Reading: TV Week magazine. Because it’s all my brain can take. It’s my guilty pleasure.
Wanting: To feel 100% healthy. My body has been giving me a bit of grief lately.
Looking: At my computer. Because I’m typing. Duh.
Playing: Play School. Because it buys me a moment of peace.
Deciding: On what groceries to ask my husband to buy so I don’t have to go to the supermarket today. That way we can survive just one more day. Procrastination at its best.
Wishing: Everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with love this weekend.
Enjoying: Spotify. I am quite late to this music streaming party, but gosh it’s great. I can play music for any mood. Helps me get through the day!
Waiting: For the Little Mister’s new lunchbox to arrive. It’s Bento style and gorgeous and little-hands proof and it’s coming tomorrow (according to Aus Post)! I am going to be so excited to make his lunches. Or at least that’s the plan. Any motivation is good.
Liking: My comfy winter clothes. Hoodies and PJs galore! I am not the biggest fan of winter (mostly because I get Vitamin D deficient and glum) but I have enjoyed the novelty of wearing snuggly clothes and curling up on the couch.
Wondering: How long is too long to grow my fingernails. I mean, it’s getting harder to activate my snapchat filters (priorities), but they do look pretty.
Loving: Myself. Trying to be kind to myself because my body has been letting me down a bit, but I am looking after myself and treating myself a bit and just trying to be positive.
Considering: Turning off all screens for a while once I finish this blog post. I am not militant about screen time, but I do feel good when we cut down.
Buying: New shoes. Soon. It’s an expense that annoys me, but I have sadly identified a very real gap in my wardrobe. I have no casual, closed in, flat shoes. I can’t wear sandals all winter. I just can’t. And my booties don’t go with everything. So you see my dilemma.
Watching: The Mother’s Day movie this week with my mums’ group. I am a sucker for that sentimental, ensemble cast crap. 
Hoping: The Little Mister does well in swimming lessons this afternoon. He’s a bit of a mixed bag depending on his confidence or attention span.
Marvelling: at how long the sleeves are on my new comfy, slouchy jumper. WHO HAS ARMS THAT LONG?
Cringing: Whenever I think of my Friday night vom in front of the girls. It wasn’t my fault at all (I was not drunk and the bathroom was far away and I had very little warning that my body was staging a revolt against me trying to get out and have a life), but SO embarrassing.
Needing: A date night with Mr Unprepared. It’s been too long.
Questioning: My judgement when I dress in activewear and then do nothing active. I swore I would never be that person. I SWORE.
Smelling: My freshly washed hair.
Wearing: A jumper (the one with the super long sleeves) that says ‘Pardon my French’ but it says it in French. Super classy, y’all. Gym pants. In my defence, they’re brand new and I wanted to try them on anyway ?
Following: Just about everyone associated with the Kardashian brand on Snapchat. And I’m not even sorry. This is what my life has become. Watching rich people staring into space while lip synching to rap songs and showing off how rich they are.
Noticing: That the Little Mister is being really quiet. YES.
Knowing: Who has got your back when times are a bit rocky is comforting.
Thinking: About the housework I have to do.
Admiring: People who say it how it is.
Sorting: Nothing.
Getting: My arse kicked on the work week hustle fitbit challenge by my friend Alice.
Bookmarking: Funny Facebook posts that make me laugh.
Disliking: How little I get done when I am not feeling my best.
Opening: Online shopping packages is the best. It’s like a present from your past, more rich self to your now poor self.
Giggling: Is fun. Having friends who make you giggle is priceless.
Feeling: OKish. I am really hoping that today I make some headway in feeling up to being a human being.
Snacking: A little less (I hope). I am doing an 8 week body challenge with my friends. We’re basically working on our personal goals and helping to motivate each other. Will let you know how it goes.
Helping: Always. Ha.
Hearing: Myself yawning.

Let me know if you take stock too! x

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  1. God, I definitely need to get onto snapchat to follow the Kardashians. I’m ridiculously obsessed with their craziness. Meanwhile, hoodies do have very long arms, don’t they? Maybe it’s because they want us to pull the ends over our hands and scrunch them ?? Hmmmm …. 🙂


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