Taking Stock: July 2018

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Disclaimer: This blog post took 24 hours to write, so forgive me if timelines seem a bit off!

It’s the first Monday of the school holidays, you guys. Today has been declared a PJs day for the Little Mister and I will be glad to not leave the house in this very rainy weather! I’ve been awake since 3am so I’m sure I’ll still be TOTALLY coherent by this evening, right?

It’s also the second day of July, so I’d like to take stock again (I do it every couple of months)! You’re probably familiar with this by now. I just capture a moment/day in my life (let’s be real – if it was just one moment that would be assuming I had time in between child wrangling to actually finish one whole post at a time) as it is happening.

Making: some little puff pastry/custard square thingies for morning tea (if I don’t eff it up or run out of time) for when my mum visits for a coffee today.

Cooking: SOMETHING with chicken for dinner tonight. I don’t know what exactly, but the chicken breasts are defrosting as I type this. I am thinking it will be a soup. Awesome for this weather, I think.

Drinking: alcohol regularly again these days still feels weird to me. I spent so long rarely drinking when we were trying for a baby and through IVF, and then obviously I abstained completely during pregnancy and tried not to while breastfeeding etc. Now I can have a glass of wine whenever I feel like it. It’s weird. I am not drinking much though. Sometimes I completely forget haha. It’s just nice to know I can, quite honestly. Not so much for the sake of drinking booze, but to remember the freedom I have when it comes to my body.


Reading: Fight Like a Girl by Clementine Ford (was I reading this two months ago??) and it’s firing me up. Reading it at the same time as a lot of women are fighting back when it comes to eradicating rape culture and demanding equal rights is powerful. I am quite the feisty feminist these days (and not sorry)!

Next read: Probably something a bit lighter. I tend to read to get sleepy again when my brain won’t switch off at night and I’m sure that passionate feminist material isn’t as soothing as I need 😂

Wanting: men to really face up to the inequalities that women face and stop being defensive or distancing themselves from the problem of sexism. I’m in a place where I see problematic behaviours everywhere I look these days and it frustrates me. You don’t have to be a ‘bad’ guy to be part of the problem. It’s time for the ‘good’ guys to stand together and be part of the solution. Like proactively. CALL THE BAD GUYS OUT. I don’t care if you’re friends or what’s his face is just having ‘a laugh’. Sort it out. Being scared of being insulted and laughed at by sexist douchebags for speaking out when we women have to brave that shit all the time, seems a little messed up when you could help do something about it, don’t you think? That’s why blokes need feminism too, by the way.

Looking: at my nails. I’d be due to get them done right now but I have made a vow to take a break so I can save a little money for a while. Let’s see how long I last – eep!

Playing: music in the evenings really helps the Little Miss to calm down during the witching hour. She’ll chill out to anything from Vera Blue to the Beastie Boys haha.

Deciding: on what to do for the rest of the school holidays. I’m hoping to nail a good combination between everyone getting some rest time so we can start term 3 nice and strong, and making sure we get out of the house and enjoy ourselves instead of staying home and driving each other crazy the whole time.

Wishing: I had a winning lotto ticket. My wish list of things I want to do/buy is getting out of hand and it’s not even big stuff.

Enjoying: quiet moments to myself when the Little Miss is asleep. I’ve been an exhausted pigeon the past week.

Waiting: until the Little Miss wakes from her afternoon nap before I get on with my chores for the day (but wanting her to sleep as long as possible).

Liking: my bed. Honestly.

Wondering: if I’ll finally take a sneaky moment to snooze a bit and the Little Miss will wake and the dogs will bark or someone will knock on the front door or the Little Mister will bug me about something. Which is usually the case, I swear.

Loving: MY BED.


Pondering: on when the Little Miss will start to roll from her back to her front. She mastered rolling from her front onto her back a month ago, got over it, and hasn’t rolled in any direction since! I think she’s been busy working on some other stuff she deemed more important. Or she’s lazy LOL. I used to worry about that stuff so much, but the Little Mister turned out OK (even if the poor thing did inherit my lack of coordination) so now I just let it go.

Considering: buying the Little Miss some more cotton onesies but in size 00. Stuff that’s easy for her to wear but also good for layering up. Babies cost so much money, y’all. They don’t stop growing! I mean, that’s a good thing. An expensive thing but a good thing haha. She’s been wearing a lot of hand me downs, but it would be nice to get her some more new stuff.

Buying: my groceries online and having Mr Unprepared pick them up from Click and Collect has been a godsend since the Little Miss was born.

Watching: Veronica Mars (the TV show AND the movie) broke me. I have no idea how to fill that void in my life.

Next watch: No idea because nothing is Veronica Mars.

Hoping: the Little Miss sleeps through the night tonight, instead of waking at 4:30am like she has been the last few days.

Marvelling: at how my son is a bottomless pit of hunger when he’s at home but brings home half of his modest lunch each day after school. I swear some of it is boredom hunger but I just can’t tell with this kid! He’s skinny as a rake and also expensive haha.

Cringing: every time a dog barks or a person thumps something really loudly. Why does the world wait until my baby is asleep to do shit? I truly do not understand. It’s like people just KNOW. I try to be a cool mum, like, yeah whatever, but when it’s the last nap of the day, I get a bit crazy about it, because the witching hour becomes a nightmare otherwise.

Needing: more time to finish this blog post than I have!! I really do not want this to end up rotting away in the drafts folder along with a whole lot of other posts I’ve started and never finished in the last couple of weeks!

Questioning: a commitment I made recently. Did I totally bite off more than I can chew? I don’t want to let anyone down. I’m sure I can push through and smash my goals…right?

Smelling: my baby’s nappy in public will never not feel awkward. I mean, I know people give a knowing smile when they see parents doing it, because it’s necessary and normal, but it still feels weird to be seen with your nose DEEP in your baby’s nappy area, inhaling like your life depends on it.

Wearing: a shirt I bought that says “Love Yourself” on the front. A nice message, no? Now I’m actually scared it’s just a homage to that Justin Bieber song and I didn’t realise. Said shirt has baby drool on the left sleeve. I am also wearing a stripy mini skirt. I bought it while I was pregnant and could only wear it for like two seconds before it became impossible.

Following: anyone who has funny instagram stories.

Worrying: less this week than the last week or two. A few different things set off my anxiety when the Little Miss was approaching 5 months of age (the age I was when I was adopted as a baby) and then some other shit happened and I just felt overwhelmed and the school term was taking forever to end etc. This past weekend healed my soul and I feel a lot better now.

Noticing: that the Little Miss is waking – I’d better type fast!


Knowing: that I’m doing the best I can and that I wouldn’t want to be anyone else is always a comfort when I doubt myself or worry about what others think.

Thinking: too much in the middle of the night these days. It’s a hard habit to kick.

Sorting: the washing seems to a) be a never ending job and b) sucks and I’m procrastinating.

Getting: a life for my kids this school holidays is my goal. I was a boring mummy when I was pregnant and when the Little Miss was a newborn.

Bookmarking: so much useless crap on Facebook. I have no idea why I’ve saved some of it. I need to go through all my ‘saved’ posts and clear them out.

Coveting: loose fitting, boho, floral dresses to pair with black boots and a leather jacket this winter. I don’t know why but I’ve decided that needs to be my look. It probably never will be but oh well. It’s nice to dream!

Disliking: some jerk I refuse to mention.


Opening: my computer right now for the SECOND DAY so I can complete this blog post haha.

Giggling: sounds that the Little Miss makes are gorgeous.

Feeling: tired and comfy in my bed. Also, pleased. Because the Little Miss still woke early this morning (and I mean early) but she settled herself. I am hoping this means we’re over her little waking at 4:30am jag.

Snacking: more than I eat actual meals. Like I snack at around lunch time and call it lunch. Same goes for breakfast. I’m just getting nourishment when I can these days. It’s kind of bad because then I eat too much at dinner! I’m still not really nailing this whole ‘getting my diet right 5 months after having a baby’ thing.

Hearing: my reverse cycle air con starting up.

So tell me…what have you been up to, lately? x

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