2019: Weekly Wrap Up #9

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Here’s a re-cap of my 9th week of 2019. It was very productive, despite my anxiety popping up here and there. I think the previous couple of weeks had really knocked me around.

February 26 – Tuesday

Today was one of those awesome ‘smug mummy’ days. You know when you feel like just for those few moments you were nailing it as a parent? Like you actually felt like a real grown up parent?


The Little Miss had her routine appointment with the community health nurse and everything went really well. She was hitting all of the developmental targets and she was really engaging and well behaved (except for a little shaky moment when I had to make her lie down to be measured – she is not one for being laid down on anything resembling a change mat haha). She was playing with some toys while we talked and was being all clever, knowing how to do everything and I was just quietly very proud!

After her appointment, I took her to the library to get some books for the Little Mister. He’d been zooming through his nightly readers and had read all of his own books so many times he was getting a bit bored. I then read to the Little Miss in the baby books section. She didn’t really care for my wonderful reading voice. She just wanted to turn pages randomly and be in charge (not really news to me as the same happens at home haha).

It was so lovely to see the Little Mister really excited to see some new reading material when I picked him up from school. He was so obsessed and that gave me a lot of joy to see his.

The Little Miss revisited the whole ‘drinking from a sippy cup with a straw’ thing today too. She had struggled when I’d tried to show her earlier in the piece. This time she was ready and was SO proud of herself. She took the sippy cup everywhere and drank so much water that she got a bit too excited crawling around with it and spewed a little 😂

February 27 – Wednesday

Today, I decided to let go of some shit that had been really bothering me. It wasn’t my load to carry and it was very liberating.


The Little Mister had been complaining that his mouth hurt for a day or two, so I booked him a dental appointment for that afternoon. I had to pick him up early from school and he was very miffed he would have to miss out on computer! Apparently they were going to play some kind of educational race car game for the first time and he was missing out!

The appointment went really well. The dentist I had seen (and really liked) in December was his dentist for the day and I was so glad because I knew she’d be good with kids. He was an absolute rock star while she poked and prodded around in his mouth and the Little Miss was very fascinated in it all, as she looked on from her stroller.

He had an ulcer as suspected and was prescribed vegemite as a way to cure it! I had never heard of that, but it made so much sense because of the saltiness. He was also ‘teething’ as he has a lot going on in his mouth – I honestly don’t know how all the adult teeth he’s supposed to get are going to fit in there! Everything will have to rearrange a bit so I’m sure that’s what was hurting his gums.

Afterwards, he was presented with a shiny new toothbrush, and they gave the Little Miss one too which was really sweet!

February 28 – Thursday

This morning I was horrified when my mum suggested she drop by for a catch up because we were having no luck chatting over the phone (thanks to a very demanding Little Miss)! I was very happy with the idea of my mum coming over but oh my gosh my house was a fucking mess! I was so embarrassed! It had been a chaotic time and I just hadn’t got on top of anything! There were dishes in the sink, there were toys everywhere, and goodness knows what else! It was much worse than usual!

My mum was awesome and didn’t judge and it was nice to see her.

Here’s a direct quote from my private journal:

“I ate like shit today. Have all week, actually. I must start March so much better!! Partly comfort eating and partly convenience. I must get back on track.”

[editor’s note: she did not] 🙈

I was really excited because Mr Unprepared was on Little Miss duty for the evening – I really needed to switch off my brain for the night! Of course I received a message asking a favour at 9:30pm (which required a quick turnaround on my reply) just when I was drifting off into happy oblivion, so I spent the whole night stressing about it. Gotta love my brain.

March 1 – Friday

Mr Unprepared had the day off work, so after school drop off I went to the shops alone while he had the Little Miss. It felt so strange. I hadn’t done that in so long! I needed to look for outfits for my upcoming Queensland trip (in May). I was worried the upcoming change of season would mean there would be no summer weight clothes left to buy! I hadn’t tried to STYLE myself in a long time and I was keen to figure out what the hell suits me, as my body has been changing a lot over recent years (since becoming a mum)!

At first, morale was quite low because I wasn’t having much luck, but then I hit the jackpot in Decjuba (my new obsession). I bought a couple of dresses and I was so excited. I got a little bit of a pep in my step knowing I was going to feel effortlessly stylish and on trend wearing them.


In the evening we babysat one of the Little Mister’s friends. They got really hyper together which was interesting when the Little Miss went to bed (after a really rough few days/nights sleep wise) and we had to keep them quiet watching a show on Stan for another hour!

March 2 – Saturday

Today we celebrated my gran’s 90th birthday at my parents’ place. We had brunch and it was really nice to be together. We even got to take heaps of cake home haha.

In the afternoon, Mr Unprepared was watching that doco on Netflix about people who believe the earth is flat. OMG. I honestly can’t even with those angry conspiracy theorist types! It was hilarious and disturbing!

March 3 – Sunday

I told Mr Unprepared that I wanted to go for a walk along the beach (there are some really good pathways along the coast where we live). He annoyed the hell out of me by trying to make it really complicated (is it not hard enough to leave the house with two children?) but luckily we eventually got out of the house and had a nice 4.5km walk. It was good to get some exercise in as a family and the weather was lovely.

It was a pretty typical Sunday after that, with Mr Unprepared washing cars and mowing the lawn.

I watched Married At First Sight (yeah I know – I hate myself) and Mr Unprepared kept telling me how lucky he was to have me after seeing the women on the show. Damn straight he’s lucky haha.


March 4 – Monday

Today was a public holiday. I had a quick, rare, solo trip to the supermarket to get some supplies and Mr Unprepared pressure hosed the patio.

I admit I got a bit shitty because he does a lot of maintenance jobs around the place which can be good (I’m not trying to be ungrateful), but often involve him conveniently being able to carry out the tasks for hours completely child free. I get all touched out having a one year old who is clingy at times. I was starting to feel frustrated that I was the only one who seemed to be dealing with that lately. I put across the point that there were lots of things I’d like to get done around the house without doing all the child care by default! It would be a nice change, to be honest! I’m not sharing this to make him feel/look bad, but because I bet I’m not the only mum out there who feels this way sometimes. I think we owe it to ourselves to say something when balance needs to be restored!

We took the Little Mister for a swim at my parents’ place. He was still doing well with his swimming confidence which is always a relief for me as I worry he’ll fall back at any time. He was starting to annoy me and I realised it was because maybe the long weekend was a little long haha.

What were you doing on these dates? Do you need an alibi? Haha. Kidding. You’re not a criminal. Right? 😂

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