My pet(ty) peeves.

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Ha. I guess this will kind of be like an anti-Happy List (you know how I sometimes write a list of the stuff that has made me happy?)! Because while I am a pretty positive person who usually knows how to pick my battles, sometimes stuff shits me too. And I’m not talking about the big stuff. I’m talking about dumb, smallish stuff. The petty stuff. I figure why not write it down and see if anyone relates (and we can all have a giggle over it).

So here’s the stuff that shits me…

When coat hangers get tangled

Like I will literally feel a rage build up inside me. Even when I have all my coat hangers the same as each other, to reduce this situation, it still happens. And it makes me mad. I have been known to make an exaggerated “GAH” noise and throw all the hangers onto the ground and walk off. I’m not proud ?

When I’m trying to find a particular black item of clothing and it’s surrounded by other black items of clothing. 

Everything looks the same and it feels like I’m walking into a room blindfolded and nothing makes sense for a moment and I get so mad because it shouldn’t be this hard! Whether it’s in my wardrobe or floordrobe or in a suitcase, I get very messed up about it. It’s like all the black is fucking with my senses.

When drivers don’t know how to merge into one lane. 

Like a zipper people. Like a zipper. Seriously!

Also worth a mention are people who don’t know how to indicate correctly on round-a-bouts. OMFG. Or the people who park too far over in their car park space and it throws everyone else out.

When people try to trick me into buying their party plan stuff. 

I’m not talking about the cool chicks who are honest and up front and genuinely think their product might help me in a specific situation, and also know when to let it go because they realise I’m a) broke or b) bored. You guys are cool. You’re doing your thing. Trying to help along your income. I get it. I’ll call you when I need something and I remember that you’re doing that thing!

I am talking about people who say innocuous sounding things (with no mention of their party plans at all), “Let’s catch up!” or “I’m having friends over for wine and nibbles – we can have a pamper night” or “I’m starting a support group for people who want to be healthy/good parents/better at styling their homes – want to come?” And before you know it, you’re at a frickin’ party and you’re supposed to buy something. Or you start out talking about something completely different at coffee, but then you find out that you’re not there for friendship. You’re there to help further their business. That’s called being hoodwinked! It’s bullshit!

When there’s grit in my veggies

Like for example – broccoli. Like, I get it. It means it’s fresh out of the ground and it’s supposed to be a sign that it hasn’t been chemically sprayed or cleaned as much as the broccoli that is immaculate. At least that’s the myth I believe. But the thing is, it’s just a fucking dirty vegetable that refuses to get clean and I don’t want to be scrubbing it for like 6 hours just so I can make dinner. Do you know what gritty broccoli tastes like when you missed some grit in the cleaning process?! Dirt. Crunchy dirt. It makes my teeth/head feel funny and it messes me up emotionally.

Not. Cool.

Ha. So there you have some of them. My pet(ty) peeves. Is that where ‘pet’ comes from in that expression? The word ‘petty’? Maybe my parentheses are redundant. If so, I apologise to those whose pet peeve is when people don’t understand the meaning of ‘pet peeve’.

What are your pet peeves? 

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