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Products by Veet provided for my honest review

I have to preface this by saying that I am not a beauty blogger. If I was, I might actually know what I’m talking about. But I’m not. I am an every day 30 year old (for two more weeks so it totally counts) mama who worries about my family’s future…and whether or not I will grow a moustache and sideburns as I get older.

Yep. That’s right. Look, I’m not the hairiest person on the planet. Maybe it’s my Asian genes. Maybe it’s just luck. I can grow my leg hair forever before anyone would notice it. I like to think that I’m fairly well groomed in all other *ahem* areas. But the one thing that I can’t seem to get over is those tiny, fine, dark hairs on my upper lip and the ones that look suspiciously like sideburns. Of course (I hope!), this is not so visible to other people. But when I look in the mirror, it screams at me. We’re always our own worst critics.

I see this:


Probably complete with receding hair line. Because I moult worse than a white cat before summer.

Gosh, I’m pretty.

Look. I’ve never really done anything about it (except for one disastrous and pointless attempt many years ago). Partly because I know that what I see isn’t necessarily what others see, but also because I’m a bit clueless. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by at home waxing products. I walk past them at the supermarket, seriously consider buying something and then I chicken out. So brave. Not.

So when I was given the opportunity to review some Veet hair removal products, I was all like – HERE’S MY CHANCE. Maybe this was the push I needed! I had nothing to lose! Except for my mo’ of course.

I decided to road test the Veet Face, Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips with Shea Butter from their Natural Inspirations range.


They don’t look too intimidating and the instructions seemed fairly simple. When you’re a dummy like me, you need good instructions that are easy to follow and have pictures just to make sure you’re doing it right.

I nervously rubbed those strips between my hands (for warmth to separate them and for good luck).


They didn’t smell offensive, which is always nice, although they were obviously perfumed. I placed the strips in the hairy area above my lip and below my nose, smoothed it down and then followed the instructions and pulled quickly against the direction the hair grows. I inspected the wax and YIPPEE – there was hair in it! I know that grosses some people out, but that kind of stuff thrills me. You can only imagine my joy when I use pore strips on my nose. Yeah. I’m that person.

You can use the same strip for as long as it’s remaining quite sticky and is still removing your facial hair effectively, which is quite economical, I think (you get 20 strips in a pack). I managed to use just the one strip for my whole wispy moustache (following the instructions like a pro). Look, some people call it ‘peach fuzz’, but mine looked more like ‘bum fluff’, let’s be honest. Yep. Just me, painting an attractive picture of myself with words for you all as usual.

Afterwards, my upper lip was a bit red and bumpy and sticky (my husband was quite bemused by this). Which is where the Perfect Finish Wipes they supply come in handy. They moisturise your skin splendidly and they remove the residue left by the wax (my only concern is that the pack comes with just 4 of these wipes to the 20 strips). The wipe made my skin feel quite oily at first, but it didn’t cause any break outs or greasiness later. I wouldn’t recommend ever waxing your facial hair right before an event or going out in public. I’d give it overnight just to be sure, but my skin settled within a couple of hours and the redness disappeared.

The next morning, I noticed how smooth my upper lip has become! I can’t stop touching it (hahaha I am an embarrassment). I am excited to put make up on, without worrying about the foundation or powder getting caught in the fine hairs and giving me a fuzzy appearance.

I think I’ll definitely use these again! I reckon if I can use them, anyone can. Yay! This is a big development in my maintenance routine! I recommend them for a subtle, easy to do, way to deal with the fuzz. I am so excited that the hairs won’t come back for up to 28 days! That’s almost a month of smooth skin – yay!

You can check out Veet’s whole range of hair removal products here if you’re interested!

Next step? Side burns be gone! 😛

Do you have any great hair removal tips? Any horror stories? I love horror stories!


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