30 weeks pregnant.

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The 30th week of my pregnancy was actually pretty awesome. I was so over the moon that it was the Little Mister’s last week of school for the year! Yippee! The school runs were really taking it out of me. I was spending all of my energy getting him there and back – the time in between was a struggle! The idea of getting to sleep in a whole 45 minutes longer each week day morning, and saving my energy for stuff I actually wanted to do seemed like the best idea ever!

I was so happy that it was the last week of school that even when my car was rear ended at traffic lights on the morning run of the second last day of term, I wasn’t even that phased. OK, so I swore a bit in front of my kid when I felt the bang, but shit happens and I had insurance. I was OK, the baby was OK, the Little Mister had a bit of a shock but was OK too. That’s all that mattered. Not to mention, you should have seen the other guy’s car. I actually felt a little sorry for him! Thank goodness our tow ball took most of the impact!

There’s nothing that reminds you that you’re pregnant like people fussing over you after a minor car accident! It was kind of nice, but trying to convince everyone I was OK was a challenge haha.

I will admit my nerves were a bit shot afterwards. Especially after I had a little fall two days later – slipping on a certain 6 year old’s broken snow globe (long story). I was starting to think I was cursed and wondered if it might be best to just wrap myself up in cotton wool for another couple of months!

On the last day of school, I surprised myself with how emotional I felt! I might have had a mutual cry with the teacher when I went to thank her for all that she had done for my Little Mister. She’d been so supportive and inspired him every day. I just hope he can be that lucky with the teaching staff next year too. I never thought I’d be the ‘cry on the last day of school’ kind of mum – I’m wondering if I can blame hormones? But I think it may have been a combination of things: relief it was all over, gratitude that while it has been a crazy year for me, the school side of things was made so much easier by these wonderful people, the fact that the next time I head to the school, our family will have grown and I’ll have a baby in my arms! Holy crap!

This week I also made the revolutionary decision to start using a larger handbag. While I’d once been so excited to buy a smaller bag when I realised the Little Mister was old enough to travel without us having to pack the whole house, it soon became clear that I would need to return to the giant handbag phase of life. So here I am. I got a cute enough hot pink number that has like 3 zip sections (and was on sale -yay). It can carry all of my gestational diabetes paraphernalia (and relevant snacks), a bottle of water, my steroid cream for my rash, a book (for all those moments where I’m sitting in a waiting room) etc etc. I hate to admit it but it’s made life easier. When the baby arrives, it will no doubt be full of random baby related stuff. Here’s to the next several years of carrying way too much crap haha.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there’s no major PUPPP rash update this week! Everything remained fairly calm! I know that at some point it’s going to attack me with a vengeance (there’s bound to be more flare ups as my hormones become stronger and I get closer to the end – not to mention the weather can be a big factor), but it’s been such a relief to not be straight up suffering. I still have to be careful and I am fighting some small areas, but it’s really made my life better. It’s probably a bit of a tall order, but man it would be good if it stays this way past Christmas so I can enjoy that time!

I slept marginally better and I know this is TMI but I was able to finally start wearing underwear to bed again. I am not a naked sleeper by nature. It wasn’t that comfortable for me. Putting my trusty Bonds back on probably helped my quality of sleep too!

This week, I did not have much success with controlling my gestational diabetes. My diet was still spot on and controlled everything except my overnight fasting readings – the one they worry about the most. I had to increase my night time insulin injection dose from 3 units to 5. It was a bit frustrating but I have started to come to a place of acceptance about it all. It is what it is. I just have to ride it out.

It was a big psychological boost to be in the 30s finally. Count down to the end is on!

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