32 weeks pregnant.

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Wow, as Christmas got closer, I got a lot more busy in my 32nd week of pregnancy! It was a good thing, though. Nothing like that feeling of getting closer and closer to my due date. I probably say that every week, but sorry not sorry haha. Like I’ve mentioned in past posts, there’s nothing like the feeling of being productive, despite my physical challenges. I exhausted myself but it was worth it. Prepping for the silly season was a positive distraction.

I’ve realised throughout this pregnancy that you win some, you lose some. In recent weeks, my skin had improved while I struggled with my gestational diabetes (trying to maintain a good fasting level overnight for my blood sugar). This week, I struggled with my rash while my diabetes got under control. My nightly insulin injection dosage of 7 units seemed to finally be working, but my skin was crawling again with my PUPPP rash.

At first it was tough because my skin predicts the weather. And it HATES when a summer storm is on its way. HATES it. There’s a subtle humidity in the air and I spend those days just praying that the storm breaks over our area. I’ve been in a similar situation before where the storm misses us and it’s been agony! While everyone was whining about the rain and the cold on Facebook (honestly it was only for a couple of days – geez), I felt so relieved.

After that, my skin felt a little better, but then the rash started attacking in the afternoons again. My skin would just feel so uncomfortable to be in and I had to go back to having a few showers a day (because no time for a bath when my husband is not around). I think maybe I had some kind of new hormonal surge as the baby grows? I hope this one evens out soon.

Speaking of hormones, I was absolutely horrified when getting ready to go out yesterday. I discovered that this baby has made me hairy. Like, I knew that the hairs on my arms seem a tiny bit longer (nothing too noticeable) and that I’m not really experiencing hair fall from the top of my head (usually I moult like crazy much to Mr Unprepared’s horror). But when I went to do my make up, I found the beginnings of a goatee under my chin. WTAF. This has never happened to me before (despite my ability to grow some pretty decent side burns and sometimes a subtle mo). The hairs were darker and did not look like they were going to stop getting longer. HORRIFIED. I gave them an emergency wax and immediately felt better. Holy shit.

Pregnancy is glam.

This week I cracked and joined a gestational diabetes support group (specific to Australia) on Facebook. I thought it would help me to feel not alone – especially during the Christmas break and that I might get some good tips on what to eat. At first I found it really interesting and helpful. I liked to see all the success stories as members shared announcements of successful births – especially the ones who had babies who were just the right size (whatever that is) and with good blood sugar. Very comforting after all the scary stuff we’re constantly told. Eventually, I realised that the constant influx of posts to the group actually stopped working for me. I got frustrated at how inconsistent the advice given to the group members by professionals can be. In some places in Australia, I wouldn’t be on insulin at all and could probably even eat a little more. Some people were told to just forget their blood sugar on Christmas day and some were told that it would be highly inadvisable and that one day ‘off’ would be a really bad idea. It started to do my head in. It’s not the group that is the problem (I recommend that you see if that works for you – support groups have been immensely useful to me from infertility to now for various issues). I just realised that I was doing OK without it and overthinking everything people were posting was doing my head in. For my own sanity, I clicked ‘unfollow’. I’ll check in occasionally when I have a question or just want to see what is being discussed, but I think I’m better off not seeing every post in my feed all the time. I don’t want this to consume me – it’s already a huge part of my pregnancy ‘lifestyle’. I don’t want it to crowd out everything else and become an over the top obsession. I just want to trust my instincts and listen to the advice I have personally been given by professionals.

This week, a lot of Facebook memories sent me into clucky mode. I am not a naturally clucky person (although I love the special babies in my life fiercely) so this is a big deal haha. Six years ago, the Little Mister was almost 2 months old. All the baby pics have been reminding me of what I’m in for. I am so excited for baby cuddles. I like to try to imagine what the Little Miss will look like. Will she be Little Mister 2.0 or will we be surprised by some of her features? It’s a fair bet she’ll be dark haired, with dark eyes, though. That’s for sure!

My parents got a puppy this week. It is the cutest fucking puppy ever. We got to puppy sit on Wednesday. I was a bit nervous but it went well and he slept a lot during the day (like a newborn – if you’re lucky). I remembered what it’s like to always have your guard up because there’s a little being that needs your attention and concern every minute of the day. I was on pee watch too haha. I am so glad newborn humans wear nappies! He barked when he was worried and the Little Mister practiced being quiet when he was sleeping. Anyone who says a puppy is not practice for having a baby is a liar haha. Dogs might ultimately be easier to look after than children, but those early days can be quite similar! I laughed at the fact that I could give him back to my mum. The tables had turned! I was the baby sitter and she was thanking me! 😂

Well, that’s it for me this week! I hope everyone has a merry Christmas (or at least that you survive with your spirit intact)!

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