Upside Down…and the Little Mister’s moving day.

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About the photo: We-ell. There’s not much to this one. I literally took a selfie upside down. But then my phone corrected it. So I had to rotate it. I wasn’t actually upside down, because no-one wants to see that. Also, I’m sure you would have known that because my hair doesn’t work against gravity that well. I am not one of those people who looks attractive while upside down (not to mention ALL the filters because I look very plain and tired today). You don’t need to see my cheeks eating my eyes. Nom nom nom.

On another note, the Little Mister pronounces it, “Up-see down.”

Which is cute.

Turning rooms upside down and the right way around.

Today is a very important day. Today is the day the Little Mister moves into his very first ‘big boy’ room. We have waited weeks for this wonderful milestone and I’ve been SO excited for him. My head has been chock full of decorating and decluttering ideas. I have been busting out of my mind waiting for the new roller blind to be installed (the last thing on the list before moving would be possible), so you can imagine my joy when it happened yesterday!

We have decorated the ‘spare’ room bit by bit. It seemed a lot easier than refitting out the Little Mister’s nursery while he was still living in it. We figured we had the luxury of taking our time, with very little disruption for the Little Mister. So much flatpack furniture! Mr Unprepared was such a trooper getting it all assembled, especially because he had the ‘help’ of the Little Mister whether he liked it or not! He wanted to be involved in the process every step of the way (I drew the line at painting).

This morning, I woke up excited. I would be moving everything from one room to the other. It involved a lot of swapping as we’d been storing some of his baby stuff in the spare room/big boy room cupboard. Box after box of tiny clothing and other ‘grown out of’ stuff was lifted out and moved, placed on the Little Mister’s old toddler bed/cot. So many little bubba things left behind in the old room too. In his new room there are remnants of his baby life. He still has his dummies (he still sleeps with them), some pull up pants and nappies (we’re not quite there with toilet training that’s for sure), his video monitor (funny how it stops being about keeping them alive and more about whether or not they’re behaving by themselves when they should be asleep), but other than that…yep, it’s definitely a big boy room.

The one thing I didn’t expect were the feelings that came with the moment when I realised everything was done. I had to go into the Little Mister’s old room, turn off the light and close the door. It just felt so…final. The Little Mister’s energy wasn’t in it anymore. Not really. That room would never be his nursery again (although I hope one day – don’t hold your breath – we’ll be lucky enough for it to be somebody else’s). The air con (the Little Mister gets weirdly emotionally attached to air conditioners) will not be turned on in there for a long time. The next time I go in that room will be to change everything up again. It will never be the same again. That room has been so special to us. Our gorgeous first born has lived in there since he was so little and new. I decorated that room with so much love and anticipation, having NO idea what was in store!

I didn’t cry (there’s still time), but I did feel a little choked up! So bittersweet.

This afternoon, the Little Mister will (hopefully) have his first nap in his new room. He’s been so excited about his ‘big boy’ room ever since we told him what was happening. It was great giving him time to watch the room come together and adjust to the idea that he will live in there. He will fit so well in his new single bed (and his daddy will fit on there for story time instead of being perched on a chair next to the toddler bed). He can look up at his ceiling of stars (yeah yeah possibly wrecking ceilings but making memories). He will keep his ‘big boy’ toys and books in there. It will be his sanctuary. He’s in there to grow for the long haul.

It’s a beautiful room, bright and fresh, relaxing. I’m almost tempted to move in there myself! It’s transformed from a daggy storage room to a space that reflects how I’d love the rest of the house to feel. I’m a little bit proud of it.

Now wish me luck…I really hope he can sleep in there without freaking out tonight!!

Have you ever done the ‘baby’ to ‘big kid’ room transition? Did you feel sentimental too? 

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  1. These milestones are always so bittersweet. We still haven’t finished Holly’s nursery! (Renovating UGH!) but I know I will feel emotional the day her cot moves out of our room and she’s in her own space.


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