Kez Gets Physical: 5 more songs to work out to.

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Oh my goodness. I haven’t worked out in maybe two or three weeks? To be honest, I have kind of lost track it feels like so long. First, I was already experiencing a bit of a slump and then illness entered my house. Again. Ugh. First Mr Unprepared came down with the dreaded gastro bug (during which he was strictly quarantined while I sanitised/disinfected to within an inch of all our lives), while the Little Mister came down with a cold. I probably shouldn’t have smugly celebrated surviving that weekend illness free. Because it seems my body had a case of the FOMO and wanted to try a bit of each, so I ended up with some kind of weird upset stomach/cold combo – a weird mild version of each – that somehow combined in the perfect storm to make me feel so nauseous that I ended up stuck in bed. While I love a good, dizzy Netflix binge session, it wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.

I’ve been feeling a lot better lately, but I am getting a little bit restless (I kind of gave up while my husband was away on a boys’ trip this past few days because it was a lot harder to find alone time for the treadmill)! I actually *shock horror* miss working out, when only a few weeks ago I was starting to dread it!

Something that has got me wanting to move (and feeling frustrated) has been hearing my favourite work out music. I swear certain songs have created some kind of Pavlovian response in me. When I hear them, my body immediately wants to exercise! Instant motivation!

Sometimes I hear these songs on the radio or the TV or while I’m shopping and I immediately feel all antsy, like I want to start busting out cardio dance moves right then and there (crazy lady in lonely spontaneous public flash mob anyone?). It’s also been  happening at home when I put some music on while I do a little housework (and I mean a little housework – not moving mountains here folks).

I let you know 5 of my favourite songs to work out to a few weeks ago, but here’s another instalment to add to your playlists! I must note, that some of these songs or their videos are not suitable for kids – I am thinking maybe I should create a list that is all safe for kids’ ears/eyes at some point (let me know if you’re interested).

But here’s what I’ve got for you this time…

Little Mix – Salute

I love the kick arse girl power thing they’ve got going on here. I love the feeling that I’m marching into battle, when really I’m just struggling on the treadmill 😉

David Guetta – Play Hard

This one took a little time for me to warm up to it, but now I love it. The chorus is repetitive but I like chanting it in my head while I put one foot in front of the other. I’m not in love with the video but it works alright!

Fifth Harmony – Worth It

I actually fell in love with this song when I tried The Fitness Marshall’s hip hop cardio routine to it. Now I love it on the treadmill too.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

This one feels a bit obvious but it’s fun.

AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz

Sometimes when I need to mix things up a bit or discover something different, I’ll let YouTube create me a playlist (it’s called ‘My Mix’ and it plays non stop music videos based on what it thinks you’ll like). This one came out of the blue while I was on the treadmill and while it is such a bizarre song, it works! I still don’t know what it’s about. But give it a go anyway haha.

Anyway, I’m super excited because if all goes well, I’ll be back on my treadmill tonight! I just got a cute little bluetooth speaker delivered to go with my iPad so those tunes are going to be BLASTING (as opposed to me hardly hearing them over the sound of my footsteps). Bring it on!!! 🙂

What is your favourite song to work out to? Does music motivate you to get stuff done? How do you get yourself out of a slump? 

14 thoughts on “Kez Gets Physical: 5 more songs to work out to.”

  1. I spent five hours sugar soaping the walls of a bedroom the other day and I had my laptop open with a Youtube top 40 thing on. I found myself pumping my arms extra hard when Fight Song came on. Music makes everything tolerable x

  2. Kez, your blog is looking SO GOOD! I absolutely love it. I’m also love your list of song suggestions – I don’t have a heap of time for exercising at the moment (or so I tell myself haha), but these tunes are equally excellent to clean the house to!

    • Haha to be honest, I didn’t know these kinds of songs AT ALL and only started to realise what I’ve been missing out on since having the Little Mister when I was poking about on YouTube and looking at what music other people are exercising to!

  3. I’ve been a bit out of whack too with the treadmill. I think because my couch to 5km has reached week 6 so it’s flat out running for 20+ minutes. As much as I love it and it feels great afterwards, actually getting on the treadmill to start is where I’m stalling!! Booo! I like the Jessie J song. My list is hilarious of late. It’s worthy of a post that’s for sure – I’m showing my age!! Haha!! Keep on running lovely! I’ll try to too x

    • Yay – we can do it! I want to do 5km by the end of the year (maybe even by November for the Colour Run). Eep! Flat out running for 20 minutes – go you!!
      I hope you post your favourite work out songs – let me know if you do! x


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