I am crap at storytelling.

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I know. It’s a funny claim to make when I write all the time (and have even been sponsored or paid to do so on occasion in the past). Some of my more generous friends would say that clearly I am not crap at story telling as they enjoy some of the things I’ve written over the years. Some might say, “Yeah – you’ve got a point” which would hurt my ego but you know what? Fair enough! Haha.

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately, as I’ve been listening to a couple of podcasts as a way to combat insomnia brought about by my 4 year old daughter’s most recent bout of night wakings (she’s never been great with sleep). On these podcasts, there is a talkback vibe where certain topics are mentioned and people call in responding to these topics with wild/interesting/hilarious anecdotes from their lives. I love that shit. I find myself thinking, what stories would I have to share on those topics and I come up blank every time! I’d have to dig so deep into the recesses of my brain to come up with anything! Sometimes I feel like the best stories I’ve heard are definitely not mine. I’d be great at talking about friends of friends (don’t you love stories that are about a ‘friend of a friend’?!). I just can’t easily come up with my own shit right away. Sometimes I feel like I’m boring AF. Other times I’m like, whoa. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable sharing that!

I dread being asked to share a ‘fun’ fact about me or ‘what I enjoy doing’ or even ‘what I’ve been up to lately’. I know I’ll go blank or censor myself on 50 topics before settling on anything, by which time the moment will have passed! Or worse, I’ll think I’ve got something to say but it will end up sounding boring or depressing – I’m so much fun!

In person, I tend to ramble. I give waaaaay too much context and I go on twists and turns (might be a little of my ADHD haha). I would not be podcast or radio friendly! I’d have to mask so hard to make it make sense AND be funny or shocking or intriguing!

After telling stories from my life to my friends, I rarely come away thinking I did a great job because I have the social anxiety of an ADHDer who worries they talked too much, for too long, or that clearly I was boring or took too long to get to the point and now EVERYBODY HATES ME.

Maybe that’s why I like writing. Because I have the opportunity to express myself, but also edit what I write. The ability to take the time to make it make sense before I hit ‘publish’ (although it’s not an exact science).

Anyway, listening to these podcasts has inspired me to start compiling my stories. I might start a series on my blog where I share some of my go-to stories when they come to mind. To practice telling them. To make sure I don’t forget them. To get better at ‘cool Kez stories’ recall. Maybe, if I’m honest, to try to remind myself that I’ve lived a life too! I think everyone has interesting stories. Literally everyone. So why not me?

I’m not saying your socks will be blown off by my story telling (or choices of shared anecdotes), as a reader, but I’m sure you’d learn more about me (unless you are very close to me and have heard the same things over and over – oops I’m like a forgetful old grandpa).

But…I’m going to give it a go. So stay tuned? And feel free to respond with your own stories if you feel so inclined.

Yay for making up my own weird writing assignments to better a skill that may not be considered important for anything other than my ego! 😝

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