Taking stock: July 2016 edition.

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I’m sitting here on this rainy day, trying to get my brain working now that we’re home from an AMAZING trip to Melbourne. The reality of school holidays has dawned on me and I’m also realising that time is passing by so fast! I thought this would be a nice time to take stock


Making: myself drink a glass of water. I think I’m a little dehydrated. Nothing new, really!

Cooking: Dinner tonight. Mr Unprepared has been awesome throughout the school term, covering my arse when it’s all seemed a bit hard, but I want to pitch in more! Tonight is the exotic sausage and veggies. Who knows which way I will cook it? A slow cooked stew? With pasta? Bangers and mash? The suspense!

Drinking: Water! I already told you that!

Reading: I’ve been scouring my Facebook newsfeed, looking for well written, shareable blog posts/articles. You can find that stuff on my new Facebook page, if you like. It’s like a pet side project.

Wanting: A child free day or two! I’ve loved my hang time with the Little Mister, but it has been intense! I’d love to just chill in the quiet for a bit! BUT…I don’t want to wish away the school holidays just yet either (hello – no lunches or early morning rushing)!

Looking: At my tidy house and wondering how long it will stay that way. The Little Mister is trying this new, revolutionary thing where he puts things away when he’s finished playing with them – without me having to beg him. I think the novelty will wear off soon – I think he’s in a honeymoon phase now we’re home.

Playing: Snapchat stories to kill time. Username: kezunprepared !!

Deciding: On how to structure my day. I’ve literally made no solid plans for any of the school holidays yet! How does that happen??

Wishing: That a phone call I’ve been waiting for will happen today. I am very sick of playing phone chasey with someone who should have called me first. Grrr.

Enjoying: The Little Mister’s random comments. He just ran up to me wearing a silly hat, saying “I am going to keep this on so people don’t know that I have hair.” OK… ?

Waiting: For that aforementioned phone call. The person in question has been made aware of my frustration and I have been promised a call back in the next couple of hours. Fingers crossed.

Liking: Twitter DM conversations with friends I can talk about anything with. Literally anything. Hashtag grateful.

Wondering: If I’ll cry today. I hope not. Bit stressed. (in)Fertility shit in case you’re wondering. Ha. Wondering. Let’s all wonder together.

Loving: My memories of Melbourne. So much cool shit happened. That trip away was just what the Little Mister and I needed (we were bummed Mr Unprepared couldn’t make it because of work).

Pondering: On what professionalism really means. Is it just fulfilling your job description or is it never forgetting to give a shit?

Considering: What healthy snacks to stock up on today, so the Little Mister doesn’t eat us out of house and home during the holidays!

Buying: New pillows. I have come back from my holiday and realised that my pillow situation just will not do! They’re too flat and they’ve lost their oomph. My sleep is precious, damn it!

Watching: Playschool. Under duress. 

Hoping: That 2016 can turn itself around for me.

Marvelling: At how a sick kid can still find so much energy.

Cringing: At the fact that I forgot about a wet load of the Little Mister’s washing in the machine last night and now I have to rewash it all so it doesn’t get stinky. And then I have to deal with the ‘husband washed a tissue in the previous load’ situation which is all over our dry clothes.

Needing: Some couch time.

Questioning: When to leave the house. Before or after that phone call I’m expecting? Will it rain on us when we go out?

Smelling: My perfume that my parents got me after my surgery. Still love it. It’s called Rhi Rhi or Ri Ri or whatever Rihanna called it. Love a good celebrity scent!

Wearing: Black, torn jeans and a polka dotted black tee shirt. And an air of I’ve run out of fucks and I haven’t done my washing since I got home from Melbourne.

Following: The latest election (can we even call it that) news with a bemused look on my face. So…who’s our prime minister? And how long will he last before he’s ousted? Oh, Australian politics. You suck.

Noticing: My dogs snuggling up together on the same bed because it’s cold. So cute.

Knowing: The day of the week is a bit of a struggle at the moment. I thought yesterday was Wednesday (it was) but then I forgot it was and thought today was Wednesday too. And then I remembered it was Thursday and that I must have missed Offspring last night which brings me to the next point…

Thinking: As much as I was really sad when the previous season of Offspring ended because it was my favourite show, I felt like they resolved it all so well and I was ready to let go when I’d had a few weeks to let it all sink in. Now that it’s back, I am really hoping it won’t lack the amazing everything that it had before.

Admiring: All the beautiful winter coats I saw people wearing in Melbourne and then remembering that I’d never wear them here, despite the Perth cold being quite Melbourne-ish this year.

Sorting: Out the contents of my suitcase. I am a lazy unpacker but I’m gonna nail this. I give myself until the weekend to have it all done.

Getting: More assertive, the older I get. This could either be a really good thing or a dangerous thing haha.

Bookmarking: Not much lately! I would love to sit down and explore some new stuff.

Coveting: A few more pairs of jeans, please. Preferably distressed, dark in colour and totally my size.

Disliking: The fact that my fitbit is charging and none of my steps have been counted today!

Opening: My heart. Yes. I went there. Cheesy AF. But it’s true. It’s a daily decision sometimes.

Giggling: feels good. I’d like to do more of it.

Feeling: Like I think I should just let some stuff wash over me instead of overthinking it. Trying to stay in the moment right now.

Snacking: On things that are not wholesome or healthy. OMG I need to get back on the veggie bandwagon. I mean, I feel like a big hypocrite because I wrote this post and then I went to Melbourne and got addicted to all sorts of things I wouldn’t normally feast on! Damn it! I promise to get back on track! One thing I did do well was drink green smoothies, at least?

Helping: is something the Little Mister tries to do all the time. I love his enthusiasm, even if the results can range from victorious/celebration worthy to OMG PLEASE DON’T DO THAT.

Hearing: The Little Mister doing something with crayons and paper and I should probably check on that…

So what have you been up to lately? Tell me, because I’m nosy!

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