Taking Stock: January 2018

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Ah, it’s a new year! Today is the first day back at work for most people – my thoughts and prayers are with you all! While I am not back at work in the paid sense, I am using this time to try to get my head back in the game when it comes to sorting stuff out before the baby comes and just generally trying to feel like an organised human being with some type of routine!

I couldn’t help myself today. I changed the look of my blog. It’s this weird thing I do each year. I probably didn’t need to, but it gives me the feeling of starting with a fresh slate. My ‘design’ skills are still pretty ordinary haha.

I haven’t really set any real resolutions for myself for 2018. I do have lots of hopes and things I am looking forward to but just like any year, I know that the nature of life itself can be unpredictable – for better or for worse – so all I hope to strive for is resilience, positivity (the real kind – not the ‘everything is bullshit so I’ll pretend I’m fine’ kind) and making sure that I take care of myself, as I know that being a parent to an infant can be quite overwhelming and all consuming. It will be a time to really put my kids first, but I hope I can balance this enough that I don’t end up in some kind of despair having forgotten who I am too.

Do you have any resolutions or goals? Things you’re looking forward to?

Just like I do every couple of months, I am taking some time out to ‘take stock’. To stop and capture a moment in time.

Here goes!

Making: a to do list to complete before the baby comes today. I’ve been quite distracted with the silly season, my PUPPP rash and managing my gestational diabetes. Now I look at the calendar and see the weeks counting down – holy crap! It’s time to get my A into G!

Cooking: is not as fun as it used to be for me these days. Everything has to be so regulated. Luckily, it’s summer so there’s a lot of salad potential and sometimes I will just roast up as many low carb veggies as I can and pig out.

Drinking: as much water as I can. Don’t have much choice anyway haha. Sometimes I get all fancy and I drink it sparkling, with a little lemon! I KNOW, RIGHT?

Reading: Em Rusciano’s Try Hard: Tales from the life of a needy over-achiever. It’s pretty good so far!

Wanting: my rash to calm the fuck down. It’s absolutely attacking my upper limbs right now. I will NOT miss this when the baby comes. NEVER AGAIN.

Looking: pretty worn out. I saw myself in the mirror today. I am NOT glowing. Eep.

Playing: all the shows/movies on my DVR this summer. Some of this stuff is like 2 years old haha. I love ploughing through everything during the ratings off season.

Deciding: on whether or not I have time to get my hair done before the baby arrives. I will definitely need a cut and I might need to consider returning to my natural colour (well – minus any greys haha) in case maintenance gets a little difficult.

Wishing: I knew when this baby is going to arrive! I am hoping that my next appointment with my doctor will help to answer some of my questions. We’re hopefully looking at a scheduled C-section, so decision time must be looming – surely! I mean, obviously things can take an unpredictable turn, no matter how much you plan something, but it would be cool to have a day in mind.

Enjoying: not caring what I look like right now as I spend the day at home. I am just all about not irritating my rash.

Waiting: to meet this baby! Duh! Can you tell I am getting excited and impatient? I mean, I want her to cook well in my belly first of course, but I really want time to fly!

Liking: Weight Watchers Chocolate Mousse. It’s a dessert I’m allowed to savour without worrying about my blood sugar levels. My life is really exciting right now.

Wondering: if my rash will calm down before I have the baby or whether I am in hell for the next month or so? Eek.

Loving: air conditioning. Whoever invented it? My hat goes off to you. My power bills will be horrendous until the baby arrives, but this is all about survival right now!

Pondering: on whether I should probably go quiet online about my pregnancy after I hit the 36 week mark. Just to protect my privacy and to stop people from constantly asking, “HAVE YOU HAD THE BABY…?” I would still document everything but I would just post it later. I have loved sharing this journey (and been so pleasantly surprised by all the love I’ve received) but I have a private side too. Will keep on pondering.

Considering: whether or not I could possibly have a nap this afternoon haha.

Buying: some maternity bras and some maxi dresses from Target. They may not be very unique, but maxi dresses from Target double as the best maternity summer-wear! I’m glad I’ll be able to wear them after the baby is born too!

Watching: The Mindy Project. I am late to the party – such a good show! 

Hoping: I sleep OK tonight.

Marvelling: at how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned in the past few years. About myself, what I’m able to withstand and how I look at the world around me.

Cringing: at how fugly my Twitter profile looks right now. Something went wrong with my new blog logos on there and it’s hideous haha. Will fix it when I figure out how!

Needing: motivation.

Questioning: whether or not I will feel good enough to leave the house much at all this week. I hope I will. I could get pretty damn stir crazy!

Smelling: the sterile scent of my steroid cream which I am slathered in haha.

Wearing: a bikini under a kimono. Yep. I can’t believe I’m telling you that. It’s kind to my skin. I have not been swimming and I am not planning on going swimming today. Hilarious. It’s the one thing I can kind of get away with wearing around my house on a summer’s day without totally traumatising my son! 😂

Following: the birth of this baby, I demand all the mojitos! OK so maybe not immediately after, but as soon as is deemed a good idea haha.

Noticing: how fast this afternoon is flying by. I don’t know if this is good or bad haha.

Knowing: that I know nothing about who our little girl will be and what she will be like is both exciting and terrifying! I hope she will like smiling and sleeping haha. SHE MIGHT NOT LIKE EITHER OF THOSE THINGS. OMG.

Thinking: about my bed. It looks really really comfy and cool. How many hours until I can lie down?

Admiring: every pregnant woman who deals with similar conditions as mine (or worse) with nothing but grace and dignity. I am not one of those women these days 😂

Sorting: through lots of hand me downs from the Little Mister as well as other people in my life, is my next job in the nursery. I am drowning in boxes!!!

Getting: kicked in the guts a fair bit these days! As much as it can feel uncomfortable at times, it is a blessing to know that the Little Miss is active and hopefully thriving.

Bookmarking: weird, random stuff on Facebook. I go back through my ‘saved’ list and wonder what I keep certain things for! Was I going to blog about that stuff? Who knows haha.

Coveting: all the glitter eye shadows. I’ve seen some beautiful, shimmery palettes advertised on Instagram but cannot seem to find anything like them in stores. I don’t know why I would need them as I don’t really get out much, but that’s not the point haha.

Disliking: anyone who messes with my food these days. I am a HANGRY DIABETIC WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR.


Opening: text messages from my mum often means photos of her pets and their shenanigans. Today was no different.

Giggling: always feels good. I need to do more of that.

Feeling: exhausted but OK.

Snacking: Two hours after each meal, but only after I’ve tested my blood sugar. Sigh.

Helping: nobody. Everybody is helping me these days. I feel a bit bad about that, but I know this isn’t forever.

Hearing: my phone ringing – it’s Mr Unprepared letting me know that he’s on his way home from work. I swear I’ve taken hours to write this!!!

What have you been up to today?

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