You know it’s a good day when…

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I’ve always been a fan of counting your blessings in life and finding the positives. All those little things that make up a big picture and tell you that your life is good. This especially comes in handy when you’re a first time mum of a six month old boy! At times your patience is tested to its limits and with teething, sleep regression (it’s totally a thing), newfound separation anxiety, my husband not being around that much at the moment and who knows what else! The lofty expectations I had BC (Before Child) of what a good day should entail are now just a distant memory and my focus has become more about not taking the little things for granted!

You know it’s a good day/night when:

The Little Mister likes his food so much that none of it goes on his bib or his clothes, meaning I won’t have to change him at all or add to my ginormous laundry pile!

The Little Mister doesn’t spend half an hour rolling around in his cot when he should be napping.

I only have to get up once or twice in the night (or not at all), and each time I do he settles back to sleep as soon as I’ve addressed his problem (he’s normally an angel when it comes to sleep but he’s teething and experimenting with movement at the moment – praying it’s just a phase).

I get time to blog!

I somehow manage to get everything the Little Mister needs washed and in the steriliser for the next day, instead of scrambling around at the last minute because I’ve fallen behind. Seriously nothing more satisfying than knowing you can wake up the next day and not worry about it all until it suits you 🙂

I get giggles and smiles every time the Little Mister sees me – especially if it’s in the middle of one of his grumpy/teething days.

The Little Mister shows off a new skill or an improvement in a skill. It’s so great seeing something new each day.

I’m feeling exhausted and crappy and I see another friend on Facebook posting about the same problems. It can be good knowing you’re not the only one and your baby hasn’t turned into some kind of freakish monster – just a very normal monster 🙂

The Little Mister isn’t being clingy and he plays happily nearby while I get housework done! In fact, it’s a good day if I get ANY housework (non baby related) done! I think back to how lazy I could feel BC (Before Child), thinking about how housework was the most boring, pointless chore and I laugh. If only I knew then what I know now – my house would have always been spotless. I LOVE HOUSEWORK NOW. I KNOW. It’s a special treat – a luxury! I know I’ll get more organised as time goes on, as well as the Little Mister becoming more independent, but man it’s difficult at this stage!

The Little Mister doesn’t vomit while playing with his favourite toys. Meaning I won’t have to wash them (or figure out how to wash them when the label says not to wash them – it’s a baby toy – they should have thought of that)!

I hear the Little Mister waking up for the morning on the baby monitor, check the time and realise we both slept in!

I don’t wake up at 2am out of habit and then start thinking about all the stuff I’ve got to do the next day, all the stuff I did the previous day and how to solve all of the world’s problems.

I can somehow get us both out of the house (even for a couple of hours). I feel so relieved that I gave the Little Mister new experiences and exposed him to different stimulus (or is that stimuli?). I get guilty otherwise (even though I shouldn’t).


There are so many other little blessings in my every day life, but I’ve listed the main ones!


What little things let you know you’re having a good day?



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